Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 3…Nightmares Spawning, Too Many Nightmares Message, M’nthster Attacking and More!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another edition of Addicts Question Corner, this time addressing your Act 3 concerns.

This post is based around the most common questions we’re seeing asked in the comments.  And it’s designed to help you understand the event a little bit better..or at the very least make you feel like you’re not going crazy with an issue you’re having.  So…if you’re stuck somewhere, seeing something strange or just not sure what’s going on read this post first.  If you don’t see the help then ask your question.  I’m going to try and address every major question we’re seeing in this one post.  So hopefully this will help those that are still stuck/confused out.

Let’s get to it…

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First let me start by saying…we’ve got two other Question Corner posts written for Act One and another one for Act Two.  So if you don’t see your problem addressed here, check those posts out first…there’s a good chance it was covered there.  They can be found herehere and here.

Now let’s start with the number one question we’ve been seeing in the comments for the last day….


Nightmares Aren’t Spawning In my Town…My Game Is Broken!  AHHHHHH! 

First…STOP FREAKING OUT.  Please.  It’s a game and seriously not worth you freaking out over this.  Second, your game is NOT broken.  Once Act 3 starts Nightmares will no longer spawn on their own in your town.  What this means is…no matter what level you’re on at the Campfire nightmares will not just spawn in your town.

Your first task in act 3 is The Sandwich Horror, where you have to send 5 adults to the Simpson House (these 5 adults can only be Homer, Marge, Grampa, Kirk and Luann…so if you’re missing any of those you’ll have to send them twice).  Once you complete The Sandwich Horror you’ll completely lose the ability to send kids to the campfire for Roasting S’mores and/or Telling Spooky Stories.

BEFORE completing The Sandwich Horror you will be able to send kids to the campfire, as you have been doing for the whole event.  If you clear the kids task BEFORE clearing the adult task to complete The Sandwich Horror, you will spawn nightmares from the campfire.

Now some of you are confused on what this means.  It does not mean nightmares will randomly spawn from the campfire.  It means when (and only when) you clear the task for the kids at the campfire (i.e. tap the thumbs up) you’ll see the nightmares appear, the ones you earn for completing the task.  But remember…once you complete The Sandwich Horror, by sending those 5 adults all tasks at the campfire to spawn nightmares will stop.

So If They’ll Still Spawn As Long as I Don’t Complete The Sandwich Horror, Should I just Ignore the Questline All Together?

No.  Do not ignore the questline.  First, if you ignore the questline you’ll lose out on LOADS of chances to earn Candy Apples.  Second, by running through the questline you’ll unlock another way to spawn nightmares from kids tasks.  So don’t skip it.  Continue to play the questline as you normally would.

Well If I Can’t Earn Nightmares How Am I Supposed to Earn Candy Apples?

By completing the questline and playing Act 3 as you should.  There are loads of ways to earn Candy Apples in Act 3….and different ways than before.  (which is great because a lot of you were complaining about how boring the update was…at least there’s something different to do now)  Here are the ways you can earn more Candy Apples in Act 3:

You’ll earn Candy Apples once again by tapping on the nightmares in Springfield.  So Zombies, Snakes, Bunnies and Skeletons, will all yield them.  1 per squish.  You will be able to Spawn MORE once you go through the questline via the Have Kids Hunt Nightmares Task.  So just be patient they’ll come back.

You can also earn them once again via the Daily Play Combo…where you earn bonus Candy Apples each day just for logging into your game.

You’ll earn Candy Apples each time you complete a part of the main questline (this time it’s The Blameless City).

Candy Apples can be earned by defeating the M’nthster, there are various ways to do this…you can defeat him in the sky, at the campfire and at the sunken temple.

You should have no problem earning all the prizes before Act 3 ends…..

My Town (and Even Neighbor’s towns) Keeps Saying It’s Full of Nightmares, But It’s Not.  What’s Going On?  WHERE ARE MY NIGHTMARES?!

Relax.  It’s a bug.  It’s been happening since the event started, you just didn’t notice because your town almost always had nightmares in it.  The alert means nothing.  It’s annoying as anything, but just ignore it as best you can.  You can try contacting EA but at this point they won’t do anything about it.  It’s not impacting the game itself, it’s just annoying.

