Cyber Monday Deal: Kwik-E-Mart Central Office

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Gil’s back in Springfield with a special Cyber Monday deal…

2015-11-30 13.43.15

You’ll see Gil in your town and here’s what he’ll have to say..

Gil:  Boy, it’s Cyber Monday and I’ve got a whole heap of tech doodads for sale at my cyber store.  Apu doesn’t have a chance of winning our bet about who sells more.
Apu: You are wrong!  The Kwik-E-Mart Central Office is announcing unbeatable deals.  Everything is on sale at our brick and mortar stores, including the bricks and mortar.  In fact, even the Central Office is on sale.  Lovely building.  Himalayan location, sherpa parking.
Gil: If Apu sells the Central Office I’ll lose our bet for sure.  ANd I already made a down payment on a cardboard box to sleep in.  I’ve got to stop it.  Luckily no one is better at blowing a sale than Ol’ Gil.

At this point you’ll see the deal popup.  You can buy the Kwik-E-Mart Central office (available until Wednesday 12/2 0800 GMT…)

478px-Kwik-E-Mart_Central_Office 145 Donuts- Comes with a short 3 part questline (I’ll include it on the SIB post for those that are curious about it..) 9×8 in size.  And earns $500, 45xp/24hrs.  (no Conform-o-Meter impact)

If you don’t take it you’ll see..

Gil: You didn’t buy the mountain thing!  I won my bet with Apu!  I’m gonna buy some ten-dollar shoes and take Sally from Accounting out for a slide of banana cream pie!  You got lucky this time, Gil.  And as every good gambler knows, you’ve got to keep pushing your luck until it collapses in disaster!

If you take the deal you’ll see…

Gil: Aw, you bought the Central Office. That means I lose my bet with Apu. So long, money. So much for me taking Cindy from Shipping out for cheeseburgers and malted milks.  I wonder if that Central Office is hiring?

And then at this time you’ll go into the questline that comes with the Central Office.

And there you have the basic rundown on the Central Office.  I’ll back back later today with the SIB post for it…since I know many of you will be eager to make a decision soon (with that clock ticking down)…

What are your thoughts on the Central Office?  Will you help him win the bet with Apu by not taking it?  Or will you push Apu over the top with buying the Central Office?  Have you taken any of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

101 responses to “Cyber Monday Deal: Kwik-E-Mart Central Office

  1. Has anyone else noticed that whenever a comment starts with has anyone else noticed that it’s just an indication they’re too lazy to scroll down a little bit and read a little and notice yes, hundreds of people have already noticed this?

    • I didn’t notice. Thank you for noticing the notices. I will take notice of this in the future. 😛 😉

    • Ever consider that comments will not be posted unless approved by a moderator ? You know what they say about people who assume things 😉

      • I understand that but it’s been a couple of days and there’s still “where are my dollar signs? ” this shows zero effort and floods the threads. If you look at the comments in any of the recent posts this has been addressed many many many many many many times. It shouldn’t be hard to find. Any time there’s a glitch it makes me feel like I’m not following a community but working at a help desk

    • Someone stole my burrito™

      Ever notice how important commas are?

  2. Why no repeats on cybermonday? I missed the teleporters…

  3. Finally got Akira and I added Dr. Nick for good measure. Happy to have them both and still got 264 donuts left for the Christmas season. If nothing interesting pops ip I am going for Lurleen and then Uter.

  4. Poor Bunny, how long you gonna keep her mouth tapped & tied to the Christmas tree. Although the art work is awesome. Bunnies are hard to catch, good job catching her Alissa!

  5. Waiting for Christmas in more ways than one! Would also like some more prizes for visiting
    friends town’s. If Santa is really good, would also like some more land.
    Thanks for all your work.

  6. Someone stole my burrito™

    January will be my one year anniversary of being a freemium play. I did buy three scratchers, but that’s it. I used to buy everything, but now I have an appreciation of the things I do finally decide to buy. I do like this decoration, but not enough to spend donuts on, because I remember where each one of those donuts was earned. Although tempted many times, I have made it to the Christmas event with all of my saved donuts.

    I have no idea why I felt the need to write this.

  7. I finally pried open my wallet and bought some donuts. Bought the Cracker Factory (which I’ve wanted for a long time) and Krustilu Studios. I *almost* bought Rancho Relaxo, but held off to see the KEM Central Office. Sadly, I’m gonna pass on it (no General Manager character!) and I’m really bummed that I missed out on the Happy Sumo deal. 🙁

  8. Ok
    mechanical frink dog check
    two frink mobiles check
    Anything else coming tomorrow or is this the end of deals?

  9. The main dr nick quest line hasn’t triggered for me. I got the squid port one and the ms Muntz quests but that’s irrelevant? Anyone else have this problem?

  10. Love the new banner. Any tips on how to make a pretty how using duct tape? 😀

  11. I’d buy this if it came with the head of the Kwik-E-Mart. He’d be voiced by Shearer, soin that case, Central Office would be an instant buy for me if it came with that character. Ah well. Saving donuts for Christmas 2015 event’s new and returning premium characters/skins.

  12. I got into the game today and all my thumbs up were invisible, you could still tap on it but if you didnt know to tap it then… But a hard close fixed it.. Just a weird glitch I guess..

  13. I didn’t know the collider didn’t come with the black hole 🙁

    When did that change? That was the main reason I bought that building.

  14. Honestly, looks they the game developers are running out of ideas. Another blah item. I did like overweight Homer though.

  15. When is Xmas event 2015 coming? Tomorrow?

  16. Got the teleporters last night, and the cracker factory over the weekend. Pretty happy with the deals, now looking forward to the Christmas event

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