Diary of a Wookiee: Building an Airport/NARA Launch Facility

TSTO Space: the semi-final frontier (provided EA keeps adding land).  This is the voyage of your resident fuzzball.  His one post mission: to explore a design idea, to seek out why he doesn’t have a life or civilization (as in the descriptive idea of being civilized), to boldly go where let’s be honest a lot of people probably have gone before.

Still chuckling at myself for that pathetic attempt to start a post about town design and wondering why this Deep Space Homer Event has me all nostalgic for the famous opening lines of Star Trek.  I’m going to blame watching “Deep Space Homer” (S5:E15) and laughing at Barney and Homer during their astronaut training.

Deep Space Homer Star Trek Simpsons

Anyhoo… this event has been fun for me so far but getting to the point of this post… all this new NARA stuff has me itching to go over the idea of building your very own airport in TSTO.  If that sounds as good as astronaut ice cream to you, go ahead and click more.

So like I said, this new event brought some new fun additions to the game.  I really dig the Space Trianing Center, Rocket Launch Platform, and Shuttle Hanger that we could earn with this update.

Space_Training_Grounds Rocket_Launch_Platform Shuttle_Hangar

Of course, whenever you get new stuff, you have to ask yourself where it should go.  Luckily for me, I already had an area set aside where it made complete sense to me… my very own Springfield Airport.

Wookieetown Airfield TSTO

This is actually not the most original of ideas for a post as we did a Springfield Showoff for designs based on the Up, Up & Buffet back in February 2014, but as a year has gone by and I’d actually forgotten about it, I thought it might be fun to show my airport and some ideas for building your own.  I played around in my B Town to accomplish this.

I like using the Springfield Sign to hide elements of other buildings.  This turns the Springfield Skating Rink into an airplane hanger.  The Indoor Tennis Courts could also look like a hanger with some creative juices.

Photo Jan 24, 2 15 49 PM Photo Jan 24, 3 08 37 PM

Putting planes next to buildings can change perpective.  I really enjoy the combo of the Up, Up & Buffet with the Gulp ‘N’ Blow.  Now I have a fast food chain restaurant and a plane ready to take on passengers.  I also really like the idea of using the Sit ‘N’ Rotate as an airport restaurant.

Photo Jan 24, 2 18 08 PM Photo Jan 24, 3 13 17 PM

I also think the Super Collider and Frink-thetic Egg Generators could be used with the new NARA buildings to create a fun launch facility.

Photo Jan 24, 3 18 39 PM

There are a bunch of buildings and decorations I think could be incorporated into an airport in your town.  Here’s a not so short list…

BUILDINGS: Springfield Skating Rink, ZiffCorp Office Building, Indoor Tennis Courts, Springfield Observatory, Sit ‘N’ Rotate, The Little Black Box, Springfield Subatomic Supercollider, KBBL Radio, Gulp ‘N’ Blow, El Chemistri, Up, Up & Buffet!, Burns Slant-Drilling Co., Space Training Center, Shuttle Hanger, Tenta-Corp HQ, Zenith City Store Front, Castle Recycle, and The Sunsphere
DECORATIONS: Springfield Sign, Duff Blimp, Rocket Launch Pad, Space Shuttle Simulator, Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk I, Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk II, Victorian UFO, Helicopter, Oscar’s Obstacles Truck, Plow King’s Plow, Inanimate Rod Monument, Hover-Copter, Ghost Zapper, Wind Sock, Pylon, Concrete Wall, Gas Pump, Weather Station, and Various Billboards

Photo Jan 24, 3 05 39 AM

Of course, now that I’ve written this, EA will probably drop a proper airport in the game that won’t be nearly this size and make all my designing obsolete.  I won’t complain though.  I’ve been itching for a good excuse to blow up my town and start from scratch if I ever have the time or energy.  It’s be nice to have a proper terminal building to go with El Chemistri anyways.  Also would complain about more planes.

Springfield Airport Simpsons

Those Springfield Airport images come from “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” (S10:E23) and “Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson” (S23:E10).  So what do you think friends?  Thinking about maybe designing your own?  Have a design you already did that you’d like to share?  What’d you do with your new Deep Space Homer items?  Feel free to think of this as the return of the Springfield Showoff.  I’ve always missed those posts.  Sound off/share in the comments and as always… stay the classy tapping human beings that you are.  I’m off to blow up a TSTO Space Shuttle or three.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

35 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: Building an Airport/NARA Launch Facility

  1. Yale could use an international airport, Mr. Burns.

  2. So after spending the 10 mil and waiting the 3 day build time to replace the sunsphere with the sit & rotate to act as my air traffic control tower, I finally got it today and didn’t like it at all. After a lot of scanning around my town and through my inventory I decided to build my own out of modern mansion upgrade pieces.what I ended up with is far from perfect, but I like it better than the sunsphere or the sit & rotate. It’ll have to do until EA gives us proper airport buildings. Here ’tis:

  3. The Monsarno buildings look great with the nara stuff, too

  4. These are great ideas. I’m stealing the helicopters idea, haha. I might use my Tenta-Corp HQ for mine, it’s such a tall building I can’t find anywhere suitable to put it.

