Christmas 2015 Act 2 is Live!

Quick Tip:  Craft the X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular for 20 craftingbows 40 craftingornamentASAP, it pays out Mistletoe  (THERE IS A BUG WITH THIS PERTAINING TO WEEKLY CHALLENGES.  See this post:

SIDE NOTE BUNNY: As I keep seeing this same thing in the comments, I will just put the information up here instead of copy and paste over n over in comments below. You MUST have your Characters free for any of the Questlines to trigger in Act 2. If they were stuck in say… the Snowman or Gingerbread House Tasks from Act 1, those are still timing down… so you will either HAVE to wait until they are done and you can get them out or store their buildings they came with to pull them out right away(if an option). Either way, they all MUST be free for the Questline Progression. (Mainly Homer, Lisa, Moe, and later Krusty.)

If you can’t find a Character, it is most likely they are stuck in the Snowman or Gingerbread House Tasks. It won’t be until they are done that the icon will show for you to tap and clear them. While trapped there, they can’t be used for any other tasks… including Questlines and for the Petting Zoo.

Of course, try the Basics too… like force close the app and restart device if a task seems “stuck” and “DO IT” won’t show.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time!  Act 2 is upon us!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Lisa will start things off for you

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

2015-12-09 00.17.10

New Prize Currency for Act 2..

Tapped_Out_Mistletoe Mistletoe 

You’ll earn Mistletoe similar to the same way you earned Santa Hats in Act 1, but with different buildings/items to upgrade.

-Tapping Merrymakers will earn you Mistletoe (they’ll still earn 3/tap…)

-You can also earn Mistletoe via the Daily Prize Combo.  So basically Login everyday and you’ll earn Mistletoe

2015-12-19 08.25.15

-They’ll also be awarded when you complete the MAIN questline, Turbo Tappin’ will be up later…

-You will also earn Mistletoe by upgrading the various buildings that will popup during Act 2.  (follow the questline…)

Note: you will NOT earn Mistletoe from the Snowman, Gingerbread House or Wooly Bully.  Those all now only earn cash.  


smallpresent_00_menu smallpresent_00_menu (1)

Yes, they’re still around for Act 2 and work exactly the same as they did in Act 1.

Act 2 Personal Prizes

yourrembrandt_menuPicture on a Rembrandt- 2,850 Tapped_Out_Mistletoe

abercrombierich_menuAbercrombie & Rich- 10.250 Tapped_Out_Mistletoe

landofchocolateshop_menuChocolate Shoppe- 19,250 Tapped_Out_Mistletoe

buckinghammotel_menuBuckingham Pay-Less Motel- 27,450 Tapped_Out_Mistletoe

unlock_comicbookguy_festivusFestivus Comic Book Guy- 35,250 Tapped_Out_Mistletoe

Act 1 Prizes

IF you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT ONE PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright by each one left at the point you left off at. (just like every other event)

New Craftables Added

efcotcenter_menuEFCOT Center- 1,123craftingbows 1,286 craftingornament

irregulartrees_menuX-mas Trees Slightly Irregular- 20 craftingbows 40 craftingornament (Craft this ASAP, it pays out Mistletoe)

giantoutdoorfireplace_menuGiant Outdoor Fireplace- 1,095 craftingornament

icecouchgag_menuIce Sculpture Couch Gag Scene- 522 craftingbows 714 craftingornament

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_3 (1)Festive Wreath Lamp Post x3- 96 craftingornament

Tapped_Out_Festive_Candy_CaneFestive Candy Cane x3- 96 craftingornament

Lisa_SnowmanLisa Snowman- 79craftingbows

Tapped_Out_Grampa_SnowmanGrampa Snowman- 79craftingbows


Act 1 Craftables

Act 1 Craftables have disappeared from the Craftng Menu.  This is NOT how it should have happened, at least not how the game indicated it should have.  Not sure if this is a bug or EA changed their mind.  Throughout ALL of Act 1 the Crafting Menu said Event Ends…it did not say anything about crafting while you can for X amount of days.  So if this intentional it’s VERY misleading by EA…


Personally, I would chat/call EA (you can contact them here) and complain about this.  Based on what the game said they should NOT have disappeared and it’s not right that they did.  So if it is a bug it needs to be reported, and if it was intentional than EA needs to hear that we’re ticked off about it…since the game never said they’d disappear.  (like it does for prizes)

New Items in the Store

All of the items below leave our stores when Act 2 ends 

New Stuff

pigofparadisepen_menuPig of Paradise Pen- 30 Donuts

woollymammothpen_menuWoolly Manmouth Pen- 30 Donuts

landoctopuspen_menuLand Octopus Pen- 35 Donuts

unlock_sophiekrustofskySophie Krustofski- Sophie was added the other day  110 Donuts

YES, there will be Should I Buy posts on all of these…so please don’t ask…they’re coming.


charactersets_mrburns_ebenezerburnsEbenezer Burns- 50 Donuts Should I Buy

eggnogbar_menuEgg Nog Bar- 60 Donuts Should I Buy

First Christmas TreeFirst Ever Christmas Tree- 15 Donuts More Info

nativity2Nativity Scene- 175 Donuts More Info

unlock_annualgiftmanAnnual Gift Man- 45 Donuts More Info

Ralph Little Helper Eat Yellow Snow 1 toyfactory_menuLittle Helper Ralph and Toy Workshop- 75 Donuts (available for 50 Donuts if you already have the Workshop and only need Ralph) More Info (according to the game files this should be in stores…I have this in ALL of my games unfortunately so I cannot verify for 100% sure)

santasworkshop_menuSanta’s Workshop- 70 Donuts Should I Buy

Festive PlungerFestive Light Plunger- 55 Donuts More info

I won’t be doing new Should I Buy posts on the returning items.  Check out the older posts for details on them.  If there’s no should I buy for it, check out the rundown post and details…that’ll explain what it is/does and help you make a decision.  


