Where Did THAT Come From – Springfield Orphanage

Christmas is over, the Wookiee’s getting fat… time to put a penny in the fuzzball’s hat… (a penny for my thoughts I guess).

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


Woo hoo! It’s still holiday time in TSTO and all of it came lots of goodness.  Wookiee chiming in with origins for most of it.  That’s right friends… it’s time again for me to dip into my noggin of Simpsons info and write about specific stuff. For this post I will be going over the second prize that was available in Act I of the 2015 TSTO Holiday Event for 5800 Santa hats… the Springfield Orphanage. But what does this building have to do with the Best. Show. Ever. and Christmas? Does it connect to Patches and Poor Violet?  Let’s take a look at the TV Series to find out.

The first glimpse I remember of the Orphanage was in “Treehouse of Horror VI” (S7:E6) in the “Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores” segment. It all revolves around giant advertising mascots coming to life courtesy of an ionic storm. The solution to stopping their rampage is to not look at them. They’d disappear like the “Where’s the Beef?” lady once ignored. Thank goodness Paul Anka showed up with a clever jingle to help the Springfieldianites accomplish this. When they all fall over… Babe the Blue Ox manages to demolish none other than the Springfield Orphanage.

Springfield Orphanage Babe the Blue Ox Simpsons

ALthough that’s obviously different than our TSTO building, the next appearance in “Goo Goo Gai Pan” (S16:E12) is spot on. The episode is definitely snowy which comes in handy for Selma when she starts experiences hot flashes. Poor Selma is at the end of the line and sad she can’t have children. Adoption is the answer and she heads to the Springfield Orphanage to get a baby. Too bad Cletus accidentally turned in a baby and it’s not up for adoption at the Baby Pound.

Springfield Orphanage Simpsons

Have no fear… a lot of us know Selma ends up adopting Ling Bouvier from China but this post isn’t about her. Heading to “Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?” (S21:E8), we get one more appearance for this building. In this one, Bart realizes that he’d really like a brother. It’s another episode which starts with snow (possibly a prerequisite for where EA pulled all their goodies to ease design). Anyone besides me we’d gotten a bully make nerds mush task?

Bullys make Nerds Mush like sled dogs Simpsons

A power outage results in a fashion show with Bart’s sisters. Bart realizes he doesn’t have a bond like Maggie and Lisa and wants a brother. I mean… even Peyton and Eli have a brother.

Eli and Peyton Manning Simpsons

Bart tries to convince/trick his parents with a romantic dinner and the Kama Sutra to give him a brother without results. When he interferes with Marge’s reproductive freedom by replacing her BCPs with Tac-Tics, enough is enough. Even worse, if he’d succeeded, he could have gotten another sister. Off to the Orphanage it is for a new bro.

Springfield Orphanage Simpsons Adopt American

So there you go friends. Adopt American and all that goodness. I kinda dig the last version the best but oh well.  I’m sure they picked the one that made sense with Ling for a reason.  What do you think of the Orphanage? Where’d you put it? Sound off in the comments and happy holiday tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. I didn’t finish the vandalism events and now my Act 2 projects – my Moonshine Shack and my Krusty truck – seem to be permanently vandalized. Can I do something about it? You’d think I could swap out the ugly facades or have some kind of choice about it. Anyone else going through this? I am so sad, had so much work to upgrade it =(

    • My game still triggered the Questlines for them to be cleaned up in Act 3

    • I am in the same position with my moonshine shack. No more quests to clear and although I can change the facades as it’s fully upgraded they are all vandalised. I’m not fussed enough to contact EA about it but it is a little ugly!

    • In my b-game I am stuck with a purple and green fortress of solitude, for all three incarnations. Fortunately, in that case I like the vandalised look better.

  2. About the penny, do you mind if I mail it?

  3. If it’s all the same to you Wookie, all I can offer is a Nickel. Being Canadian we no longer have pennies, so can’t put one in your hat. Besides, with the exchange, our nickel is about the same as your penny anyway, actually the U.S. penny may be even worth more lol.

    • We may not officially have the penny anymore, but I still have wayyyy too many lying around in various jars, bowls, etc. I can send all those!!

    • I said no to the pennies but a real Canadian nickel… how could I pass that up?

      • Deal, I’ll send it in the mail today, since I wasn’t able to complete the Christmas presents I’m making for the three of you in time 🙁 Still working on it.

      • Oh, but we need to find you the real old school one in the octagon shape (might have been a hexagon – actually can’t quite remember). They’re almost solid nickel from the mine in Thunder Bay (which is an awesome tour if you ever find yourself that way, but since it’s rather far north in the middle of nowhere, odds aren’t good… ;)))

        Btw – to my fellow Canadian tappers – A nice lady at Royal Bank gave me a few of these plastic baggies. Basically, no need to count, just dump all your pennies in there, and when they hit the marked line, the bank gives you $20 for them. Bags are free so head in today and ask for one if you’re trying to get rid of most of your stash. Don’t know if other banks have them or not.

  4. I like this orphanage design the best out of the three they could have went with👍🏼👍🏼

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