Christmas 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  Snow is falling in Springfield and snowmen are being built, Gingerbread is cooking and IT’S CHRISTMAS!   May be less enthused about other holidays but Christmas is my favorite!  Favorite at home and favorite in TSTO!

What does all this mean? Share the joy with your Neighbors of course. In this post I will be going over some details on visiting your Neighbors during the Event….including the number 1 asked question “How do I get more presents to drop..” (Spoiler alert…you can’t.)

Let’s get to it, shall we?


When Are Neighbor Actions Unlocked?

First you want to make sure THEY have the Christmas Update and are able to give you Christmas items when you go there to tap.  A good way to tell if they’ve updated is the Main Neighbor Screen, check it out and see if they have a Santa Hat counter above 1 showing.  If they don’t there’s a good chance they’re not updated yet…so just give them some time to update and get to the point in the questline where they start the Christmas Event and hat collecting.

2015-12-10 18.20.24

You’ll also need to be updated to and to the right part of the questline.  Neighbor actions start to unlock at Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice questline.  However, with this event they unlock in two waves.  The first, and early on is the present dropping via the Naughty or Nice questline.  The second is the ability to tap the Merrymakers in a neighbor’s town unlocks later in the questline until White Elephant in the Room Pt. 4. You can check out the questline details here.

If you haven’t hit either of those questlines you won’t unlock the actions.  So if you can’t see actions in when visiting, check out to see what quest you’re on.  When it doubt…play the questlines.

How Many Neighbor Actions Do I Get Per Day?

As with all Events, there will be a limit to how many Neighbors you can visit and tap on to earn Event Items within a 24hr period. So if you tapped on some within last 24hrs before starting the Event, you may have already used those Actions up and need to wait for the Reset.

If you are JUST now tapping for the first time in 24hrs, you will get the full Daily Actions before swapping back to $$$ & XP.

DAILY NEIGHBOR ACTIONS MAX: 90, This means 30 Active Neighbors x 3 Actions each.

For Naughty or Nice Presents…you are limited to FIVE gifts to drop per 24hr period.  Just like the actions it’s a full 24hrs you have to wait to get your next set of 5 gifts.  


What to Tap When Visiting?

Once you’ve reached White Elephant in the Room Pt. 4 and unlocked the ability to tap Merrymakers, you can tap Merrymakers in friend’s towns.  You’ll be able to tap 90/day (remember..that’s a 24hr period).  The first 90 actions will yield 1 Santa Hat and 1 ornament for each tap.  HOWEVER…if you’ve tapped any buildings they will count towards your 90 actions.  So if you’re not getting 90 actions for the day wait.  Don’t tap anything in neighbor’s towns for a full 24hrs.  Let everything reset and try again.  Only tapping Merrymakers (avoid those houses!) and see if that allows to count to increase.  9 times out of 10 this will work.  The other time…it’s something you’ll have to contact EA for.

Merrymaker tapping…

merrymaker3 merrymaker2 merrymaker1

You’ll see the three different Merrymakers when visiting friends….as long as you’ve reached White Elephant in the Room Pt. 4.  Tapping them when visiting will yield:



Naughty or Nice

Once you’ve completed Level 1 of the Pile of Snow you’ll start the task to unlock Naughty or Nice actions.  Naughty/Nice will help you earn Bows, bows are part of the crafting currency.

To leave gifts in a neighbors town (the neighbor action), simply tap on the Present in the top right corner of their screen…

2015-12-09 00.40.36

This year you’ll have to choose when leaving presents for your neighbors if you want to be Naughty or’ll see this popup when you go to leave a gift in a neighbor’s town..

2015-12-09 00.40.41

Click on Naughty if you want to keep all of the rewards for yourself and Nice if you want to share with your neighbor.

When you (or your neighbor) find a present in your town you’ll see the same popup.  There you’re basically trying to guess if your neighbor was Naughty or Nice to you.  Select whichever one you think.

So what’s the deal with the rewards for this?  First of all you only earn Bows with this.  Which is a crafting currency.  You WILL NOT earn Santa Hats for prizes via naughty or nice.  So keep that in mind.  Second, here’s the breakout provided by EA for Naughty or Nice:

2015-12-09 00.40.24

Here’s how it works…it’s basically a matching game.  You both have to match to get the max benefits for each…although naughty is better if you don’t match.  Here’s a better breakdown:

If you select naughty and your neighbor picks nice (Whether it’s in your town or your neighbors town) whomever picked Nice will get 1 Bow, whomever picked Naughty will get 25 Bows.

