In-Game Update: World’s Largest Redwood (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A little in-game update has hit our tapping devices…

2016-02-17 19.50.12

This is kinda like “busy work” for TSTO.  No real prizes (ok 1 prize…tree hugger Lisa)…basically it’s like Money Mountain…upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.  More details coming…

Bart kicks things off…you’ll also need Lisa free for the first task. (And Milhouse and Lisa for the second part…)

Note: if you’re not at Level 35, you won’t see this.  Once you hit level 35 it’ll start for you.. (yes even if you hit Level 35 in 3 weeks…this isn’t time)

After you place the Redwood Tree (free) and have Lisa do her 6s task, you’ll start the Redwood upgrading process….

2016-02-17 19.53.39

First…and more important, this is NOT timed.  So take your time.  Set it to the side, there’s no rush on it.

Basically, like Money Mountain, complete tasks to upgrade the tree.  Unlike money mountain, this won’t cost you $$ (at least not yet, that I can see)…just time and tasks.  Update: Once you reach part 2 it’ll cost you Money.  Details below..

So it’s basically a combination of Money Mountain and Valentine’s Day…

Sorry it took so long to get back to this…rough afternoon.  But here are the rest of the Redwood Details..

So as mentioned above once you place the tree and complete the 6s task with Lisa you’ll unlock the upgrade ability on the Redwood Tree.  As events in the past, the more you upgrade the bigger the, in this case, tree gets.  You’ll have to complete tasks to upgrade.  Here’s a rundown of who/what/how long you’ll need for each level:


redwoodlevel1Level 1: Make Milhouse Watch the Tree-3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
           Make Lisa Disappoint Milhouse with a Friend Hug- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Rush 40 Donuts

2016-02-17 20.10.05

unlock_jessegrassAt this point, if you don’t have him, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase Jesse Grass for donuts.  You can check out the Should I Buy on him here.  1 addendum to this…Jesse is a VERY beneficial buy for this particular “event” (it’s not really an event because it’s not timed, but you know what i mean..).  If you’re thinking about getting him, do it.  It’ll come in handy for these tasks…

redwoodlevel2Level 2: Collect Fertilizer- x40.  (So here’s the part that’ll cost you money..)
Each will cost you $6,250 to send.
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs Earns 10 fertilizer
Blue Haired Lawyer- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Homer- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 60 Donuts

redwoodlevel3Level 3: Collect Fertilizer- x80.
Each will cost you $3,750 to send.
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Lisa- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Fat Tony- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 100 Donuts 

redwoodlevel4Level 4: Collect Fertilizer- x60
Each will cost you $8,500 to send.
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Quimby- 3hrs Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 200 Donuts

redwoodlevel5Level 5: Collect Fertilizer- x80
Each will cost you $12,500 to send.
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Dr. Hibbert- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 250 Donuts

redwoodlevel6Level 6: Collect Fertilizer- x100
Each will cost you $30,000 to send.
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Otto- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Lisa- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 300 Donuts

redwoodlevel7Level 7: Collect Fertilizer- x240
Each will cost you $21,000 to send
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Lisa- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Snake- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 350 Donuts

redwoodlevel8Level 8: Collect Fertilizer- x140
Each will cost you $54,000 to send
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Barney- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Lisa- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 400 Donuts

redwoodlevel9Level 9: Collect Fertilizer- x360
Each will cost you $35,000 to send
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Lisa- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Bart- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 450 Donuts

World's_Largest_RedwoodLevel 10: Collect Fertilizer- x140
Each will cost you $180,000 to send
You can send:
Jesse Grass- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Lisa- 3hrs, Earns 10 Fertilizer
Rush 500 Donuts

Once you’ve completed level 1o you’ll unlock Tree-hugger Lisa!


