Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread. The Simpsons are all new tonight, AND we got an episode tie-in to go along with it, what do you think will happen in tonight’s episode?  The Maggie Act of the Winter Event ends this week, how are you doing?  Which prizes have you unlocked so far?  What do you think will be the next even/update?
How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?
The NFL playoffs are in full swing….is your team in?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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  1. Hey there! ****

  2. Last 🙂

  3. So bummed….today was the first time that I failed to find Maggie…I think she was on the Simsons house, but I swear I didn’t see here there. And I it would have been my donut-earning round, too. 🙁

    • I missed out today too and also would have been a donut day. She was invisible and even when I got the times up message and she was “shown” she was still invisible. I didn’t have the glitch before and I hope some “fix” doesn’t mean I have it now.

  4. Erm….7 hummingbird ? I just tagged your mo’s. Sorry! Just slipped when travelling down to your squid port. Feel free to tag back or smack me bum lol stiggygd331 aka gilly

  5. The last two times I played Where’s Maggie, I found her and tapped her and around her until my clock ran out and then got the “Oops” message! One time was a fluke but twice is super annoying! Anyone else have this problem?

  6. I just sent everyone on 24 hours tasks for the weekend….including Maggie! This wouldn’t have been so bad if I had first played Where’s Maggie, then with the 16 hour wait that would only be 8 hours lost….

    *sigh* When will they let us store the Simpson house or let us store other non-building characters indirectly?

    (I carefully put aside characters needed for monorail and dsh by sending them on their jobs, then did 24h at the job manager. Maggie eludes me a bit…Even though I was planning to play the game right after. Dumb me.)

    • Actually, if Maggie is on an outdoor task, you CAN store her to stop the task. Downside being if her task is inside the Simpson house, then you can’t.

      • Totally. I’ve stored her a few times, when she was outside. Just that this time I made the wrong mistake… Well, 16 hours to go. Hah, I’m getting used to waiting 16 hours now. Funny about that since it is not one of the standard times (such as at the job manager). I agree with others that she really needs a 16 hour task.

        (Thanks for the conversation. I interpret it as “sympathy”. 😀 )

        • I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point or another with a character, I’ve seen a few mention that an event just started as they put Homer on a 24 hour task. Sucks when it happens, but it does. As for the conversation, you are welcome 🙂

          • Yeah, I’ve heard that. I guess I’m one of the sad masses now. Back to playing Where’s Maggie again, btw. Back to bonuts.

          • Another reason why I never use 24-hour tasks. In fact, unless it’s because you enjoy seeing a particul animation, I can’t understand why anyone uses 24-hour tasks, now that we have the Unemployment Office!

            • I’ll answer that since I’m the one who did it. I am trying to set 24 hour tasks on the weekend so I can attempt to focus on home-type things. The weekend is safe for not having access to Homer and other main characters (though they, specifically, are usually at SH or monorail, grinding), since events and updates usually hit Tuesday to Thursday. This gives me more breathing room. I can send them on 24h the same time each day for a couple days. If it were 8h, I might be off by a few hours and not get 3 in anyway. Instead I get to not worry about being on time more than once a day.

  7. Hope everyone in the path of the massive snow storm is keeping safe and warm indoors! & I hope your internet keeps working cos then it’s perfect tapping time!

    Watching CNN is almost like watching ‘The Day After Tomorrow’!

    I know someone who is supposed to be flying home to South Africa from New York on Sunday – not looking promising… And their excuse for missing work will be Snow! It’s 30+ degrees Celsius here – would you believe them? 😄

    Take care everyone!

  8. If you don’t have Netflix, you might want to think about getting it at some point…

  9. Due to the recent issue with the package offering the Barney skin for free, while people that have Barney, have to pay more money if they want the skin, I have contacted EA. Said representative I spoke with, was very unhelpful, only said she would pass the information along to her superior, and for me to voice my concern on the EA forum which I have done.

    For those wishing to express your concern to EA regarding the current Barney skin frusteration (Current purchasers getting the skin for free in the package and not just the discounted price while people that have Barney have to shell out more donuts if they want it) I have opened a forum on EA’s server. Let our voices be heard, long term customers should not be forgotton.

