In Game Update: Football, Gil and Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s not Valentine’s Day…but we did get ourselves a little in game update in preparation for the “Big Game” this weekend! Gil is back and he’s brought along some tailgate fun!

Oh and did I mention there’s a new quest involving donuts?!

2016-02-04 19.55.22

Back with more in a bit as soon as I go through it .  For now know that you’ll need Homer and Lisa free to kick things off for the donuts…. (Gil will just be hanging around Springfield as usual)

More details below the fold..

Ok so let’s start with a couple of the basics…you know the stuff on timers 😉

It’s Superbowl Weekend and TSTO decided to celebrate the Big Game by offering up a Gil Deal in addition to some items returning to the store.  Let’s take a look…

Items in the store…

2016-02-04 20.42.12

These appear after you start the dialogue for the Gil Deal…

ALL Football Related Items Leave Stores on February 9th. 

Tapped_Out_American_FlagAmerican Flag- $5,600

stadiumfencese_menuStadium Fence- $1,000

stadiumbleachers01front_menuSingle Bleachers- 5 Donuts

stadiumbleachers02front_menuDouble Bleachers- 10 Donuts

stadiumbleachers03front_menuTriple Bleachers- 20 Donuts

sportacus_menuSportacus- 85 Donuts Should I Buy

burnsbasketballstadium_menuBasketball Stadium- 90 Donuts Should I Buy

footballtargetbigtire_menuFootball Tire Target- 35 Donuts

footballuprightsaway_menuFootball Uprights- 50 Donuts

No, we won’t be doing Should I Buys for the random stadium items in this update.  They’re returning from Tap Ball and basically they’re a if you like it get it items. 

And now onto our friend Gil..

2016-02-04 19.56.00

You’ll find Gil wandering around the streets of Springfield with a deal for you!  Here’s what you’ll see when you tap on him:

Gil: Who ya rooting for in the Big Game?  Care to put some skin in the game?  Because that’s all I’ve got to bet – my skin.
Homer: The Big wha?
Gil: Y’know, the Big Game!  The Gridiron Championship!  22 men enter!  22 men leave!  But only 11 as winners!
Homer: Ohhh, you mean the Superbo–
Gil: Whoa, buddy!  Do you want Ol’ Gil to get sued?  Although if I get sued one more time, I get my next trial free.  Instead, keep me out of jail by buying my sweet tailgate party package with beers, burgers and babes for the Big Day!

And if you say no….

Gil: No sale!? Not even for the Big Game?  Well, fine.  I’ve got my own party to throw. And nooo, it’s not with imaginary friends.  Because I’ve saved up enough money to buy the dolls.

And if you say yes….

Gil: Finally! A win! Much like one of those teams that will be playing on that day we mentioned.  I won’t have to melt all my participation trophies down for scrap metal. Instead I’ll keep sleeping on them in my trunk.  So pointy!


The tailgate itself is pretty massive at a whopping 11×17 in size.  We’ll cover a lot of details on it in it’s own Should I Buy post, yes we’ll be doing one.  But for now know that it can be upgraded and it comes with it’s own questline.

So now let’s talk about the other big thing with this update…daily challenges.  First let me start by saying there’s a questline and a few other things associated with it.  This post is just a general understanding.  We’ll break EVERYTHING town in detailed posts, as we always do, coming up.  So sit tight for more detailed info, as this is just a basic overview….

Homer kicks off the Daily Challenges quests and you’ll start by getting a series of short tasks…from 6s to 1m until you unlock the challenges.

You’ll also unlock a new building…Big Box:


Once you’ve unlocked the challenges you’ll see this popup:

2016-02-04 20.03.45

You’ll now be able to complete challenges each day at a shot to win prizes, including donuts!  Pretty sweet!

2016-02-04 20.03.54

And they’ll work just like Daily Challenges from previous events.  Log in each day to unlock a new Challenge.  Complete the challenges each week to earn the prize!  And because there are 5 challenges to a week, and today is Thursday EA’s unlocking the first 4 for you to complete today.  So that by tomorrow (Friday) you’ll be able to unlock the 5th and final prize for the Bonus Prize!  And the challenges will reset again Monday morning. Now that i’ve played through it I can tell you there’s a challenge every day, including weekends.  And the number of challenges to complete to earn a prize will vary from 5 challenges to 20 challenges.

