Casino Event 101: Daily Casino Challenge

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing lots of you getting stuck on a certain part of the questline for the Casino Event, Challenge of the Day.

You’re tasked with clearing a Casino Challenge, and you do your Daily Challenge but nothing happens.  The task remains in your task book no matter how many times you clear it.  Annoying right?  Well the good news is the solution is easy, so let’s take a look…

2016-02-24 21.44.52

Once you’ve unlocked crafting…you’ll see the Challenge of the Day task popup in your task bar.  Many of you are hitting the “Do It” button, only to wind up empty handed.  So here’s the deal….

First, the Casino Daily Challenges will be found in your regular Daily Challenge box (top right corner) If you need more help on this read this post.  So, don’t think there’s something new that’s supposed to launch that you’re missing.  There isn’t.

Second, in order to complete the Casino Daily Challenge, you have to clear a Challenge that is Casino themed.  In other words, something related to the Casino Event.  So if your daily challenge is to collect Krustyland Tickets, this isn’t Casino related and won’t clear the task.  Here’s what it will look like when you see a Casino related challenge:

2016-02-24 13.34.18
In iOS

2016-02-24 14.00.53
In Android…

You’ll see both of these are related to the Casino.  The first says to Tap Gamblers and the second is to have Johnny Tightlips do his task at the Casino.

Once you complete a Casino Themed Daily Challenge the task will clear.

So why aren’t you seeing the Casino themed challenge yet?  Could just be a delay in your device.  I know it took a little longer for me to get one on my iOS then it did on Android.  Just be patient with it.  The task will not, i repeat will not, hold up progress for the event.

So what are some other examples of Casino themed Challenges?  The following are all examples of Daily Casino Challenges:
-Play Casino Games
-Acquire… (Chips/Coasters/Keychains etc)
-Tap Gamblers
-Make ______ (do their task at the Casino)…So Johnny Tightlips Deliver a Threat, Paris Texan Blow Money with Style, Rich Texan Go Big or Go Home..etc.  (if you don’t have the premium character that task won’t popup for you).

The Casino themed Daily Challenges will pay out either donuts, or event currency.  Like additional crafting currency, more chips or gold tokens.

And yes they work just like the other Daily Challenges, only these are related to the event.

Hope this helps clear up some of the issues many of you are having!  Think of it as just an additional way to earn event currency 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Casino themed Daily Challenges?  Thoughts on the prizes available?  Enjoying the event so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

143 responses to “Casino Event 101: Daily Casino Challenge

  1. I got a daily challenge where I get chips as payout, I would like to know if it is possible to take it to the next act and get the new chips then? Maybe somebody tried in first actswitch.
    Thanks 4 reply

  2. Daily challenge to get 5 courtesy chips may be difficult. Tried 30 times and have not lost. It’s not looking promising. Never had such a run of luck. Sheesh

    • I got that one today, too, so I headed over to Cletus’ place and got five straight losses playing 12. (I figured that, if I couldn’t lose and get a courtesy chip, it would be good if it was for a lot of regular chips.)

      That’s the only circumstance now in which I see myself using coins up at his establishment…I have much better luck with, and enjoy more, playing at Moe’s. But it was nice knowing this morning how quick and easy it was gonna be to get those courtesy chips! 🙂

  3. Today’s Daily Challenge (9th March) is to play slots and win chips. I have done this till I’m out of tokens but I don’t appear to have completed the daily challenge. Am I doing something wrong or is there a fault?

  4. Can you still craft lower tier items once you have upgraded tiers?

  5. add me katep4

  6. My daily challenge is casino:play slots
    When I play slots nothing happens. I’ve played 50+ times. Should I x the challenge because I’m challenged or will you tell me why I am failing.

  7. I was asked in my daily challenge to acquire casino courtesy chips…0/5. This is the tenth stage of 15, and goal is 10 donuts, so I don’t wanna mess it up! And, this daily challenge generates THREE tasty frosted treats…don’t wanna lose it on those!

    I had a round of people just leave the casino, generating some chips…but it still shows 0/5 needed for the challenge?


  8. I am far enough along in the questline, but I still don’t have any daily tasks. any ideas as to what I need to do?

    • Honestly I don’t know why you’re not seeing casino daily tasks. The ones in your daily challenge box are all regular ones? Nothing casino related?

      • I have a similar situation. i only have had regular daily challenges. The first one today was to earn $1,000. So I cleared it. The next one was to earn five yoga mats, which of course I couldn’t clear, as you can only clear one, so I had to do that. Hopefully it’ll fix itself soon.

  9. My task is: Casino, acquire a toaster. Do I get this as a random pay out from the slot machine? I’m totally confused.
    Thanks for any info!

  10. My casino related task this morning was to collect courtesy chips I collected 4/5 but when I went back in to check my progress on the daily task it showed 0/5. Any suggestions?

    • Try a hard close…not sure if that’ll help though. It sounds like it didn’t properly save the last time you shutdown your game…

      • So I figured out my issue with the daily challenge. It is telling me to collect courtesy chips but it is showing me pictures of the coasters I get as a reward and my sleep deprived brain assumed I was collecting the gold coasters. Oops!

  11. Im at the daily challenge where tou have to get a free chip 5 times. What do i have to do? I dont get it. Anyone?

  12. It took me FOREVER to realize out what a “courtesy chip” was. They kept pointing me to Moe’s and I was like????? D’oh!

    My game is much luckier than my husband’s, I keep getting 3 Barneys or being allowed to cheat to get them. I’m tapping for him while he’s at work and he’s only gotten a couple. I’m also getting “collect 5 coasters” in the daily challenge for a reward of 20 tokens, while he has “collect 5 courtesy chips” for 1 donut. I’d feel badly but the gambler’s high from my own game is making that difficult 😉

  13. How does cheating on the slots work?

  14. Definitely enjoying this new Event ( because I live in Las Vegas (lol), I think the Simpsons writers & EA have done a good job lampooning Vegas ( want to up the ante? how about mocking MGM Resorts decision to charge for parking at all of its Casinos (boo! hiss!)

  15. 256 emails waiting to be read from before this slew of new posts, so no time to go back past the current page of comments. Subscribing to read any newer ones. Sorry to early commenters!

  16. A lot of people (including me) have been wondering about the best strategy for the event. Upgrade or craft? Here’s my philosophy (for what it’s worth): Upgrade first, craft later. Here’s my reasoning: The way I see it, the major crafting prize for the event is the Safari Casino. You cant get this casino until you’re at level 3. So you want to get to level 3 as quickly as possible. Second: You get players club points every time you earn a prize buy collecting casino chips (not to be confused with courtesy chips). So by collecting casino chips, you earn prizes. When you earn prizes you get players club points. Players club points get you players club prizes- which often help you with crafting (key chains, coasters, etc). So just by “playing the game”, you will naturally move towards leveling up in the crafting part of the game. Now there’s also the courtesy chips. As far as I can tell, the only thing courtesy chips are good for is for trading in for casino chips- which helps you earn prizes, which helps you earn players club points, which earns you players club prizes, which help you with crafting.

    So there you have it. Just keep tapping away, and good things will come to you.


    • However, if you’re playing freemium, most of your player club points will be from crafting instead.

      • Only partially true. Besides-EA always designs these events so that everyone (freemium and premium) can earn most, if not all, of the prizes. I’m a (mostly) freemium player, and I’ve never spent doughnuts to earn event prizes, and I’ve always earned almost all of the prizes in past events.

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