Shopkeeper’s Challenges Week 5

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are almost at the end of the THOH Event and something in our game has restarted today…the Shopkeeper’s Challenges! This is the last week for the Shopkeeper’s Challenges…so hopefully you all earned your bonuts (Bonus Donuts) up to now…

So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do for 5 days during week 5 to earn bonus crafting currency and 20 bonuts!


2015-11-09 14.35.41

Here’s what the Shopkeeper has in store for us this week…

Day Task Earns
Monday 11/9 Squish Skeletons x30 100 ico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md
Tuesday 11/10 Defeat M’nthster at the Sunken Temple 50 ico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md50 ico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md
Wednesday 11/11 Squish Star Spawn x10 100 ico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md
Thursday 11/12 Make Youngsters Hunt Nightmares x15 100 indicator_bunnyears
Friday 11/13 Squish Zombies x30 100 ico_thoh2015_zombiebrains_md

Remember all new tasks unlock at 8am your local time…. (they’re supposed to restart at 8am, but many are commenting that EA didn’t “change their clocks” so they’re resetting at 7am local time)2015-10-31 11.54.43
And when you complete them all within the week you’ll earn 20 bonuts (Bonuts= Bonus Donuts)!

Remember…you don’t have to finish each challenge in one day.  You have ALL week to complete all 5 challenges.  Not finishing challenge 1 will NOT prevent challenge 2 from unlocking.  Each challenge will still unlock each day…and all you have to do is complete all 5 challenges before next Monday and you’ll get the bonuts…so STOP PANICKING! 🙂

So for squishing 30 skeletons…even if you only have 1 kid that will spawn’ll be fine.  If it takes you till Thursday/Friday to get them all you’ll still get the bonuts.  So relax my friends…

And there you have it my friends, the challenges to earn you 20 bonuts during week 5!

What are your thoughts on the Daily Challenges?  Did you earn your 20 bonuts last week?  Think you’ll get there again this week?  What do you plan to do with all those saved up Bonuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I finished the all five challenges but i didnt get the 20 donuts. In house of evil all challenges has ticks. And still no donuts. Anyone knows how to fix this?

    • Contact EA. Others reporting it too

    • This game alright but I cannot get donuts and tired of playing if you don’t get donuts ever now and then please help

      • Get 100 neighbors and visit them every day. Once you’ve maxed out your FPs, you have the chance to get free donuts from visiting them (a .05% chance per tap, to be exact). If you have the rail yard, you can earn 5 donuts per week. If you tap your Sideshow You balloons, by the 300th one, you’ll get 5 donuts. You also have the chance to earn free donuts in the weekly mystery box. Some quests earn you donuts. Every time you move to a new game level you usually get a couple of donuts. Every time you max out your XP meter, you can earn 3 donuts. If you have lots of in-game cash (like several millions) to spare and a decent bonus multiplier, you can spend 5 donuts to get the 24-hour collider charge (if you have the collider), and then buy and sell rat trap trucks to earn more donuts than you invested (by maxing out your XP meter faster). There’s also the Homer Buddha trick (look it up), but that only works once

        Lots of ways to get free donuts!

  2. So, do the bonus donuts appear at the beginning of the next week? Because I’ve got five ticks and no bonuts.

  3. I currently have 28/30 skeletons after probably 18-20 appeared all at once after clicking “do it” a few days ago. That’s all well and good, but Bart is now only spawning star spawn. Tested many times, I think it has something to do with munsther being in battle at the campfire. Hoping I can get 2 more by the morning & get my bonuts. This week’s challenge was bullocks with all the glitches.

  4. Just posted this update to my original skeleton shortage report at EA’s Answers HQ forum:

    Late Friday night 11/13/15, when I tapped Bart’s brown house he finally produced skeletons. And not just two. Over the next few minutes, I collected SIX of them. They definitely had not been there before. Two were generated right away. This was after the monster was just defeated at the campfire by the other three kids (I kept Bart out) but I don’t think the monster had anything to do with the glitch. Bart produced two more sets of two skeletons after that to bring me up to the 30 I needed for the challenge. I tested him while the monster was back at the campfire again, and he was still able to produce the proper number of two skeletons every four hours.

