Addicts Questions Corner: THOH 2015 Act 1

UPDATE 830PM EST: A simple & quick update hit. Hoping it helps those locked out from Daily Reward issue. Let me know.

Hey there Screamereenos!

Bouncing by with some Clarification and help to all the Q&A that keeps repeating in the Comments. Most was already answered in the Main Posts, but I will place them here too to have one point of information.

So take a peek at ALL the info below before asking, and see if it is already answered. 🙂

store panel

First up, the Main Post Rundown for Event is HERE




Yes, this has been disabled and most likely will be for the Event. I assume so it will not interfere with the Event Tasks. So don’t anticipate using it anytime soon unless EA finds an alternate way to put it back into play for the Event.




Many of you think you are missing S’mores, you are not. There is a very simple explanation to this. You are seeing TWO S’mores Counters.

Main S’mores Counter: This is what you will see as the OVERALL TOTAL of S’mores you have collected so far for Act 1. Lower Left Corner of your game above your XP Meter.

S'more Counter


Individual S’mores Counter: So that you are aware of how many S’mores you need per prize, there is an Individual Counter that will show as you reach each and every Prize in the Act 1 Screen.

Pirate Kang S'mores Count

Crafting Resources: /180
Spooky Cabin: /360
Pirate Kang: /1620
Model Donut: /2880
Gate to Nowhere: /4230

Now total them up… 180+360+1620+2880+4230 = 9270. The EXACT amount you need for Act 1… Act 1 Calendar HERE.

You are NOT missing any. No worries. Just a way to help you see where you are on earning each item. Nothing more.



This one is a tricky one, but I want to do a quick breakdown on it. First let’s take a quick look at the Basics.

WHAT Nightmare is the Portal Needing? : Look at the Counter on the Upgrade Screen and see WHAT Nightmare Image is next to it. Then make sure you have the Kid tell a Story that triggers that Nightmare to come from the Campfire. You can see in the image below… it asks for the Zombie Nightmare and has a Zombie Icon next to the Counter.


Spooky Campfire Nightmare Upgrade

Check for that Icon and see WHAT it matches…

charactersets_martin_wizardMartin- Unlocks Zombieszombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md
charactersets_lisa_saxophoneLisa- Unlocks SnakesSnakeico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md
MilhouseMilhouse- Unlocks Bunniesbunny 3ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md
BartBart- Unlocks Skeletonsskeleton_front_walk_image_2ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md

In short, as you go through the Questline watch the pop up on the Campfire, if the Kid Story swapped the Nightmare to something else… make the appropriate Kid tell their story again to swap it back to WHAT Nightmare you need. It is instant.



I am seeing an influx of reports on the Daily Prizes Pop Up causing an issue in Players games.

Basically you get the Daily Pop Up for coming back to the game for 5 days in a row, for some reason it allows you to collect twice. DO NOT COLLECT TWICE!!

If you have already and are locked up, light up the EA Forum and also contact EA for help.



Just as with previous Events, you will only get payouts for so many Event Neighbors and then the Event Payouts stop and just Cash & XP return.

I am currently working on this and all the Neighbor Visit info in another post, for now know that if you are hitting Cash & XP… you’re MAXED for the day.

If you don’t see anything to tap in a town, it is a good chance they are not fully updated yet and ready for you… so skip them for now and give them a few days to fully update. Check also Main Neighbor Screen. See where their counters are. That may be a good indication.

LOTS more Neighbor info coming.



I am still working on this one and will Update when I can. There is usually a MAX amount of Nightmares you can have wandering your game at one time. I am verifying it with a few tests in my game, once complete I will let you know the exacts.




The game is requiring those that already have it to craft another Spooky House for the Questline. I hope this is an oops and will be fixed. If not, we still need to let EA know to fix it so we dont wast resources we already went through last year’s Event.



Another High Impact Event is upon us… that means MAJOR RAM drain for most devices. Help your device handle it all.

Here is our list of Basic Tips to try…

Memory Drain. It is a big issue in highly outside animated Events. This is why keeping 4500 items in game helps among other things. Help your device when this hits really hard, like this Event.

