Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 2…Pixelated Characters, Facades, Fairy Kodos and More!

Update: An update is live in both the iOS and Android markets (sorry Kindle, you’ve got to let me know on this one).  This update will restore your Unemployment Building.  So…download it now 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another edition of Addicts Question Corner, this time addressing your Act 2 concerns.

This post is based around the most common questions we’re seeing asked in the comments.  And it’s designed to help you understand the event a little bit better..or at the very least make you feel like you’re not going crazy with an issue you’re having.  So…if you’re stuck somewhere, seeing something strange or just not sure what’s going on read this post first.  If you don’t see the help then ask your question.  I’m going to try and address every major question we’re seeing in this one post.  So hopefully this will help those that are still stuck/confused out.

Let’s get to it…

2015-10-20 08.15.21

First let me start by saying…we’ve got two other Question Corner posts written for Act One.  So if you don’t see your problem addressed here, check those posts out first…there’s a good chance it was covered there.  They can be found here and here

Now let’s start with the number one question we’ve been seeing in the comments for the last day….

My Characters Look “Cloudy/Pixelated” outside of Moe’s/Simpson House/Kwik-E-Mart/Krusty Burger.  What’s wrong with my game?  Is it Broken?
No.  I promise.  Your game is NOT broken.  This is intentional.  It’s part of the animation for the action at that location, it’s meant to look like the adults are doing something..well…”adult”.  So if you see these images:
2015-10-21 16.09.09 2015-10-21 16.09.39 2015-10-21 16.10.10 2015-10-21 16.10.58

Relax…your game’s not broken.  It’s working as it’s supposed to.

If I Buy Luann, will I get her Squirrel Costume for Free?
No.  As of this very moment, there is no Squirrel Costume in the game.  That look from this image…
2015-10-21 16.09.39
Is part of the task associated with Everscream Terrors and will leave once the event is over.  So yes, you can see this task if you buy Luann, but no you won’t get a free costume for her.

Fairy Kodos is Stuck on the Flirt Task, How Do I Fix This?
We’re seeing this one a bit in the comments.  Readers have advised that it has to do with the Facade on the Simpson’s House.  If it’s set to Everscream Terrors you can’t clear it.  So what you’ll need to do is tap on Everscream Terros and chance the Facade back to the Simpson’s House.  That should allow you to clear the task…
2015-10-21 16.09.44 2015-10-21 16.09.48

I’ve Completed Parts 1 and 2 of The Very Young Folk, But I Still Can’t Get The Springfield Horror to Start.  All of My Characters Are Free.
Make sure you’ve completed EVERYTHING associated with the main questline for Act 1…including the last task that pops up for Homer titled The Unspeakable.  We’re seeing readers with this issue, but then realizing that they didn’t complete that one task.  Once it’s completed you can move onto The Springfield Horror.  (It’s an 8hr task for Homer to Wait Impatiently)

I Can’t Get the Facades To Go On My Kwik-E-Mart or Krusty Burger.
kwikemart_thoh2015_menu krustyburger_thoh2015_menu
We’re seeing this popup a bit now too.  Often it’s related to having too many Kwik-E-Marts or Krusty Burgers in your town.  What we suggest doing is store or sell all the Kwik-E-Marts and Krusty Burgers you have and then place only 1, the one that’s associated with the character.  That should trigger the Facade to come up.
If you only have 1 Kwik-E-Mart or Krusty Burger…store/sell it and see if that triggers it to work.
If it doesn’t, contact EA.

I’m Tapping Nightmares But My Level Up Meter Isn’t Rising.
zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2 skeleton_front_walk_image_2 Snake bunny01
First, make sure you’re tapping the correct nightmare.  I know some of you are still having trouble with this.  We’ve got loads of details on how to upgrade on this post.
If you’re familiar with the upgrade process and haven’t had any issues so far….I think this is a glitch.  I honestly can’t duplicate it in my game.  I’m collecting snakes, and everyone I tap causes my snake counter to rise.  I would say try a hard close/visit to Krustyland/visit to a neighbor to try and resync your game and see if that helps it (i usually hard close out of my game when I exit).  If it doesn’t, then I’d  contact EA.

Why am I Not Earning Gummies from Neighbors?
Because, just like s’mores, you won’t earn prize currency from neighbors.  Only crafting currency.
If you’re wondering why you’re not getting crafting currency from neighbors…it’s probably because you’ve maxed out your neighbor actions for the day.  Remember you only get 90/day.  More details on neighbor actions on this post.

