Christmas 2015 101: Hot Squishee Station

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) from the Addicts community for helping me out and writing this post!  

Howdy Hey, Tappers!

Christmas is upon us and the festivities are just warming up! We’ve got Merrymakers roaming the streets of Springfield, looking for jolly times and hot beverages. That’s where this little shack of deliciousness comes in:


The Hot Squishy Station is FREE and unlocks via the Barty It’s Cold Outside questline. Turbo tapping guide is here.

So, what does this shack of warm, squishy scrumptiousness do for you and your town?  Let’s break down the how-to, what to and finer details of this shack….

Let’s start with the basics…

What does the Hot Squishy Station Do?

Basically, it allows you to clear Merrymakers more quickly. Each time you upgrade it, your tap radius (how many Merrymakers you can get in one tap) is increased.

How Do I Get The Hot Squishy Station?

As mentioned above, you’ll get it for FREE once you’ve started Barty It’s Cold Outside questline. Once you place it, you’ll see this popup:

2015-12-09 05.46.30

Who can buy at the Squishee Station?

Only a select group of youngsters can buy Hot Squishees, which is a four-hour task:

Youngster Stamps Earned
Bart 2
Database 2
Jimbo 4
Kearney 4
Martin 2
Milhouse 2
Nelson 2
Ralph 2
Sherri and Terri 4
Squeaky-Voiced Teen 4
Uter 4


The task to Buy Hot Squishee costs nothing and earns no XP. It only earns Loyalty Stamps.

As always, premium characters earn at a higher rate.

You just tap on the Station and you’ll see the box popup to send the kids on the task.  This is also how you upgrade:


This menu can only be accessed via the Hot Squishee Station, not through the event hub. For the record, the event hub is the trophy with the Santa hat on it:

2015-12-09 03.28.09

How Do I Upgrade the Station?

You have to send kids to the Hot Squishy Station to buy hot squishees, which will earn loyalty stamps. (20px-Winter_2015_Loyalty_Stamp) You use the stamps to pay for each upgrade.


If you see the Loyalty Card icon over the Hot Squishee Station, that means you have characters available to send to upgrade…


How Many Levels Are There?

No max.  So if you’re upgrading to hit the max, you won’t.

How much does each level cost?

Each level will cost six loyalty stamps more than the one before (or 6 stamps X the level). So, level 1 requires six stamps, level 2 requires 12 stamps and so forth. I’m including a table for those that dislike math, or for any oddballs like me that love tables:

Level Loyalty Stamps Earned
1 6
2 12
3 18
4 24
5 30
6 36
7 42
8 48
9 54
10 60
11 66 (you get the idea)


You will actually spend the stamps to level up, so there is no cumulative effect on earning them like there is with the hats and the event prizes.

When Should I Stop Upgrading? And Is It Worth it?

That’s really up to you. The kids are needed for some other tasks occasionally, like upgrading the Snowman. But, as far as I can see, there is no downside to upgrading to your heart’s content. Upgrading is not required and if you choose not to, it will not stall your progress in the event. The only ongoing benefit to upgrading is the increased tapping radius. The Barty It’s Cold Outside questline stops at part 6, which requires you to reach level 20 and completing it will earn you 600 hats (100 hats for each part you complete). So, for the hats alone it is worth upgrading to at least level 20.

And that my friends concludes the details on the Hot Squishee Stand!

What are your thoughts on the Hot Squishee Stand?  Plans for upgrading? What Level are you currently on?  What do you think about it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Special thanks again to Kim (kimberlyah794) for helping me out and writing this post!  

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  1. does upgrading this have any effect in act 3? it is still upgradable, doesnt say anything about bears though..

  2. I think its boring and pointless. If there was a way of getting prizes for the effort it would be worth it.

  3. Ok. What exactly does “More Sugar Rush Power” DO?

    Its not increased tap effect radius. It is listed in *addition* to increased tap radius.

    Anyone have any clue? (I am hoping it temporarily increases the repopulation rate of the Merrymakers or the chances of them dropping bonus currency…)

    [Or is it an artifact from a lazy-ass programmer reusing the code from the Halloween game mechanic that did the same sort of thing? LOL ^,^ ]

    Knight0Errant (and his LadyCyrna)
    [ Non-vandal, good neighboreenos welcome]

  4. I put everything in my inventory so I could reorganize everything, any ideas as to where it is in the inventory? I can’t seem to find it.

  5. im almost at 20 the range doesnt seem that much bigger I only do it when I dont have Christmas item task for the gang to do.

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