Tree-hugger Lisa will come with a questline (we’ll cover that in another post) and a full set of tasks.  Now I know there were a bunch of questions about her tasks…she earns at a regular rate.  So no bonus premium character with this one.

woodchipperWood-Chipper- $5.600.  Unlocks for purchase in the store after you’ve unlocked Tree-Hugger Lisa.

And there you have it my friends, the complete rundown on the Redwood Tree update!

What are your thoughts on the update?  Excited about getting tree-hugger Lisa?  How about Jesse Grass coming back to Springfield?  Will you be picking him up?  Excited about the giant Redwood? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

566 responses to “In-Game Update: World’s Largest Redwood (Updated and Complete)

  1. Once you complete the task line and get to level 10, are you able to scroll through the previous ‘skins’? Like with some of the buildings in Springfield Heights, can you make the tree look like a previous level?

    I want to complete the ‘event’ but I want it to always look like level 9 haha

  2. Why do you say Jesse Grass is very beneficial if he earns as much fertilizer as the others? Thanks

    • I believe it’s because he’s one of the few that can do it every time. Which means you’ve added one more person who can earn it each time, thus completing it faster.

      • Ok, thank you. It doesn’t convince me that much. I was hoping about he doing the task for free or half the price(in my opinion, it is so expensive from level 5 on). I guess I was aiming to high. 🙂

        • I bought him to help with the rail yard tasks. He can work in any of the recycling centers and earns 15, instead of 10.

  3. I finished the redwood quest line and was pretty bummed to see tree-hugging Lisa earning at a regular rate. After dumping all that money into the quest, I expected a better return (kind of similar to Burns and money mountain).

  4. I prefer level 9 redwood rather than level 10. I find it more attractive.

  5. So…what is “Lisa’s 11?” Is that a side-quest to the lisa treehugger? I can’t find that quest own the site. Thankew!

  6. Keith1Roon991

    Same problem here level 7 stuck on 230/240

  7. Everytime I press my redwood tree it says requirements not met and it takes my money…I am on level 4, it also will not let me select Jesse Grass, only Mayor Quimby…I have met all requirements; I’m level 58…is it a bug? How can I fix this?!

    • Contact EA…it’s going around.

    • Mine has been down for several days, have a ticket in with EA but they aren’t any help. They seem to think I’m the only one with this problem. (That’s when they acknowledge they understand my English language) eeeks! Su. Noname

  8. I’m stuck on part 7, have 230 of the 240 fertilizers and can’t assign Snake or Lisa ( or anyone else ). I put a ticket in with EA and they said to make sure my software is update and delete and reinstall the game. Did it but didn’t fix the problem. Trying to deal with EA is like talking to a brick wall. Any ideas?? Thanks fellow tappers.
    Su. Noname

    • So now EA had me log into my town on another device, visit a friend and do the three taps, then logout from the friend handshake screen. Still didn’t fix. Back to them again. Su Noname

      • Just an update that my Redwood is still frozen. EA does not know what the issue is or how to fix it. Anyone else still having this problem? Or has something worked and fixed the glitch for you? Thank you everyone, happy tapping.
        Su Noname

    • Try to get an American on the phone. Not as much of brick walls.

    • I’m having this exact issue as well.

  9. Is there a trick to advance in level except spending donuts if you cannot send characters on tasks? For some strange teason I have too much fertiliser, so all my characters cannot do their task, but I must still collect fertiliser… So basically I am supposed to collect 240, but I already have 460…

    • There’s a bug right now. Contact EA, I’m hoping it gets patched soon

      • Alissa, my redwood is STILL frozen. Have you heard when this might be fixed? My ticket with EA is open but still no email from them in two days. Are other tappers redwood also a deadwood right now? Thanks for all y’all do. Su Noname

  10. Yep, glitching for me too. I now can’t assign anyone to get fertiliser. Seems to be since the casino updates.

    • Everything was fine until this morning the 27th, I needed one fertilizer to get to lvl 10 and can’t go any further.

