Diary of a Wookiee: Wookiee does a podcast!

First thing first.  THANK YOU EA for listening to my suggestion to make Springfield Heights building facades changeable once you upgrade them completely to Level 5!!! In a post a while ago, I suggested this and when Part Deux of this madness dropped, I was so stoked to see EA hooked us up.  Weird Paris Hilton character I didn’t really care if I got or not… here the Fuzzball comes!

Getting to the point of this post, while I know it’s not really Simpsons News or TSTO-related per say… I recently got the chance to do something really cool.  I know a few readers liked when Alissa, Bunny and I did the question and answer videos for our blogiversaries and ever since, I’ve had this itch that I couldn’t quite scratch.  Well now I know what it was… I like to talk about the Simpsons and geek culture in general.  C0urtesy of the uber-talented folks I work with at the House of Mouse… one of my good buddies gave me the opportunity to do a podcast about none other than the silly little cartoon that I write about here. Seeing as some of you seem to like me/put up with me, I thought I’d share the link to the podcast if you were inclined to hear me ramble about The Simpsons, etc.

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Well thanks for clicking more friends!  So… my friend Kevin O’Leary has a podcast that he started about shows on television. Somehow he was crazy enough to decide he wanted me on the show and two hours later, we had recorded an episode about The Simpsons and other assorted topics.  Since it’s a rollercoaster of Simpsons and other stuff, we titled it “The Simpsons Episode?”.  Suffice to say I am a random person who may or may not have mild ADD. Regardless of the wild tangents, I think it’s really an interesting listen and thought I’d share it with my favorite readers.

The podcast can be found on http://www.anchorjacket.com/remotely-serious/ and is the sixth episode.  This show is part of a whole slew of different podcasts produced by another friend of mine, Shaun Lewis.  He does a fun show about movies and there’s like three other shows if podcast listening is your thing (music/sports/random discussions).  I love listening to podcasts and recently gave up listening to the radio to instead just stream discussions by people I find interesting.  The shows on Anchor Jacket Productions (http://www.anchorjacket.com/) are mostly done by people I know who I think are entertaining.

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Kevin and I had a blast recording this on Remotely Serious and I hope one or two (or tons) of you listen and enjoy it. While it is a two hour journey, close to half of it is about my favorite cartoon.  I basically gave Kevin a list of ten episodes to watch as a new viewer of The Simpsons and we discuss them.  We also talked about other assorted Simpsons stuff including comparisons with other cartoons, voice talent, and this site.  I always like to give a shout out to the Addicts!  Here’s my list of 10:

Radio Bart (S3:E13)
Homer at Bat (S3:E17)
Marge vs. the Monorail (S4:E12)
Last Exit to Springfield (S4:E17)
Deep Space Homer (S5:E15)
A Fish Called Selma (S7:E19)
You Only Move Twice (S8:E2)
Homer’s Phobia (S8:E15)
Brick Like Me (S25:E20)
Halloween of Horror (S27:E4)

While this is not my Top 10 (it’s close), I like the list.  Funny to me, Kevin initially asked for 5 episodes, I got him to agree to ten and then I prepared a list of 55 as a joke.  I posted the complete list at the end of this post.

You can listen to the episode on the website I provided above or you can also get it through iTunes or on an Android podcast app (a lot of people I know use Podcast Addict… funny name considering all of us on this site).  The podcast is named Remotely Serious.  Any social media links to it and other shows on Anchor Jacket are in the episodes so I won’t bombard you with all that.


