Thanksgiving Easter Egg and Homer Task Crashing Issue

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So the Thanksgivng Update hit earlier today…and like many updates there’s always more than initially meets the eye. As we “peel back the layers” of this (or any) update we always start to uncover some bugs and hidden “gems”.  So this post is designed to cover both the good and the bad.

So let’s dive into the Thanksgiving “Easter Egg” and the latest bug impacting players….the game crashing.


First let’s start with the bad news…

Unfortunately for some players the game is crashing.  This happens when you reach the part of the dialogue where it talks about Homer judging.  It’s not impacting everyone, but it is impacting enough players for it to be a bit of an issue.  So what can you do if it’s hitting you to?  Here’s a few tips to try:

First, it could be related to a bad file that downloaded with the Halloween removal.  So, as we always suggest try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO completely from your device (Remember only do this if you have an EA/Origin Account saving your game.  If you play anonymously, do not uninstall you will lose your game.)

If that doesn’t work my next suggestion is to contact EA.  You can either do so directly or via the forum.  If you want to go the forum route another player has already started a thread on it.  You can find that thread here:

If you prefer to contact EA directly (which is usually the route I prefer, and what I generally recommend) you can do so here:

Hopefully because enough players are impacted by this it will be resolved quickly.

Now onto the good news….

There’s a hidden “Easter Egg” in the Thanksgiving Event!  Nope it’s not donuts.  Instead you can earn a premium item…one that we earned last year as well….the Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Cornucopia This will earn you a 0.50% bonus on all cash and XP.

So how do you get it?  Well certain characters have Thanksgiving themed tasks.  If you send one from each group on the task you’ll unlock the “Easter Egg”.  There are three tasks you need to complete…Hunt Turkeys, Bless Turkeys & Import Gourmet Turkeys.

You only have to do each task ONCE in order to unlock it, despite being able to send multiple characters on each task.  You will not earn more Cornucopias for doing the tasks multiple times.

Here’s a rough list of who can do each task:

Bless Turkeys- 2hrs.  Rev. Lovejoy, Helen Lovejoy, Rod, Todd & Flanders
Hunt Turkeys- 2hrs.  Grampa, Sea Captain, Wolfcastle, Lenny, Duffman, Dr. Nick, Ralph, Tatum, Otto, Wiggum & Cletus
Import Gormet Turkeys- 2hrs. Brockman, Mr. Burns, Krusty, Fat Tony, Roger Myers Jr., Quimby, Bernice Hibbert & Wolfcastle.

These are the ones I saw..i’m sure I’m missing some but I figured this was a decent list for you guys to go off of.  

Once you do each task once you’ll unlock the Cornucopia and see this message:

2015-11-19 21.23.46

And there you have it my friends a few new details on the latest update.

What are your thoughts on the “Easter Egg”?  Thoughts about the prize itself?  Are you experiencing the crashing issue?  What are your thoughts on Thanksgiving overall?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

181 responses to “Thanksgiving Easter Egg and Homer Task Crashing Issue

  1. i don’t know if anyone sees this since it’s a kind of long time ago, but i STIL have characters that have the abillity to collect turkey-vings, and it’s almost march.. the guests are’nt there, but they don’t start 24hour-quest or so when i use the shortcut at the office og unemployment – can i do something to get rid of the turkey-jobs?

  2. Hey after I completed the quest line I no longer had access to the Thanksgiving items such as pilgrim Flanders. Anyone else have this issue?

  3. Anyone else stuck on Homer’s 6 hour “let it all hang out at the beach” task. I put him on it and he’s suddenly free before completion. Can’t move forward. Any advice?

    • I am stuck there, too. Saying NO to using donuts to just push him through the task, as I’m only 15 donuts away from earning Barney.

  4. Somebody mentioned last week that they don’t use the Puritan Flanders costume, or the Sacajawea Lisa costume, because they have no bonus. I don’t use the Sacajawea Lisa costume very often, but I frequently use the Puritan Flanders, just because I find his task names amusing. I believe both of these costumes/skins are normally just regular/freemium payout rates for tasks. However, yesterday I noticed that tasks for both of those costumes are paying at the premium rate (1.e. $105 for 1 hour instead of $70, and 260 for 4-hour instead of $175, etc). I’m guessing that this premium payout is just for the duration of the Thanksgiving Event, but who knows for sure (other than EA)? The Sacajawea Lisa actually doesn’t have a 4-hour task, but does have a 6-hour task.

