Shopkeeper Challenges- House of Evil

Update from Alissa 9:20am EDT: Hey Tappers…this should be working for most of you now.  If you’re worried about getting the glitch, try storing the shop before you place it.
Beyond that it looks like the tasks started at 0800 Local time…and as you can see below the first task for today is to send 4 youngsters (really only Bart, Lisa, Martin and Milhouse…or just send 1 4 times) to tell spooky stories at the campfire.  My strategy for this is to just send Milhouse 4 times since I’m working on Bunnies for my upgrade today…

Hey there Screamereenos!

So EA seems to have launched some items overseas a bit earlier than they were intended. ( It was not set to go for a few more days. Like we always say, can’t go off of the info in files as the golden rule, gotta wait til live to see it play out. EA can, has, and will change. 😉  ) Due to this, here in the U.S. we are flying a lil blind as the Challenges have NOT hit our games…yet.

The Daily Challenges. This will require the House of Evil and just like in the past, have random tasks for you to perform each day to get Rewards. Due to it has not hit our games yet in the U.S., I will have to wait to see it live to verify the stats with what is live. Once I can visually see it AND verify it all matches with the data… we will put out the full details.


For now, feel free to share Screenshots or email them to us of YOUR Daily Challenges you are seeing and give your fellow Addicts Readers some tips on what you tried.

For everyone else, hang in there. As I stated, the info has NOT hit the U.S. yet… but may really soon ( as early as Midnight to 4am/8GMT Eastern, then Central, etc.)

UPDATE 10/12 4AM EASTERN: The Shopkeeper’s Challenge did finally show up, but there are issues.

First, how it hit my games…


Opened my game to the Pop Up about the Challenge and that I needed the Building First.

Shopkeeper Challenge Main Without

It then gave me the House of Evil for FREE.

Free House of Evil

It was an instant build.

House of Evil Instant Build

I opened the Challenge Screen.

Shopkeeper Challenge House of Evil without

Info was blank…glitched

Shopkeeper Challenge Main Screen without House of Evil



Opened my game to the Pop Up about the Challenge and that I got rewarded for already having it.

Shopkeeper Challenge Main With

Then a pop up that I got various Free Craft Materials (still trying to verify just how much as it glitched on me) Seems this was 200 of each of the 4 items.

Shopkeeper Challenge Items unlocked with

You will find the Prize just like it stated in your Inventory. Tapping on the information icon will let you know you got 200 of each item.

Daily Challenge Bundle Reward House of Evil

Went to my already in game House of Evil and I opened the Challenge Screen.

Shopkeeper Challenge House of Evil with

Info was blank…glitched

Shopkeeper Challenge Main Screen w House of Evil


BOTH: I am unable to see ANY Tasks on my screen at all. Both games the same issue. The pop ups of the Daily Tasks that should appear are missing and the screen is all “Smooshed” together. I am not sure if any of you are seeing this too, but I am going to report it when EA is on normal daytime hours later today.

I have also noticed I do NOT have the clock icon that several of you are reporting to have and sent in Screenshots of, no icon over the Building, and no detailed Pop Up…. Thank You!!! to Katelyn and “Mr. 1%” for sending in Screenshots along with many others. 😉

These are all the items I never saw…

Info Pop Up Screen

Shopkeeper Challenge Info Screen

Daily Challenge Screen

Shopkeeper Challenge Task Screen

Clock Icons

Shopkeeper Challenge Clock Icons


I have also opted to start an EA Forum link in case so anyone else can light it up too having the issue.



Day 1 Daily Task- Have any Kid Tell A Story 4x

Day 2 Reward- 100 Ribcage Bones



For those of you missing your “Bonuts”(Bonus Donuts), here is your option to get some now. WOOHOO!

