Should I Spend Donuts on La Belle Frottage?

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for helping out with this post.  Y’all may know Kim from the comments and from some guest posts during the Winter Event.  Thanks for the help, again, Kim! 

Greetings from the frozen wasteland of northern Indiana, fellow tappers! We’ve been snowed-in for a few days here, which has allowed me to really get into my game. Yay (?)!

This event has brought us some new and tempting ways to spend our precious sprinkles, including La Belle Frottage. Now I know you might be wondering if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t fret! We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add La Belle Frottage to your casino strip? Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this questionably-named casino to your Springfield!



Building/Decoration: La Belle Frottage
Donut Price: 185 Donuts.
Bonus: Awards 480 Club Card Points for the event
Size: 10X17
Earns: $110ico_casino_redchip_lg, 15 XP/4 hrs
Conform-o-Meter: Vanity +50
Leaves stores March 29th

– Earns event currency
– Another item for your casino strip
– Unique and cool looking building
– The name kills me (I speak German and a little Russian, but no French, so I had to use a translation tool online.  This is a family-friendly zone, so I won’t include the translation here, but feel free to look it up.)
-The Sea Captain has a 16hr task there, but right now it’s glitched so the task has no name…
-Earns a lot of Club Card Points when purchased (480 ico_casino_clubcardpoints_lg)
-Will probably earn cash once the event is over (We won’t know for certain until the end of the event.  But, in the past, this has been the case with buildings that earn event currency.)
– Animated – lights on tower and around roof and balcony blink

– No questline
– HUGE – I mean it’s massive, although with the new land that came with the event, this may not be a deal-breaker
– Just another building to sit there, unused in your town
– Expensive for what it is/does
– Doesn’t come with a character (not a big deal for me, but I know this matters to some players)

Final Thought:
This one is a toss-up, in my opinion.  It looks cool and earns event currency, but otherwise, it doesn’t do much.  AND, event currency is pretty easy to obtain, especially if you have most or all of the characters that can play at the casino.  I’d say, if you like it and you can afford it, get it.  If, for you, it’s too expensive or an “I can take it or leave it,” then leave it.

Unless you are really hurting to earn event currency, I’d stay away from this one.  It looks cool, but it really offers no other benefits to your town and is an expensive land-hog.  I’d save your hard-earned donuts for something more beneficial down the road.  There is a lot of event left, and you may want to save your donuts for items available for sale in the next two acts.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I did buy this one.  Whatever you decide, just remember this is an item for the event that’s better the earlier you purchase it.  So if you’re on the fence, I’d say try to make your final decision in the next couple of days…this way you can get the most benefit over the rest of the event!

There you go, my friends, the full skinny on La Belle Frottage.

What do you think of La Belle Frottage?  Are you still thinking about purchasing it or wanting to see how the event pans out the next couple of days before you make a decision?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Again thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for her input on this post! 

50 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on La Belle Frottage?

  1. Got this thru the Yearbook Mystery Box. Placed it on the dock where it looks great. Also got the yellow submersible so got some extra dock tiles from that.

  2. WOAH!!!!! Toooooo expensive

  3. Does the payout change when the event currency changes? I.e. To green chips in act 2?

    • The Event Currency usually changes with each act, yes. It essentially is coded to just the Currency, so it inserts whatever is live at the time.

  4. Hi does this cottage earn Act 2 and 3 event currency too?

  5. I’m very happy to have found y’all. I play always, I’m going through a lot of back surgeries so what else can I do when I’m unable to read. I’ve got EVERYTHING except the Radish Station(I hate radishes and I was hospitalized without a device to play on) If you ever want another player to tap, feel free. I play on my Fire tablet so I can exchange Amazon coins for Donuts and I’m OCD so I’ll probably have anything in question. At this point I just got Lucius Sweet and am at 14 on the players club. I have gotten all premium purchases available, chippie is lame, with a payment of a coin a day.
    I look forward to reading more soon. tinabolder42

  6. Thanks for the info Kim 🙂

  7. Liked it, bought it. And let’s be honest, you can never have enough blinking lights on a casino strip 🙂
    And why does everyone go right to the racy meaning of frottage? Could be something completely innocent, like a charcoal rubbing of a coin, or something like that…

  8. Thanks Kim,
    I’m sure Alissa appreciates your help as much as we do
    🃏 🎰 🎲 ♣ ♠ 🔔 🍉 💲 🍒 🃏 🙂

  9. I was rather…errr…surprised when I saw the name for this one, since I already knew what it meant. For anyone who decides to look it up, I suggest you don’t do that on your work computer! 😉

    I could make space for this one, but I’m not willing to part with that many precious sprinklies for just a building (and I almost never use 16-hour tasks).

