88 responses to “iOS Update Available (Should Fix Anonymous Game Loss Issue..sorta)

  1. Hi there,
    I did an ios update last night, and have only just noticed i’m just over 100 donuts short.. My tapped out has been playing up, it did reset to level one even though I have an EA account, this issue is now resolved, but have know idea what happened to my donuts.. Anyone else have this issue? And how can I retrieve them again?

  2. Has anyone had an issue with continuously losing money? My game on my Android tablet (with an EA ID) loses about $100,000 a day. I uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t help. I contacted EA and they say I am making purchases, and I’m not! I changed my password and that didn’t help, either. Any suggestions?

  3. I still haven’t been able to play before the reset.
    I created an E.A. Account and logged complaint without success.
    Can somebody help walk me through? Am using iPad .

  4. Oh wow! I was playing anonymously and lost my level 49 Springfield. My phone updated automatically so the EA update didn´t help. The link with the steps through an apple backup didn´t help as my PC/Windows conflicts with itunes and I wasn´t able to make one on my pc for months. I just wanted to contact EA through the above link and there it asks for the Mayem No of the new level 1 Springfield..I logged in again (like 100x before the last 2 days) and it was ALL BACK!!! I don´t want to be a drama queen but I am shaking! I was so sad about the loss, angry at myself and sure my game was gone forever. THANK YOU EA for working on it and THANK YOU GUYS for the link, heads up and all the great work every day!!! If anyone else hasn´t got his game back, don´t give up!! Now I try to cool down and catch up.. from now on with an account of course!

  5. I’m sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place but everytime I visit friends my game keeps crashing it lets me claim two then throws me out! Is anyone else experiencing this?

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