    The only change I had made was to store the prizes I had collected in Act 3, since there was nothing else new, but I doubt they were the problem. Only one of them could have possibly overlapped with the beginning of the skeleton problem and might not have. So I think something was quietly patched. They must not be doing it for everybody at the same time- at the Addicts TSTO site, I saw reports that the problem vanished a few days ago for some. EA definitely knew it was a problem according to someone who chatted directly with them.

  5. Just reported the Bart-spawns-bunnies bug to EA. Other people in their Answers HQ have been reporting the same thing.:

    Bart produces bunnies for me also. I put him in a brown house with just Ralph (who spawns 2 bunnies). Tapped just that house. Used the Do It button in the challenge window for the squish skeletons challenge and was just taken to the brown house…. Found 4 bunnies hopping around in the street. Definitely not a problem reaching the cap, Bart is simply not spawning skeletons. He was doing ok earlier in the week so I got up to 20 skeletons out of 30 needed. After that, never found any skeletons for the past day or two. The other daily challenges have been no problem, but if they don’t fix this bug today, there is no way I’ll get my donuts for this week.

    • Just tried putting Bart in a brown house all by himself. Four hours later, he produced two zombies… At least those are useful for the 5th challenge. But that won’t get me those donuts! Obviously something is wrong with the programming. Probably the conflict is with something that everybody doesn’t have in their game, explaining why everyone doesn’t see it. I think Act 3 has special problems in general regarding incompatibilities, but the no skeletons problem started very recently for me (but I think after they downloaded something into my game when it was loaded).

  6. It’s Friday already and skeletons simply won’t spawn even after sending Bart and Database to hunt nightmares in the Brown House! Why won’t it work? Does someone have an insight on this?

    • If you still have the problem – make sure you report it to EA (I found instructions on this site by searching for contact EA in the menu). I only ended up posting in their Answers HQ forum so I don’t think you have to go further. As long as you’re logged in to post, they can look at your game if it’s an isolated problem. Or at least they will know it’s hanging up more people, since only a tiny percentage of those affected are going to bother to report so every report counts. They must have patched it somehow for me at least late Friday night (see separate post). I did store anything acquired recently but I doubt that it mattered (only had the Act 3 prizes). I had already stored the IRS building, which was interfering with tapping since Act 3 started, but that wouldn’t explain the skeleton problem.

  7. How long do untapped nightmares stay in one’s town? I know terrors “expire” after 4 hours…is the same true for nightmares? I’m thinking of not tapping the zombies that I spawn before bed, so that I can tap them in the morning, when I need them for the shopkeeper task, and then, once I’ve cleared those, collect the ones my youngsters hunted overnight. Would that strategy work? If so, it should be very easy to complete that task after all, I’m thinking…

    • I have 29 zombies and the latest brown house zombie kids spawned star monsters… so I waited until my gateway to nowhere was ready… then it spawned snakes, skeletons and star monsters… still no zombies. Hmmmm. Synced a couple times, now closing the game until my brown house zombie kids are ready again. Anyone else experiencing odd spawning?

  8. My skeleton count has been stuck at 19 since yesterday morning, though I should have gotten eight more since then. I have been doing the using multiple brown houses trick with no more than 20 nightmares per house, I’ve hit the “do it” button before clearing/spawning each time, I’ve even cleared all the star spawn before releasing the nightmares in case that ‘cleared’ the space for them to appear. No dice. Any ideas?

  9. I am sending the kids to hunt nightmares 3 times today and the counter still says 0/15. Is there a glitch?

  10. Have a plan for day 5 task tomorrow, am spawning but not squishing zombies today in the hope they are still around for the last task , worth a try!?

