Addicts Open Thread

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread. No new Simpsons tonight, but it is Easter!  So Happy Easter everyone!  What’s everyone’s plans for the day?

The Casino Event ends on Tuesday…are you ready for it to be over?  Ready for what’s next?

How’s your Casino designing coming along?  Having fun with figuring out where to put all these casino inspired items? Did you participate in yesterday’s showoff?

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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398 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Something for the children of Springfield must be coming up because all the children have a 2hr task at Krusty Burger- eat a Laffy meal- although no specific quest line has appeared yet….

  2. I only just realised, that WordPress is tracking my thoughts, and the ads here are based on what I’ve looked at on line, ….just to test this, I searched out new car deals (don’t need a car, ours is only 18 months old) but now, all the ads here are for new cars,

    • Lol. Always been like that. Linked to your searches. It’s why I giggled lots anytime someone yells at us for putting “naughty ads” on the site. My response “what are YOU looking at online”

      We’ve also seen people realize what their spouse and/or child searches while they’re not around. Those ads will rat you out in a heart beat. Lol.

      It’s also fun to mess with it. Like search all things squirrels for a while and see what ads it triggers. New game to pass the time. 😉

      • Morning Bunny,
        I was trying to think how I could use it to my advantage by searching for free money and see what I get offered, maybe that’s too hopeful but there must be something, ….
        oooh I know, “Guatemalan insanity peppers”
        🚒 😃

  3. I’m still get bounced out of my town, DRATS! Gives me more time to drive Alissa crazy lol! I did just get fire truck so think I’m doing ok event wise, was able to finish visiting neighbor’s this morning, but may not be able to visit ones I did last night☹. If not will try early in morning seems having better luck in morning when all you west coast peps are still sleeping.
    Was hoping to go to my favorite Saturday art festival (use to sell there before back injury), but just saw weather report, rain🌧DRATS again. I’m out of honey and my buddy makes fresh honey, not to mention best barb a que in town, he only does that one show. Plus it’s in a beautiful park in old fishing village, I love it out there, hopefully weather man is wrong.
    Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Goodnight all, Jimmy Fallon just came on so I’m off for my nightly laughs.

  4. I just realized its April fools. yikes!!

  5. Sorry tp my neighbours for not visiting. Not having good days lately, bare with me. I will try again tomorrow to get to everyone. 🙃

  6. Woo hoo!

  7. I just noticed that the fence railing around the Sleep-Eazy Motel pool is bent. Does anybody know the story behind this?

  8. For all the scary doll club members in the UK …set your video recorder or sky plus (modern tech) for free view channel horror at 2.20am…Magic…With Anthony Hopkins ☆☆☆☆☆ (Look it up on youtoob)

    Classic aaaaarghhhh!

  9. Just had my best ‘dismiss’ of a daily challenge ever! 1st task was something about collect gold statues to earn gold statues (which also meant I would have had to first spend gold statues because my storage is full).

    Dismissed it and got ‘Make Springfielders Shop for Gifts x 5 (8 hours) for 6 donuts!!!

    Happiness is…

  10. Franci31bonnie

    April 1–My daily bonus task wants me to collect furniture x40. How do I collect furniture ?

  11. I am missing my IRS building and my doughnut mascot from my inventory. Ive done all the checks but still nothing. How do i cobtact EA?

  12. As I posted yesterday on the sad loss of Ronnie Corbett , you might like to check out this you tube clip of one of their best sketches “fork handles” from BBC programme The Two Ronnies . Ronnie Corbett is the shopkeeper and Ronnie Barker is the customer 🙂
    Enjoy 🙂

