TSTO Speculation brought to you by dialogue and free time

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So one of the things I do on occasion here is point out some speculatory ideas based on dialogue bubbles in the game.  I did it back during Level 42 and also from bits prior to January 2015.  Interestingly, quite a bit actually appeared later in the game whether you consider it coincidence or not.


Dame Judith Underdunk, Helen Lovejoy, Lindsey Naegle, Cookie Kwan, and even the Ajax Steel Mill are all things we speculated on that now grace our games. Sure there was more we didn’t get but I find it all interesting.  Of course, the entire enterprise of speculating from dialogue began when EA teased this bit.

Homer Monorail, Stonecutters Sideshow Bob TSTO Dialogue

We ended up getting all this stuff over time and the rest is history.  Tappers started looking for clues wherever they could find them, myself included.  In the spirit of this, I like to see potential in the most random bits of dialogue from levels and events.  Here’s some potential spoilers that may or may not have anything to do with future stuff.

First up… characters.  Could Agent Johnson make an appearance beyond some dialogue bubbles?

Agent Johnson TSTO Dialogue

Tapball offered Furious D as a premium option but what sparked my imagination was this little snippet by Wiggum.  I want a pony!

Wiggum Lisa's Pony TSTO Dialogue

We saw several supervillains during the 2015 Superhero Event in dialogue. Petroleus Rex was a member of the Fossil Fuel Four.  Dr. Vladimir Krabokov threatened a return too.  I’d be down with more superhero action for 2016.

TSTO Supervillain Dialogue

Akira had some ideas for characters when he became available.

Akira TSTO Dialogue

Well Cookie made an appearance already… interesting.  We also got the Leftorium Express so could Nasrine be on the way or was she just a callback to the origin?

Nasrine TSTO Dialogue

Grampa’s brother Cyrus already stayed in the Buckingham Pay-Less Motel for the holidays. Christmas 2014 brought the island he was stranded on with Grampa.  Will he appear as a full-fledged character?

Cyrus Simpson TSTO Dialogue

This last one is a skin I really want.

Homer Ganesh TSTO Dialogue

Maybe when EA brings the octuplets there will be some mention of Apu and Manjula’s nuptials and the arrival of Homer as Ganesh from “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons” (S9:E7)?  Even Apu’s mom could find her way into the game but I’m hoping not as Manjula surely nags him enough.

Homer Simpson Ganesh

I think of all the characters I saw… this next one is a spolier I have expected for a long time.

Ol' Gil TSTO Dialogue

It is a fun joke for Ol’ Gil to never win even in TSTO though.  All in all, I like that the designers have pulled some characters into dialogue bubbles instead of feeling like they have to create new characters but some of these could be a lot of fun.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few this year.

But we’re not done.  Cookiee Kwan mentioned a few building ideas in Springfield Heights.

Cookie Kwan TSTO Dialogue

Even Mrs. K mentioned Krustyland.  She could be talking about the Tooth Chipper or something else entirely.

Krabappel Krustyland TSTO Dialogue

Bart and Homer had a little interesting quickie of a conversation this holiday season.  Do any of these sound good to you?

Bart TSTO Dialogue Fire Department Homer TSTO Dialogue

I’d love to see the Fire Department.  Way back in the day, as in 2013, Alissa even speculated on this.  Why not bring the Springfield Volunteer Fire Department into the mix?  I’d love to see the Fire Truck too.

Springfield Volunteer Fire Department Simpsons

I know a certain tapper who really hopes EA ties in this year’s Chinese zodiac into an event.  Keep your eyes peeled for a fun post later.  Maggie agrees.

Maggie Monkey Noises TSTO Dialogue

I think I’m just hoping EA plans on adding a new visual task for one Homer Jay Simpson from “Homer the Vigilante” (S5:E11).  It’s the same episode that the Miniature Nuclear Warhead in our game comes from.

Frink Homer rides bomb TSTO Dialogue

Miniature Nuclear Warhead Simpsons

The last speculatory bit that really has me intrigued is from Frink during Deep Space Homer.

Frink Sunblocker Dialogue Frink Eclipse Dialogue

TSTO Night Time has been something tappers have discussed for a long time. The Sun Blocker appeared in the Springfield Dump and I wonder if EA has plans for something big in the future?

Burns' Sun Blocker Simpsons

Heck, Maggie is in the game now so could we see a Who Shot Mr. Burns event? The sun blocker could be a fun way to switch from day to night in the game.  So many possibilities.  Of course… if I went by everything I ever saw in my game and made a prognostication based on it, we could even be getting a Canadian invasion so take all these ideas with an appropriate grain of salt.