Anywho… that’s all the shameless plugs I wanted to get out there.  Apologies for my absence as of late but this semester of school, work, and family have kept me exceptionally busy.  I plan on being back much more over the next couple months.  Let me know what you think if you do listen.  I’m actually considering doing my own podcast about all things geek to include comics/Star Wars/Simpsons/etc. with another friend of mine.  We shall see and I’ll certainly let you know if that happens.  Special thanks to the Lady Addicts for letting me post this info.  I hope you are all having a great time with your games.  Much love and all that good stuff tappereenos.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

Wookiee’s Top 55 of 581 episodes

Life on the Fast Lane (S1:E9)
Simpson and Delilah (S2:E2)
Bart the Daredevil (S2:E8)
Homer vs. Lisa. and the Eighth Commandment (S2:E13)
Flaming Moe’s (S3:E10)
Radio Bart (S3:E13)
Bart the Lover (S3:E16)
Homer at Bat (S3:E17)
Colonel Homer (S3:E20)
Camp Krusty (S4:E1)
Mr. Plow (S4:E9)
Lisa’s First Word (S4:E10)
Marge vs. the Monorail (S4:E12)
I Love Lisa (S4:E15)
Duffless (S4:E16)
Last Exit to Springfield (S4:E17)
Krusty Gets Cancelled (S4:E22)
Cape Feare (S5:E2)
Rosebud (S5:E4)
Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood (S5:E8)
The Last Temptation of Homer (S5:E9)
Deep Space Homer (S5:E15)
Bart of Darkness (S6:E1)
Itchy & Scratchy Land (S6:E4)
Treehouse of Horror V (S6:E6)
Homer Badman (S6:E9)
‘Round Springfield (S6:E22)
Lemon of Troy (S6:E24)
Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1 (S6:E25) & Part 2 (S7:E1)
Radioactive Man (S7:E2)
Lisa the Vegetarian (S7:E5)
A Fish Called Selma (S7:E19)
22 Short Films About Springfield (S7:E21)
You Only Move Twice (S8:E2)
Hurricane Neddy (S8:E8)
The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show (S8:E14)
Homer’s Phobia (S8:E15)
Homer’s Enemy (S8:E23)
The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (S9:E1)
Alone Again, Natura Diddly (S11:E14)
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation (S14:E2)
The Regina Monologues (S15:E4)
Catch ‘Em If You Can” (S15:E18)
Springfield Up (S18:E13)
24 Minutes (S18:E21)
The deBarted (S19:E13)
Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind (S19:E9)
Gone Maggie Gone (S20:E13)
500 Keys (S22:E21)
Holidays of Future Passed (S23:E9)
Steal This Episode (S25:E9)
Brick Like Me (S25:E20)
Bart’s New Friend (S26:E11)
Walking Big & Tall (S26:E13)
Halloween of Horror (S27:E4)

23 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: Wookiee does a podcast!

  1. I was in disbelief when you mentioned your friend Kevin O’Leary. At first I was like “…THE Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank?!” Of course, I followed the link to the podcast and clicked on Kevin’s Instagram on that description, discovering that he’s a different Kevin. But nevertheless, that is really neat how they share the same name, and how you know someone like that. While on the subject, I’d like to mention that I actually got the opportunity to meet one of the Sharks, Daymond John, whom gave a motivational entrepreneurship lecture at my university last month!

    Anyways, I for sure will take the time to listen to that podcast once I free up some time.

  2. I think we should all make a request to EA to zoom out the game to fully see your town and where everything fits in nicely. There’s just too much scrolling to do and sometimes you miss a character or building to refresh/tap. It would make the game more appealing and give tapper a nice view to shift and remodel their towns. I’m hoping for this to happen but it won’t come if we just hope we have to demand and request. That’s all, I’m done. Happy tapping, tappers.

  3. Game just updated

  4. Regarding S.H.: If your Plee (Wookie) for facades and upgrade arrows to disapear was an influence to EA than why stop there :p

    I don’t know anyone who likes the grind but the Grind would be easier if more characters can produce S.H. Currency so why not get Fat Tony grinding for Yoga Mats again? get Mr. Teeny grinding Gold trophies, get Lunchlady Dora grinding , Dolph, Kearny, Patty, Selma, etc. etc. the more characters grinding the faster it would be, the more we can collect, (let’s ask for a high S.H. Currency cap since we’re talking about it).

    Honestly I would like the alternate currency go away completely or at least transform into a universal S.H. Dollars. Chairs, coffee, mats, trophies, devices, pills and ads (and for the love of God no future currencies) just become one (which I know people will say won’t happen). If EA can change things, why not?

