Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 1 Part 2…Clarifications and Help

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’ve been in the THOH Event Act 1 for just over a week now and we’ve written and posted LOADS of posts about the Event.  Yet we’re still seeing many, MANY, of you asking the same questions over and over in the comments.   So it seems that some of you are either still confused, not reading the posts and just asking questions or not finding the right post that answers your question.  Which naturally means it’s the perfect time for another Addicts Question Corner!  (the second one for Act 1)

So…if you’re stuck somewhere, seeing something strange or just not sure what’s going on read this post first.  If you don’t see the help then ask your question.  I’m going to try and address every major question we’re seeing in this one post.  So hopefully this will help those that are still stuck/confused out.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


I Can’t Get Bart (or Milhouse, or Lisa) to Tell A Spooky Story at the Campfire & I Really Need to Change the Nightmare.  I think my game is broken, What Do I Do?

This is seriously the number 1 question we’re seeing in the comments.  Here’s the deal…in order to unlock the ability for each Kid (Martin, Lisa, Milhouse & Bart) to tell a Spooky Story at the Campfire you have to unlock it via the Main Questline.  The Main Questline for Act 1 is called The Call of the Campfire.  (not only will it unlock the kids stories BUT you’ll also have to finish it to move onto Act 2 when it launches…so FINISH the questline)

Here’s where each Kid gets the ability to tell spooky stories via that questline:

Martin: The Call of the Campfire Pt. 4
Lisa: The Call of the Campfire Pt. 6
Milhouse: The Call of the Campfire Pt. 9
Bart: The Call of the Campfire Pt. 12

You can view the questline (Turbo Tap Version) here

If you’re not sure where you are in the questline…or think it stopped triggering for you…look at your task book (the list of icons on the left side of your main Springfield).  Look for the icon that looks like this:

2015-10-14 20.38.40

That little orange creepy creature is the icon that represents the Call of the Campfire questline.  Click on it and do what the task says to progress.  I promise once you’ve completed Part 12 all 4 kids will be able to tell Spooky Stories at the Campfire (not all at once, but they’ll all appear on the list).

When I Visit Some Of My Neighbors I Noticed That Previous Costumes Are On the Kids.  I Don’t Have This Option In My Game, Am I Missing Something?

bart_go_trick_or_treating Milhouse Trick or Treat Kearney Trick or Treat nelson_go_trick_or_treating

No, you’re not missing anything.  This has been a visual glitch that’s been going on for a long while (you’re probably just now really noticing it because it’s Halloween).  It’s a bug associated with the Nightmare Pile.


Ever since the coding for the Nightmare Pile hit the files…there have been visual glitches when visiting neighbors that make it look like the kids are Trick or Treating.  This happens even if your neighbor doesn’t have the Nightmare Pile.  It’s just a visual glitch, nothing more.  So don’t think you’re missing out on something…because you’re not.  You cannot send kids trick-or-treating with this event.

The ONLY costumes available for kids right now are Saxophone Lisa, Radioactive Milhouse & Wizard Martin.  Beyond that you’re not missing out on anything.

Upgrades, in General.

We’re seeing loads of questions/concerns about upgrades.  And 99.9% of it is just you guys confused about what’s going on.  So rather than a specific question, let’s just break it all down.

To upgrade the campfire you DO NOT collect crafting currencies (Brains, Snake Eggs, Bunny Ears & Bones).  Instead upgrading is based on how many Nightmares you tap (Zombies, Snakes, Bunnies & Skeletons).  You have to follow the specific requested Nightmare in order to upgrade.  It will follow a pattern.

The pattern for upgrading is:
200 Zombies
200 Snakes
200 Bunnies
200 Skeletons

And then it repeats itself….it ALWAYS repeats itself.

They’re each represented by an icon in the upgrade menu.  Again the icon represents the’s NOT something new you have to collect.  So a snake head doesn’t mean you have to find snake heads, it means you have to collect snakes.  Got it?  Here’s how the icons look and what they represent:

ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md – Tap ZOMBIES (not Zombie heads)
ico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md– Tap SNAKES (not snake heads)
ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md– Tap BUNNIES (not Bunny heads)
ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md– Tap SKELETONS (not Skulls)

So don’t tap random nightmares if you’re trying to upgrade.  Look to see what nightmare specifically you need to upgrade and collect that one.

2015-10-10 00.13.11

The image above shows you need to collect 200 Zombies to upgrade to Level 2. 

2015-10-10 00.14.24

This one shows 200 Snakes to upgrade to Level 3

And that’s how it will look.  So just follow the upgrade menu, follow the pattern, and make sure you know what each Icon means.

As far as collecting nightmares from neighbors….

If you tap on a nightmare you need in a neighbors town, it should count towards your upgrade total.  So say you’re working on snakes…and you see a neighbor has snakes you can tap.  If you tap on 3 it will count towards your nightmare upgrade total.  HOWEVER…there is one restriction on this.  If you’ve maxed out your neighbor actions for the day (i.e. done more than 90 actions, and the taps are no longer paying you crafting currency) they will NOT count towards your upgrade total.  Only taps done within the first 90 actions/day will count.

