Where Are You Christmas?

Hey there Holly Jolly Grinches!

The Season in the USA is getting a bit chilly, lights are strung up all over the place, Christmas Music on all sorts of stations, and we are all patiently awaiting with anticipation just WHAT might be in store for us for this year’s CHRISTMAS EVENT!

Stuffed Bunny Christmas Large

Figured I would bounce on by with a few thoughts of my own.

With this being the 4th incarnation of a Christmas Event, is there really a lot left for them to drop into our games? Well of course there is! We have YEARS of episodes and thoughts to choose from all over the span of the Simpsons World to choose from. These are some thoughts and ideas of the things I would like to see hit our games for a Christmas Event.

Maggie in her Star Snowsuit: I WANT MAGGIE! For frakk’s sake who at EA do I have to make nice with for this to happen? I mean COME ON!! I have begged for her since day one, and here we are years later. Can’t you find it in your heart to give Bunny a lil Christmas Gift of that adorable lil Baby with her Star Snowsuit Costume too? PWEEEAAAASE!!!

Maggie in White Starsuit

Maggie Orange Starsuit


Santa Claus: Why on earth was this jolly fat man teased to us, just to be taken away? Can’t we get him back for keeps? I mean I do get that Kris Kringle is only supposed to hang around once a year, but I would really like to see him stick around this time in our games.

Santa 1

Chanakuh/Hannakah: However you want to spell it or celebrate it, I think with poor Krusty losing his father recently that now would be a good time to bring a bit MORE of the spirit of Chanakuh into our games. There are so many cool Buildings, Characters, and Decorations that span the Simpsons world that it could almost fill an entire Event.

Jewish Men

Snowball Fights: I want an all out Snowball war in our Springfield’s this year with the Holiday. I would love it if we could do something cool like collect Snowballs and have a massive snowball fight to earn our Event Currency. Of course how this will be done is tricky as we have seen a bit of game struggling as of late with all the goodies in our games and that RAM being constantly pushed. But like with the Soccer Event, maybe we can go to a Neighbors and challenge them to a Snowball fight behind our Snow Forts. It may just work.

Gift Giving: Because I know EA likes to involve Neighbors in a lot of Events lately, why not have a bit more fun with it. Let us earn and drop off a “Present” to our Neighbors. Inside those gifts could be random Event Currency, Craft Currency, and a Rare 1-5 Donut Prize even? I think this would be great for all as it will really help Neighbors out with the usual “visits” we need each year to help us along during the Event, and will share in the “Holiday Spirit” of giving to others. Not to mention everyone loves unwrapping gifts, right?


Next up, some things that I have on the top of my mind from a few of the many Simpson Christmas Episodes.

More Character Skins: Last year we got the Nativity Scene from Simpsons Christmas Stories (S17, E9) with a temporary task with the Simpsons in the Manger Scene,


but I wonder if they would bring them back as individual active Skins complete with Tasks for this Season. They could even add in the other Characters from this scene King Herod Burns, Three Wise Men (Hibbert, Skinner, Frink), Smithers and even Blue Haired Lawyer are there,

King Herod Burns

Innkeeper Moe, Shepherds (Lenny & Carl),

Manger Lenny & Carl

Roman Soldier Quimby, and maybe some NPC Animals from the episode too like the Halo Duck.


Otto driving a Train: During the Episode The Fight Before Christmas (S22, E8), there were some cool things happening with the mini stories told during it. One of those items was Otto driving the North Pole Train a la Polar Express Style. I think it would be cool to get him involved in the Event this way. He could even hijack the Monorails in our town and use them as a “train”. Just sprinkle some lights and decorations on them, or a skin.

Otto Polar Express

In this Episode, there was also a more festive looking Springfield sign, so why not a Festive skin for it too?

Springfield Christmas Sign

Even the Tire Fire got a whole new look, Tire Fire-place.

Tire Fire-place

We also have a Krusty Claus in this one. We have Santa Homer, Santa Ned, so why not Santa Krusty?  I just don’t know if I would want Martha Stewart in the game from this episode though. Lol.

Krusty Klaus


Star Wars and more: Now the geek in me would REALLY love to have some Star Wars mixed into our silly lil games. Even if it is just something simple. Just last year we had the Episode I Won’t Be Home For Christmas (S26,E9) where Kumiko and CBG are watching the Star Wars Cosmic Special. (We could even get Kumiko back in the game for those that missed her to introduce them with CBG.)

Star Wars Christmas

There was also the Rich Texan being pulled by a Team of Bulls in his car like Santa in his Sleigh, another item that would be interesting in our games. We could also get Burns as the White Queen skin, he can use Martin’s “Elsa Castle” for tasks. Then there is Homer “Olaf”. Lol.