Now one thing to note.  The arrival of the daily challenges means the removal of the Daily Play Combo…

2016-02-04 21.02.38

Which means…no more free weekly Mystery Boxes!  However, EA’s giving you 1 more free one to make up for it…

2016-02-04 20.05.34

My box contained a News Van…

Note: Some of you are getting confused on this.  This is not the end of Mystery Boxes.  You’ll still be able to buy them in the store (for donuts), it’s just the end of the Daily Play Combo…meaning the end of the free mystery box on the 5th day.

There are a couple of questlines that come with this new update.  We’ll cover those in our Turbo Tappin’ post…

However, one other thing to note is this update includes a new task for Springfield Heights.  You’ll now be tasked to upgrade the Private Island to Level 5 via the Paradise Found questline.

Some of you are commenting that your Islands are all already at Level 5 and you can’t do anything to clear the task.  If this is happening to you, and you don’t have an option to purchase another Island.  Contact EA.  Let them know what’s going on.  It’s a programming glitch that needs to be fixed.  They’ll have to release a patch to restore it.  So contact EA and let them know.  Once you’ve contacted them, sit tight and ignore the task for now.  (You can contact EA here)

You’re also tasked with upgrading the Exclusive Resort to Level 5 via the When Four Stars Is Not Enough questline.  Currently I have a bug on my Exclusive Resort where it says it’s an Elf Cannon and it won’t let me upgrade it.  If that’s happening to you as well, contact EA.

And that’s it my friends.  The basic rundown info on today’s little update.  We’ll be back with more detailed posts in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on today’s update?  Liking the Gil Deal and the return of the Tap Ball items?  Thoughts on the Daily Challenges?  Upset the Daily Prize Combo is gone?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


378 responses to “In Game Update: Football, Gil and Donuts!

  1. Great now I have to buy lard lad’s store. My mom barely started to play the game and about 4 weeks in she got it from the mystery box for daily playing.

  2. SailorAlphaCentauri

    Maybe it is a glitch, but when I do not use the tailgate for a while, the characters randomly appear in town. They don’t move (they are stationary), but they make the same moves and noises that they make when on the tailgate site. They are I’m both places at once.

    • Yup I’ve seen them away from the tailgate a few times too, but i haven’t seen in both places at the same time. Going in and out of edit mode seems to fix it.

      • SailorAlphaCentauri

        Okay. I usually don’t pay attention to the tailgate site when I see them in town, but it’s a nifty glitch fwiw.

  3. I have 2 tasks to complete. It says to collect lattes and collect smart devices. I have upgraded everything and bought everything prior to this event and cannot figure out what is next.

  4. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten the “Play Sideshow You in Krustyland” task? It’s a one donut task but isn’t working. It want you to play twice and I have, but it won’t complete. The first time I didn’t use the Go To link, so I figured that was the issue. I used it the second time from Springfield and it took me to Krustyland and it seemed to work. Checking my status it said I had completed the task 1/2 times. Then I went back to Springfield. It was back to 0/2. Checked status again in Krustyland and it was 0/2 again. Anyone else experiencing this?

  5. Quick question….I had forgotten that you could skip a daily challenge before I completed mine today for $1,000 when I don’t really need anymore money. Anyone know if you skip a challenge does it just give you a different task for the same reward or do you have a chance at getting something different? Just curious as I would rather get about any other reward than money right now.

    • Different reward. Yesterday I switched a cash task and got a task for 1 donut instead. BUT, today I switched a $1000 task for Martin hoping I’d get a donut task, but I got a task for 5 celebrities to go to Krusty burger with a $3000 reward. So you never know. I’ve seen some people mention they got Springfield Heights currency as rewards, too.

      • Thank you so much for answering! I would even take springfield heights currency at this point over cash….of course anybody would want the donut if they could get it! 🙂 I got a donut reward for today so I guess I will try my luck next time a cash reward pops up. Happy tapp and thank you again!

  6. EA HQ help center has two posts for the Paradise Lost BUG. Please, everyone with the same issue, please mark the Posts as “me too” so that EA regards the problem as important:


  7. 50 donuts for uprights? So 100 if you want a set? Ha-ha. Silly silly. I love EA for all the cool stuff plus the new ways to earn donuts but cmon they’re freaking poles man!

