Turbo Tappin’ Daily Challenges: Fresh off the Donut Truck & Hand Over the Dough

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a little update hit our games earlier today.  An update that brought us a new way to earn donuts in TSTO…Daily Challenges!

Of course as with all updates, this one comes with a fun little questline.  One to help guide you through the changes in the game.  When in doubt, follow the questline.  It’ll help guide you through what’s next in the game.

So let’s take a look at the questline…and just what you need to do to unlock the Daily Challenges in your Springfield!


Fresh off the Donut Truck Pt.1
Homer starts

Make Homer Break Down in the Kwik-E-Mart- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

Fresh off the Donut Truck Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Homer Start the Hype Train- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Place Big Box- Free, 6s Build

Fresh off the Donut Truck Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Make Springfielders Form a Donut- x5, 1m, Earns $4, 1xp freemium and $7, 2xp premium
Make Lisa Be Skeptical- 1m, Earns $4, 1xp

Fresh off the Donut Truck Pt. 4
Auto start

Complete a Daily Challenge- Should be…Collect Income from Buildings. Earns 1 donut

You’ll have to claim the donut via the Daily Challenge menu once complete to clear the task.

Fresh off the Donut Truck Pt. 5
Auto start

Dismiss a Challenge- Follow the onscreen instructions

Hand Over the Dough Pt. 1
Louie starts

Make Louie Collect Donut Holes- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Hand Over the Dough Pt. 2
Fat Tony starts

Make Legs Launder Donuts- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Louie Launder Donuts- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Fat Tony Supervise- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Hand Over the Dough Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Make Wiggum Investigate Big Box- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Hand Over the Dough Pt. 4
Fat Tony starts

Make Wiggum Finish Investigation- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp

And that completes the Daily Challenge questline!

What are your thoughts on the update?  Liking the Daily Challenges so far?  Excited about the chance for more donuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

143 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Daily Challenges: Fresh off the Donut Truck & Hand Over the Dough

  1. Completed today task and got my bonus 3 donuts for completing all 5 days of tasks and now I’ve got it come up to complete 15 days of tasks for a bonus 10 donuts. Ok this already seems a lot better than the old mystery box every 5 days that only gives out 10 or 30 donuts like once a year if u lucky (although I did get 10 in my final one whoop whoop) and seriously I already got like 6 channel 6 vans and 6 billboards. Only managed 2 lard lads though which is slightly disappointing but realistically anymore might have looked stupid anyway!!!

  2. More bonuts! Yesssssssss! (as Lisa Simpson)

  3. Finished the first 5 challenges and claimed my 3 bonuts (woohoo) and the next challenge will arrive in a little over 18 hours now… So it seems it works on a continuous 5 day cycle like the Daily Play Combo used to rather then a weekly cycle like the Monorail bonuts. Happy I am 😄

    And for me the bonus prize is again 3 donuts – anyone seeing a different prize for their second round?

    Now off to make ice cream 😄😄😄

    • I have a 6 bonut prize for round 2…starting in 17 hours!

      • Nice!! 😄😄😄

        Mine still only 3 bonuts but maybe my next reward will be more generous…

        Also going to try passing on a task or two because based on others reports it seems to sometimes change from a cash reward to a bonut reward…

        Guess we’ll learn as it goes along – all part of the fun… 😃

  4. Hate it….takes too much time and you get 1 donut!!! I miss my mystery box and cash once a day…can I get that back???

  5. Never been much of a football fan but I still enjoy these updates a lot!

  6. Sideshow You daily task this morning did not count towards my two. Sigh…
    Last night my Find Maggie game , Maggie did not make sucking sounds. Didn’t find her. It didn’t help that she was on the ground in front of the Simpsons house.

    • I have the same problem. Even more maddening, when I did it this morning I tried opening the daily challenges window in Krustyland, then tapping “Go to” and playing the game. And it registered as 1/2 plays. So I was about to give you the same tip, but checked in my game first and the counter is set back to 0/2. Argh!

      • I tried again when the sideshow me was available and it still didn’t count so I dismissed it and got Milhouse hide on his bed 2x for sixty seconds each. Those worked to complete the task.

  7. Hi everyone, I admit that I did not really understand how the “dismiss challenge option” works…I would like to dismiss any challenge that does not give donuts ad a reward, is it a good choice?

    • Yes and no. First you only get 1 dismiss per day. And if the first task is easy, even if it pays cash you may want to hold onto it.
      For example my first task today was to collect Krustyland Tickets, it paid cash. I swapped it. It was then replaced with an 8hr task for Krusty…that also paid cash.
      So yes, in theory it’s a good strategy. But keep in mind it won’t always be replaced with a donut task. Sometimes it might be traded for a harder/longer task..that still pays cash.

    • I think we will be able to be more strategic about this at the start of the next challenges. Since so far it doesn’t appear that any of the tasks take more than 24 hours I plan on completing all the tasks that I like as they come up and leaving the tasks I don’t like. Then if I end up with three tasks I don’t like I will dismiss one. Since I play at least twice a day I think this will still give me plenty of time to complete all the tasks.