Can I Still Upgrade the Campfire to Earn the Hedges and other Prizes?

Yes.  Even though the campfire won’t work for spawning, you’ll still be able to upgrade via the Hunt Nightmares task at the Brown House.  So by tapping those nightmares that spawn there they’ll count towards upgrades.  It’ll be harder, but you can still upgrade.

How Do I Hunt Nightmares?  When Does it Appear?

Hunting Nightmares is a task that’ll appear for your kids to do at the Brown House via the Something Strange in the Neighborhood quetline (Bart starts this one.  You can see when it pops up here). It’s an 8hr task for the kids (Same ones from the Campfire) to do and it’ll spawn nightmares for you.  Each kid will spawn a DIFFERENT nightmare.  So the days of selecting all the kids to spawn 1 nightmare are over.  Here’s who spawns what and how many:

Skeletons: Bart, Database, Gino, Sherri and Terri & Laura.  2 for freemium 4 for premium 8 for Sherri and Terri

Bunnies: Milhouse, Ralph, Rod, Todd, Shawna, Jessica and Uter. 2 for Freemium 4 for Premium

Zombies: Martin, Michael, Kearney, Greta, Jimbo and Squeaky Voiced Teen.  2 for Fremium 4 for Premium

Snakes: Lisa, Hugo, Nelson, Dolph and Janey.  2 for Freemium 4 for premium

Attacking the M’nthster

So once you’ve completed the main questline, one of the primary ways to earn Candy Apples is by continuing the attack the M’nthster.  After you complete the main questline he’ll hang out at the Sunken Temple.  You’ll have to wait 12hrs and it’ll spawn there again.  After that it’ll jump back to the Campfire…and it’ll continue to jump around.  Here’s a breakdown at each part:

At the Sunken Temple- Simply Tap the M’nthster 10 times.  If it’s going to reappear at the Sunken Temple it’ll reappear 12hrs later.

At the Campfire- You’ll have to send the kids to Fight.  You can ONLY send Bart, Milhouse, Lisa & Martin.  No other kids can attack.  It’s a 4hr task and if you don’t have premium characters you’ll have to do it more than once. (by premium I mean Saxophone Lisa, Radioactive Milhouse & Wizard Martin)  You need to get his “meter” down from 10 to attack.  If a kid is in costume (this includes Clockwork Bart) it’ll go down 3 with each attack.  If the kid is NOT in a costume it’ll go down 1 or 2.  So for Clockwork Bart, Saxophone Lisa, Radioactive Milhouse and Wizard Martin….fighting the M’nthster lowers his health meter by 3 for each.  For Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and Martin it’s either 1 or 2 each (we’re getting conflicting answers/results).  So if you have no costumes you’ll have to send characters twice…

2015-11-04 21.43.16

You have 16hrs to fully defeat the M’nthster at the Campfire or his “health meter” will reset back to full.

Again the M’nthster will jump around from the Sunken Temple to the Campfire and back.  Sometimes it’ll appear in the same place twice.  So just follow it around and do whichever method you need to do.  Completing it will earn you more Candy Apples.

Advantage Glitch Alert!

There’s a glitch being reported by players in the comments with the M’nthster.  Unfortunately I cannot get this to work in my town…because the dialogue autostarts.  So I don’t know if it’ll work for you, but I figured enough players are reporting it that I should share…

Here’s the details from Paul…

“I found a bug I think. As soon as the M’nthster jumps on the Sunken Temple, do not hit any other characters or storylines, begin tapping the M’nthster on the temple. Since the task of tapping 10 hasn’t been read yet, it allowed me to tap repeatedly for about 10 mins until I completed the Act III five stages. Weird.”

This has also been reported by: Nate, Stuart and JMBLYA.

Again I cannot confirm this.  I tried it in my game but it doesn’t work because the dialogue auto starts.  So don’t be upset if it doesn’t work for you…it’s possible it might not.  Just thought I’d pass it along…

When Does Act 3 End?
The event itself ends on November 17th.  (but as we all know you’ll probably get an extra day or so because it’ll require an app store update to remove)

Will You be Doing A ________ Post?
As always, lots of posts are still coming.  Just trying to focus on addressing the issues/questions we’re seeing in the comments most often first.  Then we’ll jump on more specific posts (like Should I Buys etc).  Lots more coming…I promise.