When Does Act 2 End?
Act 2 ends on November 4th at 0800GMT (3am EDT…Daylight Savings Ends in the US on Nov. 1st)

Will My Gummies Still Be There When Act 2 Ends?
No.  Once Act 2 ends your Gummies will disappear and any prizes you have not yet earned will be available for purchase via donuts only.

Will You be Doing A ________ Post?
As always, lots of posts are still coming.  Just trying to focus on addressing the issues/questions we’re seeing in the comments most often first.  Then we’ll jump on more specific posts (like Should I Buys etc).  Lots more coming…I promise.

And, I believe, that my friends covers most of the common questions we’re seeing in the comments.

Anything you’re still confused on?  Anything you didn’t see ask that you would have asked?  This clear things up for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

P.S. Happy Back to the Future Day… 10.21.15.  We’re officially in the future!  Where’s my hoverboard?  😉

230 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 2…Pixelated Characters, Facades, Fairy Kodos and More!

  1. Hi, I looked through a few different posts and comments, and I don’t know, but was Marge supposed to get a special skin or free upgrade? I remember she started a commentary in Act 1 that was supposed to continue in Act 2 but never did for me. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

  2. I’m gonna ask this here bc I’m really fed up with EA right now and maybe someone here can help me. I’ve been having the same problem with Krusty Murder as listed above. I only had one Krusty Burger building to begin with but when I was unable to place the facade, I sold it and rebuilt it, but nothing changed. It says it’s stored in my inventory, but when I click on it it says I need to build the Krusty burger first. I have one right in the middle of my town, only one. EA says (after three days of vague troubleshooting replies) that I have the Krusty franchise, not the building. What does that mean?? I have all the other buildings for this mission with no problems, and this is really irking me. Does anyone have suggestions for me? I’m about to toss my iPad out the window. -_-

  3. I still can’t unlock Fairy Kodos from flying above & flirting for human men even though she’s done & I changed the facade on the Simpson house back & forth. Where’s her thumbs up sign? I can’t find it for the life of me. When I change the facade she disappears for a while and appears without her thumbs up. When I click her go to button within the task list or Simpsons house, it asks me to spend 2 donuts to release her. Hells no.

    • I would try contacting EA at that point

      • Alissa / Bunny / Wookie,,
        I didn’t know where to post this so please forgive me if it is in the wrong place.

        I am in Act 2 and the Shopkeeper’s Evil Challenge just restarted for the week. First task is to squish 30 bunnies, but it doesn’t add up the bunnies I squish. It still shows I need to squish 30 bunnies (I have already squished MORE than 30) and it just takes me to the campfire when I press the “do it arrow.”

        Oh, and now I can’t connect to the server and my internet connection is fine. Probably this means there is an issue and I will have to be patient until it gets fixed?

        What is going on, EA???

    • Hi. I am having the same problem with kodos. I do not have another simpsons house look. Do you have any ideas on what to do? I’ve tried signing out and force closing the app. I have also tried on another device and it is still giving me the same problem

  4. im pretty sure i posted this before but it got lost. anywyas, how can we unlock the THOHXXVI Adults skins?

  5. The weirdest thing just happened. A Formless Terror was running around my town, avoiding my finger. The Formless Terror ran up to Space Mutant and, I swear to you, Space Mutant ATE IT! It was a quick animation, but I definitely saw Space Mutant with a mouthful of purple, then he swallowed and I the Formless Terror went away.

    I have no idea how to ever replicate this, but it was awesome!

  6. Oh man. I almost wish the unemployment office hadn’t come back. I understand why they disabled it now.

    I accidentally sent most of my kids on 24 hour tasks yesterday.

    I’d been doing so good.

    Collect s’mores. tap nightmares. Send kids back to spawn the appropriate nightmare once I knew what I needed.

    Then take care of the adults. Collect them. Send them back.

    THEN send anyone leftover on a task through the unemployment agency. I started out doing four hour tasks, and then sent anyone leftover on 8 hour, and then just went up each level until everyone was busy. Then I said, “Screw it” and just started sending all leftover characters on 24 hour tasks.

    Well, somewhere between 11PM and midnight last night, I collected everything, sent the adults back, and then FORGOT TO SEND THE KIDS BACK and set a task through the unemployment agency.

