Where Did THAT Come From: Bear Cave & Imaginary Bears

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?
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This post I will be going over the Origin of the Bear Cave & those wandering Imaginary Bears with PacifiersWhat is with the wildlife in our games? Why is that Bear sucking on a Pacifier? What do they have to do with Act 3 of the Event? Let’s take a look at the TV Series and find out.



Season 1, Episode 7: The Call of the Simpsons
Bart is moaning and grumbling about mowing the lawn with the ancient trimmers they have, while next door Tod is on a powered mower complete with umbrella. Homer is trying to tell Bart to not be so jealous of the Flanders and try to live up to their standards, he wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, when Ned pulls up in an awesome RV. Homer has to do something. He doesn’t want Ned to outdo him, so off to the RV dealership he goes.

Of course at the RV dealership, Homer has his eye on something there is no way he can afford and ends up settling with… a… ummm… let’s just say I am surprised the thing was able to get out of the parking lot. Lol. Homer takes it by Flanders house to show it off to Ned and make him jealous, then heads up to the mountains with the family. Homer of course takes the “off road” route and ends up barely dangling off of a cliff in the RV with the family. Luckily they all make it out just in time before it crashes and explodes below.

Homer's RV

Homer seems pretty happy to now have stranded the family in the wilderness with no food, shelter, or any idea as to where they are. After creating a make shift shelter, Homer and Bart head off to find some more items to help them. Maggie waddles along behind them. Lisa is a lil worried about this, but Marge feels she is in good hands. D’OH! They didn’t realize she was even following them, so when she made her lil sucking noise on her binky, they mistook it for a rattle snake and ran off as fast as they could deeper into the woods… leaving lil Maggie behind alone.

While wandering alone, Maggie encounters a very angry and roaring Bear. As it comes in closer to her face, she shoves a yellow binky into its mouth. The Bear starts to suck away on the binky and seems pretty content.

Bear with Pacifier

The Bear takes Maggie back to its cave to meet the other Bears in it’s family. They seem to have taken to her as one of their own cubs. They even go so far as venturing out into the woods to other campgrounds to steal items to make her happy. Like bottles, dollies, various toys, and even a night light.

Bears in Cave

Maggie seems quite content snuggled among all the other sleeping Bears.

Bears in Cave sleeping

The Bears did try to return Maggie while Marge was being interviewed by New Media (they think a Naked lost Homer in the woods covered in mud is actually Big Foot), but they Bears are shooed away… Maggie riding on one of their backs. Bigfoot Homer and Nakey Bart covered in leaves stumble into the Bear Cave smelling food. The Bears were about to attack them when Maggie waved them off.

Maggie waves goodbye to her furry friends as she leaves with Homer and Bart. They all look really sad to see her leave. At least one of them still has the Yellow Binky she gave to it.

Bears in Cave with Pacifier



Season 15, Episode 5: The Fat and the Furriest
Homer got a bit carried away with “Marge’s” present, The Kitchen Carnival. It has Carmel, Makes Cotton Candy, and Deep Fries anything. He decided to make an 80lb giant ball using it all. He loved it so much he took it with him everywhere. After a while it started to attract Ants, Birds, Cats, and Flanders’. Marge had enough and told Homer it was time he got rid of it. Off to the Springfield Dump. As Homer tossed the massive sugar ball into the ravine, he was attacked by a Bear.

Bear attacking Homer

The Next day, he realized it was all taped as Kent Brockman showed a clip of the attack on Kent’s Cowards. It shows that Homer’s crying and sniveling made the Bear even feel sorry for Homer and give up, leaving him crying at the Dump.

Bear and crying Homer

At the Plant, every that saw the show teased him. Even Burns got in on it using his Polar Bear from his Office to chase down Homer for a laugh. No matter where he goes he just can’t get away from Bears. Stuffed Bears, the Bernstein Bears, Gummi Bears, Teddy Grahams, and even the Snuggle Fabric Bear. He starts having visions of nothing but Bears coming after him.

Bears Bears Bears

He ends up going to Grant Connor Hunter for help. Surrounded by Giant Stuffed Grizzlies and a Bear Skin Rug, Homer gets the courage to confront his fears…

Bears in Hunter lodge

which backfires due to Lenny & Carl taking his Bear Tracker batteries for their radio. Once again, Homer is attacked by the Bear and carried off to the Bear’s Cave.

