Halloween Update in iOS Store but NOT Live Yet

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing lots of reports of the Halloween Update hitting iOS Stores…however NOTHING happens when you download it.  Just a splash screen change and icon change.

This was first being reported in Europe, but now it appears to be in the US as well.  However, nothing is live yet.  I repeat NOTHING IS LIVE YET.

It appears that this was an “oops” by Apple in pushing the update too soon.  The game files on the server are not yet updated to correspond with this.  So you’ll just see a splash screen change and the icon change, but NOTHING NEW IS GOING ON.  So don’t panic.

I know a bunch of you are going to be freaking out that no one is starting anything…and you’ll be screaming at your device about it.  STOP.  Nothing new is going on.  This is just a case of someone at Apple pulling the trigger a little too early…

Just sit back and relax for a bit…we’ll let you know when something changes in the game itself.

For now…here’s a peak at the Splash Screen…

2015-10-06 12.48.12

And here’s a look at the update details (thanks Owen14 for sending this in, mine still shows the Monorail poem)…



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  1. So…. not requesting one, but let me be the first to say the word… Calendar! *Screams like Pee-Wee Herman from Herman’s Playhouse since that usually ends up being the word of the day/week/event*

  2. Hi, update is great!!

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