What a Wookiee Wants: Some Springfield Heights/Money Mountain Options

Hey hey hey friends… with Halloween looming in all of our minds, I’m sure most of us are making sure our towns are in order, trying to finish any outstanding tasks and ensuring our friends lists are in order. I don’t know about you but the little break in action over the last couple weeks has been a welcome respite from the constant tapa-tapa-tapping of event time. In fairness, one of the things I liked about the Monorail Event (other than it being a frakking MONORAIL EVENT!) was that the daily tapping didn’t feel like drudgery. I visited my town once or twice a day and easily got everything. Not too shabby at all EA. Here’s hoping Halloween is on par or even better (hoping for the latter).

Anywho… even though it hasn’t been long at all since my last What a Wookiee Wants (WAWW) post… there’s something I wanted to put on the site before I get too busy with Halloween madness. Initially I’d intended to formulate this into a rant since the “want” in question really irks me, but in the grand scheme of things, there’s no need for it. If you’re interested, click more to find out what I er-RANT-ly desire.


Dear EA,

While I basically like the idea you came up with regarding Springfield Heights, I don’t think I’m alone in being confounded by the leveling up of buildings, real estate values and the incessant requirement to tap my town. While I know some folks who have completed the one billion dollar real estate target, I know many others who are still slowly chugging towards that goal.  It’s a lot of tapping!

I can appreciate that the final goal is not just an income-generating building and also a character but here’s where I get hot and bothered. As of yesterday, 10/1/2015, I have upgraded every building I want to and am only at 811,111,500. I’m aware that the only way to get to the billion mark is by upgrading every Springfield Heights building to Level 5, but what about tappers who’d rather keep a variety of the buildings? I mean, the Level 5 parking garage is an eyesore and who wants 10 of those monstrosities? Was your intention really to have people upgrade buildings only to tuck them away in storage?

As a TSTO blogger, I have the luxury of having many, many more premium items than a lot of my friendereenos. Even with the purchase of every extra SH item, I am nowhere near the target goal for the final prize and character and that stinks. The good news is I’m someone who has a solution rather than just an issue EA.


Exclusive Pool Large Modern Pool Large Ground Pool Large

Here’s how you can fix it IMHO. How about you keep the requirement to level all the buildings up to level 5 and then ADD the option of picking how we want the building to look? It seems like the coding for this was already established with the Radioactive Man Statue (six facades) and pool (three facades). I really enjoy the design options available with different level deluxe condos, business centers and valet parking areas and think this simple fix would solve this easily. Heck, folks who bit the bullet and upgraded everything would benefit also.

Wookiee Deluxe Condo Beach TSTO Wookiee Mall-O-Rail TSTO

You see how nice different options look with the different level designs?

And while you’re fixing that, why not just extend the courtesy over to the Money Mountain? While I personally enjoy having a giant heap of gold for Springfield’s very own Smaug, I’ve seen a lot of comments from tappers who aren’t as thrilled.

Mr. Burns Smaug Simpsons

Adding the code to this decoration once it is completely leveled up gives them the option of picking how big they want their golden Everest to be. It’d also be swell to be able to keep the tasks for Burns that were associated with it. I love having him use the crane as it looks like he’s pulling cash from the money pool to his treasure heap. This crane disappears once he earns the Gorilla Chest Vest and that’s a bummer.  Almost enough to make me skip getting the skin… almost.

Wookiee Money Mountain TSTO

Of course, like everything else, we are just mere skyfingers at the mercy of your whims but I hope this request at least gets a programmer or two thinking. I probably should stop here with those ideas but, for posterity’s sake, I have a couple more.

  • Pretty please raise the decoration cap for the game. 4500 seems awfully low considering all of the content you’ve released over three years. Just the premium content I’ve splurged on, nearly all of it by the way, fills up a ton of space. Land is all fine and dandy but without the ability to spruce things up, I fear most Springfield’s could start looking bleaker than a Charles Dickens novel. This is a town-building game for Jebus’ sake.  I think of TSTO as something like “Simpsons City”. I enjoy building my town. You gave us more land when we asked for it and town design is much better for it.  Instead of our cities looking more like the definition of a city during feudalism, we need to space things out, add plants and fences.  It’s nice to have space and for that I say thank you but a little more wiggle room for decorations could go a long way towards helping us beautify our land.

  • More and more characters appear in our games (which is great!) but I’m still a little bummed that Lyle Lanley disappeared. In that vein, whatever happened to Santa from Christmas 2014? Seems like you went through the trouble to design working versions of both… couldn’t we get them and maybe even ol Gil as at least NPCs? Now that’s be a Christmas present I’d treasure.

  • And while I’m on a roll… how about the ability to put roads under signs like the Springfield Heights Promenade Sign and the Oktoberfest Sign? They both semed to be designed to have exactly a 4 grid space between the posts but nothing but pavement can go underneath them. I’m not a techy so maybe it’s a coding thing but this could be radical also.