You can NO LONGER upgrade the Gingerbread House or the Snowman for free.  They were exclusive to Act 1.  If you didn’t finish and would like to finish upgrading them it’ll now cost you donuts.

4 Buildings/Decorations for Upgrading in Act 2.  These will all help earn you more Mistletoe.  We’ll break them all down in more detailed posts…but here are the buildings (each has 3 levels to upgrade to):

exoticpettingzoo01_menuExotic Petting Zoo 

reindeertruck01_menuReindeer Burger Truck

moonshineshack01_menuMoonshine Shack

fortressoflonelitude01_menuFortress of Lonelitude

The questline will trigger each one of these…when in doubt work on the questline.  That will guide you through everything.  Don’t ignore it…

And that my friends is the details of Act 2 of Christmas!  Since today’s Saturday, not too many details beyond this post will be up today.  So feel free to help each other out in the comments below.

What are you’re thoughts on Act 2?  Excited about the prizes?  How about the new items? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hi there! I recently bought a new phone and was able to log in to a game that I started years ago. I’m on level 16 and started the exotic petting zoo challenge. It says that I’m on level 2 of 3 and there’s no challenges listed. It says I can upgrade to the next level for 86 donuts. Is it a bug in my game? Or has level 3 not started yet? I don’t think I finished all the questlines in level 2

  2. Thanks Alissa!! Your family sure has a cute little sweetie pie!! Well I’m going to craft away now! Thanks again, Gailyn aka gpikky

  3. Happy New Year 2016 to all!!!🎉
    Sorry if this has been asked already but should you craft things to use up all of the bows & baubbles before act 2 ends so you don’t lose them?
    Happy Tapping – Gailyn aka gpikky
    (PS- not getting any posts again. Think they are going to that other website again)

  4. Hi there! Not sure if this has already been addressed, but in regards to the four new upgrades (specifically the Fortress of Lonelitude), when will the purple sludge stuff from when each of the characters vandalized each other’s buildings disappear? All of the other graffiti/trash on the other attractions disappeared after I completed the Oh Come All Ye… Task. Is this a glitch? Is there anyway to make the sludge disappear? I tried putting it in my inventory and placing it again, but it is still there. Thank you!!

    (Add jeanniesmithh5)

  5. Is there going to be an Act 3? The timer says the even ends in 2 days…

  6. Is that the babysitter bandit shoveling in the loading screen animation?!?!??

  7. I hope after this season ends, when we go to our friends towns , that we can vandalize the truck, fortress, zoo, and shack!

  8. Is there a way to get more then your average 10 presents a day?

  9. Anyone else having a problem with Festivus CBG? I bought it and it has a tick by his picture but the quest won’t start and when you check CBG the costume isn’t showing!

  10. Elizabeth Odonnell

    Not impressed just purchased the snow globe for 225 donuts and all I got was the snow globe, didn’t get everything that was promised !

  11. Sorry if this was already asked and answered. Are there characters that earn mistletoe? I was tapping away and thought I saw someone with it but clicked to fast to see.
    Again sorry to ask, you have full permission to reach threw and slap me upside the head

  12. Do the EFCOT Center and Giant Outdoor Fireplace provide any kind of pay-out besides looking pretty?

  13. Do the act 2 Craftables come with bonus % like in thoh 15? Thanks if you let me know

  14. I’m stuck on bow collecting, apologies if you already covered it, but is it still only neighbors dropping presents in your town to receive bows?

  15. LOL I like how 95% of recent comments complain about the X-mas trees slightly irregular glitch…I bet you’re just about done, Alissa XD

  16. After seeing the chaos on the slightly irregular tree, I’m glad I was “saving up” for the Efcot Center! I do alas still have a question though. I seem to be having trouble with the bauble collecting. I feel like no matter how many merry makers I tap, I never get enough of those darn baubles. I get to my friends every day and max out but still don’t seem to get enough to make it look like I will get all of the crafts this round. I have an excess of bows though! Any other ways to get baubles?

  17. So I crafted the Slightly irregular Christmas trees over the weekend, and now it’s the daily challenge. I tried putting it back in my inventory and placing it again, but no luck. Any suggestions?

  18. I can’t see what I’m typing bc it’s cutting half off but is this top post about the x-mad tree craft challenge. I crafted it yesterday & it still wants me to craft it but I can’t do any more. THANK YOU!!

  19. Is there any bonus % coming with one of these Craftables?

  20. i’m having an issue with the excessive gingerbread house at stage 3. I finished one. Mission, now I no longer have any missions listed for it and the only option I have is to pay donuts to get to level 4. Anyone else have this issue?

  21. What a joke agree with the last comment.already had it not.ny fualt im ahead wheres my challenge thing this game does my head alot i got the best simpons that i have built abd alissa shut up contact ea would love to if thwy didnt make 100 fooken checkpoints

  22. What if you’ve already put down the irregular trees before act 2 started . Why doesn’t it register that you’ve bought it like every other time a challenge starts?

  23. So I purchased slightly irregular Christmas trees asap and now the shopkeeper challenge requires me to craft and place it. But I can’t make more than 1. At this point seems no way to advance the shopkeepers challenge.

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