    The forum can be found at:

  10. I just got a 6s and wow does everything look so different! And fast, so very fast. 😃

  11. *sigh* poor Maggie, I wonder if she realizes now that the event is over, she probably experienced her last walk with Marge, since majority of us will put both characters on single character 8 hour task instead of tasks that double up. Teaching the toddler harsh realities at such a young age, even though she is technically 27 if she were to age with each running season 😀 (or older since she was already born long before the first aired episode)

  12. Two questions….

    First, what does the premium pacifier bear do when you tap him?

    Second, has anyone played the “Where’s Maggie?” game since the take-down? I’m thinking Maggie will be much easier to spot without the snow on top of all of the buildings, but I won’t be able to see for myself until tomorrow morning.

    • Can’t answer the first but just played the Maggie game and I actually found it more difficult. Not sure why because I rely on sound first then sight. I did find her, just took me a bit longer than usual.

      Might take a period of adjustment though. The first time I played it (in the snow) I struggled but then I’d find her in just a matter of seconds, usually. Hope it goes back to being that “easy.”

    • 1. The bear stands up and sucks the pacifier.

      2. Difficulty seems to be about the same. She’s so small.

    • If you want to try before you buy, I have the bear in my town, got it this morning.

  13. Can anyone help? After I updated today I could “zoom out” further than normal. Icons, menus and fonts were smaller. I liked it much better. When I went back 4 hours later it was back to normal. This also occurred briefly at last update. Is there a way to adjust to the smaller font and icons so I can see more of my town at once?
    I play on a Samsung Note 5.

  14. Does anyone know if ***** is legit? I’ve been playing for ages and don’t want to risk my account.

  15. Have we ever found out who won the baby pool? I think I was in the running with the date and gender correct. 🙂

    • Winners were emailed and prizes sent back in December. With Christmas we just didn’t get a chance to post it

    • I like your snow village! Could/would you post a pic now that it’s green? Or would you care to be neighbors? 🙂

      • I can post a new pic tomorrow, but I have a couple spots open and would love to be neighbors. My id is ellieguseman. 🙂

        • Sent you a friend request. Fair warning, you’re going to be knocked down a spot on the Springfield Heights leaderboard. 😀

          • Nooooooo!!!

          • you both can send me one if you’d like… i would, but i have a queue of pending requests, and so the game won’t let me. dunno how we’ll compare on the leaderboard (nor do i care to be honest), but fair warning, i’m like chumbawamba: i get knocked down, but i get up again, you never gonna keep me down!

            • Chumbawamba, that brings me back. Makes me want to listen to…Sublime haha. I really don’t care about the leaderboard either, just giving Ellie a hard time since we had discussed it earlier. You are in the top spot though. 🙂

          • Sent a friend request your way, Tapebelt. 🙂

          • “alexa, play sublime”

            early in the morning, risin’ to the street /
            light me up that cigarette and I’ll strap shoes on my feet /
            got to find a reason, a reason things went wrong /
            got to find a reason why my money’s all gone /
            i got a dalmatian, and I can still get high /
            i can play the guitar like a mother fuckin’ riot /

            one of my favorite song intros, brings back a flood of memories. never liked cigarettes either, we just always emphasized the bit after dalmation… 😉

            as for the leaderboard…. you didn’t even crack my top 10! 😉

          • whoa double wink, too much coffee this morning must be making my eye twitch…

          • Tapebelt and Davidbo33 you pushed me to number 4 on my leaderboard. I guess I’ll have to get moving on Heights again. 🙂

            • Tape gave us his “fair warning” and now I’ll give you mine. If you pass me…then I’ll just stayed passed lol. 😄

              I do plan on doing something with my SH land, when I have some time, and when I do I might want some more decorations (I have some in storage) but until then I’ll be staying put. 🙂

        • If you have room , I’d like to have you as a neighbour too . I’ll send you a request later today ( Thurs ) You’ll see me as philgadd11929 . 🙂

        • The green village looks great, too, but something about the snow really sets it off. Might be the ski lift. Obviously they’re around in summer and spring, but they really only belong in winter (I mean in the “real” world, not just TSTO). 🙂

          • I agree. The green is okay, but it looked so much more natural with snow. :(I wish we had snow tiles like we have Squidport tiles, so you could have some snow if you want, but not the whole town.