    Thanks for writing this up, though, Kim – it’s great that you could help out our ailing addicts this way and you did a really good job with it! 🙂

    It’s a little depressing seeing several posts from folks who have already gotten Lucious – I’m not even halfway to the Brittania Casino yet! How did y’all get so far ahead???

    • I just earned Brittania with light tapping this weekend. It’s those tokens at Moe’s that are pushing me ahead…

      • Yeah – I have about 40 I haven’t played yet….you’re making me want to go back and spend them NOW! (I wasn’t intentionally saving them for much later…just like to make sure I don’t play them all at once, because I like playing that slot machine and want to make it last longer.) I did play a few more rounds that I had planned this evening, because I wanted to make sure and get to a full one day ahead on the calendar before shutting down.

    • There are two definitions for “frottage” one is lewd, the other is not. But I think in this case, they’re referring to the lewd definition. Rather risque I would say.

      As for the prize track…..I got Britannia late last night, but it took a lot of tapping, and a little bit of luck at Gaming Moe’s.

      On a side note- my daily task today is to acquire 5 courtesy chips with a prize of 25 coasters. Up until today I was getting a courtesy chip at least once every five pulls on the slot machine. Of course today I’ve pulled the handle on the slot machine about 16 times and I’ve won every time. Yea for me. I’ve won a lot of casino chips today, but no courtesy chips. Go figure.

    • Kim (kimberlyah794)

      I got Brittania last night, too, and I’ve even missed a few days of neighbor visits. But I do have all of the characters that can play a the casino, so that’s helped a lot. Like Alissa, I’m also not hoarding my casino tokens, so that’s probably why I’m so far ahead. Hoping for some bonuts soon. Although Lucius Sweet will take a while to earn – he’s pretty expensive.

  10. Did it. For some reason this event has got me spending a lot more than normal. Really enjoying this event. I have a feeling I may buy everything 🤑

  11. I bought it, but that’s because I’m an addict and a bit of a completest. These game programmers know their stuff.

    I like that it is always animated but it is VERY expensive for just a building, and I feel like I bought players club card points more than anything.

    Because my gaming strip is surrounded by water it looks like it’s part of the lakes around my strip although the blue of the water around it is not the same as the blue of the water in Springfield (it’s lighter). Not sure how that was lost on the animators.

  12. 16-hour task for the Sea Captain, huh? Is the payout for this task premium?

  13. I wonder what the Sea Captain is actually doing there. If the name of the casino made it into the game but his task is censored out, it must be really racy. Lol 🙂

  14. Once you get luscious…should you save your tokens for part 2?

    • You can…if you don’t want bonuts. Don’t forget you’ll need crafting currency too. Personally I plan on using them up for a while to earn as much crafting currency as I can.

      • Do you know if we’ll be using the same tokens throughout the event? That also plays a major part in whether to save the coins or not.

        • I don’t see any other currency for it…like there’s nothing new coming that could replace it. but that doesn’t mean it’ll be used for the next casino game. However, i personally would take the bet that it will be.

      • So we don’t want bonuts we should save our donuts to craft the green chips which will be the next crafting currency? Would your opinion be the same for a premium or freemium player?

        Thanks for your insight. Avid reader of your posts.

        • It would be the same either way…BUT i strongly suggest spending at lest some to continue to get crafting currency. The crafting timeline is so tight that if you want to unlock all the levels and craft prizes you can’t afford to take a significant chunk of time away from earning crafting currency. That being said..if it’s the day before act 1 ends, I’d hold off on spending the tokens and let them build up for act 2. But that’s just me…

          • So, Alissa, are you saying that it’ll be harder to get Coasters and Key Chains in the later acts? I’ve been hoarding tokens up until now with the plan to only use what I needed to get Lucius.

