Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular Week 3 Challenge Bug (FIXED 12/22)

UPDATE: As of 5 pm EST 12/22 the patch has arrived and the bug is fixed!


UPDATE BUNNY 12/21: Per notes on EA forum post…

Admin note: The studio is aware of the issue and is currently investigating. Please stay tuned for updates.

So hang in there. They’re on it. 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

LOADS of reports about a glitch concerning the first challenge of Week 3’s weekly challenge.  I’m in the US, and it won’t unlock for me for another few hours so I can’t verify myself…BUT enough of you are reporting it and an issue with it to warrant a post.

The first challenge of Week 3 is to Craft and Place Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular.  However, if you’ve already done this (and why wouldn’t you have, since it earns Mistletoe?) the game is not allowing the task to complete.  It doesn’t recognize that you’ve already crafted and placed it, and no amount of storing/replacing or hard closing/restarting (or going to Krustyland) will fix it.  This is a true bug..and not a fun one.

So what can you do?  Let’s take a look…


The good news?  It’s only the first day’s challenge and you’ll have a full week to complete it.  So EA has some time to release a patch for it and we won’t miss out on those donuts.  (remember you DO NOT need to complete the challenge for the next one to unlock.  The next day’s challenge will automatically unlock when the time is up for it…)

The bad news?  This means you’re stuck…for now.  And that stinks.

What can you do?  Well, first if you haven’t already crafted the trees, DON’T.  Wait until the challenge unlocks and then craft it. That way you avoid this mess all together.

If you’ve already crafted them…like many of you (myself included) because it makes good sense since it earns Mistletoe…best thing to do is contact EA and sit tight.  You can contact them via the website OR you can add your name to the thread on the EA help page forum.   You can find that thread here.  (or you can do both 😉 )

However, just make sure you contact them if it’s impacting you too.  Don’t just sit around and wait for others to do it for you.  The more reports EA gets about it the quicker they’ll be to fix it…so light em up!

Hope this helps clarify the issue for some of you…for those in the US it’ll help give you a heads up about what may happen tomorrow morning.

P.S…don’t expect a fix tonight (Sunday in the US) or right away Monday morning.  Remember EA is based in Pacific Time in the US and the bug happened on a Sunday in the US.  So it’ll take some time for the programmers to write up the code once they return Monday morning.  So please try to be patient.  🙂

316 responses to “Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular Week 3 Challenge Bug (FIXED 12/22)

  1. This game is an interesting challenge and I hope to see more 2016 Christmas lights.

  2. I can’t even access the project board. It just makes the sound effect but no action can be applied. All of my recycle and dump is full I cannot move forward.

  3. I’m already on act 3 and have Maggie. I haven’t had a problem with any of the Maggie challenges that is until today. The quest was for Marge to walk Maggie but, it wasn’t highlighted. Never the less I did it anyway thinking it would work it’s self out but, now I’ve had Marge walk her twice and it just doesn’t regester??? I don’t want this to keep me from moving foward. Has anyone else had this issue? And if not what’s going on???

  4. This event is still going on?!? I no longer have any of the event options. No crafting or event currency would there be a reason for this? I am so confused lol

  5. I am at level 10 after playing a few years ago, and losing everything. Anyways, I no longer see an option to buy the mystery box. I have looked everywhere, is it still available to buy with donuts?

  6. Anybody know why my current level 40 game has started over when I went from my old kindle tablet to my new kindle tablet? I downloaded the game on my new tab and it’s the same account on both but it loaded from the beginning not at my level 40 game. Is there something I’m missing?

  7. I have been unable to make my springfielders go carolling and I’m wondering if its because I couldn’t build any of the petting zoo and all because i don’t have Moe yet or if its because i don’t have Christmas lights. Would like the bonuts but that is the only task I could not complete.

  8. Somehow I lost over 200 donuts!! It now says I only have 88… This is frustrating. I didn’t buy anything.

  9. It says above the issue is fixed (as of Sunday evening), but I am still stuck with the game not registering my irregular trees (Tuesday 12/22, 10:42pm, EST)…

  10. Don’t expect patches on Mondays, right? I’m glad I was so busy yesterday that today I had more down time and could focus on the game a bit. Happy with the patch. (No bonuts for our troubles, though….)

  11. The patch should be released in the US now, I just completed it!!!

  12. Already 23th in Japan and nothing. Still stuck!

  13. Michelle pearson

    Yeah, glitch fixed in England. Thank you for the EA team sorting this out so quickly 😊 X

  14. Glitch fixed! Ireland, midnight xxx

  15. Just got the patch, but it still doesn’t complete the weekly challenge for me 🙁

  16. It seems that there is an automatic download that fixes the irregular tree glitch. I’ve just been awarded the prize for completing the first of this weeks challenges! Yay!!!

  17. I have the Christmas glitch as well

  18. Just got the fix patch! Merry Christmas n Happy Tapping 🌲⛄🎄🎁

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