  16. Finally got to go so the new Star Wars movie yesterday (in IMAX 3-D!). Really enjoyed it….much better than the prequel trilogy. Funny and sad and a great ride, too! (Oh, and I had movie popcorn, with lots of butter, for the first time in ages….yum!!)

    • I loved it! Saw it twice, first in regular format and then in imax3D. Usually I’m not into the 3D because it makes me nauseous and dizzy but this was filmed so well I didn’t experience any of that. Don’t you just love BB8? such a cute droid, reminded me a lot of Wall-E.

      • Better in 3d? Better in IMAX? Any particular scene the best on either of those formats.

        • The whole experience was just way more immersive with the whole IMAX 3-D thing. (Although I have to admit that, a couple of times, the big ship felt like it was invading my “personal space”…I actually reached out to try and move it back about a foot or two at one point, but it didn’t work.)

          • I like my personal space. 😛

            • Fortunately, that only happened twice, each time for less than a minute. The rest of the time, it maintained a respectful distance.

              • That’s good. And you said you wore spectacles? I do, and 3d doesn’t ever seem to work right for me. Some scene is always 3d-blurry. You ever have that issue? Was it absent at the IMAX?

              • It seemed blurry during the trailers (before I put on my “spectacles” and I think maybe even a bit after), but the movie itself was completely fine about 98% of the time. (I think there’s also a certain amount of adapting your brain does as time goes on.)

                The reason I don’t usually wear glasses but I think they were helpful for this is that I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. So, most of the time, each eye just does what it’s good at and I don’t really need glasses (unless I’m driving somewhere unfamiliar and need to be able to read road signs as far ahead as possible). But I think for 3D you need both eyes corrected to be the same, which is why I even thought to bring my glasses into the theater with me in the first place.

          • Aside from the big ship, I really didn’t find the 3D aspect was worth the price. Don’t get me wrong, loved the movie, but probably would have enjoyed just the same in normal vision.

        • We went to the IMAX for the sound and it did not disappoint. Everything was so much crisper and clearer. The 3D had so much depth, it was like you could walk right onto the set.

      • Yes, he was cute and really well “animated” – a much better option to appeal to kids than the awful Jar-Jar was!

        I know what you mean about the IMAX 3-D… Before the movie started, there was a trailer for a different movie and that was making me kind of dizzy/queasy, so I was a bit worried, but, once Star Wars started, no problem at all! I wonder if it depends on whether the movie was made for 3-D, rather than adapted afterwards? (It may have also helped that, after the trailer, I decided to put on my prescription glasses, which I rarely wear, but threw into my bag just in case.)

        • I’m not sure how all that 3D works but I feel like with the big Disney budget they were able to do some top of the line stuff. And fun fact- BB8 was an actual prop, not cgi! I love everything about that.

          • I did know that about BB-8…that’s why I put “animated” in quotes. I meant more “animated” as in “make seem alive” rather than “animated” as in CGI or stop-motion or whatever.

          • Yeah, they actually made remote control BB-8 toys, I presume they work much the same way, although not to the same scale as the movie version (Unless they made a replica, which I don’t know)

    • Sounds cool. I didn’t see it in 3d (nor IMAX) but I saw at least two shots that were so obviously for 3d display. That blaster shot felt a bit out of place. Was it more enjoyable in its intended 3d?

      • Personally I didn’t find the 3D was needed for what it was used. Sure a few scenes were cool but the whole movie would have been just as good without in my opinion.

        • Thanks. I saw one shot, a few in, and that’s when I stopped looking for “3d scenes”. It was a destroyer (I’m not sure I have the right terms) flying in from the fourth wall. That’s a classic shot from before anyone was worried about 3d, from the originals.

          • Yup, that’s pretty much all the “3D” I saw of the movie also, for the House of Mouse I was expecting a bit more. Even the battle scenes didn’t seem 3d-ish to me.