  8. 4 small grandstands at 5 D’s, the t-shirt stand, 2 lines of grey path, two cars, fencing, and some Shrubbery make an awesome looking drag strip!

  9. I’m not sure this is an every 5 day task. I completed the first set. My game tells me the next task starts tomorrow morning and there are 15 tasks in the set, to earn 10 donuts. This may be continuous.
    I’m interested to know if I need to get on each day to get the tasks, or if they just accumulate for a set period.

  10. I’m a little bit disappointed, BUT I think when you have a chance to get donuts for free, it’s not bad at all! Also, I bought a Mystery Box for 6 donuts (I was curious) and I’ve found there 30 donuts, so 24 new yummy pinkies! Yay. I’m absolutely satisfied for now.

    • On the assumption from your post, that you are a new player, it’s worth getting mystery boxes, as they contain several premium characters such as kerney and buildings such as Lard Lads.
      I’m sure someone can post a link here, or you can use the search bar

  11. I empathize with people hating the repetitive grind of SH but other than that- I appreciate the extra land (it’s become integral to my design) and I love the additional design opportunities that translate to both sides.
    EA has been giving so many options for free donuts- Preemie’s and Freemie’s have to love that! New content, coveted re-releases, Events a plenty- EA seems to be listening. We were tired of SOS in mystery boxes, wanted more donuts- done. That being said, if you are still listening EA- all of my continual grinding at the Railyard hasn’t given me even one long straight piece in over 3 weeks. URGE TO KILL RISING…RISING…

    • Really wish I could give you some of my 85 stored straight track pieces! I only do the rail yard stuff for the donuts…got tons of track that I’ll probably never use.

  12. Looks like it’s an every five days dealio, just like the daily play bonus. My count has reset to 0, and now I’m waiting for tomorrow to continue after finishing today’s challenge and winning 3 donuts. The fifth day prize is the same, 3 more donuts.

    And yes, I have finished a challenge that rewarded me 5 Smart Devices. The task required me to generate Smart Devices… lol.

    To be clear, SH currency is a prize, too.

    • Gee thanks. I do have a BA in English, so I’m fully aware. However, I’d suggest before calling out a minor mistake like that you try typing a post up an update post fast while dealing with comments and a screaming 3 month old and see if your brain is “with it”.

      Honestly..i don’t mind when you guys point out mistakes. Things like a major spelling mistake or wrong info in there. Or even missing info. Heck there are times when we type so fast we don’t realize we spelled Homer Homre. But stuff like this is ridiculous.

      Yes, sometimes we slip a ‘ in or forget to put one in. It happens. Our brains are running at a million miles a minute trying to get this info out. And we’re usually doing several things at once in the process. And shocking when we’re posting an update post we don’t usually proofread it before hitting publish. Since I know y’all are usually clamoring for the info. What would you prefer? The info or an occasional misplaced ‘ ?

      Are you the type of person who writes to the publishing company because there’s a typo in a book? (and you know those are proofread) Honestly, things happen. There’s no need to be the grammar police about it.

      And you can tell me i’m “rude” for saying it like this. Or I’m being a jerk about it…but look in the mirror before you throw stones. Because a comment like that really deserves to be addressed.

    • I’m not picking sides, or picking on you. Don’t you think it’s funny how the URL says “its” and “its”, no distinction? Maybe we’re in a new era where we’ll just write both of them as “its” or both as “it’s” or a mix.

  13. Not sure where to put this, but I received another rocket ship and Homer to start the Deep Space event again when I was expecting to download the new update today. I did use donuts to get the one rocket ship at the beginning of event and it was gone the next morning so I bought it again. Now I have two. Didn’t want people think I am a hacker. I couldn’t hack my way out of a brown paper bag.😫😫.

    I also received another rocket ship in one of my other towns (wendell572292). That town I only bought it once and now I have two.

  14. I have a bug in the quest line, it asked me to upgrade the island to level 5 which I did since I were really close to finishing it already, then it wanted me to upgrade the island to level 2 which is impossible as there is only 1 and it is level 5 already.

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