To switch the nightmare that spawns from the campfire just have a different character tell a story.  We’ve broken this out in great detail on this post.  So read that post if you’re still confused.

Will the Crafting Currency Carry Over to Act 2 or Should I Spend It All Now?

indicator_zombiebrains indicator_snakeeggs indicator_bunnyearsindicator_skeletonbones

The crafting currency you see in the game now, will be the crafting currency that’s in the game for the entire event.  So if you don’t want to spend it yet…don’t. There will be more stuff to craft in Act 2 and 3 using the same currency.

See our full crafting guide here.

Will Formless Terrors Carry Over to Act 2 or Will They End When Act 1 Ends?  Should I Hoard them or Use them?

Formless Terror

Formless Terrors will be around for the whole event.  Use them or not it’s up to you.  BUT there’s no benefit to hoarding them as they don’t award prize currency (i.e. s’mores) they only award crafting currency.

Do I Really Need to Craft the Spooky House?  I Already Have One And Don’t Want Another One. 


Note: With the 10/15 episode tie-in update this has been corrected. IF you already have the spooky house that quest should auto-complete.

No, you don’t need to craft it.  It won’t hinder your progress in moving onto Act 2 (or 3).  However, if you want to clear the Proper Rigellian Thanksgiving questline from your task book, you will need to craft the Spooky House.  Not crafting it will stall that questline.  But it won’t hinder your progress in the event.  So it’s up to you what you want to do.

My Unemployment Office Stopped Working, Is My Game Bugged?

No, everyone’s unemployment office stopped working.  We’ve covered this in detail on the THOH rundown post and the last question corner post.  It’s disabled during the event, either so they can fix it or because it’ll interfere with the event quests.

Do You Have A Post About _________?

Right now all of the major topics of Act 1 are covered.  We’ve written posts about them.  My suggestion is to take a look at our Treehouse of Horror (Halloween) Event Page for this year and see if the topic you’re looking for has been covered.  I do try to update it everyday, although sometimes I’m a little behind.  So look there first before asking about something…

THOH Event Page 2015

I also strongly suggest trying our Google Search Page.  There you can type in basically anything and it’ll pull every post we’ve written about that topic (even if you’ve spelled it wrong).

Addicts Google Search

This is also accessible via the Search option on the top Menus.

And that my friends covers the major questions we’re seeing asked over and over in the comments.

Anything you’re still confused on?  Anything you didn’t see ask that you would have asked?  This clear things up for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

226 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 1 Part 2…Clarifications and Help

  1. My campfire was on skeletons when act 3 started and I only had Bart and Database to hunt for them in the brown house. It was going nowhere until after an update today when it said I completed that stage and I’m now onto zombies. Does tapping aliens help towards the campfire or did I get a lucky glitch?

    • It’s only supposed to count for craft materials so if you get campfire too… bonus 🙂

      • My campfire has continued to upgrade at least every couple of days, through normal gameplay (hunting and trapping nightmares).

        • I know, I had forgotten all about leveling up so I was surprised to see I got a new Spooky tent. Honestly these shop keeper tasks are so easy for the last couple of weeks I haven’t even looked to see what I’m supposed to do, just play normally and boom, you’ve completed today’s challenge. Play like Ralph, overthinking this thing seems to cause all the frustration.

  2. My campfire is at level 9 my quest is to upgrade to 10 with zombies but i dont get the option to get any child to tell spooky story so how am i to upgrade

  3. Yes, I don’t know what I’m missing but I did the entire call of the campfire but have yet to able to start the Springfield horror quest line is there any building or some other quest I have to do?

  4. Good evening I left this comment somewhere else but I think this is a better place to leave it I’ve completed all the Act two prizes Do I still need to squish gummies is there any point to it Thank you

  5. Searched but can’t find if there is a max for nightmares roaming in town. Get the message of overrun but not sure how many are allowed?

    • 20 at once in your town is the max. 40 in the bank that will appear as you clear the 20. So really 60…

      • Thanks. Hmmm. Interesting… I started my Zombie story last night since I knew 30 squishes were the challenge today and had 15-20 roaming the streets before getting some zzzzz. I sent my kids back in so I should have had at least 40 when I woke… but nope. 20 zombies… nothing “banked”. I’ll try it again and see if it’s just me. LOL.

  6. Anyone else “missing” currency? My top bar shows 250 bunnies but it still required me to squish 200 more to level up the campfire? Why can’t I just use my existing?

    • You don’t use ears. You have to tap Bunnies to level it up. The post above actually explains this. It’s not currency you spend to level up, it’s just the action of tapping Bunnies. Look for the section of this post that says upgrades in general…

      Upgrades, in General.

      We’re seeing loads of questions/concerns about upgrades. And 99.9% of it is just you guys confused about what’s going on. So rather than a specific question, let’s just break it all down.

      To upgrade the campfire you DO NOT collect crafting currencies (Brains, Snake Eggs, Bunny Ears & Bones). Instead upgrading is based on how many Nightmares you tap (Zombies, Snakes, Bunnies & Skeletons).