  17. Happy Tuesday, open thread! Got Gerald last night, and just in time too, I’m set to auto update. Everything is so bright green and pretty, the snow was fun for a bit but I’m ready for all the colors again!

    I fiiiiiiiinally watched Toy Story, I know, Alissa, I know! And loved it of course! One of my favorite lines was when Woody called Buzz “lite beer” under his breath. hahaha! I’ve been on the rides a few times at Disney, and they’re both super fun but next time I’ll get the full Toy Story experience out of it.

    Who’s ready for baseball? This girl! After weeks of debating if we were gonna go to Mexico or Disney in March, we made a spur of the moment decision and booked a trip to Phillies spring training! This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s happening- woo hoo! We’re going to see two games, vs Pirates and vs Orioles and got great seats right behind home plate for both. Of course I gotta take one day to go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter too! I can’t wait!

    • Ugh I’m so jealous! We were supposed to go last Spring but the MLB Schedule wouldn’t allow hubby to travel. And this year well it’s a little too early to take Miss. Riley to a baseball game at that point…plus I don’t know that work will enjoy me taking MORE time off after being out for 3 months lol But we LOVE Clearwater! Let me know if you want restaurant recommendations and things to do. That’s like one of our favorite vacation spots! We usually go there for a couple of days after Disney to decompress from the theme park lol

      And I can’t believe you’ve never seen Toy Story! Good thing you didn’t tell me that earlier, otherwise you’d be on “my list” 😉

      • not the LIST!! 😱😱😱

        I’d love some recommendations. We’re there Mon- Fri and need some stuff to do at night after the games.

        • I’ll email you. But make sure you take a day to go to the beach…it’s awesome

          • We’re def gonna check out the beautiful beach but isn’t it only around 70° in March? I’m always cold and 70 is chilly to me! There’s no way I’m getting in that water.

            • lol it’s the gulf water so it’s warmer. But you’ll have to check it out for yourself. It’s hit or miss..never the same each year. We went once in Nov. and it was great and could swim. We went again and it was freezing and couldn’t, just depends on the weather/storm situation etc.

  18. I am now an angry baby! WAAH! 👶👾

    (Talkin’ ’bout m’avatar.)

  19. Erica Daugherty

    I haven’t been able to log into my game for the past 2-3 days. I keep getting a “cannot connect to server” error message. Anyone else have this problem?

  20. So I’ve been getting the “over the item limit” notice for a while now. Sometimes, it pops up overtime I try to move a decoration (super annoying) and other times I don’t see it for a while. It says I have 6,500 objects in my town, and I’ve only been playing the game for 7 months!! I would love to keep playing for years, but at this rate, I will be up to 20,000 at some point. I know it just says to store stuff if you notice problems, but here is my question….

    What is the highest number of objects anyone has ever had live in their game without having problems?? Anyone surpass 10,000???

  21. I got a text earlier from a friend. His son, who is 5, was watching the Avengers and when Bruce Banner came on screen my friend quotes his son as saying, “Hey! He has glasses and curly hair like Dave. Dad! Dave must be the Hulk!”

    Kids can be very perceptive. 😉

  22. NOOOOO, my tablet’s display just died on me!!!

  23. Less than 24 hours to go!

    Everyone post your final Pacifier count.

    I’ve gotten 3 or 4 rounds of bonuts (losing my ability to keep track), working on the last round. Will post my total tonight.

    • 47,600 and counting! Doubt I’ll get to the next 4,000 but just need to find Maggie one last time for 3 more bonuts! This event was awesome but I’m ready for level 60!….hope they add a new friends prize also. Can’t even remember when the last one was added

    • I’ve only gotten one round so far and it’s gonna take a late night for me to get to the second (soooo close, but it’ll be a few hours).

    • Not going to make 3rd round of bonus 🙁 , posting 37,688 pacifiers.

    • Almost 38000

    • Just under 42,000 and hoping I can get another round of bonuts tomorrow before the force update.

    • 40597. I got two rounds of bonuts and haven’t visited friends since the tie in downloaded. I stopped tapping bears after my last bonuts this morning since they look so sad when I take their binkies. 🙂 I will miss the bears.

