Casino Event 101: Crafting

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah another event in our pocket sized Springfields.  Another event, another round of crafting.  Love it or hate it crafting doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The Casino event brought a whole new aspect to crafting…leveling up for crafting.  I know you guys have tons of questions on it, so i’ll just get right into the long awaited (and much requested) crafting post….

2016-02-24 03.01.17

Once you’ve completed The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 7 you’ll start to unlock crafting.

You first must do the task for Willie…Craft Plunk…Willie will trigger it.  Once that’s complete you’ll unlock the Guide etc…

So let’s start with a quick crafting overview…

This event crafting is different than it has been in the past.  Instead of Acts unlocking more crafting items, and you being able to craft as much as you want (unless it was unique)…the Casino event is much different.  The items you can craft cost less than your typical event crafting items, easily obtainable.  BUT…in order to unlock everything you must level up your crafting.  Leveling up unlocks more items to craft and it also unlocks the ability to craft more of items.  Confused?  Let’s break it all down…

How Do I Unlock Crafting?

Crafting unlocks after you’ve completed Craft Plunk (Willie starts it).  Craft Plunk triggers after you’ve completed The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 7. 

Where Do I Find the Crafting Menu?

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to craft, you can access the crafting menu at any time by clicking on the crafting icon:


You’ll find this icon either in the top right corner of your main Springfield screen or in the event hub.  Remember you can access the event hub by clicking on the trophy in the bottom right…ico_mhub_casino_prizetrack

What Do I Need To Craft?

This event has 5 different types of Crafting Currency.  The currency unlocks at different levels.  Here’s the quick breakdown:

ico_casino_keychain_lg Keychain.  Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting.
ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb Coaster. Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting.
ico_casino_courtesychip_lg Courtesy Chip.  Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting (can ONLY be obtained, as of Act 1, by losing at Gaming Moe’s. Also, can only be used to “Craft” 100 chips)
ico_casino_martini_lg Martini.  Unlocked at Level 2 Crafting.
ico_casino_showticket_lg Show Ticket.  Unlocked at Level 3 Crafting.

How Do I Earn Crafting Currency?

Currently you can earn crafting currency 3 different ways….

1) By tapping Gamblers.  Gamblers will occasionally popup crafting currency in addition to the prize currency (Red Chips)
2) By playing the slots at Gaming Moe’s.  When you win or lose at Gaming Moe’s you’ll have a chance to earn some additional Crafting Currency…in addition to the prize currency (Red Chips)
3) Via the prize track at the Players Club.  Increasing your Players Club level will help you unlock more crafting currency.  Check out this post for complete details.


Ok, So I Get All of That.  What I Really Don’t Understand Is This Level Business.  What’s that?

Crafting levels is something entirely new for this event.  You’ll see your level meter across the top of the crafting menu:

2016-02-27 00.54.57

There are 3 total crafting levels associated with the casino event. At each level you’ll unlock more content to craft AND increase the number of items you can craft from the previous level.

Ok.  So It Sounds Like Leveling Up is Important.  How do I level up?  Is it the same as the Players Club?


Leveling up crafting is COMPLETELY different than the Players Club.  One will not increase the other.

To level up in crafting you need to collect crafting currency and spend it on upgrades.  Right now there are only two currencies that you can collect to upgrade…

ico_casino_keychain_lg Keychains.  Collect 50 Keychains to upgrade 1 space.

ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb Coasters.  Collect 40 Coasters to upgrade 1 space.

To reach a new level you’ll need to upgrade 10 times.  Which means you’ll need to collect 500 Keychains or 400 Coasters, or a combination of both…to move up 1 level.

Once you have enough currency to upgrade, simply find the upgrade item in the crafting menu and “Get Now”:

2016-02-26 20.52.22

Again you’ll need 40 Coasters OR 50 Keychains to upgrade 1 space.  And you’ll need 10 total spaces to move up to a new level. 

2016-02-26 20.52.31

OK.  So I get How To Upgrade A Level, But What Does it DO?

2016-02-26 21.10.48

When you upgrade to a new level (ie go from level 1 to level 2…fill the bar completely)  you’ll unlock new prizes to craft AND you’ll increase your ability to craft more of the prizes from the previous level.

For example…at Level 1 you can only craft 4 Walk of Fame Stars.  Once you’ve crafted those 4 you can’t craft anymore…unless you upgrade to level 2.  At level two you’ll be able to craft 4 more.  So 8 total.  BUT when you get to level 3 the cap is lifted completely.  (This doesn’t apply to unique items…like the Safari Casino)

Wait, There Are Caps On How Many Items We Can Craft?  

