Deep Space Homer Prize Guide: Deep Space Homer and his Animations

Hey Howdy Hey Space Tappers!

The Deep Space Homer mini event hit our Springfield’s and with it arrived a whole bunch (ok a few) of Space Themed prizes for our Springfields!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the first 6 parts of Cheap Space Homer you’ll have to earn star via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.  Three of the 6 prizes are Deep Space Homer and animated tasks for him.  Prizes 2, 4 and 5 are all Deep Space Homer related…

2016-01-22 02.39.13

So let’s take a look at these Homer related prizes and just what happens when you unlock them in your Springfield…

As mentioned above these prizes unlock at various parts of the Cheap Space Homer questline.  Deep Space Homer will unlock once you’ve completed Cheap Space Homer Pt. 2…earning 10 star.  Once you’ve unlocked him you’ll automatically see his character unlock popup:

2016-01-22 02.40.40

And Deep Space Homer is part of the Deep Space Homer Character Collection…

2016-01-22 02.40.44

So this is a skin for Homer and there’s no additional questline associated with him.  But he is needed to continue along with the Deep Space Event.

Now once you unlock Deep Space Homer not every task will be unlocked.  You’ll unlock two additional outdoor/visual/animated tasks for him as you progress through the event.  Prizes 4 and 5 are both animated tasks for Homer.

Prize 4 unlocks the “Gather Inspect Specimens” Task…which is a hilarious 8hr outdoor task involving Homer and some Ants..


And prize 5 unlocks the Walk Like a Space Hero task, another fun 4hr outdoor task…

deepspacehomerwalkAgain these are both basically outdoor/visual tasks for Deep Space Homer, and nothing more.  I know some of you are questioning the animation…and saying you’re not seeing anything.  It’s simply an animated outdoor task…nothing more.  So if you watch Deep Space Homer and send him on those tasks you’ll see the animation… 🙂

Here’s a look at Deep Space Homer’s full task list (including Prizes 4 and 5):

Task Length Earns Location
Launch Space Ship 6s $35, 1xp Rocket Platform
Shop for Astro-Food 1hr $70, 17xp Kiwk-E-Mart
Put Out Rocket Fuel Fires 2hrs $110, 27xp Rocket Platform
Train as an Astronaut 3hrs $135, 35xp NARA Training Center
Walk Like a Hero 4hrs $175, 45xp Outdoor
Visit the Vast Waistband 7hrs $250, 60xp Vast Waistband
Gather Insect Speciments 8hrs $275, 70xp Outdoor
Eat Space Vodka 12hrs $420, 100xp NARA Training Center
Eat Potato Chips 24hrs $600, 150xp Hanger

And that’s it the complete breakdown on Deep Space Homer and his animations.

What are your thoughts on the Deep Space Homer and his animations?  Have you earned them yet? Did you enjoy the Deep Space Homer event?  Which prizes is your favorite?  What do you think will come next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

62 responses to “Deep Space Homer Prize Guide: Deep Space Homer and his Animations

  1. JibberJabberwocky

    Is it weird that I just got this task?? It’s 10 months later???

  2. Disappointed that Homer doesn’t eat any of those floating chips…

  3. The patch also disabled the rocket relaunch trick … I was hoping no one would mention this here so it would last longer. The three extra launches I got all gave debris which never arrived in my inventory. Now I have to wait 12 hours to “try” to launch … a bit disappointing but no complaints. This was a fun mini event and I love the omage to our shuttle astronauts … RIP

    • Yeah, they just made the rocket launch even lamer. I’ve only got debris and hail ants signs. Now I have to wait 12 hours just to get more junk… sigh

  4. Yesterday’s patch seems to have fixed Homer’s “launch anxiety”. He went ahead with his 6s launch task, after his rocket appeared (a few days late but better than never). Now, hopefully, I can catch up 🙂

  5. I think a lot of people are missing the point of the deep space homer mini event. Its really a nod to the challenger diaseter and to the lives of those who were lost on that mission.

  6. I got the “Gather Insect Specimens” Task which is amusing to see.
    By the way you it labeled as “Gather Inspect Specimens” in this post. 🙂

  7. I really like the new costumes as well as the animations. When do you think we will get a new content updated like a new level or a Gil deal? We got a new patch so I don’t know why we didn’t get a new content.

  8. Will thee be a Gil deal/ level update today?

  9. I havent been getting my debris from space anymore… Can’t find it anymore in my inventory, time to contact EA?

  10. So twice I’ve launched the rocket and received debris as the prize, however I can’t find them anywhere in my inventory. I have even tried visiting Krustyland and friends to refresh the game. Am I missing something?

    • Try just the beginning of the Inventory Pop Up screen. Not the individual icons. Just scroll right through them

      • I’ve looked there as well. I think I’m ready to give up on the rocket launch. All I’ve received is “Hail Ants” signs, which I don’t need, and debris that doesn’t show up into inventory. It’s almost as frustrating as getting curved monorail tracks when all you need is straight. 😉

  11. Anyone having issues with rewards from sending the rocket into space not showing up in inventory. I have successfully launched the rocket three times. The first time i was awarded debris. 4 pieces (one of each type) showed up in my inventory. The second and third time I was also awarded debris; however, when i went to check my inventory nothing was there. I Did all the basic troubleshooting, still nothing. Any thoughts? Am i missing something or is this a contact EA issue?