  13. Any comments on the Moonbounce, I just got it & was kind of surprised by it?

  14. HandsomeHank8

    I give up, sorry to neighbors I didn’t visit will try first thing in morning. 1:00am my time, back screaming so need to lay down. I’m getting kicked out about every 4 neighbor’s been trying to get through while watching tv, but ready to throw IPad out the window with frustration, then I wouldn’t get to visit at all. I hate this, it happens every time we get new update, takes fun out of event, grrrrrr. My mood sucks (can I say that here if not, sorry) been long frustrating day.
    With new internet can’t play game in my bedroom so have to sit up on couch, so not amused. Internet guy said if I trim oak trees (2) very tall and thick signal will be better. Yeah right with my back I’ll climb right up that ladder and trim trees, not to mention have to cut up and drag and pile by edge of property for recycle to pick up.
    I made promise to my doc that I will take muscle relaxers every night, should be 3 times a day but they knock me out so just taking at night or if muscle is spasming, so off to bed. Other frustration is insurance company won’t pay for any back treatments at all including pain meds or shots. Dropped off refill at pharmacy so will see if they will pay for that tomorrow. They say all back treatments are medically unnecessary. I would love to take my baseball bat to their backs and then tell them go ahead suffer!
    Enough ranting, good night all. Tomorrow is another day I’m hoping for better day.

    • Hi HH 🙂 your line “my mood sucks” is very mild . Sorry for your troubles , hope your back improves . BTW , when I get annoyed and I’m not alone , I either say ” it rhymes with clucking bell” or “horlicks” which is a malty night time drink over here ( you may have it over the pond ) and there used to be an ad on the tv where they said ” oh horlicks” when something goes wrong . Please use them with my blessing , you should feel better for it . 🙂

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t have a good day Cindy,
      It took me 2 hours to do neighbours visits, what a chore, feel free to skip me as I’ll have the fire station (thought y’all called it the firehouse?) by the time you read this. Well another hour from time of posting.
      You need a friendly tree surgeon/chainsaw guy to trim your trees, surely you should get a signal in every room in the house?
      And surely any treatment is medically necessary if the alternative is constant pain, “what a crock”
      Hope you feel better for the weekend, and as you already know, there is always someone thinking of you
      🌼🌹 🌼 🌻 🌺 💐 🙂

      • Thank you for you kind words can always count on you and it means more than you know.
        Going to go down and see if festival is set up no rain yet shhhhhh.
        I checked you would not believe what they want to trim and haul rubbish on a oak tree! mine are very large, I used to keep them in good shape, but same old reason, back. $300 U.S. Per tree outrageous! Signal is lil better, my bedroom is opposite end of house from satellite. Worked pretty good in bath tub last night (right outside window)😊
        Works in living room but that is two walls less. Internet guy did do another adjustment, so wee bit better. Can’t see to watch “on demand shows in room either” was error code thing we can adjust more.
        Will end this rambling if anyone still reading on funny note. Got ready for bed, everyone is was in my spot, I said all of you move, only one that moved was husband I laughed, told him he is only trainable being in house😄

        • Surely it would be cheaper than that to stick your satellite on a tall pole or move it in front of the trees?

          Take care
          🔥 🚒 😃

          • HandsomeHank8

            It’s already on tallest poll they had, remember the high winds we get here. We have trees all around house, evidently it has to be on that one side where best signal is. The whole tree doesn’t have to be trimmed just where the two are kind of growing together. The trees do need trimming anyway, I’m surprised lawn guy hasn’t said anything don’t think he can mow under them. Decided I will just do as much as I have containers for each week.
            Got my walk in, but my barb a que guy isn’t there anymore ☹. His brother has orchid store out there so is going to stock is preserves, pickles, and honey, so can still get my honey yeah! A lil more expensive, I don’t get my discount plus brother raised prices so he makes a little money too. I’m cool with that. Glad I went last festival till November so got to say bye to everyone.
            Was nice sunny day, but thunderstorm moving in..
            Hope you are having good weekend. Happy tapping, gotta run, there is chocolate screaming at me so need to go shut it up!. Mmmmm chocolate

        • Cindy (hi, I’m Matt), do not give up the trees.
          I own, nearly, a small corner block buried in Suburbia, right next door to a sanctuary for flora and fauna, and have amongst my many trees in my front yard a ~25 metre liquid amber and a ~20 native gum whom the previous owner tried to chop down. Because the majority of my “glade” is within 1.2 m of the fence, my council maintains them 😉
          Construct, arrange, adjust to your native habitude, extended structure for the dish rather than pruning / culling ?

