From the Mouths of Addicts: Goodbye 2015, and Thank You EA

The following post was submitted by one of our Addicts Regulars..Totbox.  Perhaps you’ve seen Tot in the comments a time or two ;)…


2015 is over and 2016 is upon us with MAGGIE, Baby Gerald, Baby SitterBandit, Mrs. Sinclair, Ling and other new characters to start off 2016. Whoo-Hoo!!

Before we start nitpicking on what we Still do not have in our game I want to Thank not only our great Admin here on The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts (Alissa, Bunny, and Wookie) but also want to thank EA.

So click “continue reading” if you wish to read more And hear about a fun Challenge…

I was looking back on a post titled “Hey EA!! Here’s some more of what the Addicts Want”  Long title, should have been called  “HEY EA!! COME ON!!!”. Anyway since the post was placed back in January 23 2015. I realized. THEY MUST HAVE LISTENED! (Or didn’t and was a pure happy coincidence)

If anyone forgotten 2015 was a BUSY year. We had a SuperHero event, Terwilliger event, pride month, Tap Ball, Springfield Heights (though there are mixed feelings on that),  MONORAIL, Nightmareish THOH and finally the beginning of Act 3 which I like to call the Baby event. And even more minor level updates and mini events. I looked at all that and know, I wouldn’t be able to talk about all the buildings, decorations and game play requests. My head can only spin so many times without falling off.

What I love more than Events is Characters. So I gathered the list of requested characters from that post and turns out we got a lot of what we asked for. So it’s appropriate to look at those and thank EA.

 (Ok so we didn’t get Troy McClure nor the Giant Toilet, nor these “random Addicts fans” but this was the picture from the post I’m referencing… It was either this or an image of Radioactive Man, let’s move on shall we)

Crazy Cat Lady, Radioactive Man, Dr. Colossus, Helen and Jessica Lovejoy, Cookie Kwan and Lindsay Naegle, Old Jewish Man, Krusty’s Daughter Sophie, Frank Grimes, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Captain Lance Murdock, Sideshow Bob and Cecil, Lunch Lady Dora(is), Herb Powell, Johnny Tightlips, Furious D, Spider Pig, Belle from Maison Derrière, Ruth and Laura Powers, Coach Krumpt, Michael D’Amico, Roscoe, and totals up to 24 (unless I missed some) :p  and that is just the characters requested from the old post. I didn’t even mention the other surprise characters we received.  Also some requested Skins made the cut, such as Bartman, Fallout Milhouse, Jockey Bart and Pin Pal Apu. So if you look back it was a decent year 🙂 so I want to say “Thank You EA” 😀

Cecil Make Amends

EA knows we are thankful but never contented (well I’m getting there). There are Names of characters we see time and time again. I can’t name them all but I want to propose a challenge. So we can make an updated “Hey EA!! Come On!!” Post :p

The Challenge that I’d like to call the “TOTBox Challenge” (or Think-Outside-The Box Challenge), more specifically the TOTBox Character request Challenge or Totbox List Challenge (TLC) … Whatever you what to call it.. The Challenge is This:

Go back to “Hey EA!! Here’s Some More of what the addicts Want Post” that I mentioned. Check out what hasn’t come into the game yet and Come Back Here in comments telling us your top 5 that already appeared on the list and no more than five that you want that don’t appear on that list. I’m really focused on Characters only and if successful we may try this again with the other categories (buildings, decoration, events, game play etc. but right now just characters) So no more than 10 characters and after that we can get someone (probably not me…) to tally up a new list for EA this year of 2016 so when 2017 comes we can see, compare and whatever we don’t get we can yell “Come On!!” :p

Thank you in advance to the Addicts that participate and thank you to EA for listening to us in the past and future and A Big Thanks to Alissa, Bunny and Wookie for helping in their own ways to get this Posted 🙂

image (1)

Anything else you’d like to Thank EA for (without sarcasm)? What did you think about TOTBox’s first attempt at a post (though multiple drafts, you didn’t see)? Any reason you don’t want to do this fun challenge? Leave your list of characters (via the Challenge) in the comments below. And as always the admin will wish to say “they love hearing from you” but you know there must be one or two they don’t, they are just being polite about it. :p

107 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Goodbye 2015, and Thank You EA

  1. Is somebody going to do a 2016 version? Please do somebody!

  2. Hi,
    Since i’ve been tappin’ right after the superhero event and i now see how many great skins there were in, could it be possible to put them in the store so i could at least get Pie man homer,the collector and bartman…the rest of the crew would also be fine..:-)

    • I doubt they’ll ever come back to the store permanently, but EA usually brings back old event skins/characters when they fit in with the current event or the occasional ‘yard sale’

      Keep an eye out, you never know.

  3. Mary Spuckler
    Allison Taylor
    The Octuplets
    Kearney Jr.
    Gloria (snake’s girlfriend)
    Judge Constance Harm
    Vicki Valentine
    Rabbi Hyman Krustofski
    Lady Gaga, love the episode with her.
    How fun would it be te have homer chase her around town in het meat dress, Lisa performing with her or Maggie dress up like Gaga.

  4. Hi there .. Relatively new player, lev 29 .. Has the Springfield U clan ever been a part of this game? That would be pretty succulent. Thanks ..