  12. I stored my rocket platform after hearing about the fact you could grab another one after storing. Now I brought it back and there’s no rocket on it and nothing else stored either. Any idea how to get the rocket back?

  13. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I did in fact just get a donut by cleaning up debris brought back from the rocket. Not sure if we we’re still wondering that. So yay!

  14. Nice outfit & tasks, but I keep everybody that has it in Stonecutter robes since those jobs pay premium. Including El Homo. 🙂


  15. So, my launch pad just burst into flame. What truly terrible timing.

  16. I have completed the mini game and now it’s started the mini game from the beginning again. Has this happened to anyone else?

  17. EA giving us standard outdoor tasks as “prizes” seemed lazy enough, but his “Put Out Rocket Fuel Fires” task was most disappointing. You’d think it would actually put out the rocket fires…

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      I agree that giving us Homer’s animated tasks as prizes was very cheap of them. I had thought that Homer’s eat chips and put out fire tasks would have been his original visual tasks and that the “animated prizes” were gonna extras, guess not. 🙁

    • I know, where is the S. Fire Department when you need them? (Nah, who needs them if Homer can non-visually take care of it alone… Sarcasim)

  18. I guess they’re not running out of ideas after all. The Deep Space Homer mini event could have been a much bigger thing than it was. If they were low on ideas I’m sure they’d have made it a full blown event. Looking forward to the next big one!

  19. Does the shuttle do anything besides catch fire and bring garbage from space?

  20. All this going into space is not without risks ….
    Today is 30 years since we lost the crew of the Challenger shuttle
    They gave their lives in the name of space travel
    Spare a thought as you tap …..

    • This was a tough day for my family as my Grampa was good friends with one of the crew. It was a serious blow to the space program and many involved.

    • Coincidentally I just watched 10 worst space disaster on YouTube today. I was looking for static electricity related experiments and was brought to that.

    • I remember not too long ago a clothing company (Abercrombie? American Apparel?) used a photo of the Challenger explosion to advertise the brand on social media…if I remember correctly some young intern mistook it for generic fireworks. I still can’t see those images or even think about them without feeling overcome with emotion and memories of the day. I’d just been pulled out of school because we were moving like the next day or something; we didn’t normally have a television around but my dad would pull out a little one for special occasions and he hooked it up for me so that I wouldn’t miss out, not being in class. I, of course, wanted to be an astronaut, and had followed Krista McAuliffe’s journey with great enthusiasm. That excitement and then the confusion and horror…seeing the shuttle explode affected me like nothing else until 9-11, and had a profound effect on my view of the world.

      Christa McAuliffe, Ellison S. Onizuka, Greg Jarvis, Judy Resnik, Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, and Ron McNair – thank you.

    • In Holland the News started with a news item about the Challenger disaster. I vividly rembered the disaster and I know where I was.

    • I was only 5 when I saw the Challenger explode live on tv, yet to this day I vividly remember it. I remember crying and being exceptionally sad over the death of the teacher, Sharon Christa McAuliffe. I even cried years later when my middle school class visited the memorial in Arlington Cemetery.

    • They were not the only ones. I remember the fire of Apollo 1 which killed 3 astronauts and the failed return of Columbia (7 casualties)

  21. Good episode. Seen it to many times but still like it. His walk around town heroically is good enough

    • The homer walking as astronaut scene reminded me of Armageddon. Also about a bunch of non astronauts trained to be astronaut to save human race like Homer.

  22. I would have loved to have an outdoor task, where Homer is floating midair hunting for the potato chips. It would be an easy task for Frinck to make it so

  23. It’s been a fun little quest. I was hoping during the Eat Potato Chips task (I finally did it today), he would actually eat the floating chips. He didn’t and went right into the shuttle.

  24. His 6s task will be a big boost to newer players needing fast cash…if they have time to grind it out!

  25. Animation prizes!!!! this is the coolest thing since they gave it to us right off the bat :p

    GIS task, it looked to me like it was him choking on potato chips but no, just freaking out about bugs.

    And his Eating Potato chips task isn’t visual?! (They teased us with floating chips and nothing)

    The rocket occationally getting debris and other stuff is the best prize (the gift that sometimes keeps giving), just hope to one day recieve some of that new debris and clean it up with a donut popping out.

    • Nope…it’s pretty annoying that it’s not visual.

    • I congradulate EA for trying to keep us busy but right now, I hate to say it but I’ve been looking for other apps (not to replace, but to play durring the hour by hour lack of action).

      [this next part is controversial (perhaps) so if it doesn’t make it into comments I understand: If I was Canadian, supposably I could download a new app (that looks like a matching game) F: Game of Drones. I didn’t want to say the F word because it might cause a rampage. I tried to download it but it said it wasn’t available in the U.S. yet :/ ]

    • I’m okay with the animations having to be rewarded. It is the same as for a questline, where you have to unlock some of the tasks.

  26. I sent Marge, Lisa, Bart on a 6 Hrs job to gather space food and I was awarded 5 donuts when they all completed their jobs. Did you or anyone else get this?

  27. I love Deep Space Homer and Barney. Love to watch Barney do
    cartwheels! I also enjoy the space ship and the animation with it .
    Got them all!
    Waiting for Level 60 to come to town. Working on Monorail in the

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