  8. Due to the fact that the challenges roll over 9 am local time and the update came late last night, I could not complete the first series of tasks. They then carry over to the next day, so I’ll have some 20 hours slack. Hover it still says I’ll get the bonus for completion of the five tasks.

    • I couldn’t anyway. Not sure why, but only 4 tasks unlocked for me. I completed them all, but I had to wait until this morning to unlock another one. And from here on out, it seems like only one a day?

    • My challenges roll over at midnight in California, so I think it’s 3:00am ET for everyone.

  9. I don’t get what happens when you click the little “x” next to a task and “dismiss” it… I don’t want to try it and screw anything up

  10. I just finished my first set of 5 challenges, got the 3 donut reward.

    The next set now starts in 24h and consists of 15 challenges, according to the text. Reward is 10 donuts.

    It’s going to be interesting to see whether the bar is constantly rising or just randomly fluctuating.

  11. Should I dismiss easier challenges in hope for a more difficult one with more donut rewards? Or does the reward remain the same after the switcheroo?

    • Sometimes the reward changes to a donut, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no guarantee. It’s not a bad strategy, but keep in mind it could be replaced with a longer task that still pays cash.

      For example my first task this morning was to collect Krustyland tickets, it paid cash. I switched it. The new task was an 8hr task for Krusty that still paid cash.

    • I’m starting to think that if you want doughnuts, don’t dismiss any doughnut reward tasks. It would suck to dismiss a one doughnut task just to get a cash reward.

  12. My special bonus prize for completing all 5 challenges is 3 doughnuts. Anyone see anything different?

  13. Just like Lisa, I’m suspicious… Why are they giving us more and more donuts? Something fishy is going on…

    • No. There’s nothing fishy going on. It’s just marketing. They’re trying to keep players engaged. They know that if they throw us a few free doughnuts we’ll keep playing. EA is hoping that you will buy doughnuts every once in a while when you’re short of doughnuts when they offer us an expensive prize during an event. How many people bought doughnuts to get the deal on Barney? I know I did.

      • Well, I did for one… But look, half a year ago we didn’t have any reliable, constant source of free donuts (well, except leveling up). There were one-time prizes during events, and there were some random ones (daily bonus, friend visits, etc). Now we have three such sources: monorail, Maggie and now daily challenges. Yes, that makes people login more often, but somehow it sounds too generous… And have you noticed that it is almost 3 months since the last level update? Wonder what that means…

  14. Are all the prizes cash or are some donuts or decorations or mystery boxes too?

    • From what I can tell it’s mostly cash and donuts. However, it looks like (if you don’t have them) you could also get the Tire Fire and Squeaky Voiced Teen. I believe a recharge on the XP Collider is also a prize. But mostly just Cash and Donuts.

  15. Wow, this is a pretty sweet update. And I’m really, really happy that Astronaut Homer gets to keep his 6 second task so I can leave him at that in the daytime on weekdays while grinding out the rail yard pieces and bonuts. Though between Maggie’s free donuts and this update, the weekly rail yard tasks might soon be needless. But since I’m trying to make sure I have enough track pieces for future expansion anyway, I don’t mind the grind.

  16. Has anyone else had donuts go missing when visiting neighbours today? I think it may be a glitch. Every time a donut was earned during visits, the game dropped out & I got the retry screen!

    It wasn’t my internet or wifi connection. I got 3 donuts (but didn’t) on one account & 2 on my other without any of them registering. Just wondering if this happened to anyone else?

  17. We have seen ways for freemium players to earn donuts through several updates, I believe starting with monorail event. The BONUTS addition during seasonal acts and weekly challenges has been my favorite addition. BONUTS are seasonal, and earning donuts through the rail yard isnt easy. FINALLY through the Maggie update and this update casual freemium players have a slow but steady source of donuts. I have been long awaiting this update! Although I still plan to place my first purchase of donuts next time premium items go on sale. Anyone know when that might be?

  18. So excited, yesterday I claimed my Mystery Box prize and received 30 donuts and now I can earn even more!

  19. I had a feeling that we would get an update today.
    I’ve been so sick with the Walking Dead Flu , I just couldn’t get a good read on my magic 8 ball to tell what type of update. 🔮

    See ya bye . Shine on you Crazy Diamond . 👽

  20. Since donuts are so plentiful due to the top yard, find Maggie game, the 5x xp generator, and now the challenge system, I have a suspicious feeling premium characters and buildings will cost more donuts now, instead of the average 150 donuts for character and building. If the price doesn’t go up, who would buy donuts when you can just grind them out so easily?

    • I think the problem was previously it was too difficult to get donuts, so freemium players like myself have very little premium content, and we’d only buy the really good stuff like the Pet Store or Drive-In Theater and skip out on decorations. I’m not too cheap to pay for in-game transactions, and have done so in other games, but only if said games are playable offline. TSTO is online-only, so I’m worried about spending a ton on the game, then for it to have its plug pulled several years down the road.