Have you started your Daily Challenges yet? Got your Reward yet? Thoughts so far? Liking the idea of 20 Free Donuts? Let us know


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  1. Hi, why the shopkeeper challenge has 10 days more than the event? (Maybe you already answered but I can’t find it .. eerrhhh well I didn’t look it)

  2. How do you play with cameras on week 3 day 2 of shop keeper challenge

  3. Help anyone : on day 1 of the second week at the shopkeepers challenge you are asked to squash 30 rabbits. I keep squashing, but not 1 single rabbit seems to count..nothing. I have created rabbits from telling stories and nothing …

    • EA oopsed. Supposed to be skeletons

    • A suggestion: don’t stress too much over the shopkeeper challenges. Since you could theoretically just do all five of them over the weekend, it’s not really worth it to delay whatever your current task is, just to finish the challenge on the very first day it opens up… and if you’re actively playing every day, most of the challenges can be handily accomplished without any change at all to your normal daily events. In my case: I’m squishing zombies right now, but I’m also leveling up pretty much every day… so when I get around to rabbits, (or skeletons, as the case may be) this challenge will pretty much finish all by itself, and well within the required time frame.

  4. …small problem on day 1 of the shopkeepers challenge, second round : squash 30 rabbits. I keep squashing them…not one counts…help anyone ?

  5. If as many people are buying this deal as it sounds like here, you can be pretty dang sure they will do it again and not leave anybody out lol…they are just giving a 30-50% discount, so I am sure they are still making plenty

  6. Ok so I’m not sure if this question has been asked already, the resources that we get for act 1, are they going to change when act 2 opens and we’re gonna lose all the brains, bones, eggs and ears? I have a butt ton of resources and just getting more. If I’m going to lose them I would like to know so I can spend them. Or are they just gonna add more things to be crafted with the same resources?

    Make sense? Lol hope someone understands my concern (:
    -Thanks in advance-

    • I’m such a freakin dumb head. Had I continue to scroll down on the home page I would’ve found a whole post about my question!! *facepalm* 😑 You guys are awesome when it comes to covering everything about an event!

    • For FREE?!? Are you kidding me!! I paid at least 100 donuts for it last Halloween cause it was one of my must haves. Ugghhh! 😖 isn’t that supposed to work the other way around… Free then donuts, not donuts then free?

      Not a happy camper.

  7. That 20 donut total seems kind of high for EA’S usual modus operandi. I’m wondering whether they might mean that you get 20 donuts at the very end of *all* the challenges (not 20 donuts *per week*). Sort of like the bonus at the very end of the Elf Home or Santa’s Workshop tasks during the last 2 Christmas events, after completing all the challenges over multiple weeks.

    Guess we’ll find out in about 5 days!

    • nah they’re really 20 donuts/week

    • It does sound high, if you’re assuming that it becomes a permanent addition to the game — but personally, I’m guessing that the 20 donuts per week will only last until the end of the Halloween event. That seems like a more realistic expectation, with a total potential payout of somewhere between 60 and 100. On the other hand, EA totally shocked me by introducing the Rail Yard… so ya never know. The thing we might have to worry about is: if they make premium currency much easier to obtain, are they then going to counter that with far more expensive premium items? (A form of inflation, if you will.)

      • Good point on the possible inflation, I hadn’t thought of that. I wasn’t thinking the payout would be permanent like the Rail Yard, but they’ve definitely made us work harder in the past for smaller donut payouts. Not complaining about the windfall, though!

  8. I can’t seem to get the house of evil. Didn’t have it when I logged on yesterday or today. I can do the daily challenges. What should I do to get the house of evil?

  9. Posting this so others won’t make the same stupid mistake I just did…

    I’ve been collecting bunnies to upgrade my campfire, but then I noticed that the daily task needed me to collect Zombies. Looking at the picture, I thought I needed to collect 100 of them (which is a lot), so I changed my campfire story to the zombie one.

    It was only after I did that that I saw that I had been looking in the wrong place and that I only needed 30 zombies, which I could have gotten just from visiting neighbors, so I’ve wasted a perfectly good campfire round that could have been earning bunnies!