  5. I have only been playing tapped out for just over a year now. 11 months or so with friends. And I feel the past few months EA has been so good to us 🙂
    I don’t have a list of what I would like as I’m sure the list is big enough already with most people’s suggestions.
    But as Totbox has said, I owe a big thanks to the tsto addicts community. I’m not sure how long I would have continued to play this game without all the help this site offers. Can’t wait to see everything in store for us.

    And best part so far this year……I can store my rubbish…Woohoo 🙂 small addition but I love how I don’t need to have an area to put it all ‘encase I need it for any designs’. I think that is probably down to bunny’s designs that EA realises they have good uses 🙂

  6. Who Shot Mr. Burns event.

  7. I tried to collect all the responses so far so people could get a look at them… it was slightly longer than I expected when I started. Hopefully this helps a few people out.

    From List
    • Sarah Wiggum
    • Gabbo
    • Wendell
    • Bleeding Gums Murphy
    • Mona Simpson
    • Rabbi Krusofski
    • Ned Flander’s Parents
    • Mary Spuckler
    • Troy McClure
    • Lional Hutz
    • John Waters
    • Lieutenant L.T. Smash
    • Raphael, the sarcastic guy
    • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo
    • The Yakuza
    • Snake’s Girlfriend Gloria
    • Judge Constance Harm
    • Hanz Sprungfeld
    • Mulder and Skully
    • Senor Ding Dong
    • B Sharp skins
    • Roy
    • Lewis
    • Julio and Grady
    • Adil (The Albanian kid)
    • Gil

    Missing from List
    • Russ Cargill (From movie)
    • Dr. Hibbert’s kids
    • Apu’s Octuplets
    • Benovan Stanchiano
    • Pinchy
    • Itchy and Scratchy (as characters)
    • Robot Itchy and Scratchy
    • Maud Flanders (alive)
    • Mrs. Vanderbilt
    • “God”
    • Chazz Busby
    • Martin’s robot C.H.U.M.
    • Larry Burns
    • Mr. Bont
    • Mr. Burn’s Mother
    • Gravedigger billy
    • Ronald Reagan
    • Kipp Lennon
    • Pepi
    • Lester & Eliza
    • Richard Dean Anderson
    • Seth and Munchie
    • Shifty Eyed Dog
    • Band Cameos (Green day, Paul Mcatney, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, White Stripes, Metalica)
    • Frank Zappa
    • John (from “Homer’s Phobia”)
    • Rachel Jordan (singer Ned dates after Maude dies)
    • Sideshow Luke Perry (with Sandpaper and Pillow factories)
    • Colin (from Simpsons movie)
    • King Homer (jewel encrusted, solid gold homer)
    • Wall-E-Weasel
    • Homer’s College roomates
    • The other Superfriends
    • George Bush
    • Allison
    • Mesmerino
    • Chazz Busby
    • Francine (Lisa’s Bully)
    • Menthol Moose (for Patty & Selma quest line)
    • Space Coyote
    • Man & Woman from Screaming Monkey Medical Research
    • Veterinarian Guy
    • Wolfguy Jack (Hell’s Satans)
    • Laddy
    • Jaqcues Brunswick
    • Comptroller Atkins
    • Lou the cow
    • Amber & Ginger (Vegas Wives)
    • French Criminals (Bart exchange program)
    • The Eliminater
    • Lil Bandit
    • Kearney’s other son (other other son?)
    • Mr. Costington’s Daughter
    • Leopold
    • Trent Steel (Max Powers)
    • Hollis Hurlbut
    • Alex Whitney

    Sorry if a couple are in the wrong categories, tried to check previous post whenever possible.

    • Thank you for the Tally. I’ve been dreading doing that on my own, Hoping I can get Wookie to do it :p

      Now if I can only we can get him to do a new WAWW post for this year. If I can get another side project done, I might do a WA Totbox (or Addicts) Wants (trying to keep it simple based on what these folks suggested), maybe like a top ten out of everyone’s suggestions here. It would be nice to put a pole together or some why to show EA what things we are more serious list of what we want… Yet I have a feeling they might know by now :p

      • I was happy to help. Figured with all the time I spend on Addicts, I could afford a couple minutes to put the list together and make someone’s life easier.

        It actually went pretty fast… after I stopped looking up some of the obscure characters. Turns out that spending 5-10 minutes on the wiki for every second character, although entertaining, isn’t that productive.

  8. Here’s what I would like to see this year:

    New List:
    Trent Steel (Max Power ep)
    Hollis Hurlbut / Hans Sprungfeld
    Alex Whitney

    Old List:
    Rabbi Krustofski
    Mona Simpson

    I’d also really like to see the ‘Future’ simpsons in some way (ie President Lisa, Grown up maggie). Not sure if they would be skins, considering how different they would be for the kids, so listing them here.

  9. SIgn me on on dirt roads as well.

  10. I just want to add that Mulder & Scully were on my list, but if Mulder doesn’t have a permanent task where he shows his badge ~in a way we can actually *see* his photo~ (or an outside task to pose for said photo), I’m gonna be pretty put out.

    Because that, for me, would be the whole point of the Mulder.

  11. Good post Totbox,
    I don’t mind which characters get released, I’m easy going, but the Monorail and Maggie were the big things talked about for a long time and now we’ve got them, we do need to have a new top five that EA™ can pin on their fridge and work towards.

    The things I would like to see are ;
    dirt roads
    Marge’s car with Pretzel-Wagon skin

    🎈 🍩 🙂

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