Ok my dear EA peeps. I think I’m done. Thanks for listening/reading/etc. I feel better for at least taking the time to write this to see how my fellow Addicts feel about it all. I’d encourage all the readers to chime in with their thoughts about my ideas almost as a sort of virtual petition. Rumor has it EA and FOX do read sites like these so a ton of comments could give this credence. If you have other ideas, there’s no place better to add them than in the comments. Remember we also have another post where you can do that too.

Ok… I’m good for now and going to sign off. I guess I have to be satisfied with my game temporarily and not let the fact that I’m 190 million away from that silly Billionaire’s Haven and Paris Texan drive me crazy. I really don’t want to upgrade my remaining 24 buildings to full-size and then just store them away.  Here’s to an amazing glitch-free Halloween and many more happy hours of tapping for all of us. Stay classy and all that goodness.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

156 responses to “What a Wookiee Wants: Some Springfield Heights/Money Mountain Options

  1. A way to hide/unhide items in storage that we dont plan on using.

  2. I have been playing everyday for the last three years. I think EA has contined to outdo themselevs and also considered what players want. I love all the major events, and all the events from the last year havebenn phenomonal. But I REALLY REALLY would like some sort of “long term storage” folder, a spot where we can store any items we never plan on using, and do not want included in the default folders/categories. For example, I personally don’t plan on using Satan’s Anvil from the Stonecutter update. Just didn’t like it. Would like to store it somewhere where it wont show up, a long with a ton of Springfield Heights buildings/decorations that I don’t plan on using.

  3. I was *just* thinking of this very thing. We REALLY need to be able to choose what version of our SH buildings and Money Mountain we want, once they’re fully upgraded. The maxed-out versions are pretty silly if not just plain stupid-looking, and since I want the full XP bonus, I’ve got all of them built, but they’re all clustered in a far corner of my map because I don’t want to look at them. If I could choose lower-level versions, I’d be more than happy to build them back into my town.

  4. I would love to be able to change the SH building skins. I would also like to set my own Landing Zone – LZ for where I want my friends to enter my town. I’m tired of moving buildings and designs around when EA changes things. I know the LZ would change for some events.

  5. I know we’re ranting and raging but seriously we asked for this I’ve said it before if EA didn’t throw little things in the game and none of these are timed events it’s not a race it’s go at Your own pace, I haven’t put money on the money mountain in months. Point being if EA didn’t give us untimely things to do eventually the game would get monotonous… in my opinion. I love the actual events and can’t wait for Halloween but if it wasn’t for these additional adventures it would sizzle out again my opinion. … But since we are ranting and raving I can’t believe that Phil Hartman (RIP) is not in our towns he’s a top 5 btw that’s Troy McClure, seriously you got the freaking lunch lady before Troy c’mon. Also I too would like the monorail to go through the mountains. And Stampy running a muck would be cool. But I think yes we can complain about many things.. the houses going up in price and other items being a little bit much, the topics stated above. But 5 doughnuts with the completion of the getting extra monorail pieces is cool we be getting those anyway and boom a bonus, nice, and I’m sure there is a lot of people who have a new sweet yacht, a couple tennis courts, and maybe even a helicopter. So anyways not to chew up the space and time again I say EA is listing and trying, some people are going to like it and some will not but at least they’re giving us some things to do at YOUR leisure it’s all put there to do over a period, and comes with prizes or a prize, but this way it’s something to do besides just clearing your town and your friends and collecting tasks. It’s only the events that we have to grind into and I love most of the events can’t wait for the second part of the super heroes event that might be our Halloween event…. any who to each own

    • We CANNOT have Phil’s characters without voices. Since he’s no longer with us, there may be legal complications to using existing recordings, I don’t know.

  6. how does the wookie always know what I WANT?!
    anyway, as far as SH goes I made it over a billion, upgraded all buildings and stored all but one of the condos, business centers, and parking garages, I have not unlocked all my land yet so I kinda needed the space. I put the ridiculously tall buildings in one small complex against the mountains so they aren’t blocking anything. I made a pair of mega-mansions in SH (classic and modern) and then moved some of my rich guys over too: Burns, Ziff and Wolfcastle.

  7. Love this letter!! You said everything that I happen to think all the time! I hope you got the attention of EA!! Well done!

  8. I know this is not from this topic, but I have a question… Is it possible we can have now more than 4500 item without causing the game to slow down? Because I don’t see the sign that I have surpassed the limit of 4500 anymore. Regards from Spain 😊

  9. How about if those little extra twiddly bits you get when you upgrade mansions (the awnings and balconies) actually STAYED with the mansion they’re attached to when you move it?

    • Oh, I definitely wouldn’t want THAT…I use those “twiddly bits” from the modern mansions in places in my town other than attached to the core mansion building (and, even those that are have gotten moved around before). But I do think that the ability to “lasso” an area and move everything within that area together would be super helpful!

      • They could make them tappable so you can move them on their own, but when you move the building they’re on, they go with. 🙂 Also yeah, selecting an area to move would be good. Like whole blocks of houses and their gardens so you don’t have to move each shrub bad flower on its own.

      • And they could even make it become one item, allowing us more room in the item cap

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