      • I think they look more surprised than sad. And then they go “poof” – so maybe they cease to exist and don’t miss their binkies…

        Do bears have thumbs? I sucked my thumb when I was little…not sure whether they even had pacifiers then, but, if they did, my parents didn’t use them with me. (Frankly, I think it’s a lot easier if you can teach your baby to suck his thumb instead….you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or dirty at an inopportune moment!)

        • Except that you can’t hide their thumbs from them. I’m not sure how you’d get them to stop. Just think of boys and their (edited).

          Ceasing to exist didn’t seem better. Have you seen Inside Out?

          • Oh, one of my words didn’t make the cut…or did it? One could say it has been circumcised. 😉

            (If that last word also gets edited, I’ll just make up another joke…it will be [edits] all the way down. :-P)

            (A running “gag”. B-) (Is this too close to PG13?))

          • I finished stopping sucking my thumb (I was down to just bedtime) when, at about 6, I went to a short-term sleepaway camp and I didn’t want anyone to see me sucking my thumb while I slept. Believe me, it does eventually stop, one way or the other — very few adults still suck their thumbs!

            As for the edited word, as a matter of fact, Bart just used it in this week’s episode (I remember actually thinking to myself “I guess that word would be okay on the site now”) I find it amusing when words used on the show get edited here. (I used “d*mn” here once and it got edited out, which I never expected! It’s certainly been used on the show lots of times and definitely fit my idea of “PG.” But, I respect the right of the mods to censor as they wish…they put in the time and money to give us this site, they get to decide what appears on it! 🙂

            • Well, just as the show plays with the censors, it’s almost part of the fun to try it here. (When it comes up naturally. I’m not trying to troll them.)

              I agree on how if a word literally appears on the show that it’s strange that it’s [edited]. The real question is, does that word appear in TSTO?

              That word was the subject of a commentary on the Friends DVD. They said they could use it the first couple seasons, but not the next 5, then they could again. The world of censorship is quite queer. 😉

            • I don’t know if I sucked my thumb or had a binky. (I appear to be becoming one of those old people that never was a child….) I just heard stories, plus I see similar attached-to-body issues with my son. He’s done with his binky but not done tugging on my hair. Losing those binkies was a good thing. 🙂

              I get your childhood fear thing. But what if a child has no fear? LOL!

              • Growing up should scare anyone

              • It does scare me. We grow old then we die. Don’t grow old…never die!

              • We live for just these 20 years
                Do we have to die for 50 more?
                -David Bowie “Young Americans”

              • Lol and today I got a letter from some investment company. I was like what the? I had a 401K I had totally forgotten about and finances are Greek to me. So I called my dad. Turns out I also have an IRA too but my parents control it well because they know me. So I’m rolling it over it something like that. I actually asked him if he and Mom could control it even though I’m 41 because well I know me. I’m never growing up.

              • LOL! So that’s what parents of adults are good for! hah

              • Yeah, I feel bad for my sister, when they die she’s going to have to take care of me. Poor girl, well that’s what you get for being the responsible one. They were doing their will and wanted to give me a bunch of land. They’re like it’s worth X amount of dollars and I’m just like, sounds like a pain in the hinney, just give it to her. I’ll be dead before her anyway and either way it’s going to my nephew.

              • “Oh, there you are, Peter!”

                And (more emphatically & relevantly)
                “Yeah, those are exactly my sentimonies!”

              • At some point, pretty much *all* children hit a point when they don’t want to be made fun of by their peers, if they can avoid it. And, if they don’t stop sucking their thumb, say, at night when they’re alone, then, so what? The worst thing that happens is that it pushes their top teeth out a bit and they need to get braces for a while. I doubt there are very many teenagers or adults who still suck their thumbs, but, if it acts as an effective soother, it sure beats a lot of “soothing” drugs or alcohol!

              • “Soothers” is now drug slang? Hehe!

                Not everyone gets braces. On the subject, I actually like non-perfect teeth. Maybe not the thumb-sucking caused kind, but some kinds. Perfect teeth are too. .. .perfect.