If you both picked Nice you’ll each get 15 Bows

And if you both picked Naughty you’ll each get 5 Bows.

Again you can ONLY earn Bows, crafting currency, via the Naughty/Nice.  This is not for the Santa Hats for the main prizes.

A summary will appear after gifts have been opened by your neighbors..

2015-12-09 00.41.22

Leaving Gifts…

Really important…so PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, cause I know y’all will still just read:

YOU ONLY GET FIVE (yes, just FIVE) gifts to leave neighbors PER DAY!  That’s in a 24hr period.  Five total gifts to drop/day.  

So if you’ve run out, you have to wait until the 24hr clock resets.  It’s a FULL 24hrs from when you dropped the first gift that they will reset.

To leave gifts in a neighbors town (the neighbor action), simply tap on the Present in the top right corner of their screen…

2015-12-09 00.40.36

Just like you an max out your gifts/day your neighbors can max out the number they can get per day.  When that happens you’ll see this message:

2015-12-10 03.15.05 (1)

If you see it, just move onto the next neighbor.

Again…You Only Get FIVE Presents to leave neighbors in a 24hr period.  The clock starts once you drop the first present.

Finding Gifts In Your Town

So once you go back to your town you’ll have to hunt to find gifts in your own town.  Sometimes you’ll get a message that a neighbor left them for you…however a lot of times that message is delayed and arrives well after you’ve already collected that present. So the best thing to do is just search your town for the presents.

Typically they’ll appear right around the Simpson House.  However, I’ve seen them out by the beach and other areas away from the Simpson House.  So honestly, you really have to search for them.

A good way to do this is utilize the “hide buildings” option from the move menu. To do this go to the 4 way arrows on your screen and tap the Simpson House:

2015-12-10 18.46.38

Once you tap on that the buildings will become transparent and you’ll be able to see if anything is hiding behind them…

2015-12-10 18.47.10

Now once you’ve found the present simply remember where it is, tap the back arrow (top left) and tap in that location.

And there you have it my friends…the guide to neighbor actions/visits for the Christmas 2015 Event!

What are your thoughts on the neighbor actions?  Liking naughty or nice?  How about the ability to earn prize currency from visits again (unlike Halloween)?  Thoughts on the event overall so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



506 responses to “Christmas 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

  1. I started on the naughty or nice and now it’s asking me to open a present in my town but I can’t find it but if I click on the simpsons house it gives me the choice of naughty or nice and bows but it doesn’t go away or acknowledge that I opened a present, I clicked it a 100 times and nothing changes.

    • Have any of your neighbors left you a present? I’m confused why tapping on the Simpsons house would give you the naught/nice dialog box, unless there was a present there..

      Next time you see a present waiting to be opened, try clicking the “Do it” button for that task before opening it and see if that helps. If not, then it might be time to contact EA.

    • I have the same problem!

    • I’m having the same problem! The quest won’t progress and I can’t get Things Unnecessary or start crafting. I have hundreds of bows from clicking on the Simosons house but it won’t register I opened a present. Has anyone figured out a way around this?

  2. when I logged in this morning I had 10 presents to drop in towns. Has it changed or is this a glitch?

  3. I have a mysterious problem. The gift icon disappeared in a friend’s town as soon as act 2 started and hasn’t returned. They only have me as their friend and so it’s not like their presents are maxed out. What can I do? They need my presents. This only happened in their town but not in any other friends town. Thanks!

  4. I have a rogue present somewhere in my town. I’ve tried searching the town in a grid pattern with everything hidden using the build menu and nothing. Any other suggestions?

  5. Why can’t I send presents to my friends? The only one is other Springfield and once I drop 5 presents there I can’t any where else!

  6. I have been keeping track for the past two weeks, but can not get rewarded for more than 17 neighbors x 3=41. Not nearly the 90 I should be getting. Can someone please help me get this corrected?

    • We are still verifying the Neighbor MAX taps per 24hrs. It varies each Act where EA sets that limit at. If you notice it is around 45-60… then that is all you will get. (17×3=51). Also make sure you are tapping ONLY Event Active Neighbors. If a player is NOT upgraded to the Event and you tap on their town after the reset… then you just wasted that tap to only get XP & $$$. Check your Main Neighbor screen first and ONLY visit Neighbors that show a counter with MORE than zero Mistletoe.