  5. Thanks Mr Wookiee! The airport – along with Springfield University – remains top of my Wishlist. I had a pretend airport for a while before blowing up my town just before Christmas and it was nowhere near as awesome as this. I decided not to include one in my new town because it looked so pathetic but you have inspired me to try again (El Chemistri – brilliant!).

  6. Thanks for the info on screenshots. Testing to see if this works. I just went with the new stuff for my space station but left some room incase anything else comes down the line that will fit


  7. Very nice Wookiee! I love how it’s right at the water, typical of many airports. Tapebelt – yours is great too. I love your use of 3D imagery in your town, something I’ve only just begun to dabble in. Hoping for just a teensy weensy bit of downtime between events to work on some design. The bottom and right bits of my town are basically new stuff hodge podged anywhere, and it’s really starting to bug me! Not easy, because I’m also determined to maintain some semblance of a real life and my husband and I have recently vowed no devices from when the kids come home until they’re in bed. Starting to affect our family and we all need to keep our priorities in line.

  8. What does everyone use to stitch their screenshots together? I’m on Kindle/android, but I also have an iphone. Anybody have a suggestion for an app that makes it quick and easy?
    As for the airport, I just spent the 10 mil to upgrade my air traffic control tower from the crummy sunsphere to the sit and rotate restaurant. Now my airport is exclusively restaurant buildings: up, up &buffet, el chemistri, and soon, sit and rotate. Thanks to the suggestions in this post I’m gonna add my whacking day windsock and maybe a gas pump or two. Also gonna check out how the work from home station looks by my rocket launch pad. Thanks.

    • i know there are some apps for android/ios that can stitch your photos, but i haven’t tried any of them. i just use photoshop on my laptop.

      and i sure wish they’d bring that wind sock back…..

    • I use AutoStitch Free on iPhone 6 & so far I’m impressed! The Free version only allows you to save as ‘Low’ quality but looks fine to me. So far most pics I’ve stitched together is 6 with no problems but it says it can do 30 or more… 😄

  9. I stored my rocket launch system and now it’s gone , I’ve been through my inventory and it ain’t there.where could it be?

  10. Pretty cool !!

  11. I love the gulp n blow idea I just may be adding an airport, thanks wookie: )

    • details of the spaceport are still being worked on, as well as the areas to the left of it. i’ve had an airport in my town for a while now though, and never intend to replace it… even if ea ends up giving us one. i’ll just put it up in sh somewhere or something…

  12. I’m wondering how to properly launch the space shuttle? I thought you could do it every 12 hours with the chance of winning prizes other than space debris. I got some debris on the initial launch and haven’t gotten anything after that after launching the shuttle. Any pointers on this???

  13. I used the Cracker Factory for a NARA Command Centre – the NARA building is the perfect size to hide the ‘Cracker Factory’ sign and the walls of windows work great with the space stuff. Throw in some chain link fences and some bomb shelters and it’s perfect!

  14. I’ll make this “plane” and simple, unless there is black smoke coming from the plane and an ‘Oceanic’ logo, I’m not incredably interested in an airport. Scratch that, maybe if it took me to Brazil or China or Australia or other Worldly destinations that the Simpson’s family have gone before.

    But I got to thank you for the post because I’m having Post no-post Tramatic Stress Dissorder :p (meaning I’m bored)

    With this NASA business and the up and coming Presidents Day I’ve been thinking will they Bring J.F.K. Into the game or R. Reagan? (Though Traditionally we don’t see presidents until July 4th time frame)… Just my mind wondering what’s next, trying to keep mentally busy.

    Even thinking about writing something myself, tried a couple of things and got either bored or found the subject complex.

  15. I miss the showoff! This is mine, posted in the Addicts Flickr group:

  16. I put my space stuff at the edge of town. Gonna hold off on manufacturing an airport to see if ones coming . I can see that being a new level

  17. I could probably duplicate that, maybe even make it look better except I’d have to wipe out a lot of my town to do it just so I got the room for it. My town is pretty filled, there is quite a bit of open spots except they’re all small spots that can’t hold that much stuff. I actually hope they do bring an airport to our towns actually, that would certainly give me the reason to wipe out a lot of my town in order to place it. I’d be willing to do that actually. But since they rly don’t have the materials that I want to do it with…I’m gonna hold off, I barely got room for the NARA stuff….my NARA area kind of looks cheap and boring

  18. Thanks, I was looking for ideas just the other day.

  19. One of my neighbors used Homer’s work from home station in their design, (you know who you are!) and it looks brilliant as a little rocket launch station.

  20. Wookiee I like your airport!! Thanks for sharing it.
    Gailyn aka gpikky

  21. I made a modest airport that I’m super proud of. I used Up, Up, and Buffet!, Little Black Box, the wind sock from Whacking Day, a few parking lots, and some pylons/traffic cones. It’s a good sized block, with the pylons acting as the runway lights. It’s not an international airport, but it’s cute haha. And all I can have because of space, but I’m so proud of it lol

  22. Do you think I am made of Airports?! Lolol, my fave Burns quote.

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