Bear Cave

Back at the Bear’s Cave, Homer learns the Bear was just trying to get someone to help him take off the Tracker. It was shocking the Bear and putting it in a lot of pain. Homer pulls it off and tries it on himself, but quickly regrets it.

Bear and Homer in Cave

The Bear and Homer become good friends going for walks in the forest, raiding campground food supplies, and even escaping the Hunter trying to get the Bear to the Wildlife Sanctuary. He succeeds and the Bear is in a safe place… or maybe not. Seems an Elephant that looks a lot like Stampy is there to fight with the Bear.

Bear and Stampy


Now Bears do pop up again now and then throughout the TV Series. Here are a few more times they are seen.

Season 6, Episode 9: Homer Badman
It seems that Bears can even have Talk Shows. In this episode, the Bear’s name and the Talk Show name are the same, Ben.

Ben the Bear Talk Show


Season 7, Episode 23: Much Apu About Nothing
This episode starts out with a Bear. One that seems to have wandered out of the woods and into Springfield, specifically right onto the Simpsons front lawn. Homer attempts to crawl out of the house to go get some beer so he is not trapped in his house without it, but fails miserably and ends up right in front of the Bear. Wiggum shows up to knock the Bear out with some tranquilizer darts… which he manages after shooting Barney first. The U.S. Forest Service hauls the sleeping Bear off.

Bear in Springfield

Of course Homer and the townsfolk take this one time occurrence in 30 years as a Bear Invasion and storm the Town Hall to get the Bear Infestation in control. Quimby puts massive Bear Patrols in place. That backfires terribly when they are charges a Bear Patrol Tax. So Quimby turns it into an immigration issue and the Bears are soon forgotten.


Season 11, Episode 14: Alone Again, Natura-Diddly
The Simpson Family is in the Springfield Nature Preserve. While Lisa is talking to Homer about “taking out what you pack in” you see a Bear come out of the woods and toss it in a garbage can.

Bear Tossing Purse


Season 11, Episode 18: Days of Wine and D’ohses
Bart and Lisa are trying to capture the perfect picture for the cover of the Phone Book. They end up at the top of Mt Springfield. Bart tosses one of the bulbs from the camera into a patch of grass while it is still hot, starting a firey blaze trapping the kids. A now sober Barney takes the Helicopter lessons he’s been having and uses them to fly the Copter into the Mountains to save the kids, but he doesn’t quite make it. He realizes the only way it is going to happen is if he takes a drink. Homer won’t let him though and drinks the 6 pack before Barney can.

They make it to the kids and lower a rope ladder for them to climb up on, but it seems a Bear wants to get out first and climbs up the ladder ahead of them. Homer cuts the ladder and the Bear falls back into the forest.

Bear falling from Helicopter


Season 15, Episode 16: The Wandering Juvie
Bart was broken out of Juvie by Gina by Gina Vendetti. She ends up dragging him through the forest to hide. Wiggum, in pursuit, swings by Cletus’ Farm to ask if he has seen either of them passing that direction. Cletus tells Wiggum his memory isn’t so good, but he whittles what he sees. He also whittles the future too… as he shows Wiggum being attacked by a Bear.

Bear Whittled by Cletus

Cut to a few minutes later when Cletus’ prediction is coming true.

Bear attacking Wiggum


There you have it, something big and fuzzy that only a Baby would love and we now have an item in our game for Donuts as well as many wandering Imaginary Bears sucking on a Binky (which is what I call them).

What did you think of the Origin? Did you remember seeing them in the Episode? Would you put a Pacifier in a Bear’s mouth? Do you remember seeing Bears any other times? Let us know.


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  1. The Tsto Master

    Bunny can I see your town without becoming neighbors

  2. Ou found another one! In Gump Roast during the They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons song, Bart gets a bear is one of the future episode ideas 😊🐻

    • Lol… my favorite part of that song which is now stuck in my head again (thanks) is “like Marge becomes a robot. Have no fears, we have stories for years.”

  3. I was really hoping for some mention of the bear from the Russian district of Springfield (Season 9, Episode 24, “Lost our Lisa”). The bear is standing upright, wearing skates, and a helicopter beanie, while proffering a tray of colored squares to Lisa. “Mah?” the bear asks. Upon a polite refusal, the bear laments plaintively, “Maaaaaahhh!”