    • Contact EA and let them know. Only got 50 (17 x 3 -1) three days in the row,

  7. When tapping Merrymakers in my neighbors, I am only getting 51 actions not 90? Is there anyone else that is having this issue? My 24 hours has reset…

    • 90 was incorrect information posted in good faith based on previous events. You’re getting what you should.

  8. I’ve been logging in every 3-4 hours tapping everything almost done with the gingerbread house and am still 8k hats away from the orphans, how did you still have 5days left and almost have the orphans??!? Am I missing an easy way to get hats? I’m not spending 390 donuts to get the orphans, it sucks cause I have gotten all the prizes for events for 3-4 years now….

  9. Any suggestions on how I can earn 9k hats in a day lol – I never seem to make it to the fifth prize:(

  10. How many unopened presents can be in my town at once? I’m driving myself crazy trying to find a fifth one, maybe the limit is 4?

    • I think it may be 4….has anyone actually seen 5 in their town at once? I thought I had gotten 5 once, but I wasn’t sure whether the fifth one got dropped just after, or even while, I was collecting the other 4.

  11. I’ve been dropping gifts in my neighbors’ oceans. They float there and they’re much less likely to land behind a building or decoration so should be easier to spot.

  12. whats the time limit we have to retrieve presents left in our towns? i’ve gotten notifications that “so and so” has left a present but when i scour my whole town i can’t find anything.

    • Doesn’t seem like there’s a limit honestly. But sometimes you get those notifications well after you’ve already clicked on the present (as the post says)

      • Can I trigger notifications to see who dropped the presents? That would help with naughty or nice …

      • i wake up with notifications from the game where it’ll say someone dropped a present and i hadn’t cleared any the night before

        • then try the hide option to find the missing ones..

          • i have, i spent close to 30 mins trying to find one that dropped while i was asleep. i hid roads, houses, and people just so i could focus on that gift. heck i even hid decorations on and off to see if i could see it through the decorations. i’m just worried that i’ll end up being full of unfindable gifts and not be able to share the bows with friends. almost tempted to nuke my town its getting frustrating.

            • I have the issue with missing presents also. Other than the first task with presents when they started i have only gotten them once in my town. No problem giving but it says my town is full when anyone tries to leave any for me. I’ve done everything suggested in looking for them, even moved everything and looked behind and then put it back.. No presents anywhere for me. Lol. Removed and reinstalled my game twice. Contacted EA numerous times and only response i got from them was they looked into it but can’t see the problem and said to give them more info.. But they didn’t tell me what other info they want or need? Gave them all i have about the issue and my info and such. So I’m trying to muddle through without receiving presents in my game. I contacted EA again so maybe.. Fingers crossed!

              • Sorry, Susan. Don’t know of any fix. But one time I dropped a present in the unpurchased ocean. I didn’t see it anywhere after that. Maybe it was stuck but still counts against the 5 dropped presents. Otherwise, presents can hide very well, especially behind other decorations.

              • Thank you! I thought about the water, maybe a shark got them or something.. I only know they aren’t in my town because i tore that place up looking! 😊 i did finally get reply from a game advisor at EA. Said i should post the issue on forums under the glitches and such. Also apologized for my lose.. Lol and said they will give me 10 pink yumyums for my frustration. Now they want me to send my email and game ID’s, (which were in the email they were responding to) I’m not sure how to do that though because there is no reply thing on their email. I tried to go through EA help but that won’t let me send the message, every time i hit submit the screen pops up for add atachment, even added one to see if it would go and still keeps popping up, so have no clue how I’m supposed to give my info to get the donuts.. Oh well, all good anyhow, for now ☺ i got everything this go round, hope the next act will go well!

              • Congrats.

                For replying by email, can’t you just do “reply” anyways? I did that last time and all of the correspondence showed up next time we chatted.

              • I can’t even see a reply button anywhere on the page. Usually emails wild have a reply to but there isn’t even anything on the page. Tried to just send email to address it was from and got reply back today saying they no longer monitor that address and to go to help and use contact us, which i have been trying to do but as i said before it won’t let me send what i post either. Lol. I’m stuck in EA hell! Lol

    • I think there is a time limit.. I don’t know what it is though. I had 2 missing that eventually cleared themselves (I believe). Of course now I have 3 missing again same as you I scour and can’t find them. frustrating.. I even try to leave a clear dropping place but no one uses it lol. sigh*

  13. I only get 30 actions per day. It’s been like this since the beginning. It wasn’t like this for the Halloween event.

  14. For the last few days I haven’t had the Naughty or Nice pop up when leaving presents in neighbours towns 😕

  15. Started paying attention to neighbour visits, as it seemed done too fast each day. Event currency (hat + ball) stops dropping at 45 per day, not 90. Is it just me that has this issue? Or do the hat + ball count together for 90 (i.e. 2 times 45)?

