THOH 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

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Hey there Spookereenos!

We have Nightmares coming out of Campfires, some weird Blobbly Creature roaming our streets, Blasts from the Past, BUNNIES!, and all sorts of spooky things going on in our games.

What does all this mean? Share the Horror with your Neighbors of course. In this post I will be going over some details on visiting your Neighbors during the Event.

formlessterror_front_walk_image_2ico_mhud_friends_thoh2015 zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2

Let’s go freak out the Neighbors!!! 

First up, WHEN do you go to your Neighbors to visit?

Well, you want to make sure THEY have the THOH Update and are able to even offer help to you when you go there to tap. A good way to tell this is the Main Neighbor Screen. See if they have a S’mores & Fearless Terror Counter showing. If they do not, it is a good chance they’re not there yet. So… wait…. give them a few days to get past the technical issues, Update, and get to Questline point where the Campfire is placed and they can collect S’mores.

THOH Act 1 Neighbor Visits

THOH Act 1 Neighbor Main Screen

YOU need to be up to date too. So if you are not collecting S’mores yet, or reached the Questline Call of the Campfire Part 7 to go place a Formless Terror in your Neighbors… you will be limited to what you can do. Don’t waste those Neighbor Actions. Wait til you and your neighbor are ready.

The Call of the Campfire Part 7



As with all Events, there will be a limit to how many Neighbors you can visit and tap on to earn Event Items within a 24hr period. So if you tapped on some within last 24hrs before starting the Event, you may have already used those Actions up and need to wait for the Reset.

If you are JUST now tapping for the first time in 24hrs, you will get the full Daily Actions before swapping back to $$$ & XP.

DAILY NEIGHBOR ACTIONS MAX: 90, This means 30 Active Neighbors x 3 Actions each.



Depending on what Spawn your Neighbor is currently dropping, you will see ONE of the 4 Nightmares wandering their town, be on the look out for ONE of the 4 to show up. These are the ONLY NPCs you will tap while in a Neighbors game. Just these 4.

zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2Zombie Jackson: Sticks to mainly streets

skeleton_front_walk_image_2Skeleton: Sticks to mainly Streets

SnakeSnakes: Go all over, including through grass (these appear Green in color in Neighbors)

bunny 3Bunnies: Go all over, including through grass

This also means you will earn the coinciding items these Nightmares drop. So if you are looking for a specific Material drop to help Upgrade your Campfire… you may want to move on to another Neighbor. Just know this is random, so if you are short on time… tap and just move on if you do not have time to seek out a Neighbor with only ONE specific Nightmare Roaming.

Zombie Jackson: Brainsindicator_zombiebrains

Skeleton: Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snakes: Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunnies: Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears


You will also get ONE occasional Formless Terror…

Formless Terror: Blobby Purple Face ico_thoh2015_formlessterrordeploy



Now if you are in an Active Neighbors town and can’t see any Nightmares… wait. If you hang around a Street in their game just a lil bit, those Nightmares will come to you.

OR, send off a Formless Terror and watch to see if you see some as it scans the Streets to drop the Formless Terror.



Another good indicator that your Neighbor is ready for the Event is the Formless Terror Icon in the top right corner of the game screen. If you do not see it, it is a good chance they’re not ready.

Call of the Campfire Part 7 tells you that you need to drop off one of these “kids” from the Campfire Monster off in a Neighbors town.

The Call of the Campfire Part 7

When you go into a Neighbors and look at the icon, it will tell you how many they can have dropped off in THEIR town. This will vary from 0-10.

Formless Terror Neighbor Icon

You will also have a counter in the Lower Left of the screen letting you know how many YOU have to drop off. You won’t have tons, so share them with as many Neighbors as you can. Even if you give just one to each Neighbor.

Formless Terror Counter


You can release a Formless Terror into your Neighbors town as long as both YOUR count and THEIR Count show 1 or More. Just tap on the Icon in the Upper Right Corner … Formless Terror Neighbor Icon

… then the game will take you to a part of your Neighbors road to drop off the Formless Terror into their town.

formlessterror_front_walk_image_2MAX Formless Terrors you can leave in each town: 10 or the # it shows left out of 10. You will actually get a Pop Up telling you if they’re full of Terrors.

Too Many Formless Terrors

If it says ZERO that is due to they already have 10 in their town and you have to wait for them to time out or the Neighbor to clear them to be able to drop off more.



Now just what do YOU and your Neighbor get from the Formless Terrors? Let’s take a look. I am still testing this one out, but this is what I am seeing so far in my game. This will help you BOTH to hit those Campfire Upgrades a LOT quicker too.

