THOH 101: Spooky Campfire- Tell Me A Scary Story!!

Hey there Spookereenos!

Bouncing by with some help and hopefully some clarification on the Spooky Campire Stories and the Nightmare Spawns they create.

First up you will need to get through the Main Event Questline to unlock and place the Spooky Campfire, then trigger each kid to start their story telling. You can see the full overview of the Main Questline HERE.

Spooky Campfire

Let’s take a look at the Spooky Campfire!


This part, depends on YOU actually. You have a total of 4 Kids that are able to Tell A Story at the Spooky Campfire to dictate WHAT Nightmare will pop out of it. This is critical for the Event as it will help you to get what YOU need for various areas of the game.

Here are the 4 Kids and what Nightmare they trigger…

charactersets_martin_wizardMartin- Unlocks Zombieszombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md
charactersets_lisa_saxophoneLisa- Unlocks SnakesSnakeico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md
MilhouseMilhouse- Unlocks Bunniesbunny 3ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md
BartBart- Unlocks Skeletonsskeleton_front_walk_image_2ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md

Pay REALLY close attention to their Nightmare and their Nightmare Icon next to it. This will help you out a lot in the game.



Spooky Campfire Tell A Story List

In order to have a Specific Nightmare come out of the Campfire, you have to FIRST have the right Kid Tell a Story. THEN set the other kids on their task to make S’mores. The Stories you can tell will depend on WHERE in the main questline you are at. You need to get through it to unlock each of the 4 stories.

So follow these steps… 

  1. Tell A Story for correct Nightmare
  2. Send kids to make S’mores and payout that Nightmare



Your Campfire (or Questline) will let you know. For instance, tap on your Campfire to access the Pop Up. Tap on “UPGRADE” to see the details of Upgrading the Campfire.

Spooky Campfire Pop Up Upgrade

Look next to the Counter to see WHAT Nightmare Icon is there.

Spooky Campfire Needs Zombies

Match the Nightmare Icon to the Nightmare and now you will know WHAT Story to tell to get the Nightmare you need.

ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md= Zombieszombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2
ico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md= SnakesSnake
ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md= Bunniesbunny 3
ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md= Skeletonsskeleton_front_walk_image_2

Now you can look again and locate the Kid that makes that matching Nightmare and go back to the Pop Up to Tell A Story from that Kid.

Spooky Campfire Pop Up Tell A Story

Spooky Campfire Tell A Story List



Check the Campfire. If the last Kid is still telling the Story, you will see the countdown 4hr timer on the Pop Up screen telling you WHO is telling the story as well as WHAT Nightmare they are going to spawn on completion.

Tell A Scary Rabbit Story

If no one is telling a story, go into the MAKE screen and see what Icon shows up next to the Kids NOT on a Task.

Spooky Campfire Pop Up Make S'mores

This is what the current Nightmare was set to. Kids that are not currently Making S’mores will always show what the current Nightmare set for the Campfire is. They will have START next to their Task.

Make S'mores Payouts 3

If they are already on a task, you will see the payout for the Nightmare they will spawn and how much time left.



This is a reoccurring thing I see. The biggest issue, you sent the Other Kids to make S’mores BEFORE changing the Nightmare and telling the new story. You can’t make a change to a task already in existence and timing down. How can you tell? Open the Campfire. Tap on it to pull up the Pop Up. Tap on “MAKE” next to Send Youngsters to Make S’mores.

Here you can scroll through the Kids to see who is on a task already and what they will drop when complete, as well is who is not currently on a task and can be sent now to Roast S’mores and get the New Nightmare you just changed it to.

Here is an Example of mixed Nightmares coming out of the Campfire.

Make S'mores Payouts

  • Uter was sent on the task AFTER Lisa told a Story and will payout Snakes when done.
  • Milhouse was sent on the task AFTER Bart told a Story and will payout Skeletons when done.
  • Martin was sent on the task AFTER Milhouse told a Story and will payout Bunnies when done.



sherri-and-terri jessicalovejoy_menudolph_menu

Wondering WHO can help you get these Nightmares and MAKE S’mores for their Tasks? Here is the list we compiled. Notice Premium Kids payout more. The Twins pay double.

Spooky Campfire Pop Up Make S'mores

Lisa- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Michael D’Amico- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Janey- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Database- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Jessica Lovejoy- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Hugo- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Jimbo- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Kearney- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Rod- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Shauna- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Sherri and Terri- 8 nightmares, 16 S’mores
Squeaky Voiced Teen- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Todd- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Gino- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Nelson- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Dolph- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Laura Powers- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Greta- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Martin- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Uter- 4 nightmares, 8 S’mores
Milhouse- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Ralph- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores
Bart- 2 nightmares, 4 S’mores



ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md ico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md

You can’t. Once set on a task, you can’t change it. It is set.