      Then it’ll continue with images and more explanation

  7. Ran across a bit of a problem, my campfire is at lvl 17 and I have squished 200 zombies already and received the prize for levelling up. It began the next level task of squishing skeletons but Bart was busy with a 12hr task so I just had the kids keep making s’mores at the campfire.

    Anyways, after squishing another 200 zombies, and giving me another set of 5 bushes, I am not stuck at level 17. It’s telling me to squish another 200 zombies.

    Is anyone else running across this issue? How do I get it to level up again?

    • Hi, @annaisabear! How interesting that it gave you more bushes! I haven’t run across this issue, but I’m going to weigh in with some comments/questions. You may know all of this already–because you’ve leveled up to 17, so obviously you know how to do it–and if that’s the case, I apologize if I’m just adding noise and clutter to your day. 🙂 But sometimes, we know how to do something but are just missing one step or have forgotten one tiny detail, and that makes all the difference. So I’ll give you my spiel anyway.

      What’s interesting to me is that you went from zombies straight to to skeletons. Usually, the progression is zombies, then snakes, then bunnies, then skeletons. And then it starts over again at zombies. So I guess my advice is to make sure what your campfire *wants* you to be making. (And I’m really sure you know this, but just in case … Tap on your campfire, tap on the “Upgrade” button, and look at the bottom. Next to the progress will be either a zombie head, a snake head, a bunny head or a skeleton head.) If there’s a zombie head, make Martin tell a story. If there’s a snake head, make Lisa tell a story. If there’s a bunny head, make Milhouse tell a story, and if there’s a skeleton head, make Bart tell a story. If Bart’s not free, you just won’t be able to start spawning skeletons–or leveling up–until he is and you make him tell a story.

      If you do all that and you’re still stuck at level 17, I think you would want to contact EA.

      Here’s the full Addicts post on the campfire, if you haven’t read it already:

      And here’s the Addicts link to contact EA:

      It looks old, but it’s still the one the Addicts are sending people to.

      Good luck!

  8. Until which level is it necessary to upgrade the campfire? Because I want to get brains to get the walls and I don’t know if it’s worth to keep upgrading the level…

    • No level…

    • Hi, Xavi! Just to let you know another Tapper’s experience, I am currently on level 31, and I plan to just keep going. It gets me more crafting supplies and more formless terrors to drop on my neighbors. However, I am not as obsessed with it as I was at the beginning, because I have *a lot* of crafting supplies. So if one of my kids has some other quest line to attend to, I let them go do that now, and they can come back to the campfire when their quests are complete.

  9. im on act two but cant craft skeletons because bart isnt an option on my campfire place

    • You need to finish the Act 1 questline. Just like it says at the top of this post…well below the image of the Act 1 info. The part that says this: “I Can’t Get Bart (or Milhouse, or Lisa) to Tell A Spooky Story at the Campfire & I Really Need to Change the Nightmare. I think my game is broken, What Do I Do?”

  10. Hello, I’m having a problem with the levelling-up prices. I’m currently at level 11, but 2 times already I got fences instead of spooky sheds. Does anybody know how I can still get my sheds, or do I have to contact EA?

  11. I’m not sure if it is covered elsewhere. .. but what is the rate that the nightmares spawn from the campfire when they say each upgrade increases the rate by 5%?

  12. Thanks for info on stuff rolling over to part 2!

  13. Hi! I have a question. Yesterday when I went to visit a neighbor I noticed his kids (Bart, Milhouse, etc) had wigs on (one was blue, the other was pink, I think). Was that from a previous event?

  14. THANK YOU for the costume clarification. I was getting bummed about it.


  15. So sending the kids to the campfire and popping zombies, snakes, bunnies, and skeletons in town, is the only way to get smores?

  16. THANK YOU for this post. It answered a burning question I had about this event so now I don’t need to ask it and wait for an answer. Cheers!

  17. Does anything happen for me when visiting neighbours do their three daily tasks in my town in my town during this event?

  18. Seems like a neighbor town without a kid telling stories defaults to snakes. If you ask me, snakes don’t appear at the right rate in a lot of towns I visit, so please (you get four nightmares versus two for making s’mores anyway) have a kid telling a story unless you are actually collecting those slither buggers…


    • I don’t think that’s true. When I go to a neighbor and it didn’t show a kid telling a story, I listen for the sound to know what is spawning in that town. And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard and seen all of the different nightmares in those towns at one point or another. The only town I’ve seen that perpetually displays snakes is Other Springfield, and, as several folks have told me (and I’ve since confirmed) even though it only shows snakes, when you tap them, you get whichever kind of currency you currently need, not necessarily snake eggs.

  19. I have an issue where all I get is snakes. I’ve played through the questline and have the option for all of the kids to tell a story. My campfire changes to say “skeletons are spawning from the campfire”. But I only get snakes in my town. As a result, I now have 1129 snake eggs, and very little in any of the other categories. It doesn’t make which child I get to tell the story, all I get is snakes!

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