If your Neighbor taps on the Formless Terror WITHIN 4 hrs…

YOU GETA mixture of 4 total items from the Random Nightmares

Formless Terrors Harvested


Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears


THEY GET- A mixture of 4 total items from the Random Nightmares

Formless Terror Drops Formless Terror Drops 2Formless Terror Drops 3


Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears


If your Neighbor does not tap on the Formless Terror withing 4 hrs…

YOU GETA mixture of 2 total items from the Random Nightmares

Formless Terrors Harvested 2


Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears






What’s the point of tapping other Neighbors when you MAX? BONUTS!! Bonus Donuts for just tapping on through. If you have your FP MAXED and are on Friendship Level 20, you will get a Random Free Donut or more from going through your entire Neighbor list daily. WOOHOO!! ( I tried to grab a Screenshot of the one I won, but this Event is gathering items FAST… so I missed it but will try again.)

If you are NOT MAXED on your FP, then you will still want to continue to help you just get that much closer to Free FP Prizes and Donuts for your game.

Friend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FP

Now for some Basics for YOUR Town



These Terrors are FAST. They zoom all over your town and blink in and out of existence. That means grab one when you see it or it will disappear into the background and come back a lil later.

Tap on as soon as you see them so you and your Neighbor can benefit from the items they drop. (See payouts above)



zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2skeleton_front_walk_image_2Snakebunny 3

I know many of you wanted to know how many Nightmares total you can have roaming your town at a time.

Nightmares MAX: 20 Total

Nightmares Bank: 40 (it does seem like the Bank is working. I have a LOT in my town in a short time.)

How quickly you generate them from your Spooky Campfire will determine how fast you hit this. Essentially, if you are close to 60 and the town is clear… you should be OK. If you are already full, clear some BEFORE clearing the Campfire Task Thumbs Up.

You will be warned if you have too many and are MAXED.

Full of Nightmares



Nope. The game will take care of that for you. Your Neighbor will see items separate from any you are able to tap in your town. The two are not the same item.


That about does it. The basics of visiting your Neighbors game and how it will benefit you BOTH.

How are you doing on Visits? Got to Part 7 yet? Got any BONUTS from Neighbors yet? Did the Neighbors Visits help you Level Up your Campfire? Let us know.


279 responses to “THOH 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

  1. I have the M’nthster covering my campfire and 4 kids fighting it. BUT now I cannot seem to spawn any skeletons. I have the rest of the kids working at the brown house, but even after they are done, I still don’t see skeletons. I see zombies and some snakes, but nothing like I used to get. Any ideas? I go searching around for skeletons and cannot find them. Or if I do, only 1 or 2. I am never going to get to update my fire?? Nor complete the latest task of 30 skeletons. Any ideas?? Thanks! Andrew

    • It’s going around and happens occasionally. Try hard closing and restarting your game..if that doesn’t work you can either wait until tomorrow (usually they’ll spawn the next day) or contact EA

      They won’t spawn by the campfire…only via (and by) the Brown house…

    • I have same problem 🙂

  2. Hi. When the formless terrors i send to neighbours are harvested, my reward is only one currency (bunny ears) I so rarely get a mixture and i want something other than bunny ears. Is there a way to do this when sending terrors? I send terrors to neighbours with various nightmares wandering their towns and still my reward is bunny ears.

  3. BUG???

    I have leveled the campfire to 50 and the spawn rate is identical to 45… about 1 every 1 min 50 seconds. Every level past 45 has been the same… no acceleration of spawn rate. If there was a cap why didn’t they change the message to “max level reached” or remove the “next level adds 5%”.

    I’m sure a lot of people will be upset when they realize they spent a lot of time and/or donuts leveling up with no further benefit.

    Can someone look into this??


    • Well we’re not EA. So what you’ll need to do is contact EA and have them look into your game and the issue for you

      • I know you’re not lol… I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. Anyone here go past 50 and checked their spawn rate?

        • Yes. I earlier comments, posters have confirmed that, after Level 41, there’s no longer an increase in the spawn rate.

          • Yup, I noticed that, too 🙁 Not cool to not change the message on the campfire… lazy programming, I’m guessing 🙁

  4. Just a point. Craft items you get from tapping terrors or nightmares and terrors friends towns do NOT go towards upgrading your campfire. Thought is was worth a mention.

    • I agree, no sense in tapping the nightmares or spawns or what ever they are called it has not seed to any on my counts.