However, what you CAN do… is Cancel the task. If the Character came with a Building, store their Building to pull them off the task and put them and their Building into Inventory. Then replace the Building back out of Inventory to let them back in the game. Then start them on the Task.


Bart- Bart’s Treehouse

Milhouse- VanHouten House

Ralph- Wiggum House

If the Kid is linked to a location, you can do this. If not, then you will have to wait the 4hrs for them to complete before being able to change them to the one you want.



YES! But it is a lil tricky. Every 24hrs you have 90 Neighbor Actions. 90 Taps you can make in your Neighbors towns to earn you extra Materials to Craft with. Well there is a bit of an added Bonus, but it WILL take some time and effort on your part.

As you tap through your Neighbors, they will show one of the 4 Nightmares roaming your town. If that Nightmare happens to be the current one you need for your Campfire, tapping on it will give you a credit in the Campfire. Again, this is ONLY FIRST 90 NEIGHBOR ACTIONS PER 24HRS. Once the 90 Actions are up, no more will count. Essentially when you stop getting Materials and only $$$ & XP, you can’t get the credit to the Campfire either.

Skeletons in Neighbors

For instance, if your Campfire says you need Zombies you can opt to skip through all Neighbors on your list and ONLY tap on ones that have Zombies for those first 90 Actions. It will take more time. Or… if this is too time consuming for you… just tap on through and snag a few here and there if you happen to stumble upon them as you got. More on Neighbor’s Visits HERE.



There are also some other items that will help you out with the Nightmares as well as the Materials they drop. These are items from PAST Events. Here is the list we have compiled…

“Buildings” that Spawn Nightmares

mausoleum_menuMausoleum- Earns 8 Skeletonsico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_mdskeleton_front_walk_image_2/8hrs
Pet_Cemetery_Tapped_OutPet Cemetery- 10 Bunniesico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_mdbunny 3/10hrs
Tapped_Out_Freak_MobileFreak Mobile- Earns 12 Zombiesico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_mdzombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2/12hrs.
Hollow Snake TrunkHollow Snake Log- Earns 12 Snakesico_thoh2015_snakeheads_mdSnake/12hrs


Side Note: Characters that drop needed Craft Materials (Characters MUST be in their Skins to be able to complete the tasks as well as have location required for task in game.)

Homer NinjaNinja Homer- 4 Snake Eggsico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md/4hrs
Mayan MargeMayan Marge- 8 Bunny Earsico_thoh2015_bunnyears_md/8hrs
Bart Shadow Knight 1Shadow Knight (Bart)- 12 Ribcage Bonesico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md/ 12hrs
mrburns_countburns_menuCount Burns- 24 Brainsico_thoh2015_zombiebrains_md/24hrs


Now that you have a general idea, let’s look at a few examples. 


Check the Campfire Upgrade to see what Nightmare it needs. This one wants Zombiesico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md.

Spooky Campfire Needs Zombies

Have Martin tell a Story to Spawn Zombies. Zombies are now set for the Campfire

Zombies Spawn from Campfire

Send Other Kids on S’mores tasks to get Zombies. Go to Neighbors and tap on Zombies in first 90 Actions to get extra ones.

Zombies in Neighbors



Check the Campfire Upgrade to see what Nightmare it needs. This one wants Snakesico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md.

Spooky Campfire Needs Snakes

Have Lisa tell a Story to Spawn Snakes. Snakes are now set for the Campfire

Snakes Spawn from Campfire

Send Other Kids on S’mores tasks to get Snakes. Go to Neighbors and tap on Snakes in first 90 Actions to get extra ones.

Snakes in Neighbors



Check the Campfire Upgrade to see what Nightmare it needs. This one wants Bunnies.ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md

Spooky Campfire Needs Bunnies

Have Milhouse tell a Story to Spawn Bunnies. Bunnies are now set for the Campfire

Bunnies Spawn from Campfire

Send Other Kids on S’mores tasks to get Bunnies. Go to Neighbors and tap on Bunnies in first 90 Actions to get extra ones.

Bunny in Neighbors



Check the Campfire Upgrade to see what Nightmare it needs. This one wants Skeletonsico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md.

Spooky Campfire Needs Skeletons

Have Bart tell a Story to Spawn Skeletons. Skeletons are now set for the Campfire

Skeletons Spawn from Campfire

Send Other Kids on S’mores tasks to get Skeletons. Go to Neighbors and tap on Skeletons in first 90 Actions to get extra ones.

Skeletons in Neighbors



  1. Check Campfire for Nightmare needed
  2. Send Correct Kid to Tell A Story to match Nightmare needed (or if already on the one you want, skip to #3)
  3. Send Other Kids left on Task to Roast S’mores
  4. Get Nightmares you want after 4hrs are completed
  5. Repeat


There you have it. Nightmares and Tell A Story Basics. Hopefully this helps to clear out some questions and confusion for the Event. More on the Campfire Levels in a separate post, so keep an eye out for it.