If you’re still confused on any of the Act 3 details I suggest you check out the Act 3 rundown post.  It’s got loads of if about the Act 3 basics.

And, I believe, that my friends covers most of the common questions we’re seeing in the comments.

Anything you’re still confused on?  Anything you didn’t see ask that you would have asked?  This clear things up for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

383 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 3…Nightmares Spawning, Too Many Nightmares Message, M’nthster Attacking and More!

  1. Does anyone know how to banish M’nthster back to the temple from the campfire? And No! Not with the 4 kids. He has been defeated and the countdown has started but he never goes back to the temple. Spent 200 doughnuts rushing fights and he flies from campfire screen flashes and right back to the campfire. I got loads of candy apples but I have no need for those. EA was know help and tappin the temple 10 times has been debunked. I can’t update without it. If anyone knows how to fix this please reply.

    • I don’t think you need to do anything to update other than to go to your app store and look and install for the updated version. Stop spending precious donuts on an event that’s over!

  2. Hmm, ok so just got The Blameless City pt 5 which I think must be new. Now I should have defeated monster, he has 0 tentacles highlighted, but he just stays over top of the campfire…gonna see what happens in 4 hours. Anyone else having this problem?

    • I am!! Exact same problem! I send them the fight again…but it says he regains control in 3 hours so I don’t know what is going to happen….

  3. Hi! Thanks for providing all this it’s been a great help! My son is a newbie and just cleared level 12and built Bart’s treehouse. We have only a day left but he was hoping to participate in this season’s fun. However the spooky campfire does not have a tell a scary story option so he can’t get started. Any advice?

  4. Hi,

    I got the weird problem, that my monster does not got to the sunken temple. I fought it several times (yes, completely with tapping it 10 times and all that) but it only respawns at the campfire, never at at the sunken temple.
    Anyone got the same problem and / or an solution?


  5. So I’m still trying to complete my shop keepers challenge for day one, squish skeletons and it’s not happening like it should. If I just use database I should have had it done by now but the skeletons aren’t spawning. I’ve even tried separating him and Bart (when he’s not fighting munster) and the skeletons just aren’t appearing. Any ideas? All other nightmares are appearing just not the skeletons.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  6. Hey, so, I’m wondering- does anyone else have this happening? I click on my brown house (I only have one because I am a perfectionist lol) an when I send the kids to hunt nightmares and after the four hours an they spawn an such- that’s all perfectly fine. My issue, is, I also have the Christmas Façade an under the little icons for the different façades for the houses, theres a bar an it says “Hunt Nightmares at Krusty Murder”…. Now, I go to Krusty Murder an there’s now option or anything. So, was this some mistake? Plus- with the adults in this, I have all the Halloween Façades for the four buildings, (SimpsonsHouse, KrustyBurger, MoesTavern, and Kwik-E-Mart), and I can still send all those adults on quests to all of them for their special façades, like ie) KrustyMurder they “Play with food”, but instead of earning jellies like in act two, they earn XP, shouldnt they earn Candy Apples really? Like, there was no dire reason to get any of them then because of after act 2, making apples has become sort of tiresome in act 3, I don’t know if I’ll get the fifth prize now. I have what, 3 days? So, I’ll post my username in a “reply” post to myself for anyone who want’s to add me, I’m on everyday. Thank you for your time guys!

    • I think I saw a post stating that the “hunt nightmares at krusty murder” was a mistake and to ignore it.

      It’s unfortunate if you can’t get the last prize, I think its really important to keep repeating the mnstr (<lazy spelling) quest and try to maximize those gains. I found it safe to assume that each of the 4 kids will only knock out 1 tentacle, and if you have the costumes don't assume they will knock out more than 2. of course they may knock out more, but overkill is safer.

      Also, if you insist on having one brown house, try staggering children hunting nightmares by 2 hours so that you never spawn more than 20 in a given completion of task. This assumes of course that you are able to micro manage to that level, I'm studying university from home, so I can take micro breaks frequently.

  7. hmm is 60 wailing walls excessive? I estimate I will have 4-7 more by the end of the event…hmm just seems over powering lol.

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