Casino Event 101: Crafting

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah another event in our pocket sized Springfields.  Another event, another round of crafting.  Love it or hate it crafting doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The Casino event brought a whole new aspect to crafting…leveling up for crafting.  I know you guys have tons of questions on it, so i’ll just get right into the long awaited (and much requested) crafting post….

2016-02-24 03.01.17

Once you’ve completed The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 7 you’ll start to unlock crafting.

You first must do the task for Willie…Craft Plunk…Willie will trigger it.  Once that’s complete you’ll unlock the Guide etc…

So let’s start with a quick crafting overview…

This event crafting is different than it has been in the past.  Instead of Acts unlocking more crafting items, and you being able to craft as much as you want (unless it was unique)…the Casino event is much different.  The items you can craft cost less than your typical event crafting items, easily obtainable.  BUT…in order to unlock everything you must level up your crafting.  Leveling up unlocks more items to craft and it also unlocks the ability to craft more of items.  Confused?  Let’s break it all down…

How Do I Unlock Crafting?

Crafting unlocks after you’ve completed Craft Plunk (Willie starts it).  Craft Plunk triggers after you’ve completed The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 7. 

Where Do I Find the Crafting Menu?

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to craft, you can access the crafting menu at any time by clicking on the crafting icon:


You’ll find this icon either in the top right corner of your main Springfield screen or in the event hub.  Remember you can access the event hub by clicking on the trophy in the bottom right…ico_mhub_casino_prizetrack

What Do I Need To Craft?

This event has 5 different types of Crafting Currency.  The currency unlocks at different levels.  Here’s the quick breakdown:

ico_casino_keychain_lg Keychain.  Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting.
ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb Coaster. Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting.
ico_casino_courtesychip_lg Courtesy Chip.  Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting (can ONLY be obtained, as of Act 1, by losing at Gaming Moe’s. Also, can only be used to “Craft” 100 chips)
ico_casino_martini_lg Martini.  Unlocked at Level 2 Crafting.
ico_casino_showticket_lg Show Ticket.  Unlocked at Level 3 Crafting.

How Do I Earn Crafting Currency?

Currently you can earn crafting currency 3 different ways….

1) By tapping Gamblers.  Gamblers will occasionally popup crafting currency in addition to the prize currency (Red Chips)
2) By playing the slots at Gaming Moe’s.  When you win or lose at Gaming Moe’s you’ll have a chance to earn some additional Crafting Currency…in addition to the prize currency (Red Chips)
3) Via the prize track at the Players Club.  Increasing your Players Club level will help you unlock more crafting currency.  Check out this post for complete details.


Ok, So I Get All of That.  What I Really Don’t Understand Is This Level Business.  What’s that?

Crafting levels is something entirely new for this event.  You’ll see your level meter across the top of the crafting menu:

2016-02-27 00.54.57

There are 3 total crafting levels associated with the casino event. At each level you’ll unlock more content to craft AND increase the number of items you can craft from the previous level.

Ok.  So It Sounds Like Leveling Up is Important.  How do I level up?  Is it the same as the Players Club?


Leveling up crafting is COMPLETELY different than the Players Club.  One will not increase the other.

To level up in crafting you need to collect crafting currency and spend it on upgrades.  Right now there are only two currencies that you can collect to upgrade…

ico_casino_keychain_lg Keychains.  Collect 50 Keychains to upgrade 1 space.

ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb Coasters.  Collect 40 Coasters to upgrade 1 space.

To reach a new level you’ll need to upgrade 10 times.  Which means you’ll need to collect 500 Keychains or 400 Coasters, or a combination of both…to move up 1 level.

Once you have enough currency to upgrade, simply find the upgrade item in the crafting menu and “Get Now”:

2016-02-26 20.52.22

Again you’ll need 40 Coasters OR 50 Keychains to upgrade 1 space.  And you’ll need 10 total spaces to move up to a new level. 

2016-02-26 20.52.31

OK.  So I get How To Upgrade A Level, But What Does it DO?

2016-02-26 21.10.48

When you upgrade to a new level (ie go from level 1 to level 2…fill the bar completely)  you’ll unlock new prizes to craft AND you’ll increase your ability to craft more of the prizes from the previous level.

For example…at Level 1 you can only craft 4 Walk of Fame Stars.  Once you’ve crafted those 4 you can’t craft anymore…unless you upgrade to level 2.  At level two you’ll be able to craft 4 more.  So 8 total.  BUT when you get to level 3 the cap is lifted completely.  (This doesn’t apply to unique items…like the Safari Casino)

Wait, There Are Caps On How Many Items We Can Craft?  