  11. I am in a similar predicament. Stuck with Quimby with only one more left to go.

  12. same issue for dr hibbert, 70/80

  13. I have a glitch in this quest. I can’t assign anyone else to get fertilizer… I just brought Jesse… I had him and Dr. Hibbert getting fertilizer I’m on 60/80… Anyone know what I can do… Other than reinstalling the app…

  14. 5,546,000 total to full upgrade tree

  15. I couldn’t get ciara’s glitch below to work. My screen doesn’t switch off while TSTO is running; if I switch it off manually, when I return to the game it takes me back to the SH entrance and closes the inventory screen. Has this been fixed?

  16. I’m having an issue with the redwood quest, and I was just on a chat with EA support and they told me to post about it as a comment here… In part 4, I’m at 50 out of 60 fertilizer, and I need to send Quimby to do a job, but I get an error message that says “Requirements not met”, and so i can’t continue with the questline. Here’s some screenshots:

    World’s Largest Redwood, Part 4

    Screen to put Quimby on a job:

    Error message:

    The guy said that other customers are having similar issues and the studio is working on a fix, but still said I should comment about it here so that I can get updates on the situation…

  17. Why is the price so High and why can’t it be Cheaper on each level of the Tree Build and also on Burns Gold Pile of Crap. Stupido stuff.

    • Because it’s basically an upgradeable aspirational. It’s not a necessary purchase and for those who want to save a lot/have a lot to spend.

      • It’s like the Burns Gold Crap Statue all over again imo and they make you spend way too much for 3 hrs over $5,000 so stupid imo as it should be dropped to $1,000

        • Why is it stupid though? I’d get if you said annoying or expensive… They’re something to aspire to, thus meaning they usually cost a lot. When people reach a certain point in the game money becomes kind of a non-factor so having these luxury items to spend on are a great inclusion. Sure for early players it may seem extravagant and costly but that’s the point- the more you play the more you earn.
          You say Burns money mountain is crap, but it unlocks a super premium costume. I wouldn’t call that stupid either. Also it gives a questline, which a lot of people crave especially during periods of little updates/levels.
          I just can’t fathom the hate these items receive because they’re not necessary and something a but more dedicated to the players who have tons of money to spend. Not everything has to be free characters and buildings so newer players can create more revenue. 🙂

          • The difference between Money Mountain or the redwood, and, say, Sit ‘n’ Rotate, is that they’ve “forced” the former two on you, in that, if you choose not to do them, they sit in your task book forever. I didn’t want to do Money Mountain (because I think it’s ugly), so BoBo has been in my task book ever since. (Luckily, he’s kinda cute, so I don’t mind too much, plus I’m not one of those OCD people who feel the need to have an empty task book.) Now the redwood is sitting in my task book and I’ll need to complete that to get rid of it, too.

            I think aspirational items should be optional purchases…once you purchase it, THEN there should be a questline with it (or, if you choose to store it, then the questline should go away).

            I’ve never purchased any of the aspirational items (despite having enough money to do so)….they’re all too big for my cute little town and, especially with the advent of the collider and my increased bonus multiplier, thanks to tennis courts, wailing walls, and SH buildings, I’d rather use my excess cash to turn rat trap trucks into donuts!

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            The Mr. Burns skin that is unlocked at completion of Money Mountain pays out at a rate more than 3 times the standard as compared to only 50% more for Premium characters purchased with donuts.

            Is THAT rate worth the $5 million spent to reach it?
            Is the Rate of Return on Investment worth it?
            This is a “freakin’ ” game, folks. I’m sitting on my southern exposure staring at a computer screen when I could be more productive in other endeavors. Is this worth it? Of course, because of the feeling of massive superiority it yields to my otherwise pathetic existence. (Boy, does my tongue and upper cheek hurt)

          • I love the relaxed pace. No rush at all. I’ve been keeping Jesse on monorail from which he’ll be free in two hours until Tuesday. And I’m doing my own thing with Homer. Checking out jobs with skins that accumulate faster than I can use them. He’s selling ice cream right now.
            The same with money mountain. I didn’t rush it because Burns was needed for the Sideshow Bob event besides I miss that big crane.