What do you think so far? Did this help you? Does this clarify the questions you had? Understand the Campfire and Nightmares better? Let us know.


146 responses to “THOH 101: Spooky Campfire- Tell Me A Scary Story!!

  1. Scott Erskine

    I’m stuck in the camp fire. I’m on level 80 of it and I can’t get
    Anyone in there out or to do anything. It’s like is all stuck.

    • Try storing the character’s building to free him. (For example, if Bart’s stick at the campsite, store his treehouse to free him.)

  2. How do I get the Monster to the Temple???? After the attack he leaves but comes right back….

  3. why it wont upgrade the story? i tried to get milhouse to tell a story but it won’t let me. im on level 58

  4. I can’t tell story’s at the campfire anymore, I’m on campfire level 30 but it will only let me up grade with donuts. Help please, what do I do?

  5. Besides the increased spawn rate, I’m wondering what the benefit to upgrading the campfire is. Are there any other prizes besides tents, hedges, and sheds? I’m happy with the number of each I’ve received and have been focusing on just spawning zombies – I want to buy as many wailing walls as possible. $300 every 12 hours PLUS 2.5% money/XP increase for each one! Yes please! (I hide them randomly around my town behind buildings and other big structures.)

    Anyway, am I missing out on anything else by not upgrading my campfire?

    • I’ m level 35 campfire and looking forward to level 40 the pattern of prizes repeat thus. I can leave another reply if I progress to a different result at a higher level campfire. I was hoping for some major unlock of some kind eventually.

  6. Hi guys! obligatory apologies if you have addressed this anywhere else. My campfire is at level 52 and I am noticing that the spawn rate is stuck at 1 minute and 57 seconds. Assuming that the initial spawn rate was 1 every 15 minutes (or 900 seconds) and that each level reduces that rate by 5%, level 2 should be about 855 seconds. The quick and dirty way to determine your spawn rate is .95^n-1 x 900 where n is your level and n-1 is an exponent, you have use n-1 because you start at level 1 (at level 1, .95^n-1 x 900 simplified to 1 x 900, which is correct). so at level 52, my rate should be about 66 seconds. yet it is still 1 min 57 seconds. which is where it was yesterday and the day before.

    Either I am not calculating the change in rate the same way that EA is or there is a cap on the rate reduction, even though there is no cap in how many levels you can upgrade. Any one else notice this? if the rate is capped, does this change your opinion of upgrading past level 40? Is the getting wood achievement worth cycling the characters still or is it more beneficial to stick on zombies and make as many wailing walls until the bonus is maxed out?

    Thanks for your time and sorry about the math.

  7. I only have Lisa and Martin available for stories. How do I get rest

  8. hey everyone,
    i was just wondering if there is a level at which you stop getting the 5% increase in nightmares or does the increase go on forever? i would like to focus on zombies so is there a point in which we shold stop focusing on upgrading and just spawn what we want for crafting? thanx and have fun.

    • People have been reporting that, after level 41, there no longer seems to be a decrease in the frequency with which the nightmares are released.

  9. Can anyone tell me if the tents and hedges you are awarded for upgrading the fire have any use?
    My campfire is only in the mid 20’s right now, but I’m not sure what to do with all the tents/hedges… Does having them out do anything for the event (i.e. More nightmares spawned)? Or are they just vanity/treehugging items?
    I am just leaving them in inventory because I don’t see the point of a ton of tents

    • Nope, no use. I used several tents to form a camp ground, but all but two of my sheds are in storage. I used the bramble hedges to make a maze.

      However, I would encourage you to keep upgrading your campfire, as it increases the number of nightmares you’ll get (at least until you hit level 41), which increases the amount of crafting currency and gummies.

  10. I’m having an issue with the new evil shopkeepers challenge, says I need 30 bunnies but it’s stuck on 18 and won’t go any higher even though I’ve spawned heaps of them. Also my spooky campfire is only spawning bunnies even though I have Lisa telling a scary snake story. Anyone got any ideas??

  11. Anybody having problems with…well not problems, but is anybody having there camps collecting nightmares automatically even when you don’t spawn the same nightmare that’s been collected?

  12. If don’t clear out the spawned nightmares before finishing the campfire tasks, do you lose those nightmares or do they go to a bank to respawn fast?

    • depends on how many nightmares spawn from the fire. It’s a 60 max…so if you have more than 60 spawn from the fire, you’ll lose some as 60 is all it could hold.