I also loved the “Gingerbread Look” to the houses in this episode opening credits as well as other recent holiday ones (also that everyone is Elves). I like the Christmas lights, but Gingerbread type Building Skins would be awesome. Speaking of Gingerbread, I loved the look of the Family as Gingerbread Cookies that Marge was making. Even Sideshow Gingerbread Bob. I think Gingerbread Skins for Characters would be funny, complete with them walking funny as they try to move their 2 dimensional bodies.

Gingerbread Simpsons

Gingerbread Simpsons 2

Halloween Christmas: Just to give Alissa an annoyed “I’m shaking my head at you” look towards me, why not have a Halloween Christmas? Just like in White Christmas Blues (S25,E8). I love Halloween and Alissa loves Christmas, so let’s mix up the two. Everyone wants a Santa dressed Skeleton, right? Or a Manger scene with a tarantula for the Baby? It’ll work, right? 😉

Halloween Christmas

It worked for Jack, so why not? 😛

Jack Skellington Sandy Claws

There are some cool things in this episode though like a Santa Hat on Jebediah’s Statue, the Sea Captains Ship House complete with Christmas Decorations,

Sea Captain House

A Huge Snowball with Wiggum and Lou stuck inside,

Giant Snowball

WWBJD (What Would Baby Jesus Do),

Baby Jesus

and Flanders Leftorium Express Kiosk.

Leftorium Express


On to a quick reminder peek at the lil “Hints” EA dropped into the game with Ned Flanders quick Questline.

Ned: Get decorating, boys! We’re gonna party like it’s 4 to 6 B.C. The Bible’s a little cloudy on the actual date.
Pop Up: Will Homer be able to cope with Ned’s amazing decorating skills? Come back next week to find out!

First up Ned is talking about 4-6 B.C., so this means it is supposed to be things happening just before the lil baby popped out in a Manger? What could that mean?

Homer and Ned in an all out Decorating War? Could this thing turn into a Griswold’s disaster? Or a town filled with Decorations on EVERYTHING?


Now to get y’all in the Christmas Spirit… a lil Simpson’s Song:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me…
Twelve Grampas grumbling,
Eleven Barneys belching,
Ten Lennys leaping,
Nine Carls dancing,
Eight Moes a-milking,
Seven Selmas smoking,
Six Flanders praying,
Four crawling nerds,
Three-eyed fish,
Two special Ralphs,
And a Maggie in a Snuggly.


That about does it for now. With 26 Seasons of possibilities, the options are endless of what goodies we could see this year. Did any of these items bring back some thoughts of wanted items for the game? Any other Episodes that are immediately brought to mind for you? Buildings, Characters, or Decorations you would like to see? Let us know.


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  1. Lol so in the Event prizes menu if you press “Act Three Prizes” the trophy is dressed like Maggie so maybe that will be the act that we get her.

    • thecrimsonslash

      That’s what I was thinking. Either that or we get a Maggie Snowbaby decor as a prize (previous time). But I do hope we get Maggie… but it wouldn’t be fair not to get Maggie if we don’t succeed in getting her in-event.

  2. Bunny,
    Fun fact about the 4-6BC thing. When the Gregorian calendar was made to structure around Jesus’ birth there was a calculation error that was discovered later, so our years are off buy 4-6 years. So the dialogue is about the actual birth and not the years before.

  3. Funny

  4. Bunny,

    It seems like you nailed the update

    Do you work for EA on the side?


  6. Update is live in iOS!!!

  7. Update is in App Store!! I see Maggie in her star suit!

  8. I am downloading now, and Maggie appears in the graphic in her star suit!

  9. We are on the island of misfit toys! Forgotten, discarded with no one to love us!

  10. No Christmas update?! No level update?! I’m outta donuts! MY PET’S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!

  11. This is getting annoying: I see that there are updates available in the App Store, but it’s not for TSTO. 🙁

  12. Won’t even be able to do a 12 Days of Christmas event if it doesn’t drop soon 🙂

  13. A certain website that’s often pretty accurate about game content is starting to talk about Christmas, so I’ll be checking my Play store very regularly! 🙂

  14. Mmmmm 1:05 pm pacific time and still no update? A bit unusual as EA normally updates new downloads on Tuesdays. I run Apple products, do any of you running android or other devices have an App Store update yet?

    • There is nothing on the andriod side. I am rhinking this will be released tomorrow

    • IT’S TIME!!! 2:39pm pst and I have snow!!! Don’t know if it’s just a tease, but check out the update icon in the app store for a certain someone! (using ios).

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