    • Craig (ibuylow2014)

      One hour to go and I have 39065 pacifiers. I need 337 to go for another round of bonuts. So, I will hope I can get them before the event removal update is required.

    • 43298 pacifiers. Just about 150 shy of my 4th bonus round. This thing continues past midnight. See y’all tomorrow.

      • Okay, got my last (4th) round of bonuts. But the next one seems to be 2 mornings away (unless I’m not calculating right), so I stop at 44195 pacifiers. I’m just sure a forced update is due by then, plus I am ready to be done and get my NPC bear!

        • I was at 44225 when the update went live…but I’m seeing if I can squeeze in one more bonut round before EA exterminates the bears (& snow).

          And holy turds, that [edits] all the way down business made me spray coffee all over my phone. Running *gag* indeed…

    • 36584, unlikely to get much higher than that. After getting Gerald, I mostly stopped tapping bears except on accident, so I didn’t really maximize my count. Still got some bonuts, though.

      • Why on earth would stop tapping bears “except on accident”?? Why would you give up getting as many bonuts as you could? (I mean, it’s one thing to decide to update as soon as the update came out — there are several reasons someone might want to do that — but to stop tapping bears while the event was still on? Madness I say….madness!

    • 36155 – no slide factory, maybe two friend visits. 2 bonut rounds, but not going for the third as it is 3300 bears away and I’m kinda ready for a break

      I find that getting to the game every 4 to 6 hours has always been enough to get through the quests. Let the town fill up with the 40-60 of whatever we’re taping on, clear them quickly, repeat.

      I throw my hat on the “let’s get the next level NOW pile”…..

  24. The random quests are a pain.

  25. They should create a way for us to trade in old monorail track pieces for blueprints so we can get a chance at earning straight tracks. The squiggly s- track pieces are useless.

  26. I currently have 119 playable characters, at least one of which is missing a task for each length of time with the job manager. Helen Lovejoy is missing a 1hr task (requires Shorty’s). Stampy is missing a 4hr (requires the Pet Shop). Mr. Teeny is missing an 8hr (also the Pet Shop). Neither Stampy nor Mr. Teeny has a single person 12hr task (Mr. Teeny’s requires Florence of Arabia; Stampy doesn’t even have one, which seems like an oversight because all my other characters have their own 1, 4, 8, 12, and 24hr tasks). Kodos is missing a 24hr task (requires Crashed UFO, which isn’t currently available).

    The job manager doesn’t recognize when characters are on a joint task. (I don’t think it recognizes if a character is on an event currency earning task either, but I’ve mostly had Marge walking Maggie so it wouldn’t show either way.) If I want to have the job manager to say I have all my characters on the same length task (and I do) I’ll need to drop some donuts, either on Shorty’s or the Pet Shop.

    • Pet Shop for realzies. For years Selma has been cuddling Jub Jub nonstop. One of my favorite animations.

      • That’s the way I’m leaning. For 30 donuts more than Shorty’s I’d get a character, the tasks for Stampy and Mr. Teeny, and the joint task with Selma. Plus Jub Jub is fantastic!

    • I had bought the pet shop for this reason, before I had unlocked Helen. Stampy and Mr. Teeny were friend prizes so I didn’t think it was too wrong that they were missing tasks. And they were animals, and that’s how it was before. But Helen was a level character, so it’s odd that she is missing one. Only saving grace on that is that she applied for premium character status. Which sorta means she costs 60 donuts. You are right about Stampy not having a single character 12 hour task (it requires Bart) and that doesn’t make sense considering all the added jobs that were given to prepare for the job manager.

      • Helen not having that one hour task has bugged me since she came into the game, but I guess it’s like you said, part of her being “premium.” I don’t use hour tasks as much as I once did so it bothers me less lately, but still, I’d like to have it available.

        Stampy not having his own 12 hour task does seem odd, even if it required a premium building, like Mr. Teeny’s. Not saying I want it too, but would make more sense.

    • They actually made it so the crashed UFO is not needed for that task anymore, if I’m thinking of the right task. I can do it in my game and don’t have the UFO

  27. Is the “find Maggie” portion of the game ending with Christmas? Or will it be around forever??

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