Yes.  There are caps at each level and then when you reach level 3 (the max level) the caps are lifted completely.  To see the caps look at your crafting screen, it will tell you how many items you can craft at your current level..

2016-02-27 00.56.25

See, at Level 1 you can craft 4 Walk of Fame Stars.  (I’ve already crafted 3..which is why it says 3/4)

But It Says First ____ Award Club Card Points.  Why Can’t I Get All ___?

2016-02-27 00.56.25 2

The example above shows that the first 8 Stars award 50 club card points each.  BUT that doesn’t mean you can craft all 8 at once.  It’s just telling you the limitation on how many club card points you’ll earn.  Once you reach level 2 you’ll unlock the ability to craft all 8. (And again, once you reach level 3 you can craft as many as you like)

Ok So Should I Upgrade Or Craft?  


Ah the million dollar question.  So the nice thing about crafting with this update is that, unlike previous events, nothing is crazy expensive.  Not one item costs more than 80 of of one type of currency…so you should be able to craft anything you want fairly easily.

The downside is leveling up in crafting is expensive!  You’ll need 500 Keychains or 400 Coasters…or some combination of the 2, to move up to a new level.

The good news is you have the ENTIRE event to craft.  So the first thing to do is NOT PANIC!  I strongly recommend hoarding your currency to upgrade.   Level up completely and then concentrate on earning the currency to get the items you want.

So there you have it, the complete breakdown on crafting!

Now I know I usually break down each item in the crafting posts…letting you guys know what it does, how it impacts your game, etc.  However, this time around I decided to do that in another post.  (I’ve still got to upgrade all the levels myself)  Right now it was more important to get you guys the info about levels and if you should upgrade or craft.  (Upgrade!)

What are your thoughts on crafting?  How about how crafting is setup this time around?  Thoughts on leveling up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

276 responses to “Casino Event 101: Crafting

  1. I concentrated on upgrade, upgrade, upgrade crafting levels like you suggested, but every since I hit level 3, my gamblers are no longer dropping crafting currency. They do still (occasionally/but less frequently) drop gold coins, but not keychains, coasters, or martinis. Any idea as to why? Does EA have some algorithm in the files to slow us down if they feel we are ahead? I was getting so much more crafting currency while on level 2 than now, and now wish I hadn’t made that last upgrade until I built up a stockpile. Since gamblers are no longer dropping any crafting currency, I feel that I’ll never be able to craft the items I want at this rate.

    • Honestly I think it’s all random. I’m still getting the drops from gamblers. Try hard closing and restarting your game…

      • Yeah, I’ve tried that. I’ve also tried restarting the phone (Andriod), clearing the cache for the game, clearing the data, and uninstalling and reinstalling. But, still no difference. I can’t imagine that I’m just that unlucky to get no crafting currency in 3 days (playing 5-6 times a day) from gamblers. I’m at a loss. Do you have any other ideas I could try? Now, I’m really wishing I never made that upgrade to crafting level 3 without banking some crafting currency first.

  2. How come people of lower levels than me keep unlocking things in the main questline quicker?
    I devote all my time to tapped out, but people that are 10 or more levels lower than me have four of the five prizes, while I only have two.
    How does that work?
    Am I just not getting as many chances or something?

  3. One thing I would recommend is to use keychains and coasters to upgrade if you’re like me and really mostly want the unique items. The keychains are used for only 1 unique item, Cowgirl Sign, and the only unique item using coasters is the Spruce Moose. Save the Martinis for the other stuff that is unlocked at level 3!

  4. I really feel like the crafting currency is just not coming fast enough. I really want some of the level 3 items, but getting there seems to be out of whack with how fast I can get chips. It is the first day of Act 2 and I’m already over 17,500 green chips, but haven’t gotten enough key chains or coasters to get past entry into crafting level 2. I’m dice rolling and slot machining like crazy, I don’t really want to spend martini’s on leveling up since that is the currency it will take to get the larger items so I seem stuck. Seems like I’m going to get all the prizes easily and lots of bonuts but not get the crafting items I want.

    Any suggestions?

    • Just keep on tapping away at those Gamblers.

      Try your luck on Slot Machines n Dice too

      • It was designed to be about an act per level. Even if you unlock the third level good luck getting those tickets that won’t be available until act 3. This way you can plan ahead and be like Spruce Moose is all I really want, nothing in act 3 interests me. On the other hand if you want Safari Casino and don’t care about the Moose you can skip it and work for that. They did is a favor. It’s timed like normal just a window into the future

  5. Wooohooo! Drop rate for craftables has been WAAAY up in the dice and slots today!

  6. How do I get Willie to craft plunk???

  7. I finally leveled up to lvl2 but now my game crashes every time I open the crafting menu and scroll to the newly unlocked items. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Yes! I just leveled up and the same thing is happening to me! Did you find a fix? Thanks!