    • Everyone’s getting different numbers. You get 45 some are getting 50..

    • Neat theory. If the past events only rewarded 1 event related item, then this may be why it’s different this event.

      But, not completely correct, as I am getting a consistent 50 friend actions. The first 9 reward 3 hats each tap.

      So, in conclusion: *shrug*

      • Just did the math … same here. 50 friends actions but first 9 pay 3 hats each tap then the rest pay 1 each tap, for a total of 68 hats. Hmmm…odd payout.

    • I’ve found that I get 45 if I drop presents off with my neighbors before tapping all of the merrymakers and 50 if I wait till I’m finished. I don’t know if this is true for everyone but mine are counting for my total. Try waiting till you’ve completed the actions and see if you get 50.

      • Interesting hypothesis for why some are getting only 45. I don’t really want to try it, but maybe for science I must!

        • Is anything better than science? To quote one Principal Skinner: “Ah, there’s nothing more exciting than science. You get all the fun of sitting still, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention… Science has it all.”

      • I dropped all five of my presents off, then started tapping merrymakers. I still was able to tap 50 of them.

        You said you dropped gifts while you tapped merrymakers. I’m sure I’ve done that, but I guess I’ll have to try it integratedly tomorrow and keep track to be sure.

  16. Got presents in my town can’t be found answer u got any ideas

  17. I only got 4 presents to start…so I couldn’t even complete the daily task…two days later and I still haven’t gotten any more presents to place at a neighbors…anyone else have this issue?

  18. I only get payout for 50 neighbor actions per day. It’s been that way for past events where it was supposed to be 90 actions as well. I contacted EA back then, but they didn’t care and still don’t. Luckily I’m high enough level the loss won’t prevent me getting all the Act rewards. One weird glitch associated with it is my first 3 neighbors (9 actions) yield 3 hats instead of only one, so I’m getting 68 hats, which is slightly better than 50, but still not the full 90.

  19. I was number 1 for about…a day lol. Then I stayed around 3 or 4, and now I’m all the way down to 10! But it’s nice that I’m 8th in your game lol.

    My list top 10 is
    1 natxinhaah
    2 brooooooders
    3 tapebelt
    4 you!
    5 1G33K
    6 twilight
    7 A-Fallen-Angel
    8 Sandra
    9 Lee
    10 me

    They’re all pretty much 100% nice for the most part. My naughtiest neighbour is number 83 out of 100. Hah!

    • Ooops! This was supposed to be in reply to simp7fan.

    • Wow, my Top 10 is littered with naughties. Only have 2 neighbours in the Top 10 who are over 66% nice: Pimp in 6th place and 1Wys in 10th. Aside from those two and me, the other 7 are below 50% nice.

      My 11 to 20 has a lot of nice people in it though, including Simp7fan in 11th, my sister Anne_Zaidi in 13th, Sandra in 16th, GranmaDar in 18th, and lucdrm in 20th all over 80% nice.

      • wow that’s terrible! you might wanna start thinking about moving into beautywood… 😉 but seriously, i personally would have a problem with my top neighbors being naughties. in my top 10, only one is below 66% (in 7th), top 20 has three total, top 50 has nine total, with 21 total in my entire list of 100 neighbors below 66%. and if i made the decision to cut all my neighbors that couldn’t/wouldn’t stay above 50%, i’d only have to cut 12.

        yup, i love mah neighboreenos! 🎁

      • I was hoping I wasn’t Pimp…. I fear autocorrect. 😁

  20. This is a classic implementation of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The only rational thing to do is to always “Be Naughty”, unless you can communicate with the other person and both agree to “Be Nice”.'s_dilemma

    • That’s absolutely not the most rational thing to do. Even if a one-off dilemma gives advantage to the sqealer, this is a long-term prisoner’s dilemma. If you’re always naughty, you ARE going to get fewer presents. We only get five a day, and no one is going to waste that on a naughty neighbor. You also might find your friends list shrinking.
      The most rational thing is for everyone to always be nice. If everyone is always naughty, everyone is much worse off than if everyone is always nice.
      I’ve always been nice, and I have a tidy sum of bows to show for it because most of my neighbors are also nice. And those who are naughty get no more gifts from me. The bottom of my leaderboard is starting to fill with naughty people who have likely been blacklisted by their neighbors. It’s an extremely poor long-term strategy.