  4. They should really add Gentle Ben!!!!

  5. There are a handful of Simpsons bits that still send me into uncontrollable, sustained laughter. S1E7 contains one of them: the bunny that instead of being caught in the snare is instead flung into the next county. I think it’s because even after the sound dies we still see the poor bunny going, going, going until it is over the horizon. I just know it has and will always put me in stitches. 😂

  6. bears are all very well, but is there anyone else who wants a task where maggie rides on spider-pig’s back?

  7. It turns out that the game file icon is called a Soother. Do Canadians write TSTO/The Simpsons?

  8. There are bears seen in the episode of “Rednecks and Broomsticks”, it reminds us of the Disney Attractions of “Country Bears Jamboree” during the opening segment with Cousin Zeke, Tennesse, etc.

  9. I really really want a bear for my town!! Stupid donuts! D’oh!!

  10. Not a bear sighting, but a reference to an imaginary bear from Season 14’s Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade.

    Lost in the forest and sleeping under a tree, Bart & Lisa are confronted by angry hillbillies and explain that they’ve gotten lost on their school field trip…then this magic happens:

    Hillbilly: That’s how Grandpappy wound up in these parts!
    Grandpappy Hillbilly: They was takin’ us to Capitol City to see the Nutcracker, an’ I wandered away from the group, I married a bear, an’ started up a family.
    Grammaw Hillbilly: I told you! I ain’t a bear!
    Grandpappy Hillbilly: Rawr, rawr, rawr! No one understands you, she-bear!

    No one understands me either :/

    PS You guys have so much going on…hope today went smoothly & you’re well, Bunny; how are those growth spurts going, Alyssa? Wookiee, I hope you’re able to maintain walking carpet status with all the goings-on over there!

  11. When these imaginary bears came into our game one of my first thoughts was Will we get a Bear-Fighting-Armor skin for Homer? As seen in the episode “The Fat and the Furriest” (which you didn’t even mention) -web searched it to prove I wasn’t crazy. Proof “not crazy” regarding that anyway. :p

    I know it’s unlikely Homer would wear this suit again in our game just because of Imaginary Bears, so maybe if they don’t offer the Imaginary Bear up for donuts after the event we may see them recycled for the future (like snakes from Whacking Day/THOH). I would like a Junior Campers and RV event with none-haunted tents etc. “The call of the Simpsons skins” such as Back to Nature Bart, Bigfoot Homer, and sure Maggie in Pink (why not?).

    Back to Nature Bart or “Nakey” Bart as Bunny liked to call him could be an event on it’s own, Homer and Marge seen in their birthday suits in a few episodes (as Adam and Eve as well as the Hot-Air Balloon sequence and the Glass ceilinged church), How does EA make this an event or theme you may wonder – Simple- bring Brad Goodman in “If it Feels Good, Do It” event, or “Be like the Boy” event. (So many various skin ideas if that happens). They don’t have to be “Bear”-naked (there, brought it back to the theme of the post) :p

    • “Marge, can we switch? I don’t trust these guys.” [or something very similar. No vids available.😠]

      • Total serendipity: FX just played the clip show that parodied Forrest Gump. I was off by one word: it was “trade” instead of “switch.”

    • Just gotta point out that “Fat and the Furriest” was the second episode she mentioned in this post.

      • What I meant to say is I didn’t see her mention Homer’s Suit within that section. Which I was surprised because I thought she would have liked his exposed rump (based on what she calls Birthday celebrations, which led me into my larger rant).

        Butt now that I’m back in this post commenting I learned about the passing of Grizzy Adams actor (which I never seen) and apearantly the bear on that show was called Ben, wonder if that was inspiration for Gentle Ben.

        Finally if we do get a Bear in the game with tasks I hope it has a task called Demonstrate the Second Amendment :p

  12. After reading the part about “The fat and the furriest” I’m now hoping we get the caramel candy floss ball and when tapped says “maybe we should get rid of her” referring to marge.

  13. I remember these season 01 bears being a big part of the Simpsons arcade game from Konami.

  14. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Thanks, Bunny. Hope your Friday, and everyone’s Friday, goes well.
    Sending forth positive energy – hey, it’s raining here, so we are celebrating.

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