      • Is 60 the town cap or the bank cap? Thanks 🙂

      • why do I keep getting ONLY snakes??? I used Bart to gather skeletons by telling a story however once all is said and done I get snakes!! no matter who tells a story I get snakes! what’s the deal? please help I can’t upgrade I’m at level 17

        • I’d contact EA honestly. I really can’t tell you why. I’m not in your game and can’t play it for you. If you contact EA they can look at your game and see what’s going on.

  13. Kimberly Williams

    First I must say THANK YOU so much for all that you, Bunny and do to help us all out!! : )
    My issue is that I didn’t get the first spooky tent from Act 2, its says it is in my inventory (when clicked on) but I can’t find it. You said to check inventory then to try contacting EA but I have no idea where. When I try “contact us” it isn’t working. Any idea exactly where to contact them through? I have tried to search to no avail. Have you found any other solution?

  14. Currently at lvl 16 for spooky camp fire. If there’s no cap. I wonder if there’s prizes for as much as u upgrade? Would be cool if there was a special prize for getting high enough like a extra skin for say bushes. Like skulls in them that glow. Either way happy tapping.

  15. Is it worth upgrading your fire? Well besides getting whatever the current acts currency (smores, gummies) is?

  16. I already done with upgrading my campfire to level 4, I supposed to have the spooky camp, but i didn’t get it~ and now My campfire is already at level 6~ is that a bug?

  17. ok, has anyone else had an issue with the Hollow Snake Trunk resetting which nightmares spawn from the campsite? It should be skeletons, and I was getting skeletons, but when I tapped on the trunks, all of the sudden I’m only getting snakes.

  18. Can someone please tell me what I need To level up My camp fire to 12? And What is the spawn time For level 11? I slacked this weekend So I’m behind on getting the last price. I’m one level 58 So I have hope that I can get it. Thanks for all your help in advance

  19. I won’t get the last prize as I was away and started late any idea if the prizes will able to craft in the 2nd act?

    • From what I can tell you cannot craft the Act 1 prizes in Act 2. However, it’s possible they’ll be around to purchase with donuts when Act 2 starts. So get as many s’mores as you can before Act 2 starts, because that’ll lower the required donut amount

  20. Hi. Is there a calendar for this event ? I looked, but I’m sure I’m missing it. 🙂

  21. I don’t have Bart on my list of kids to tell stories at the campfire, so I can’t spawn the skeletons. Was there some task I needed to do for him to be on the list?


  22. The spooky Campfire prizes are lame once you upgrade a couple times. How many tents, sheds and hedges could we possibly need. Will they change the prizes for the campfire in Act 2. Thank you for all the info. I come here daily and you all always steer me the right way.

  23. What is the max level you can level the campfire to?

  24. Wow, upgrading works as described. My campfire’s at level 14, and my spawn time is down to just over 8 minutes, down from 15!

  25. I am sure you, in you diligently through way have already covered this and I just missed it but, if I send Lisa to the camp fire to tell a snake story and a bunch of kids to listen so my fire is spewing snakes then 4 hours later I clear them all off, does the campfire still spawn snakes even though no one is at the fire anymore and Lisa is sent off to pick up trash or play the sax? And I want to let all my neighbor s know that I have sent or tried to send formless terrors to all of you but many of their towns are always or mostly full already. If you haven’t gotten many from me I am not ignoring you honest! And I appreciate all of you who have dropped them on me!

  26. I saw a list somewhere telling the cycle of campfire upgrades, and how it rotates back to the first type after all four types (skeleton, snake, zombie, rabbit) are completed. Is that the proper order? In other words, if I am almost done getting my needed snakes for the campfire upgrade, will it need zombies next?

  27. I’m not getting nearly the amount of nightmares I should be. Between the storyteller and the kids making s’mores, I should get 70 every cycle (and that’s completely ignoring my campfire at level 6). I’m getting maybe 25. It’s taking a lot longer to do things like upgrade the campfire and craft items than it seems it should.

    • I agree that it never feels like I’m getting as many nightmares as I should be, although I haven’t actually been keeping count. But it didn’t seem like I’m getting more nightmares with my campfire being at Level 13 than it did when it was at, say, Level 2.

      But I’ve chosen not to worry about it too much, since our seems like I’m not really having any trouble earning prizes on the prize track, or completing the daily tasks, or leveling up my campfire once a day, or anything like that. It’s also easier to have this lassaiz faire attitude when there’s nothing big I want to craft (at least, not yet). So, question sera, sera for me!

  28. Am I the only one who every now and then gets a random snake egg when tapping a zombie, bunny, or skeleton? Weird glitch, and I can’t say for sure, but from what I’ve seen it seems they count as snakes (i.e. they don’t add +1 to your total if you need to tap another kind of nightmare).

    Even weirder, today I visited Other Springfield and tapped three snakes but all three gave me bunny ears.

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