            • I’m saying you need every and all available time during this event for crafting. If you want to craft everything you shouldn’t let several days go by without using your tokens. While it doesn’t matter too much in the end, since using tokens on day 5 is the same as using them on day 10…you need to keep in mind that the sooner you level up the sooner you can earn crafting currency like martinis and show tickets. So you’ll want to level up least that’s my take.

          • Ah – so maybe I missed this nuance in your earlier post. I was expecting Martinis and Show Tickets to come in a later Act (like at the Cletus or Homer joints), not with the Crafting levels. Thanks.

      • I just got Luscious last night. Since then my payout from slots has been abysmal. Although I’ve had times where I’ve had 3 Barney’s in a row. My daily challenge is 5 keychains. I got 3 right off the bat, and since then … nothing in the last 20 tokens. And nothing from for tapping dejected gamblers. I’ll save up tokens the last couple days.

        • How did you get Luscious already? Did you spend doughnuts? I tap constantly, and I’m still about 24,000 away from getting him. In fact- most people haven’t even earned Britannia yet.

        • I also got the 5 keychains as my daily challenge. Got nothing on 14 tokens. Then switched out of the daily challenge.

          Should get Luscious on Wednesday. Based on your experience I will keep my precious golden tokens. Still 5 bars away from Level 2 crafting. Just wondering if the keychains and coasters will still be given after Act 1 finishes to allow us to upgrade. If not, hoe can we even possibly get to Level 2?

  15. Trop cher. C’est la vie. 😉

  16. It’s a shame this building and the brittania casino have no tasks involved with them. The burns tickets are nice but not worth 185 donuts.

    Great post Kim.

  17. one big downside… it looks to fit in the squidport (tiles around it and water), but ut doesnt… Bummer

    • Can you place it on top of the Squidport tiles? Even though it doesn’t fit with the tiles?

    • That’s a deal breaker for me. I was only going to get it if I could put it on the Squidport and make an Atlantic City type of area, but if it doesn’t quite match up, I’d rather pass on the Frot and build a much more Vegas-ey area. Only have around 200 donuts left and I’m hoping and praying that I finally get another crack at Brandine Spuckler during this event!

  18. sonicboiny834 ryan

    I didn’t even realize until yesterday it paid event currency. My IRS tapping zone always cleared it before I could see it

  19. Hi there, Earned Lucius Sweet, but did not receive the 595 club card points. Anyone else have this problem?

  20. I loooove the way this one looks in action, but ya 185 donuts is just not gonna happen. The wives should be 185 and this should be 115, then I’d consider it.

    • i agree wholeheartedly. if it were 115 donuts, i’d already have it (yes, i value buildings more than characters….)

      • Me too! I only chose characters over buildings if it’s someone I REALLY like.

      • I’ve always gone character/building combo first, stand alone character next, and finally stand alone buildings (I think the only one I have is the Aztec Theater). But, just recently, I’ve been thinking my town could use some different looking buildings. 185 is too much for me, but really wish I would have picked up some of the more modestly priced buildings offered in the last couple events. Oh well, live and learn.

  21. I knew the meaning of the word when I first saw it in the store, and I can see EA silently renaming this one after a few complaints from prudes! 🙂

  22. I have this as part of my casino build, but i buy everything! Half of my town will be a casino strip after event completion.

  23. Thanks Kim , but too late , broke down and bought it yestersay . Yes it’s hugely expensive , but the gambler in me is really buying in to this event . I like the look of it , but I fear my wallet will be considerably lighter by the end of this event . Just like visiting Vegas for real I guess….:).

    • Kim (kimberlyah794)

      Personally, I love this building! It looks awesome and that name… it just makes me giggle. I’m a full-on premium player now, but I’ve been passing a lot on some of the more expensive premium items lately, especially the ones that are just glorified decorations (like the snow globe at Christmas). But there was something about this one that I just couldn’t pass up. Maybe it’s my love of Huck Finn and the old musical Show Boat, since the building is designed like a steamboat, that hooked me. Either way, I don’t regret my decision to buy it. (And I’ve never even been to Vegas!) 😀

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