          • HandsomeHank8

            Hi Matt, no worries, I never take a tree down! The trees were a bit out of control, I spent all day trimming what was hanging over neighbor’s yard as they can file complaint (and will), raked all leaves off their property. Looks good, back didn’t like it 😊. Might still have to shape more but there is open space between the two so think signal can get through now, so hope that is end of it, my iPad is working better. Trees bring lots of shade to neighbor’s bedroom so think she will be cool with how they are now too.
            Thanks Matt! Hope you have a great week.

      • “…there is always someone thinking of you.” That’s either really sweet, or really, really creepy. 😉 😉

      • HandsomeHank8

        Thank you so much Lee! I don’t care what anyone else thinks I’m grateful to have you as a friend & that you care! It means a lot and helps knowing there is someone out there that cares.
        Worked on trees today there is open space between them, Internet seems better so hope that is enough. Five, 36 gallon containers, you can’t even tell I doc anything arghhhhh! Very tired and sore

  15. Anyone see the latest update, Springfield Volunteer Fire department?

  16. Sad day , another British comedy legend , Ronnie Corbett died this morning aged 85. As his late comedy partner Ronnie Barker would say “And it’s goodnight from him” . 🙁

    • I remember having conversations about The Two Ronnies on this site a while back. Sorry to hear that.

    • Separate thought… Does it not seem like there’s been a sudden surge in “celebrity” deaths? Most of them have been at a well-advanced age, but some of them, like Patty Duke, have definitely been premature. But I feel like there have been at least 3-4 a week for the past few weeks.

      • Yes it’s weird Sandra . If I was a ” celebrity” ( hate that word ) I would probably hibernate from Christmas until Easter . BTW Sandra I put a link further up this thread you might like , it’s The Two Ronnies in their classic BBC sketch ” forkhandles” 🙂

        • Yes – I watched that routine (and several others) the last time The Two Ronnies came up here, several months ago. 🙂

      • HandsomeHank8

        Yes and some are way too young.. Was heart broken with David Bowie hardly had time to mourn, then Glenn Frye (love the Eagles and him). They played on Grammys Jackson Brown, who I also like filled in but not the same. I wasn’t aware he was person who gave them a big break to start band till Glenn died. I felt so bad for Don Henley he looked near tears and couldn’t get off stage fast enough. He and Glenn bff’s for 40 years.
        Seems like every time I see news someone else is dying!😢

        • It’s a symptom of our age, we’re going to be more familiar with celebrities dying, than those just finding fame. Our era is slowly coming to an end.
          Now that’s a cheery thought to start the weekend
          🙂 😁 😃 😄 🙂

          • Exactly what I was thinking. Celebrities have always been dying, it’s just we’re at the age they’re people we know.

          • Gee, yeah, thanks. 😛

          • The alternative is to beat them to the punch.
            I, personally, will allow them to take the lead. Being at the end of the Baby Boom Generation (1958), I am seeing enough of the changes being made where my benefit is lost where my older brothers and sister keep theirs. So, watching them pass on will just be another thing on the list of things that suck as I get older.

        • Don’t morn for Bowie. Listen to Dark Star. He knew he was dying when he wrote and recorded it. It is nothing but a proper farewell to his fans.
          The title track is saying his spirit, talent, vision, everything he contributed will carry on in those he influenced. In the video his essence is represented by a mask being passed to the next generation. Personally I think Gaga is carrying the torch but whoever you like where you can see the influence he had on them.
          And Lazarus in particular is him saying by the time you hear this I’ll be gone. I love you as much as you’ve loved me but don’t mourn. I’m Ok with it, you should be too. We had a great ride.
          If you haven’t seen the videos you tube Black Star and Lazarus. They’re really haunting. Particularly Lazarus when he backs into a wardrobe and closes the door as he says Goodbye.
          I was devastated until I understood this album. It has really made me come to terms with loss.