    • You’re right it’s the Prisoner’s Dilemma, but you’ve misread (or that article has misstated) the best approach. If we all agree to play Nice, then we’ll all come out ahead as a group. Most of the folks here seem to be on board with that and, when they get a Naughty from someone, they generally either don’t send them another present again or, in some cases, even un-friend them. (Plus, some folks are giving preference to people whose meters show that they are playing mostly Nice.)

      So, if you have a bunch of neighbors from here, I suggest that you take the Nice route…

      • Of course this assumes that people have worked out how this all works…

        I’m way behind hitting this last act 1 target, never been like that before, normally at least a couple of days before. I suppose that the short changing on the friendly visits hasn’t hled

  21. Is the daily neighbour actions really 90 before you stop earning hats and baubles? I see a lot of posts from people only getting 45 or 50.

    I’m getting 50. I counted it through twice now and left well over 24 hours between my last two neighbour visits. If it really should be 90 I’ll be on to EA to see about my missing hats and baubles (over 200 of each now), so it would be fantastic for some confirmations that the maximum number is really 90 before I go complaining…


    • It’s all over the place. Should be 90 like past events…but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. And everyone’s getting different results..and honestly only EA knows how they actually intended for it to work. So I doubt they’ll refund the hats and baubles for it…they’ll just say your game is working a intended..

  22. I remember in a past TSTO xmas event where I found presents in the water… A place I never would have thought to look… I haven’t checked there yet this event… I don’t like that there are so few presents to give and too few neighbor rewards considering I have many neighbors to visit. I bought the reward ticket cuz I will be missing two days play per week…. I am disapointed that the amount of neighbor actions are fewer so less rewards received…

    • I’ve been frequently dropping presents in the water, if it’s not too cluttered with boardwalks and islands and such, because it’s often the biggest open expanse in a person’s town, so the present won’t get lost behind a building. (Plus, I really like the little “bobbing” animation they have for it, lol!)

  23. I am starting to wonder if playing naughty or nice has something to do with neighbor visit rewards. That is, how many hats you earn in how many towns ( not bows. – I know about those)

  24. I’m also having a problem with not getting my full 90 actions! I only got 45. Please help

  25. There are three presents lost in my town somewhere and after spending a total time of somewhere near 3 hours combine through every panel, I can’t find them! Friends–if you’re dropping Naughty and leaving presents in hard to find places–NOT COOL.

    • How do you know there are three? Just curious, so I can use same way of knowing 🙂

    • It’s not usually done intentionally…it’s hard to tell exactly where in one’s view the gift will actually land. Many times I’ve thought I’ve centered on some nice open road, only to find that the present dropped further down and to the right, behind some building.

      Also, are you sure that there are 3 presents “hidden” in your town? I often get notifications that some stranger (who’s not in my neighborhood) has left me a present, which, of course, is not true. The only time I believe the notifications is when I recognize it as my neighbor’s name.

      Finally, the easiest way to spot hidden presents is to go into move mode and turn off the visibility of the buildings and monorail. Makes it much easier to find them!

      • You can only have 5 presents at once in your city. If you have a second account you will get an error that there are to many presents in the city. I have the same problem. I can only drop 2 presents in my city. There must be 3 other presents in my city but after hours of searching i just cant find them.

  26. I got only 45 Friend Actions…

  27. I skipped visiting neighbors yesterday to make sure the clock reset for Sunday. When I tried today, I was only able to visit 15 neighbors (45 taps) and then I no longer could collect hats.

  28. 😊

  29. 🎁hi all. Posted the other day about a problem I’m having with not being able to receive gifts in my town. The max number allowed message shows but there are, to the best of my ability to look, no gifts anywhere? I have used the hide buildings tip, have moved buildings to look behind them. Have even did uninstall /reinstall. Still can not find whatever gifts it says i am maxed out with. I do not have perfect vision but after 3 or 4 days of searching high and low for these presents i am sure i would have found them by now if they were there.. I get 5 every 24 hrs to drop with no problems, just can’t have anyone leave any for me. Very frustrating! Any ideas? Thanks much!

    • I think its bugged. I have the same problem. When I visit my town with my second account I can see a present on a location but on the account, there is no present on that location. 8(

  30. Replying to view comments 🙂

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