Halloween Removal Is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick post to let you know the Halloween removal update is live!  So check your app store to download the removal…if you want.

If you’re still playing the update and working towards that last prize, you don’t have to download it right now.  Eventually EA will force you to update…so you’re playing on borrowed time…but you can still plug away for now.

So enjoy the bright glow of Springfield again…and happy tapping!

PS Nothing’s new in the game that I can see…for now…except for some NPCs that are available.  If you like them pick them up while you can..

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244 responses to “Halloween Removal Is Live

  1. Anyone know the animations of the formless terror or zombie purchased for donuts. I got the skeleton, and he pops his head of and throws it in the air, catches it and puts it back on his neck. It’s cute. Don’t want to spend 40 donuts just for what I saw all event long. Want to know if they do something new first.

  2. does anyone know if the purple formless terrors move as fast as they did during the event? I’d love to get one but I think it might be too distracting to have it zipping around. I got a zombie and I still have to restrain myself from tapping on it every time I see it 😃

  3. I wanted to get a couple Helter Skeleter 25 doughnut skeleton NPCs. Looks like they are unique. 😕 Bummer.

    Sorry if posted elsewhere. Did a search.

  4. Did anyone else notice the animation now when tapping on the evil tower?

  5. Although the Halloween of Horror tie-in was weeks ago, this update put a 2hr task to “Get Trampled” at the top of the list for a load of characters (pretty much all of them). The task takes place at the Kwik-E-Mart. Odd glitch or a hint of things to come?

  6. Bart’s treehouse can’t be decorated anymore, the skin is gone. The water in Springfield falls is still murky from the Halloween update also.

  7. My friend visits went so fast, I had to check and make sure I still had the same number and didn’t lose any. Since the monorail event it was taking 30 minutes for 30 friends, now it’s break down to 10! I could barely play at all on my tablet since the monorail came, it was so laggy, and I haven’t been playing that long so I don’t have nearly as many items as many people around here. Now it’s back to normal. And my unemployment office works finally, super excited about that. Best update ever!

  8. Now with THOH event gone I feel like I’m trying to re-adjust to civilian life after years in the wild or prison or military or some other exaggeration.

    Reminding myself to leave untapped buildings for neighbors, not quickly tapping Disco Zombies in neighbors towns (who bought the NPC), remembering which character skins have the best payout, remembering that when bored I can work on S.H. and Monorail (didn’t do any of that during the previous event), remembering I can delete neighbors that ink my buildings (if they do it too much).

    This “civilian life” seems confusing and scary to me, I need a new event fast 😮

    • LOL but a real one, my sentiments are the same. Tho i am extremely happy that game runs smooth now.

    • Yeah, I miss just being able to collect all my buildings. Harder to leave stuff untapped with the IRS building (even though mine’s only at Level 2), but it’s took convenient to want to store it. On the plus side, my gazillion wailing walls also means more stuff for tapping!

      (Speaking of those wailing walls, I was very pleased that I managed to be able to hide ALL of them, without evening having to get rid of any training walls!)

      • After 40 days of uninterrupted use, I can’t go back to single collection tapping, either. I figure that I collect my friend taps and what’s adjacent. That still leaves some nearby. If there’s more to figure out (to be a pleasant enough neighbor) I’ll continue to ponder on it.

  9. My Unemployment Office still isn’t working? Only send one character on a job and I have approx 60 characters? Also, my Springfield Falls is still the yucky dark water colour? Is this just me? Thanks.

    • My falls is also in the dark green colour but employment office is working fine.
      Check the characters are free? it doesn’t collect completed jobs for you.

  10. Finally employment office now works correctly!
    I think this event will mainly be remembered for the massive payout % increase most people got and the most free bonuts ever 🙂
    pirate kang was my pick of the prizes.

    • wailing walls √
      20 bonuts/week √
      laggiest event ever √√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√

  11. … I’ve got the typical 24hour Bart and Milhouse task, hope that means something is headed this way soon!

  12. Check out Pirate Kang and Fairy Kodos. Their task lists are filled out now, almost completely- and they work with the new Job Manager (yaay! Finally all characters get tasked!) too. Kang got back some of the tasks we thought were one-offs, in his original unlock questline, and Kodos just got new tasks (plus, oddly though not unwelcome-ly, her Spread Glitter With Smithers went from 24h to 4h).

  13. Sad to see all the Addicts that are admitting that they don’t have the brains to get the Wailing Wall.
    (I’m slinking away, now, quietly.)

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