  • Disable Monorail. If you played last Event… Pull the track pieces away from the station to prevent it from moving around your game or when Neighbors Visit.
  • If this happens while Neighbor tapping… see if it is ONE Neighbor crashing or specific ones, they may be having issues getting in too. So “hide” them and don’t visit them until they can fix it or replace them if concerned about your game play.
  • Store NPC’S and any other animated items not in use.
  • Don’t push the 4500 limit. If you do, expect the game to slow and more “texture” glitches to name a few things
  • Keep non essential Characters on indoor tasks or store them in your inventory.
  • Play ONLY this App. In other words kill all other Apps that are running BEFORE launching this one. Anything in the background while this is going (Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, etc) will take Memory away from the app as they fight over the availability.
  • Give it space, LOTS of space. Like 2-3GB of empty space on your device. Insane I know, but highly active Events take a lot and so do the game files.
  • Run on highest stable internet connection as possible. WiFi usually works best, and also doesn’t wipe out your Data Plan

Remember, if you are having trouble getting in your game… so might your neighbors. Memory Drain impacts more than just you. So help you and your Neighbors or they may not visit if your town crashes their game each time.

Outside of that. EA knows how big this one is pulling on the Memory Drain. Hopefully they can make some cuts to help combat it too. Until then, try the tips to see if it helps. In the meantime, keep reporting to EA the Crash Issues.


In short, check the site to see if it is a known issue, ask for help if you need it and we will do what we can, outside of that… try the Basic Troubleshooting and reach out to EA if needed.

Basic Troubleshooting HERE

Contact EA HERE


There you have it. A rundown of some of what is currently going on in the game.

Did this help you? Have any tips to add for other readers? Any help to offer? Let us know


439 responses to “Addicts Questions Corner: THOH 2015 Act 1

  1. Help please….I’m now using 4 brown houses to collect various nightmares. Skeletons ok this morning (not yesterday though) from one of them but others spawned nothing at all. I’ve put them in empty corners of my town so I could test that there was a problem (I’ve actually had a problem for days) – and clearly there is. I went onto EA site to report glitch but once I get to the 3rd page to “Report a bug” my only option after that is to go to Answer HQ to get “community support 24 hours a day”- it doesn’t actually allow me to send my report to EA!!!! I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the bugs in this event. Thank you. 🙂

  2. How come when I tap my campfire it wont let me send characters on jobs to spawn anything and im still waiting for monster to spawn again from the temple but cant upgrade campfire without it producing bunnies nor anything PLEASE HELP

  3. Canadian_lax_chick

    I’m sorry if it’s already been mentioned but I wanted to let you know of an AWESOME glitch I’m having.
    for whatever reason, my snake log, mausoleum, and pet cemetery are glitching every time I leave my town.
    They’re supposed to spawn snakes/skeletons/rabbits every 12 hours, but if I leave my town and come back a couple of minutes later, they’re ready to spawn again. 😀

  4. How do I get skeletons when the kids are fighting the monster at the campfire? I have gone to the brown house, but it is only offering one kid to make 2 skeletons…?! I need almost 100 more to upgrade the campfire… Am I missing something? Thanks, Andy

  5. I am trying to spawn bunnies from my camp fire for my daily challenge. I have sent Millhouse to tell scary rabbit story and all the other kids to make smores to help spawn bunnies. But everytime its finished I get snakes. I even went to my pet cemetery to collect and it gave me snakes. What gives? Anyone else having this issue?

    • You have a max of 20 nightmares in the game with a 40 Bank… that means you could have potentially had 60 Nightmares “stored” up just waiting to be released in your game. Until they’re all cleared, no NEW ones would have shown up.

  6. My sunken tower is now a light beam with rotating orbs on the top. What happened? I restarted the game twice and nothing..

  7. Hi guys! I’m needing help. it’s the second time I’m having this issue and it bugs me a hell! I’m trying to upgrade the campfire.I’m at level 12.when I’m done and receive the price I place it and never get the notification of the upgrade being done.I check the status and I’m not at 13 but at 0 in level wtf.twice already!!!

