Casino Event 101: Homer’s House of Cards

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  Vegas has arrived in Springfield and nothing says Vegas like rigged games of chance! Homer’s House of Cards is a place where you can experience first hand one of those rigged games of chance…as you try your luck in the TSTO’s card game!

So what can you win at Homer’s House of Cards?  How do you win?  How do you cheat?  Let’s take a look at all those questions and more as we break down the details of Homer’s House of Cards….


You guys know the drill by now…we’ll start with the basics

How Do I Unlock Homer’s House of Cards?

Homer’s House of Cards will unlock, for FREE, once you reach Have a Vice Day Pt. 10. Mr. Burns starts this off.  After you’ve placed and built the house of cards, you’ll need to send Homer on a 1hr task.  Once you’ve completed that, Homer will then start Stacking the Deck.  Once that starts you’ll be able to actually place Cards.

How Do I Use Homer’s House of Cards?

To “gamble” at the den you’ll need Tokens.  They look like this…


Once you have at least 1 Token you can use it at Homer’s…Just like at Moe’s & Cletus’.  

How Do I Earn Tokens?

Tokens will randomly pop out of Gamblers as you tap them..


You can also earn Tokens when you complete tasks at Burns’ Casino…1 token/4hrs per character that has a task there.

Additionally you can earn Tokens by upping your VIP Card Level.   And you can earn them via the Daily Challenges.

And of course you can buy them for donuts in the store…I DO NOT recommend buying them.  You can earn Tokens pretty easily, DO NOT waste your donuts on them in the store.

ico_casino_gametoken_pack03_lg ico_casino_gametoken_pack02_lg

So What Happens Once I Have A Token?  

Well…you tap on Homer’s House of Cards and it’ll bring up the card game…

2016-03-13 20.57.06

And this is basically the easiest of the 3 games…just pick 5 cards.  Depending no what cards to pick that’ll determine your hand.

So How Do You Win?

2016-03-13 20.57.19

Simple…pick 5 cards to make a hand.  Depending on what your hand is it’ll determine if you win.  So get a pair, 3 of a kind, Royal Flush etc…

Easiest thing…just pick 5 cards and see what pops up…

Simple right? 🙂

What Can I Win?

For Act 2…you can win Green Chips & Crafting Currency.  Every hand is a winner, so even when you lose you’ll still win something.

Here are the Card payouts:

2016-03-13 20.56.56

You can also randomly earn crafting currency when you win (or lose).  Occasionally you’ll see crafting currency popup as a prize in addition to the Chips…

The bonus crafting payout is random and doesn’t always happen.  There’s no special trick to getting crafting currency to popup.

What Happens When I Lose? 

2016-03-13 20.57.39

If you lose at Homer’s’ you’re still a winner!  Sorta… If you lose you’ll win a courtesy chip.


During Act 2 you can trade courtesy chips in for chips via the crafting menu.  10 courtesy chips = 100 ico_casino_greenchip_lg.  (This payout will change to Act 3 currency…so you’ll earn 100 Act 3 currency for 10 courtesy chips when Act 3 hits)

When you lose you’ll also occasionally get a crafting payout, just like when you win.

The Game Said Something About Cheating, How Do I Cheat?

2016-03-13 21.26.28

First, let me say this…cheating is random.  There is nothing you can do to get it to popup.  It’s completely random.  So don’t think you can do something to cheat…you can’t.  It’ll just popup from time to time.

Now when you draw a Jack and an Ace with no other winning combination, you’ll get a popup that says Homer’s having Blackjack Flashbacks.  At this point you’ll see skyfinger pointing to the deck of cards.. (Edit I have had this popup with an Ace and Jack but it held the Ace and 3 instead of the it could vary…)

2016-03-13 21.26.34

Once you tap the deckthe other 3 cards you drew (beyond the Jack and Ace) will be removed from the table.  And you’ll basically keep tapping the deck to redraw those three cards…

2016-03-13 21.26.38

When this happens you’ll have successfully cheated and earned 400 chips…

2016-03-13 21.26.52

The second cheat pops up every once in a while and it’s not really a cheat..just something Homer’s made up…it’s called a Royal Sampler. (Edit…Yes, the title is from Stonecutters (Royal Sampler) what I’m indicating here is that the pattern of cards you get when it’s declared that you’ve won it has been different. For example below you see Ace, Jack, 9, 4, 3.  I’ve also gotten it with 10, 9, 4, 3, 2. That’s what I mean with random…)

2016-03-13 21.28.00

Really it’s just random cards you get and Homer declares you got the Royal Sampler.

Tips for Selecting Cards…

So I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to pick cards, but what I found is when you do a “W” pattern, that seems to have the most success (at least for me)…

2016-03-13 20.57.59

So it looks like this…and the next card to pick to complete the 5 is the one in the top right…(And this this hand resulted in a Royal Flush)

And finally…


Now my personal take on it?  It’s all random.  But personally…if you’re looking to enhance your chip payout/token the slots.  It’s still the best return in the game.  (at least from my experience)

And there you have it…the details on Homer’s House of Cards!

What are your thoughts on the House of Cards?  Having success with the cards?  Or do you prefer the slots or dice?  Enjoying the “winning”?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

86 responses to “Casino Event 101: Homer’s House of Cards

  1. I don’t remember but how long is the build time for Homer’s casino? My brother hasn’t gotten it yet and he’s wondering if it’s worth grinding for before the event ends.

  2. I’ve noticed myself that I get the Royal Sampler when it’s all red cards.

  3. Just a quick experiment with the three games of chance to compare them. I spent 20 tokens at each back to back. I recognize this is a small sample size. On the slots I received 2555 chips with four (!) 400 chip pulls (that seems unusually high to me) in that set. On the dice game I only chose 7 (otherwise it is hard to replicate) for all 20 rolls. I ended up with 3190 chips and no cheat/400 results. On the card game I used Alissa’s patented W pattern only. I received 2175 chips with 2 of them being 400 chip royal samplers. So my results (for chips, not for crafting) were Dice, Slots, Cards in that order. FWIW.

  4. Ok, i havnt unlocked this yet, it says i need to finish, have a vice day.. i was at pt.7 i believe but now its not even in the list.. any ideas how to get it back or whatever? Also iv searched and search and cant find the have a vice day walk thru…..


  5. I’m surprised you only get so little for a Royal Flush. And there’s no option to win with a straight flush or even a straight…

  6. deborah sheppard

    ever since i got homers house of cards i am unable to play it, i have 100+ coins, why won’t it let me in?

    • You need to have homer do the stack the deck job. If you don’t have any jobs pending then contact EA.

  7. My husband hasn’t opened up homers house of cards yet is it too late? If not what does he do to trigger the tasks?

  8. Does anyone have any idea which game gives out the most crafting currency? I’m trying to save up for spruce goose and have not been getting any crafting currency from gamblers since I upgraded to crafting level 3. I only have 20 coasters and am hoping that one of the games will still be able to get me there.

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