    • Yes! Same thing happening to me :/

      • Ok, I dealt w EA last night via chat. The advisor said to uninstall/reinstall game and restart device and that should fix it. I did that, and it DID NOT fix it. I’ll get in touch w EA again later today. Any ideas anyone? I’m super frustrated. Thanks.

        • Yea it’s a bug, uinstall and reinstall isn’t going to help…that’s their solution to everything (especially the overseas people). It’s got to be patched by EA, so all I can say is contact them again. Let them know you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, multiple times, and it’s still not fixed. You’ve also seen other people reporting it on this site and it looks like it’s more of a widespread issue that needs to be patched. Asked them to report your issue to a specialist.

          • I already typed out a comment without being logged in, so this might be seen twice.

            I had a bug with my game a couple years ago during a treehouse of horror theme. I had to reset my iPad to factory and then set it up as a new iPad, not restore it from a backup, then log back in to the game. Only good thing that came from it was EA gave me 300 donuts because the problem went on for about a week

          • Thanks for info! 😊

    • Rebecca Allardice

      Ditto. Most specifically the life size spruce moose.

    • I’m having the same issue! 🙁

    • I was having that problem. I crafted a Level 1 item (Walk of Fame star) and somehow that seems to have resolved the bug.

  8. This has to be the worst promotion ever. I just got 50 key chains and I play multiple times a day. ughhh.

  9. Haven’t been getting the notification to update Tapped Out until a couple days after these last few events have started, so I’m constantly missing the top phase 1 prizes. To make things worse, the crafting levels added to this casino event require so many items to upgrade, I’m only 20% of the way to crafting level 2. Wish they’d ease up on phase 1 of their events… increase the challenge as it progresses.

  10. How do you get martini glasses? I got tier two but no martini glasses are dropping.

    Am I missing something?

  11. I did the crafting to get the players club points, but I think I’m going to hoard them from now on. They are tempting, but I can wait. I think. Probably. We’ll see.

  12. I missed playing last weekend playing. I’ve been playing nonstop since Tuesday, but I’m only at 62000 red chips with 3 days to go. Am I gonna make Lucius or not? Does he go away after Act 2 starts?

  13. How do I acquire a courtesy chip? It’s a level 1 challenge.

  14. Thanks for the great posts about the whole event (and the game in general ^^)! I unlocked lvl 2 of crafting a day or two ago and still havent got a single new item, even with constantly clicking on gamblers and spending around 80 tokens on cletus’ dice game. Do these items only unlock in the 2nd act or is there something else im missing?

    • The drop rate on martinis from gamblers is even lower than keychains and coasters. As far as from games…it’s the same but not sure what’s going on with it. Waiting until act 2 hits to see what happens.

  15. How do you get the show tickets? The challenge is to get 5, I don’t even know how to get 1!

  16. Amber Pittman

    Anyone else having difficulty getting Martinis after leveling up to 2? So far, I’ve only received the basic martinis from my Players Card leveling up. What am I doing wrong?

  17. The question has been touched on, but I’m not sure if it’s been definitively answered: Is the conventional wisdom that the purple courtesy chips will only be able to craft red chips?

    So there’s no sense in hoarding them to craft blue or green chips later in the game, because the next phase will have a different colored courtesy chip (which would be used to craft that round’s color). Do I have that correct?

  18. How are you supposed to get players club cards if you are only upgrading? Still hoping for Vegas Monorail!!! 😉

  19. I feel like it is taking FOREVER to get Lucius Sweet. I play everyday, multiple times a day and I am still only working towards Millhouse’s costume. Any tips for me?

  20. Ugg…this is starting to feel like a freaking Tiny co event…ok not THAT bad yet, but this leveling nonsense is ridiculous. I play frequently and am right on track with the chip calendar, but I’m only getting a handful of each craftable a day which has the triple whammy of 1. keeping many items locked for weeks to come…2. preventing me from crafting any of the interesting items on lvl 1…3…thereby also slowing down my progress on the players club…The items themselves may be “cheap” but when it takes nearly a week to earn 80 necklaces or coasters they don’t feel cheap. I saw the auto update and was hoping they tweaked the drop rate from tapping gamblers, but I cleared the whole town without a single craftable dropping….so guess not.