          • @sandrashill That’s a very valid point with the quest before you even buy it. Like I get it’s their way of letting people know it’s new and something to get but you’re totally right. It being ‘optional’ then people should only embark on the quest once it’s purchased.

        • $5000 is not a lot of money…at all. I usually earn that in income from tapping a few buildings.

  18. I haphazardly placed my redwood in my large Springfield. Now I’ve lost it. Any hints on finding objects after they’ve been placed? If I try to click “done” on the task book, nothing happens.

    • If you have characters on tasks there, try going to townhall and finding the character’s name that’s on task there and hit go to. It’ll bring you right to the tree.

    • Try turning off the visibility for the buildings. If that doesn’t do it, try turning off the visibility for the decorations. Even if that means it turns off the visibility for the tree, you may still be able to see it, since turning off the visibility just makes things kinda see-through, not disappear, so you may be able to see it in there.

  19. Is there a possibility of having brandine once again in the game soon? I dont know if i should buy jesse or not because i only have 101 donuts and i really want to have brandine in my game!

  20. How How is Jesse beneficial? Next to his little ‘use to help thing’ on the quest sender it says he earns the same fertiliser as anyone else and at the same speed. So is it just free to send him on the jobs?

  21. I missed the monorail event due to a long lasting issue. I’m trying to decide whether or not to purchase Jesse Grass but I can’t see spending 100 donuts just for the tree event. Does anyone know if the monorail will make another appearance?

  22. I can’t finish Part 2, because I can’t send anyone to tasks. See here:
    Homer and Blue Haired Lawyer are both free.

    • Try going to krustyland and back. If that doesn’t work try an uninstall/reinstall (as long as you have an EA/Origin account). If you’re still stuck…contact EA. Weird glitch. Hoping a resync will fix it…

    • I had this when I tried to send on task through the little planted tree but when I went to the tree icon in the task bar it let me send Homer & Blie Haired Lawyer. Hope this helps.

  23. I’m skitting laughing at the ‘Make Lisa watch Fat Tony’s Hole’. Here in Ireland, if I may be so rude, we say Hole for bum (the phrase is ‘I will in me hole’). It’s not a super taboo thing to say but it’s a bit bold. Naughty tsto.

    • Being from Australia and using the same term, I also found it quite amusing. :p

    • Scotland I’d use it for mouth, as in Shut Yer Cake Hole (Shut-up)

    • That’s so weird. It doesn’t mean anything like that in America. A hole is a hole. You’d have to say “orifice” for things related to the body. Or their respective names. “Rectum”, for instance.


      “Yep. I bit him, too!”

      (Please let the censors look kindly upon my “hole” dialogue. 😉 )

      • I get it. I can say “my jeans got a hole in the knee”, “my sock got a hole”, “burning a hole in my pocket”, “I’ll get one dozen Donut holes to go”… I also say “shut your cake/pie hole” too. 😉

        Favorite Dive Bar or drinking spot, or place that’s so bad it’s good can be the “Hole in the wall”.

        I guess, for me at least, it’s what word you add in front of it or imply Be it things like bung (thanks Mike Judge), corn, or… well… *** (moderated). Lol.

        The implication and way it’s expressed can change a meaning really quick… and enough about that. 😛

      • I beg to disagree…. “Hole” can denote either the upper or lower orifice (although it usually requires an adjective to know which one). Think of the old black-and-white tv shows/movies, when uncouth characters or kids would say “Shut yer pie hole!” (mouth) and the common derogatory reference to someone as being a real “a hole” (a shortened version of “asshole”).

        I do think that task was intended as an double entrendre for those of us from the U.S., too.

  24. My biggest gripe with the tree is, that I can’t store it. It takes up valuable space…

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