Deep Space Homer “Easter Egg”: FREE DONUTS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So what’s better than floating potato chips?  Free donuts!

There’s a hidden “Easter Egg” in the Deep Space Homer Event that if you complete you’ll earn 5 FREE donuts!

So how do you get these free donuts?  It’s pretty simple…


Bart, Lisa & Marge all have a “hidden” 6hr task to Gather Space Food.  I say hidden because it’s not highlighted and doesn’t earn you star.

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If you send all 3 of them on the task once it’s completed, for all 3, you’ll be award 5 free donuts!

2016-01-22 05.45.22

Here’s a look at the dialogue associated with each task and earning the donuts…

Upon Bart Completing the Gather Space Food Task:

Bart: You know, it’s a lot easier to just buy regular food and write “Space” on the front of it.  Eggs – too fragile for space.  But write space on top and they’re good to go.

Upon Lisa Completing the Gather Space Food Task:

Lisa: If Springfield is ever going into space, they’ll need some hydratable omninutrional amalgamate to eat!
Homer: How much candy is in that, sweetie?
Lisa: None!  It’s dried soy mixed with green beets and synthetic B vitamins.
Homer: Maybe i’ll pack my own space lunch.

Upon Marge Completing the Gather Space Food Task:

Marge: I found that ultra-high proof space alcohol, just like you asked, Professor Frink.
Homer: Space martinis!  I knew there was a reason I put olives in my pockets.  Frink, you’ve thought of everything.
Frink: That alcohol is to replace the engine coolant, not to drink!
Homer: What happened to the original engine coolant?
Frink: You drank it.

Now there may be a slight delay…but once all three are complete you’ll see this popup:

Homer: Mm, that space foot was awful tasty.  Is there any left?
Frink: Homer!  That dehydrated food was enough to supply a pace mission for 62 months!  Whatever you do, don’t drink any water.  It will rehydrate the food causing your insides to explode.
Homer: Never drink water again – check.  Now for some freeze-dried dessert.

You’ll then be awarded the 5 free donuts…there may be a delay with the pop-up.  Just give it a second and you should see the 5 free donuts message.

And that’s it…the details behind the Deep Space Homer free donut “Easter Egg”!

What do you think about the “Easter Egg”?  Excited for the free donuts?  Did you see the tasks before or is this new info to you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

84 responses to “Deep Space Homer “Easter Egg”: FREE DONUTS!

  1. D’OH!!!!

  2. Aww I missed it. I even sent at least a few of them on this task but I mist have missed one. Oh well, you snooze, you lose.

  3. I didn’t receive my Easter egg because I don’t have the quests for anyone but Lisa and once she completed it that’s it no longer available

  4. I don’t have those tasks appearing and I am level 59. Completed all other steps.

  5. I did this and didnt get donuts.

  6. Getting donuts didn’t work for me…I sent them all and still no donuts

  7. Due to changes in my schedule, I haven’t been here on the site as often as I used to be. I didn’t see this tip until now. THANKS for the heads up. I will give it a try later. I hope it still works as I already completed the event.

  8. Thank you for this update Alissa (mmmm Donuts!) 🙂

  9. What will happen if I do it again?

  10. Always good to get free sprinkles

  11. This did not work for me either…..

  12. i have sent all 3 several times (both together and at different times) and no donuts. I didn’t even get the dialogue either.

  13. Didn’t work for me 🙁

  14. Just completed the Easter Egg and earned the donuts today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up!!!

  15. Do you have to send Marge, Bart and Lisa at the same time?

  16. I keep tapping Maggie when I find her but my taps don’t always register

  17. Do you have to send Marge, Bart and Lisa at the same time?

    • No, but you have to send each of them. In other words, sending someone twice won’t clear it

      • Thank you. 🙂
        BTW, I just posted that question again, because I did not see it on your site and thought that there was a technical issue and that I therfore have to post it again, sorry.

    • You have to tap the actual building Maggie is on, not Maggie. Tap the building like you would when you are picking it up to move it and you won’t have any problems.

  18. This might sound like a stupid question but to get the free donuts do we have to wait till we have completed the event or can I send them all on the jobs now?

  19. Best day ever. I got 10 donuts from the weekly prize box, three from maggie, five from the railyard and now these five. Plus i got two from tapping friends. 25 bonuts in one day! Woohoo.

    • Railyard? Guess I do not have that yet…

    • good stuff. if only i had your luck. i am still 31 donuts short of 250 for barney 🙁

      i don’t think i can make it unless i am playing diligently. i am still hoping a mystery box can save me. that’s why i will save my last option to play the mystery box for donuts on the last day of this event, in case i don’t get enough. can feel nausea coming up from too much TSTO…

  20. Anybody know if this works multiple times? I see the job is still there for all three characters, but I’m wondering if it will actually work after the first time…

  21. Wow, thanks for tip have seen the buy space food, but haven’t sent all three at same time, will as soon as all free?
    Also thanks for “chip” info my Bff & I were both wondering why chips, we knew to wait till you caught your breath & come back & our most precious Queen, would let us know 😉.

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