  5. hey everyone,
    i looked around a bit to see if i could find someone else mentioning the same problem im having. im not sure why but i have won the king sized homer prize and i did the fist 16 hr job to ride around town(soooo funny), then the next task is “let it all hang out at the beach” (even funnier than the last one). homer goes to the beach, lets it all hang out(if you havent seen it yet, its one of the best animations in the game imo) anyway, at some point a few minutes into it, homer is all of the sudden free. i cant figure out what triggers it, i thought maybe the springfield heights or the garbage dump but i dont think so. has anyone else had this problem. basically, i cant get kng sized homer to complete his 6hr let it all hang out job. anyones help or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanx and have fun.

    • All I can come up with is to try to keep the space around him clear. I purposely covered him with bushes (laid directly on him), but a building or something more solid might cause a problem. Good luck.

  6. Yay the return of the Thanksgiving Cornucopia (double your decor offering bonus % for your Springfield)

    No game crashing for me , just a slow spawning of Turkeys (and I’m fine with that as I don’t have to log into TSTO and tap as often daily)

    Instead of a Picnic Table, Tappers get a round Buffet Table this year (it’s just Decor with a Character task)

    Thank you for publishing this article 🙂

  7. Mindy can also Bake a Turkey. Not sure if this figures in or not…

  8. Should I buy the work from home station? Please give me your opinion. Thanks.

  9. A trick i noticed to get more turkey legs: just before completing each task to get the thanksgiving item, send all the turkey leg job people back on their job. complete that mission, and those people will still be able to collect their turkey legs in 3 hours time. you may also get 4 new people to get more legs! Not the most useful way of getting extras, but works for me.

  10. We have thanksgiving in Canada in October but I think we should also celebrate US thansgiving here because that would mean more turkey!

  11. I get the whole idea about the cornucopia which is a who cares item to me but where is this Easter egg. And why are they giving out an Easter item in the middle of a thanksgiving event. What does this egg do. Does it just sit there like the Faberge egg from esters past. I see all this talk about this egg but I have yet to see its appearance.

  12. I’m having a different glitch. When I finished the second stage of the event and got The Vast Waistline, the game didn’t trigger the next part. It happened yesterday, and I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal, so I just slept on it, but it’s still there. It says I completed the task, but the turkey counter reset. What should I do?

  13. I’m on the second prize bc, it will only let me get one a day but, I only have the hunt turkey’s task. Any idea why that is? Thanks!

    • Is Homer free or is he doing a task? Homer is always the next step to the next prize…him and collecting turkey legs.

  14. Hi. Thanks as always to everyone for all the hard work you guys do. And welcome to baby Riley. She is adorable. I hope you are both feeling well. I have a random question. I had sidetracked completing some of the tasks to try to complete the Halloween event (I ended up a few candy apples short of getting all the prizes) and never completed Ghouls and Gluttons part 3. The task I am up to is Marge visits ghost father and Homer takes the last donut. I went back and read your post about that walk through to make sure I had the correct characters available to start the tasks. I did. However I can’t get those tasks to start and don’t see the tasks under either Marge or Homer respectively even when I click on the “do it button” from the task bar. Am I missing something? Thanks again for all the help and happy thanksgiving everyone.

    • Thank you 🙂 We’re both doing well
      That’s from the episode tie-in, the questline might have been pulled, which would explain the tasks not being there. It may be something you have to contact EA over.

  15. The father Sean can bless turkeys as well.


  16. Is it just me or have the Devs gotten lazy in using almost all of the same holiday items from previous years. They’re shafting their long term players by giving away the same items from last season and the players who played previous years get nothing. I got the pop up for an Easter egg found but because I already had this item, nothing happened. And this Halloween they just gave away the house of evil which was bought by many (myself included) with donuts in years past. Is it THAT hard to create a new building or item so EVERYONE benefits? I used to get excited for these holiday subquests but now it’s just time consuming and unrewarding.

    • I’m pretty sure I got the house of evil for free or cash the first year. I’m almost certain I didn’t spend donuts on it.

    • Nothing happened? You should’ve got an extra one. I had the one from last year as well, but now I have two.

    • Not sure why you didn’t get it, I got it last year and I just got it again from the Easter egg.

    • Strange, I got it last year and I just got it again for the 3 Easter eggs.

    • I received the Cornucopia last year and this year

    • Nothing happened because you didn’t finish getting all three Easter eggs. Once you do, you’ll get a cornucopia, too, even though you have one already.

    • The prizes in this mini event are ALL new.. And everyone gets a cornucopia if you complete it regardless if you already have one or not. That’s the risk you take with buying anything premium though. You might’ve saved those donuts if you had waited, BUT you got to enjoy that item for a lot longer than everyone who got it for free did.

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