  5. Are you supposed to be able to click on friends terrors? I can’t.. Only my own city’s terrors..

  6. I didn’t realize you can get Formless Terrors for doughnuts. Not that I need any more.

    • I’m not seeing it…

      • Go to visit Neighbors and under the trophies there’s two lists. One For real estate points, one for terrors. Under terrors on the left side it says get more terrors. I can’t remember off hand how many doughnuts for how many terrors. Hope this helps

        • Hm interesting. Weird spot for them. I knew they were in the files but assumed not in yet. But liker you said who would wanna buy them? (They’re 25 for 10 donuts) they’re so easy to get.

  7. Hi, I have a question regarding upgrading the campfire. It says I have to click on nightmares to upgrade it. Is this the nightmares I spawn or nightmares from friends Springfields?

  8. Hi just a quick one….

    I only have snakes spawning and I can’t work out why, one of my challenges is to get the zombies but I haven’t got any lol.
    Is it because I don’t have neighbours…I need to try and get some neighbours!!!

  9. I haven’t been able to find any information regarding this, but when one of my neighbours taps on a nightmare in my town does anything happen for me?

  10. Hi guys. Noticed some things in my game when doing neighbor visits I want to share. When I arrive at a neighbor’s campfire there’s usually a character telling a story which will indicate what’s spawning. Also I’ll hear a sound that coincides with the respective spawn. Skeletons – a buzz saw kinda sound, zombies – a growling sound, snakes a muffled growl. I haven’t consistently heard any sound for bunnies but have heard the snake sound once in a while.
    Occasionally there won’t be a character telling a story there, especially if the campfire is in the heights – ugh, so I use the sound. One thing I have noticed when there isn’t anyone telling the story is that the neighbor is usually spawning snakes but this isn’t always the case.
    Figuring this out has really sped up my friend visits.

  11. The pace on visiting neighbors has increased significantly today. It’s not lightening fast, but it’s much better.
    And I’d like to say that if you’re a neighbor of mine and have room in your town – everybody got 3 formless terrors!

  12. I need brains, skeletons, and bunnies, any way I can get them for free? I am aiming for *** and Hugo. *****. Pretty cheep. 😉

    • Huh? All brains, skeletons, and bunnies are free…you just need to play the game to get them!

      (And I’m guessing that the asterisked parts off your message were about things that are not in the game yet…remember, this site is a spoiler-free zone. If it’s not in the game yet, we don’t make FP reference to things that others may be seeing in the code, because a) some people don’t like spoilers, and b) EA doesn’t always release things that are in the code.)

  13. Hey I had a question about the Other Springfield. If you drop Formless Terrors off there, do you still get stuff? And if you do, how many? Thanks!

  14. I can’t seem to figure out how to drop endless terrors on my neighbors Springfield?

    • Formless Terrros? You can’t drop endless ones…just 10/town if they don’t already have any in their town. And to do it you just click the icon in the top right corner while in there town. The post above explains it in great detail with images.

      • I do not see an icon in their town. Is there something I have to do in my Springfield first?

      • I have placed the campfire, I can collect smores. I have had my children tell a few stories and i have 40+ friends that I can tap nightmares, but I do not see an icon on any of my friends Springfield. I have 200 formless terrors and want to be a good neighbor. Do I need to finish a quest line before dropping formless terrors on my neighbor’s Springfield?

        • You have to reach Part 7 of the questline…if you have you should be able to send them. Best way to check is go to Other Springfield. If the icon is there (it should ALWAYS be there) you can send them. If it’s not you didn’t reach part 7.

  15. Just to make sure I get this right, if I don’t tap on the blobs, my neighbor who dropped it only gets 1/2 of what they would otherwise?

  16. I just spoke with EA. They said that you don’t get donuts when you visit neighbors (and tap) and that you only get donuts on level ups (or other free donuts from events or sideshow you). Can any of you confirm this?

    • I can confirm that the EA rep is clearly an idiot who doesn’t play TSTO. Donuts appear from neighbor taps randomly ONLY when you’ve maxed out your friendship prizes.

  17. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the ONLY way to get a count toward upgrading the campfire is from my own spawns (of which sometimes it does not seem to spawn anything…even after 3 hours). Neighbor drops don’t count towards it. What I tap on in their towns don’t count either. Is it just me or….?

    Oh and one rant: in the past leaving drops for neighbors I could spam the drop button and while the camera was moving to the new drop it would instantly move to the next.. then the next etc. This event it makes me sit and wait till the camera is done panning… And since our Springfields are bigger, it can take forever. Particularly when leaving them 10. Moderately annoying.

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