    Thanks tstoaddicts for all your help with this seemingly glitchy and far too complicated for my brain Halloween event. Much appreciated!

  11. Hello! 😊 First of all, I adore this site and love how you run it. Thank you so much for every information you put out there. Means a lot. 😊 I am addicted to the game very, VERY much 😀
    So, my problem this week (and the first one ever) is challenge number 2, defeating the monster. For 3 days now I am trying and nothing happens. I even tried tapping on ‘do it’ first, because I read somewhere in the comment it has to be done, but still nothing. So Im thinking I’m doing something wrong. Do I need to have all 4 kids around him at the campfire at the moment of defeating? Because I usually have one or two, or none. Bart is in the brown house because he is the only one who can spawn skeletons for me (unfortunately, non of my friends have them anymore), and twice so far I didn’t get any skeletons, but that’s not the problem because I’ll keep sending him there until Sunday. The problem is the monster. So I kindly ask fellow neighboorinos to help me, because I’m pretty sure the mistake here is mine. I’m missing something obviously.
    Sorry for blabbing so much.
    Thank you in advance, all your help will be much appreciated 😊


    • Keep all kids possible attacking him as you have a time limit to take out the monster or it’ll reset and you lose progress

      • Thanks Bunny! 🙂 I had all 4 kids at the campfire already once today, they finished and now I sent them all there again, hopefully it will be enough to do this few times in a row and finally defeat the monster.

  12. Hello!
    I am stuck at the Day 2 challenge: Defeat M’nsther at the Sunken Temple!
    How did you manage to do it? I defeat the monsther after 16 hours waiting and nothing happens. Also when I click on the Fight! button in the campfire it sends me to the kids. Do I have to send them on certain task?


    • It’s the last one before he disappears that counts for it. So after you defeat him at the campfire and he moves back to the temple, that turn is what counts.

      • Thanks a lot for the info! But where is that temple??

        • Sunken temple will be in the water

          • Ok, just so I know I’m doing this right…the m’nsther appers at the camp…I send kids to fight him and defeat him within 16 hours. Then I am rewarded with candy apples and the M’nsther flies to the temple and sinks…12 hours later he is back and I tap him and get numerous candy apples. He then appears back at the camp and the cycle continues…is this what is suppose to happen or am I missing something ?

      • Don’t wait 16 hours. Send the kids to fight him twice before the 16 hours expires. That will be enough to defeat him and send him back to the temple.

  13. I think because of the overwhelming complaints in the reviews from the app store EA developers decided to send minor updates today and stopped cheating everyone out of earning skeletons for the shopkeeper challenge.

    • For the record, “everyone” wasn’t cheated out of skeletons…they spawned for me just as they should and I was able to complete the shopkeeper task within a little over a day (with the help of two neighbors who had skeletons roaming about their town). But I’m glad if they’ve fixed it for those folks who *were* having problems! 🙂

      • I have not been able to spawn any skeletons. I even have the Mausoleum which is now spawning zombies instead of skeletons. I’m extremely frustrated. I’m still on Day 1 of squishing non-existent skeletons instead of being able to move forward.

      • Unless you’re sure that skeletons were spawning normally after you had all you needed, you might just have completed the task before the skeleton problem hit…. I wasn’t having trouble until after you posted, definitely. For me, it did seem to start after they updated the game with downloads that required waiting a bit during launch, so my guess is that is where they introduced the conflict. But it could have been some general conflict with Act 3 programming. Every game has different parameters, so sometimes not everyone is affected by a conflict.

        • Nope – my two skeleton hunters (Bart and Database) have produced all of the skeletons they were supposed to throughout this act and I’ve also gotten them from my Portal to Nowhere. For me, fortunately, all nightmares have spawned as they should and have counted as they should towards the Shopkeeper challenges. My campfire has also leveled up on its own several times during this act. I did split my kids up into different brown houses, to ensure that no house was trying to spawn more than 20 nightmares (usually fewer) and made sure to tap all of the nightmares spawned by one house (using the move menu to hide buildings and decorations to make sure I was finding them all) before collecting from the next house.