    • It’s not that bad…remember you’re only a week into it. There’s still a TON of time left. And the prizes do not cost that much in crafting currency. So whether you’re spending currency on leveling up or saving a ton of it (like Terwilligers) to craft 1 item it’s still the same amount of work….

      • Well, now we are almost 2 weeks into it, and I still have one more upgrade before I hit lvl 2 (so 1 more day if I’m lucky 2 or 3 if I’m not)…which means at this rate if I decide to upgrade to lvl 3, I’ll have somewhere between 2 and 6 days of collecting crafting materials to actually craft with….unless the drop rates increase (for those of us that don’t have a lot of extra premium characters for the casino tasks) it looks like upgrading to lvl 3 would be possible, but could be a complete waste of resources.

        • With the martinis it’s easier to upgrade now. I’ve already done 5 notches just this morning from martinis (granted I had 200 gold tokens saved up)

  21. So quick question, if you can still use necklace and coasters for lvl 2 to 3, is it worth hoarding necklaces and coasters with 9 bars to lvl 2 since once lvl 2 hits I believe you get another currency drop right? I would think it would be faster to lvl if you are splitting up the lvl up between 2 instead of 3 items. Just a thought.

    • There’s no right or wrong way to do it, honestly. My personal opinion is I’d rather level up now since there’s still a few days until act 2 starts. That way i can earn martini glasses from gamblers i tap….

      But that’s just me.

  22. Help I’m having a panic (lol) I’ve got 8/10 notches towards going up to level 2 is this really far behind because it seems some people are on level 2 already?! How far should we be at this point and is there a calendar?

    • Your right where i am. Don’t panic. There’s no crafting calendar. People who are over level 2 are most likely using donuts.

  23. Levelling up is so difficult…this event will be over by the time I get to level 2 🙁

    • Maddiethecool101

      I agree. I’m a bit concerned about leveling up. I play a lot (93k chips to date w/o donuts) but I still only have earned 5 bars & still on level 1. Focusing on leveling only. Since I’m the designated tapper for kids while off at school, I’m under some pressure here 😉

  24. So I’m feeling kind of screwed over here… I upgraded to level two yet there doesn’t seem to be any way to earn martinis. I have a feeling that you can’t earn them until act two unlocks Cletus’ dice den. This kind of defeats the purpose of the crafting being open for the whole event…

    • They’ll drop from gamblers. BUT also…the Dice Den doesn’t unlock with Act 2. Remember that popup at the end of the questline?

      You’ll see more gambling on Thursday…

  25. Feel like I am playing slots non-stop. I started level 2 in Burns’s Casino Crafting and everything is crafted to the max. Looooong road to level 3…

  26. Am I the only one that hates this?? I was thinking Ok, I finally got 50 keychains, I can level up now! nice with 5 days left I can make some of the level 2 stuff! I hit the level up and it’s only 1/10 of the way there… $^*#+^@&*^!!!!!!!
    Seems like it’s too hard to get the keychains and B-squares, I play the game a lot but, it seems like they made this event so you have to spent donuts to get everything, I never had a problem getting everything with events before. It’s just very frustrating and I feel like there’s not enough time.

  27. Are we going to be able to continue to earn keychains and coasters in Act 2? I just got Lucius Sweet but I still have 2 more notches before I get to Level 2 to upgrade crafting. Am I on track? (A lot of my neighbors have been at level 2 and a few are at level 3 already???) Wookie – We need a calendar for Upgrading and the Player’s Club. I’m only working towards prize #7 in the Player’s Club. It seem like I’m way ahead for the Act 1 Prize and way behind for Upgrading and the Player’s Club. How did that happen?

  28. I just got Lucius Sweet and the next award in the Burns rewards club is 2500 chips. I’ve already gotten the high roller bonus once (1,2 or 3 donuts) which is okay, but if the chips are going to help me towards something in the next act should I save the reward until then?

  29. I just got Lucius Sweet. This was by means of having all 10 characters available for Casino tasks, Maxing out my neighbour visits only 3 times(i get bored doing it) and using up all of my coins. Also, of course, by frequently collecting from gamblers around town. I probably only collected from my tasks 4 times a day including running over night to when I wake up. With 6 full days left I am amazed it was this easy. The only doughnuts I spent were on the Vegas Wives just because I am a completeist with characters(not skins)

  30. Hi! I have a question I have noticed in my crafting game that the button get now doesn’t appear even though I have collected enough objects not even the exclamation sign appears and the bar is green what should I do? Do I have to contact to EA and how?

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