    I’m on my phone and I don’t see the comment, pardon if double posted.

    • It’s been happening for some players. Unfortunately, the only thing I can tell you to do is contact EA. There’s no quick fix for it that i can offer.

  8. Hi Tappers, I’m having a glitch on my game that I can’t seem to solve. I was playing the game and collecting jellies and I closed it for a while without assigning tasks to characters. When I returned (3 minutes later), I could not find any nightmares. The game kept telling me that my town was filled, but I couldn’t find any. I’ve tried restarting my phone and redownloading the app but to no avail. Help?

  9. Nuts, My game is “paused”. Ever since the download today, I can’t log in. I contacted EA. They said that it is a known problem and they expect a patch tomorrow.
    NOOO0000ooo. That puts me behind on monorail and Halloween tasks. 🙁
    Thing is, I haven’t seen any complaints here.
    Do you have an is it down page somewhere?
    I’m off to actually interact with some actual humans now. I hope they don’t mind me tapping on them to see if any XP comes out.

  10. I am on day 1 of the new shopkeeper’s challenge. It says to squish 30 bunnies. I have my campfire spawning bunnies and I am squishing them left and right, but it is not registering on the counter. Please help. I want to be sure to get my 20 donuts, so I don’t want to miss a day.

  11. Hay , I have a problem with bunnys not being counted for the daily shop challenge, me and my wife play this and we both have the same problem, this morning they wouldn’t add to the total and still not tonight , have squished way more than enough and now moved on to skeletons as have levelled up . Has anyone else got this issue?

  12. Finally got finished with Milhouse’s bunny stories and got Bart into the story telling seat, and skeletons work. 🙂

  13. Having an issue with the daily challenge for 20 donuts, on day one and having to squish 30 Bunnies, I’ve squished 50 or more this morning, including 3 in a neighbours town, but the counter is still on 0.

    I’ve tried on two different devices, I’ve tried storing the evil shop and re-placing it. I’ve set Milhouse telling stories again to spawn more bunnies, even though I had plenty left from yesterdays activities. Not sure what to do next.

  14. Hi, so started my game on my Samsung S6 today and for some reason the game is zoomed in really close with no way to zoom out further. I used to get a fair amount of my town in the screen but now even the buttons are bigger. Anyone else experienced this?

  15. updated to Act 2, and always have this “cannot connect to server” screen after a few minutes logged into the game, and then unable to connect again unless I wait for another few hours… anyone having the same issue?

  16. All I keep getting is snakes!!! sick of seeing them! I need skeletons and I have sent Bart to tell a story at least 5 times and yet, snakes spawn out of my campfire, they spawn out of my zombie mobile, and they spawn out of the cemetery building thatbi specifically paid donuts for to get skeletons. I’m currently on campfire level 16

  17. Lost all donuts

  18. I am still a bit away from unlocking the final prize on the Act 1 prize track. If I don’t get it before Act 2 hits will I miss out entirely or will I still be able to unlock it?

    • From what I can tell, and most likely suspect, you’ll be able to purchase any Act 1 prizes you didn’t get for donuts once act 2 starts. So collect as many s’mores as you can, because the more you have the lower the required donut amount will be.

  19. I didn’t see it on the list (I did look through the posts; I just haven’t seen it mentioned), but is there a list of character tasks that earn Halloween currency? Through my own bumbling I found that Ninja Homer has a 4 hour task to Smash Up Flanders House earns snake eggs and Marge’s Mayan skin also has a task to earn currency and Vampire Mr Burns also has a 24 hr task to earn currency. I haven’t looked through all the characters and all the skins, but I thought maybe someone else already had? 🙂

  20. Here’s a question that may have already been answered: I have a bunch of brains, eggs, bunny ears, and bones respectively, and have only crafted a few things. Are we going to lose all these “resources” if we don’t use them before act II, or will they carry over?

  21. Tried looking for an answer but I am either silly or it is not listed. But will the smores we have that have gone over what we needed for the final prize im act 1 count toward week 2?

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