  14. Squish skeletons takes too long now. I have two kids to spawn them and only like 4 skeletons spawn each time.

  15. When my town stopped spawning skeletons I tried everything to get them. What worked for me and will hopefully work for the rest of you that are still trying is I only put the kids that spawn skeletons to hunt nightmares at the Brown house. As soon as you put a kid that spawns anything else this won’t work. However I only received 2 skeletons for each of those characters (even though my premium kids said it should be 8), but at least I got past the task and could move on. Have a feeling I might have to do this with the zombies on Friday as well.

    • Bart spawned zombies for me even when he was the only one in that brown house. I don’t even have enough kids to reach the cap of 20 spawns, but I have them in separate houses. The problem magically vanished late Friday, and Bart started producing skeletons as is normal (and spawned six in the first effort). I think it’s a problem at the EA end and they have to fix it before the problem stops, no matter what magic rituals we try …. So it’s just coincidence when we try something and then all is well. It’s a conflict between Act 3 programming and something going on in some games but not all. But they seem to be fixing it at different times for different people.

  16. I’ve been reading these posts because I was having the same problem with skeletons not spawning even though I sent the 2 kids to the Brown House. When I hit Do It on the quest, it would only send me to the Brown House.

    As I was getting ready to post, my timer on defeating M’nthster ran out and he was defeated. After returning to the town, I suddenly see skeletons popping up left and right (along with everything else). It was like they were stuck in a drain somewhere. Anyway… the problem resolved itself (as far as completing mission).

  17. I’ve been reading these posts because I was having the same problem with skeletons not spawning even though I sent the 2 kids to the Brown House. When I hit Do It on the quest, it would only send me to the Brown House.

    As I was getting ready to post, my timer on defeating M’nthster ran out and he was defeated. After returning to the town, I suddenly see skeletons popping up left and right (along with everything else). It was like they were stuck in a drain somewhere. Anyway… the problem resolved itself (as far as completing mission).

  18. Week 5 challenge unfair you can no longer spawn zombies unless you buy the thing that spawns them this is very unfair to have a game you can not conplete

    • You can spawn zombies via the hunt nightmares task at the brown house…

      • Thanks for everything you guys do does it get enoying though? It’s a game wow if I couldn’t figure out a game without someone holding my hand and it doesn’t matter how many free bonuts EA gives out people are selfish end of story congrats on baby hope everything well and a healthy baby

  19. Just wanted to give a tip, haven’t seen it posted anywhere. I was stuck at around 20 skeletons for a few days, this morning I decided to tap the Do It button to see if I had missed one after I released my brown houses, and it took me to one waaay on the other side of my town…and another one…and another one…and all the way to 30 skeletons! No idea how that worked but there was apparently 10 skeletons hiding around my town. So try that. Hopefully it works for others 💀

    • Once the problem was fixed (late 11/13/15 for me), I also found new skeletons around town (besides the normal two) via the Do It button. But I’ve been routinely using that button for days and rechecking periodically with it for skeletons. So I think your problem was fixed by EA and using the button just made it a lot easier to find the extra little bony buggers they gave us. In my case I know for sure (since I isolated him) that Bart produced two bunnies once and two zombies another time, so his skeletons weren’t hidden. They had transmogrified into bunnies and zombies that had already been collected.

  20. funny how one second my town is overrun with star spawn, but as soon as it’s a task to squish them, can’t find a one. I think I have 4 now after an hour. Silly.

  21. What is star spawn

  22. I used doghnuts to make Bart instantly spaw skeletons which to my surprise spawned rabbits. Wasted 2 pink things to see, & stupid rabbits were spawned. Rubbish game.

    • Dude this has been happening to us all day. Contacted EA, they told me to wait up till 3am for someone that could help me. He suggested I “take to the forums”. Useless. F**k you Vikram!!!

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