      Now that you’re able to grind for donuts a little easier, at least you’d be more willing to get the less popular premium items that were very much in the domain of paid players only before this.

    • I highly doubt the cost of premium items will actually rise. I think because there are now so many premium items, and what with most free event items later becoming premium, the idea is to retain more of the newer players.

  21. Here’s 100+ thumbs for the form a donut task. Why do we all like this so much?


  22. Don’t want/need another private island…..task bar pile up😝

  23. Thanks for the breakdown, all questions answered. 😉 Honestly, I always thought the money system in THIS game was better than most. You ACTUALLY have stuff to use it on. GOOD STUFF. And hey, free donuts are free donuts. Cant complain about a free donuts, no matter what you gotta do for it. (which, I think, was the whole point of the in-game dialog)Yeah, I may miss out on some because of time constraints (sleeping). But, you gotta admit, the mystery box wasn’t really a mystery anymore. 🙁 Just the same played out stuff. This is NEW and FRESH 🙂 Kudos!

  24. so i’m gonna assume that if we don’t finish the daily tasks in a timely manner that we will lose out on the prizes? in 6 hours it’ll be like 3 in the morning… do i have maybe like 12 hours to finish the next one?

  25. I’m kinda glad because I was only winning crap except for when I won the blue haired lawyer

    • Ah, that’s tough luck. I had been incredibly lucky with the mystery boxes, wining the blue haired lawyer, Kearney, Squeaky Voiced Teen, three Lard Lads and something like eight Channel 6 News Vans, and maybe about 50-60 donuts. Sure I got some crap as well, but they’re easily sold off anyway.

  26. So the Questline doesn’t pan out Into anything other than typical cash earnings? Nothing else, nothing special? :/

    • Nope I was pretty bummed too..

      • (Prewarning, what sounds like a complaint /kinda isn’t)

        EA remains a mystery to me. They know what the people want and make things happen in their own time. Make stories and dialog that sound like they are actually going somewhere and *poof* it ends and goes no where. They take time making these events/updates/improvements/new realms to the game and a few days later work out most of the glitches with patches.

        Now I know it sounds like I am complaining but you don’t understand my tone, I am stating it in a puzzlement. I don’t know the true difficulty of creating the code work that makes this or any game work but I would think there would be a few tests and trials for employees or professional gamers to bring up such disgruntlements before unloading on the masses. Again I can only imagine the various complexity of making a game for multiple gaming devices. so my bafflement (I’m on a “-ment” kick, can’t you tell?) continues.

        I LIKE this new Donut task business. But if we can’t exchange in-game-cash for purchasing donuts, I’m not sure why they teased us with all this mafioso business owners other than some mildly humorous dialog. Hoping EA takes this and considers it in the near future (release it and patch things up later) :p

        Again, not so much a complaint than a wondering and sugestion (oh, and I have others) :p

  27. Does it just keep repeating? Like, what’s next on the last daily challenge?

  28. What happens when you complete the daily challenges?

    • You get a prize after 5 challenges are completed.

      • Do you know what the prizes are for completing all 5 challenges?

        • I’m still going through everything. Right now focusing on the Tailgate Should I Buy…so I don’t get a million questions on it (And since it leaves on Tuesday). Once I knock that out I’ll start digging through the files on the Daily Challenges

          • OK. Thank you. I have a question for you and everyone else. I have over 150 doughnuts now and I’m trying to decide between Jasper, or Sherri and Terri.

            Thoughts anyone?

          • I think it might be a prize of 3 donuts.. I clicked on the’Big box” building and on the the top corner it says BONUS PRIZE! prize: (picture of a donut) with 3… not too sure, it might be something different each time tho..

          • Jasper comes with a building, so there’s decorating options with him. He helps make pills for Springfield Heights (if that matters to you.) Also, if you’re anything like me, you have a costume or two for Jasper sitting in storage, and the twins don’t have any costumes. I would recommend Jasper before Sherri and Terri.

            (Have you considered Belle and Maison Derrière? I personally love that combo.)

          • I got Sherri and Terri. They earn a lot, and they’ll come in handy at Halloween. Jasper is next on my list, and now that we have a lot of doughnut earning options, I don’t think it will take long before I Jasper too. Thanks all.

        • If I’m understanding it correctly – when your in the Big Box menu, it says “complete 5 tasks to collect a special BONUS Prize” and right under that it says “Prize: ————–” for me it says “Prize: 3 donuts” and maybe next week it’ll say something else.

          Again I already finished all other possible prizes and need to wait until the next one unlocks, thus suspect the Week prize/5 completes tasks equals to the prize listed above (under “special Bonus Prize” message)

        • S&T is definitely the better buy, as Alissa said, but Jasper can also be used as a Heights character if you are into that, some are sick of Heights.

  29. Sweet! Free donuts!!!! I got 10 from the mystery box when this quest line started. Makes me feel better about having spent 250 to get Barney just before they discounted him for the space missions.

  30. Did I read it right, that this is replacing the daily login?

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