Oh Canada TSTO

Watch out Wolfcastle… the Canucks are coming!  If we’re to believe Gina Vendetti, there are plenty more levels ahead of us for any of this stuff (minus the Canada glitch) to appear in our games.

Level 97 Gina Vendetti TSTO Dialogue

S0 what do you think?  See anything else between January 2015 and now that made you think something was on the horizon?  Want any of this stuff?  Sound off in the comments and happy tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

102 responses to “TSTO Speculation brought to you by dialogue and free time

  1. As much fun as it is to speculate on the future, I just really need them to revisit the recent past so I can obtain the rail yard. My summer vacation was poorly timed with the end of that event. :/

  2. Has anyone else got the portal? I played three challenges, won donuts. Today the timer isn’t working. Apparently this is a bug? Released too early?

    • If you had it before today that means your game started it too early. This happened to a couple of players. I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling.

  3. Springfield dump when it is full it has the sun blocker thing in it?! Also it has a rosa like robot in it ŵhich we have already had added to the game…..

  4. BraveElfgirl1994

    Will romance blossom?

    Season 7, episode 25

    Milhouse: Hey Bart. Lisa’s skateboarding with some cool kids. And she looks like Blossom.

    Return of cool lisa?

    • ?? She never left – I sent her skateboarding (or trying to) just the other day!

      • BraveElfgirl1994

        Was a friendship prize. I forgot. More things from the same episode maybe might make an appearance. Jusr trying to speculate lol

  5. BraveElfgirl1994

    Will romance blossom? Maybe a return of Howard’s Flowers, and some new plants/flowers. Hoping we see Valentines soon 🙂

  6. Told you so!
    Stuff in the dump are clues to future things

    😎 🏈 🙂

  7. Firehouse is most likely as *******.

  8. I think real-life celebrities should gracefully enter the game. They do exist concurrently with the TV show. I would pay a pretty premium for Michael Jackson and Madonna, the king and queen of pop. Perhaps a batch of celebrities could be incorporated into next Halloween or Christmas? Some for free and some for donuts? EA are you listening?

  9. Very nice post Wookie, I just realized that there is an Element to the new year I didn’t consider… One of Phil Hartman’s SNL characters would claim it to be BAD… Rrrrrr…

    (I wonder if you can decode that cryptic message) :p

    I love jokes only I get 🙂

    I didn’t read this post just once, or twice but thrice (I liked it that much and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything) which leads me to WaLuigi character popping up during Tap Ball, even though I think it was merely a joke. But even Bigger, didn’t a Shiny Metaled Behind’ Robot pop up during Clash of clones?

    I still don’t remember Cyrus Simpson (I’m going to look him up)

    out of everything, if I had to bet, I’d say Superhero event will return (if not this year, maybe next) there are so many costume/skins and premiums I didn’t get the first time around.

    the big question is, why can’t I get Elvis Presley’s “a hunk a hunk of burning love” out of my head?

  10. Being able to create night time and desert area would make my tsto dreams come true

  11. space coyote???

  12. I remember a dialogue bubble with handsome Moe from the episode that he gets plastic surgery. That would be a fun addition to the game.

  13. Senor ding dong needs to happen soon.. perfect building/character combo

  14. sabrtriviachamp

    If they’re going to do an event, I’d like to see something based on Mr. Burns and the casino. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Spruce Moose floating at the Squidport.

  15. Out of all of this speculation, a Sun-Blocker/Who Shot Mr. Burns event would hands down be my favorite.

  16. DSH event is ending tonight (at 11pm, not at midnight interestingly). Any speculation on when the next thing hits? I guess today is out, and tomorrow is Thursday, which is kinda late in the week (even though DSH hit on a Thur.) If it’s just another mini-event (are Valentine’ses minis?) it could well be back-to-back and launch tomorrow. If it’s a main event, probably not until next week. Any concurrence?

  17. What’s the Canuck glitch? Are you saying that you or someone else (not me) is not an insane Canada fan, and didn’t really use flags as fencing? I thought it looked really neat. I hope someone has actually done that.

  18. If I remember rightly Homer said “for the very last time, ever” (or similar), when he had to go to Krustyland to find a rosa part in the “Maggie act” of the Xmas update? I hope this means they are going to open up some new Springfield heights land, make the Krustyland items place able in SH or town and scrap the seperate Krustyland which has become a bit of a dead duck imo.

  19. Someone stole my burrito™

    Oh yes, I love all of these ideas and want them all. I was thinking it would be fun if there was some kind of SPLIT PERSONALITY option we could use that would temporarily separate all of a character’s skins into individual characters existing at once.

  20. I want “Michael Jackson”!! I’m a freemium player, but I’d spend money for Leon!

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