    Now I’ve said many times (since we got the IRS building) that it would be nice to have an epicenter indicator (notifying us were the single tap will get us the biggest payout). I thought of this origanally when the pet Drone was introduced hoping it had that power. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone respond to that idea, I don’t imagine anyone being against it but whatever.

    Thanks to you Wookie and your vocalization maybe we also will get Maggie and a better THOH event next year 🙂

  5. I have LOST EVERYTHING ON THIS GAME except my donuts….all the real money and time put into this game i was at top level….HELP

  6. I’m doing a clean-up project at home, so maybe I’ll listen while I sort clothes! 🙂

    But how could you not include, even in your expanded list, my all-time favorite episode, A Streetcar Named Marge?!?

  7. Hi Wookie, enjoyed this, my only suggestion for future is to try keep your podcasts short, maybe 10 minutes or so, you could made this a 10 part series, discussing an episode during each short podcast. But keep up the good work, your enthrals ism is infectious.

  8. Why does Lindsey Naegle not have 8 or 24h tasks? Do they require the questline to continue?

  9. For anyone using iTunes or the Apple podcasts app this link will make it easier,


  10. I look forward to checking out the podcast first thing Monday. My job allows me to listen to whatever I want on my headphones all day. It’s kind of a necessity because it’s an incredibly boring job. So it’s always great when I have a new podcast to listen to. For some reason audiobooks do not work for me, can’t do it. I love books and read all the time and wish I could listen to an audiobook while I’m at work, but it fails every time.

    I hope you find a way to make the time for your own podcast. I was listening to the X-Files-files and Kevin Smith was the guest and he was talking about how podcasts are kind of like the wild west right now and how eventually there’s going to be a gatekeeper. I know the statement is sad but true. Better do you do it while you can, no pressure.😂 I love love love podcasts. There’s so much variation and so many interesting people that not only are entertaining to listen to but provide you with so much inspiration for your own projects that I can’t imagine being without them.

    Thanks for the link!

  11. Cool! I’ll def give this a listen the next time I have two hours to myself where I can park on the couch and grind out some SH currency!

  12. I am more of a visual person than an audio person (I would rather Watch/read over just listening to a book on tape etc.). I gave it a try but couldn’t stick with it, but I do hope first that you enjoyed it and further more if you pursue it wish you success. of course keep us posted.

    I just thought it was funny when you wrote here: “I always like to give a shout out to the Addicts! Here is my list of 10:” (expecting a list of addict shout outs, instead of the episode listing), for a split second I was thinking 1. Alissa, 2. Bunny, 3. Totbox, 4-10 (the rest, they know who they are) :p

  13. congratulations. looking forward to listening to it & checking out your top 55

  14. Wookiee! (a) Congratulations on your podcast! (b) I hope you start your own podcast! I’m sure you’d get a lot of listeners—geek is chic! (c) OMG OMG OMG. I remember you asking for facades awhile back, and I thought, “They’ll never do it. If only because *I* also want it.” And then you said “FACADES”! I went right out and tested it, and OMG!!! There they were! Thank you for announcing the facades. I HATED having those things flying over my buildings saying “Upgrade me! Upgrade me!” AND I hated the fact that I couldn’t make enough real estate points because I was not willing to have 10 Level 5 condos! Now my whole SH has opened up a new dimension!

    Happy Friday, Wookiee. Thanks for all you do for us! I personally wouldn’t be having as much fun without all the advice you, Alissa and Bunny give us.

  15. And again, WordPress makes one of my messages go poof, not sure if it went through. Just wondering, was that itch scratched Wookie? If not, may want to get it checked out, could be fleas lol. Makes me wonder, if a Wookie did need medical attention, would he go to the doctor, or the vet? 😀

  16. So, I have to ask, was that itch scratched Wookie? If not you may want to get it checked out, could be fleas ya furball lol. Makes me wonder, if a Wookie did have fleas, would he go to the doctor, or the vet? 😀

  17. Homer At Bat is definitely my favourite episode. Great choices and great list Wookster!

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