Where Did THAT Come From – U.F.P.

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Woo hoo… HALLOWEEN IS UPON US! With a brand new event, comes a ton of new stuff and thankfully one of my jobs here is to tell you just where new items come from.  I know we all can’t watch the Best. Show. Ever. as often as some fuzzballs and even though items might seem familiar, a lot of things blur together and you just can’t pinpoint just where you saw it. That’s why we decided to make a fun lil feature for just this predicament. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


This WDTCF will go over one of fourth prize from Act Three of the 2015 TSTO Halloween Event… the U.F.P. or Unidentified Flying Pumpkin.  What the heck?  A pumpkin that’s an UFO?  How could this possibly have anything to do with Halloween other than being a carved gourd?  When and where did this appear in the show? Let’s check out the TV Series to find out.

Treehouse of Horror X (S11:E4)

“Live from fabulous Centauri City, it’s the Simpsons 10th Halloween Special. Now, please welcome your hosts. If you haven’t been probed by these two, you haven’t been probed. Kang and Kodos!”

UFP Unidentified Flying Pumpkin Kang and Kodos Simpsons

I love Kang and Kodos’ eyes filling in the pumpkin holes in this entrance.  It seems like EA likes items from the beginnings of episodes this Halloween Event. The U.F.P. comes right at the intro of the episode and is the vehicle for Kang and Kodos arrival. That’s really it and now it’s in our games.

Thoughts?  Comments/questions/cussing/discussing?  I’m always down with Rigellian items arriving in the game but will agree this is a strange item for EA to have picked.  Sound off in the comments and keep it classy friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. So after almost 2 weeks of my game having a bug issue and waiting for EA to finally fix it through numerous conversations with agents and back and forth emails I finally get to start with act 3 prizes. I know for a fact I won’t have enough time to get all the prizes in this act and I tell this to the EA specialist after all I’ve been through and they just compensate me with 20 Donuts… Are you kidding me??? Do any of you think that’s fair for the time I’ve lost and how late I’m starting in act 3?

  2. Good morning Alissa, and everybody 🙂

  3. Shouldn’t Kodos be wearing a dress? Or do all aliens not follow traditional gender wear? (A.Dad’s) Roger, Kodos, what next, Chewbacca in a bikini? (Now you can’t get the image out of your head) :p

  4. If Kang and Kodos are roaming around my town.. Then Who’s Eyes are those in the Ship!?!?

    (Joke… Or is it?) 😮

    • It seems like everyone in their species look identical (I can’t tell Kang and Kodos apart, unless put Kang in his pirate costume), so maybe it’s two other aliens from their planet?

  5. In case anyone still needs Skeletons, one of my freemium towns is still in the early part of the opening quest chain and will stay there for the rest of the event.

    I just posted the username in the add-me thread (since this isn’t the right place).

  6. A task with Kang and Kodos would have made that pumpkin really worth it. But anyways, much better now that I know those are the eyes of two aliens. A-hah!

  7. I never thought I would get something so cool from a phone game, but I’m at a total loss as to where to put it.

  8. Why i dont get any apples from this spawn monsters?? Just rabbits and eggs…

  9. Is there a way to suggest tasks to EA? I think that a task for Kang and Kodos, like fly over the town in the U.F.P would be awesome.

    • That would be awesome even if they just go above where u place the UFP and then when the task ends they come down to the ground and the front opens

  10. Seems yet another update just now I had already gotten the new level update not sure what all changed this time but starspawn are spawning while the kids are attacking munster at the campfire

  11. News from the premium front. I am so, so, so disappointed that I think I will write EA a 50 page letter of complaint – the Re-Nedification Centre does not have any clouds with it.
    More realistically, it is huge at 11 x 11 and not a slender tower, but an obese one with a finial on top. Four hour build. Cute saying on the front. No idea how this is going to work into the rest of SF. If it has a low payout, I am going to just store it. But I’ll leave it out for my neighbours for a while first. Also, M’nthster has not learned his lesson and apparently we will have to continue battling him until the end. Was hoping he would go away and I could get on with crafting in peace. If he croaks in 6 hours at his next appearance, will let everyone know. Otherwise, will continue slogging it out.

    • Why bother? After getting the final prize, can’t you just let him sit on the campfire for as long as he wants?

      • Two words: Wailing Walls

        • I’ve stopped having Martin fight him, Martin’s much better off generating zombies. As a freemium the other 3 can beat him just as quickly as 4 can.

        • By the time I’ve finished crafting wailing walls with the currency I already have, I’m definitely gonna be full up (if I’m not already). I haven’t even figured out what I’m gonna do, long-term, with the ones I have! Just so many places to hide them and not sure how big of a wailing wall farm I want to have in my town.

          I have a feeling that I’ll pretty much be done playing this event by Saturday or so. Once I get the final prize and the final 20 bonuts, I’m not sure that earning crafting currency is going to be enough of a motivation to keep going. (Actually, if I were going to keep aiming for that, I think I’ll be switching over to eggs, because spooky walls are more versatile for future use.) I’ve already slowed down a little, “borrowing” one of my campfire kids to work on Rail Yard tasks at least part time. And I think I’d like to finally start the new level this weekend and use Bart to finish the Hugo questline that EA annoyingly made me do all over again this year.

    • Update. It comes with a questline. First task: 60 min. for Chief Wiggum, second tasks: Snake 2 hours and Flanders ? hours

      • Next update. Ned’s task was 4 hours.
        I did not have a second update on iOS and I am not getting any spawning star spawn while M’nthster is on the campfire. Fighting is the only option if you want nightmares in large quantities in this act.

  12. I love Treehouse of Horror episodes!! Thanks for the info Wookie!

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