    Oh well…ultimately, the only negative consequence is a showdown on my campfire upgrades, which I figured isn’t really a big deal. But I do wish I hadn’t made that mistake, so I hope this helps someone else avoid making the same one! 🙂

    • After completing the first round of the House of Evil weekly tasks, I can state with certainty that tapping zombies in neighbors’ towns does NOT count toward the zombies needed for the House of Evil daily task. At least, it didn’t for me. I am sure mine said I needed to tap 100 zombies, and I had tapped 26 in my town when I went on my daily neighbor visits. When I came back, after tapping zombies in about 30 to 40 towns, the number showing as tapped for me remained at 26. I interrupted my normal Scary Story sequence with just one round of the zombie story, and was able to get enough to complete the 100 zombie taps with ease. My camp fire was only level 10 or 11 at the time.

      • Had you used up your 90 neighbor taps for the day? I’m guessing you had. Once that happens, the taps don’t count for anything except money, XP, and FP/donuts.

  10. In case anyone is curious… the challenges don’t have to be completed in order.

    I delayed telling scary stories yesterday. I was spawning zombies for a campfire upgrade, but I was using Martin to help finish up the Railyard for the week’s 5 donuts so I couldn’t have him tell his zombie story, and anyone else would have changed me away from zombies.

    So I woke up this morning, finished my third scary story for the challenge, and since I was already spawning zombies I finished the 2nd challenge quickly. But I still only have 3/4 scary stories told (I’m telling my 4th right now).

    So they can be done out of order, and can take longer than a day to finish. Just in case that helps anyone.

  11. I can confirm that you don’t have to finish the tasks in 24 hours. My son’s game didn’t finish day one until after day 2 had already been made available. Once he did the last story, he got the 100 bones and the day 2 challenge became available. So no need to rush and swap campfire tasks.

  12. I’m liking this thing less and less. I haven’t gotten credited for a single zombie yet. 🙁

    • Joe – Are you squashing zombies in your Springfield, or in your friends’ Springfields? If your friends’, then you may have exhausted your “special-event-friend-tap-quota”, sometime within the past 24 hours: you only get credit for the first 90 nightmare taps, each day.

      • Yes, I have exhausted my daily quota. It did JUST start crediting me for ones in my Springfield. It took awhile though. Thanks

    • Where are you tapping them? If you’re tapping them in your neighbor’s town, you may not be getting credit because you may have already maxed out in your 90 taps for this 24-hour period. If you’re tapping them in your own town, then try going to Krustyland and back. If that doesn’t fix it, contact EA.

  13. The second day task is squash 30 zombies — and zombies in your friends’ Springfield count. So even though I’m spawning skeletons right now, I was able to finish the day 2 challenge in about fifteen minutes, by hunting for friends who are spawning zombies.

  14. Today’s challenge (the 2nd one) is squishing 30 Zombies.

  15. My daily task is to squish 30 zombies

  16. Also being an Aussie; I concur with Badger that the day 2 task is squish 30 Zombies! Apologies to my neighbours Dex 1 account is having trouble dropping Nightmares in your towns. Readers who come here & read/post are Gogor; Iris, Cube, ILL & etc. My apologies please!

  17. Sorry if I missed this question.
    If you had bought this building before, did they rebate you back donuts for it? I hate to think stuff I got could come back “free” lol.

    • Depends on who you get. But honestly I doubt it because it’s been over a year

    • It happens that way from time to time (think of it as paying donuts for “early access” or a sure thing), but that’s kind of balanced out by all the times the bring back items that were originally free but are now premium.

  18. Thrilled we got house of evil free. Was on the fence and didn’t buy it last Halloween. Also glad that those who had it before got a nice bonus of 200 of each crafting item.

  19. Loving all the extras for this event!

  20. Bart is blocked from telling a story in my game… I can see the other 3 characters but he does not show up!!! And I need him to tell a story to change my nightmares to skeletons!!! Anyone else experienced that?