    Thankfully Bart was somehow skipped over by it, so I was able to send him to the campfire and get SOMETHING extra at least. I sacrificed 8 donuts today to speed up Martin’s 24 hour task so I could start spawning zombies, though. Only have three donuts out of my bonus 20 left now (I’ve been speeding up a lot of tasks. I need to stop that), and I’m hoping the other kids finish before I need to switch nightmares again.

    • Ouch, 8 donuts down the drain when you could’ve simply stored the Springfield library in your inventory and brought it back out. Characters tied to buildings will get stored with it, and Martin came with the library. So you won’t be able to pull kids like hugo or kearney (or lisa) from their campfire task, but others should be easy to reset, no rushing necessary.

  7. the character pahe now shows THOHXXVI Adults as well. It shows one with homer in a santa suit and two ummm, adult themed furries.

    Question: How do I go about to unlock them?

  8. I think I saw someone post about this before, but I can’t find it and don’t remember any response: A few weeks ago my righteousness rating suddenly plummeted from five star to a measly half-star. I don’t recall doing anything to cause the drop. I’m not one to obsess about the Conform-o-meter, but that did pull my overall rating from five to four stars. Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone else resolved it? Thanks!

    • That can just happen from time to time, without much rhyme or reason. It will go back up on its own over the next few days, or you can add a bunch of training walls to your town, which should restore your righteousness quickly and help prevent that from happening again (until there are more new levels and the requirement goes up, at which point you may need to add more training walls, depending on how many you add now).

  9. Only Just started the big Halloween event so missed act 1 (Well im not sure but act 2 has started so not sure if I’m doing act 1) – Anyway does this mean I will not get the Facades etc?

  10. I’m on android and my office of unemployment still doesn’t send half the people on tasks. Are ideas why?

  11. Have I missed a step somewhere? My questline for Get Wood level 6 is not recognizing my campfire upgrades. The wood icon on the side shows that I need to update the campfire 5 times. I am now at level 25 which means I’ve updated five times since that questline was activated and the counter is still at zero. Is there another questline I have to complete so that this one will work? Thanks for your help!

  12. Hey my game keeps crashing is anyone else having this problem? It started just ofter the frinks update. I already uninstalled and its still the same .im using galaxy s6

  13. When I open the game the update page will show ( new update available want want want! ) But there is no update on the app store dose anyone know why? PLEASE ANSWER

    • OK I WILL.

      Try hard closing and restarting your app store, or restarting your device. Other than that I have no idea what it’s no showing for you. Update hit yesterday afternoon…

  14. Anyone know why Fallout boy sometimes counts as a kid. But can’t be sent to roast smores? Sooo frustrating. I have a SS when we first built the campfire of him roasting away. But ever since that he doesn’t count sigh

  15. Why is it that Fallout Boy can search for M’nthster but not make s’mores?

  16. Off topic but just found that if you put the tower to nowhere on the boardwalk then remove boardwalk planks form underneath it the tower to nowhere stays sat on the water frees up some space

  17. Dave Billington

    Hi. I was wondering how many levels their are to upgrade the camp too. I think I’m on 26 and I have more than enough tents spooky hedges and sheds. I’m now going to concentrate on bunnies for the next day or two so I can craft more wailing walls and crack on with more Bonuts off my monorail challenge. What do you folks think?

    • No max.

    • If you want to craft wailing walls, you need to concentrate on zombies… and the level up glitch does work, it’ll upgrade when you squish 100 of anything, not just whatever the upgrade screen is asking you to (except if you keep squishing zombies, you’ll always get bramble hedges as the reward).

      • What’s this??? You don’t mean 200? Upgrade what?, the fire?? Why bramble hedges? (That hedges would be great, as that’s mostly what I want, or tents might be good, too.)

  18. I had a strange thing happen today, I was collecting skeletons to upgrade camp fire then I got to 200 and got a tent so I looked at what story I needed to tell next to upgrade again and it said zombies and that I had already collected 124 out of the 200 needed even tho I had literally only just levelled up and skeletons were still spawning. So confused!!! I noticed somebody else has mentioned something about a zombies glitch and automatically upgrading the campfire so I don’t know if this is related to that?!

  19. It looks like one of the last updates removed the halloween party walls from the crafting menu. I actually crafted five of them right when act 2 hit, but only now realized they give a 0.10% cash/XP bonus. Was this info in the crafting menu? I don’t remember seeing it mentioned anywhere.

  20. I am having trouble progressing with campfire upgrades. I am sitting at 41/100 and that number hasn’t changed all day. I am tapping on skeletons, bunnies, zombies and the big purple things. Is there something else i need to be doing? Thank you

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