Yes.  There are caps at each level and then when you reach level 3 (the max level) the caps are lifted completely.  To see the caps look at your crafting screen, it will tell you how many items you can craft at your current level..

2016-02-27 00.56.25

See, at Level 1 you can craft 4 Walk of Fame Stars.  (I’ve already crafted 3..which is why it says 3/4)

But It Says First ____ Award Club Card Points.  Why Can’t I Get All ___?

2016-02-27 00.56.25 2

The example above shows that the first 8 Stars award 50 club card points each.  BUT that doesn’t mean you can craft all 8 at once.  It’s just telling you the limitation on how many club card points you’ll earn.  Once you reach level 2 you’ll unlock the ability to craft all 8. (And again, once you reach level 3 you can craft as many as you like)

Ok So Should I Upgrade Or Craft?  


Ah the million dollar question.  So the nice thing about crafting with this update is that, unlike previous events, nothing is crazy expensive.  Not one item costs more than 80 of of one type of currency…so you should be able to craft anything you want fairly easily.

The downside is leveling up in crafting is expensive!  You’ll need 500 Keychains or 400 Coasters…or some combination of the 2, to move up to a new level.

The good news is you have the ENTIRE event to craft.  So the first thing to do is NOT PANIC!  I strongly recommend hoarding your currency to upgrade.   Level up completely and then concentrate on earning the currency to get the items you want.

So there you have it, the complete breakdown on crafting!

Now I know I usually break down each item in the crafting posts…letting you guys know what it does, how it impacts your game, etc.  However, this time around I decided to do that in another post.  (I’ve still got to upgrade all the levels myself)  Right now it was more important to get you guys the info about levels and if you should upgrade or craft.  (Upgrade!)

What are your thoughts on crafting?  How about how crafting is setup this time around?  Thoughts on leveling up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

276 responses to “Casino Event 101: Crafting

  1. So I’ve crafted everything in Burns’ Casino except the Safari Casino. No chance to earn more points for the players club. I’ve gone through 15 levels. Any idea on how to get more points to move up levels at the Players Club?

  2. Any plans on creating a Conform-o-Meter post re: the non-unique crafting items? I recently finished all of my crafting for the event and have managed to stockpile about 100 each of the remaining materials so far.

    I’m wondering if any of the items would be worthwhile to craft extras of. For example, if the Ficus plant generates Tree-Hugging. I’m less concerned about Vanity as I think that’s the one Conform-o-Meter score that I never need to worry about.

    • lol I just spent about 2hrs writing it…so yes.

      Surprisingly certain posts are VERY time consuming to write. You wouldn’t think they are, but they take up a ton of time. Especially the way I lay the out. Which sometimes means I put them off in favor of quicker posts, so I can spend the time to do it.

  3. Does the Safari Casino give Club Card Points? If so, how many? Thanks.

  4. Please correct me if Im wrong, but does the Safari Casino of Level 3 Crafting awards Club Card Points? If yes, how many? Thank you.

  5. I just hit level 3 on my crafting level and haven’t crafted anything yet. Are there any must haves that I should prioritize crafting? Thanks!

  6. Is there anywhere i can see what the “cycling spotlight ” does / animation looks like? Is it white and turning or cycling on/off?

  7. Is the a cap to how much crafting currency I can hold at a time?

  8. I’m dumb, ignore me.

  9. So, I’m terribly confused. I’ve read and re-read this post several times, and to me it seems that if you have unlocked level 3 crafting you should be able to have show tickets drop. It’s been about four days now since I unlocked level 3 and no tickets at all. Was I mistaken and you have to be level 3 and wait until act 3?


  10. I have no issue collecting currency except for show tickets. I have not gotten a single show ticket besides from the Burns Players Club rewards. I don’t want to spend donuts for the missing tickets to craft. What can I do to get more?

  11. when you get to level 3, is there an easy way to see how many say walk of fame stars you have built, so you can maximize your club points.

  12. Are the crafting items locked by act or by crafting level? Meaning, if I make it to crafting level 3 will I start seeing tickets, or do those not drop until act 3, no matter what crafting level I’m on?

    I hit crafting level 2 at almost the exact same time as act 2, and unlocking martinis seemed to reduce my key chains and coasters, so I don’t want to reduce my martinis by unlocking level 3 if I could play it out for a few days before the last upgrade and stock up on lower level items.


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