  21. I seem to have had a different experience to other people who have commented so far.

    I had the House of Evil in my inventory already so got given the Crafting Bundle. Afterwards I automatically had access to the Shopkeeper’s Challenges menu. I can see the challenges, the info screen and the clock in the upper right corner.

    I was never asked to place the House of Evil and it is still sitting in my inventory. I’m now afraid to place it in case glitches start appearing. I also haven’t opened the Crafting Bundle yet as I didn’t really need it.

    • You should be fine placing the house of evil. The glitch is basically gone…but if you don’t want to place it and it’s working for you this way than go with it. As far as the crafting…you’ll have to contact EA about that.

  22. I see more ppl worried about the time frame to complete tasks than freaking out we got a FREE item today!!! Something EA gave away for free year 1, then charged donuts for year 2 and year 3, to get it for free on year 4!!!! AWESOME. I think they should give more stuff away on the anniversary of when they did it 3 years ago … just keep rolling with it. Christmas 2012, they gave away Barney’s Bowlarama if you ‘earned’ it. (Right?? Gold coins, etc?) I did not play until it was released on android that spring 2013 so I had to pay 250 donuts for Bowlarama. And I’ve gotten to enjoy it for 2 years(ish). I would not complain one bit if they released it for free because I got to enjoy it and because I could pick it up for my B game.


  23. Update from Australia for shop keeper tasks:
    New task start 8am local time and can start work on it even if haven’t completed previous task plus for 30 zombie squishing them in friends towns count as well.
    You still get the daily crafting prize if complete the previous day’s task after 8am 🙂
    I’m guessing only exception will be day 5 where won’t get donuts if not all 5 tasks complete.

  24. Sad, I never got the 200 bonus materials.

    • neither did I because I placed this last night 🙁

      I’m confused: so I have to have four kids read stories MONDAY to complete that task?

      • I don’t think you only have today to do it, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow’s unlocks. But from the verbiage it seems that you have a week to do all the tasks…

    • Had you bought House of Evil when it was premium? My understanding is that they’re the only ones who got the bonus items, to help make up for the fact they’re giving away for freethat some folks paid donuts to get.

  25. Yay for the free House of Evil store and potential bonus donuts. I’m less enthused for the additional crafting materials. I’ve already crafted everything from this act and multiples of a few of them.

  26. So, I know this has been asked before, with no clear conclusion. Maybe there’s been new info since then. Daily challenge can still be completed after the next daily challenge unlocks? I can’t fit 4×4 hours’ jobs since I started this with 14 hours till next reward 😛 As a freemium, 2 donuts are too many 😛 I know reward will be 20, but if I can spare those 2, it would be best =D

  27. Thankfully my tasks have counted. I am ready for Day 2. I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to finish telling the stories in time so I used donuts to complete the first 3.

  28. My Jobs sender is now missing at the Unemployment Office. Anyone else have that issue?

  29. I don’t think I’m seeing the same amount of “nightmares” spawning in my town since this new challenge hit. My campfire is at level 10. Right now I’m back to working on snakes again but I’ve only spotted 2 or 3 slithering about my town within the four hours, at least until the kids finish their job. Something isn’t right. Well I just sent all the kids back to work and I’ll keep an eye on the spawn rate, hopefully it will be normal or I have a big problem.

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      The spawn rate is now back to normal. Still the whole thing is frustrating as it normally takes two rounds to get me to the next level, but because of this glitch it is now taking me three times.

    • My town is not spawning when a story is being told. Once I clear the story and kids are released from fire, the spans begin, but end again when a story is active. This happens only in my a game. My b game is fine.

    • I had the same impression: hardly any spawning nightmares when the challenge first hit (or maybe when I got the House of Evil, slightly earlier). But hours later, and after having a kid tell a story, I’m getting the usual number once again.

  30. I’m hoping we get the Shopkeeper at some stage thru the event,. whether we get the option to buy him or if he’s freemium, i’d snap him up! He’d make a great creepy edition to our towns and is a classic Halloween character 🙂

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