          • I got the album day after he died, I listen to it a lot in my jeep when driving. Yes sounds like he had come to terms with his death. Felt bad he kept it to himself (but can understand due to his fame, but didn’t even tell wife till it became to obvious to hide). Everyone deals with it differently, Glenn Frey kept his pretty quiet too but his wife, family and Don Henley knew and were pretty much camped out at hospital around clock.
            I do like David Bowie’s last album, but it is sad & little on dark side. I thought Lady Gaga did a great tribute to him on Grammys. She is perfect for following his path and keeping his memory alive.

  17. After nearly a year of having 5+ handshakes per building, I am tired of it. I have contacted EA several times. They keep saying that if it isn’t affecting the game play, ignore it. Well it is affecting game play. I can see only the name on top which prevents me from knowing all that visited. I am contacting them again today. I am nit playing until they fix it. So bear with me 🙂

    • You are only hurting yourself by not playing until they fix it. I doubt they will fix it, since I don’t have this problem and I don’t know how many do. Perhaps you could replace fast turnover building with ones with longer regeneration times, that way people who visit your town will have to go further afield to tap something.

    • I also don’t think they will fix it because I think it’s done on purpose to make sure there are always buildings to tap when neighbours visit you.

      I don’t really notice who visits me at the best of times but I try to visit all my neighbours as often as possible – not just those who visit me. Not for any reason other then it gets me donuts 😊

  18. Wow, decisions decisions. I have 2.8m to my name (yeah I know, I’m poor compared to some of you) and only one block of land left to unlock before I’m maxed on land. It costs 2.5m, which I can afford, but with my luck they’ll release level 60 the moment I do it, and I’ll need money for a building or something.

    • I’d hold off for a little while. When buying land I used to try keep a buffer of about 1.5 million in cash so that if anything new landed I could afford to buy it immediately…

      But in the end it’s your decision and depends on what’s more important to you right now – that last piece of land (which is obviously taunting you) or a new building/decoration (which is only a possibility).

      But if your luck is usually that bad maybe you should buy it so that we can get the next event and/or level now…?

      • Meh technically its not the last block anyway, didn’t unlock the last two water blocks either. Usually do those last as land is more in demand than water generally.

    • Wait
      You don’t need the land now.
      Wait until you have 2 million after buying the land for unforeseen EA surprises. (I know, its redundant)

    • Do NOT buy it. There’s no reason to buy land before you need it (at least, that’s my philosophy). It just encourages more expansive design and makes it harder to find stuff (like wandering NPCs for events). That land isn’t going anywhere and you’ll definitely need money for when the next level hits (and to fund things like bonut box rounds and such).

      • Yeah, I haven’t bought it but so far I don’t have too much issues with “big” designs in my town anyway. I try to keep things compact, yet looking good (In my opinion anyway lol)

  19. Did anyone else see a notification,something along the lines”gamblers are escaping their addictions,grab and drag them back.” If so,does anyone know what it means? I haven’t seen any gamblers since the update. Always appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you.😀

    • Think I saw that popup way back when the event started, but can’t say I’ve seen it since. Maybe your game didn’t fully update/revert back to non-event mode?

  20. leary6996, wow, i so love u right noe, going by that pic u posted ur playing on a windows based computer.. ease tell me how to do andriod on windows?

    • Looks like leary6996 is using Bluestacks.

    • I know nothing about it but it’s called “bluestacks”

    • Yup, what the other two have said. The answer to your question, or if you are like me, the contribution to your TSTO addiction, is BlueStacks.

    • yes, bluestacks. it’s also worth noting that it is very much worth it to pay the $24 for it so that you don’t have to download random apps, and it really does run better. there are still random crashes here and there, but it’s only really annoyng when doing neighbors.

      • You paid $24 to get Bluestacks? When I went to their site, it was free. It’s not free anymore??

        • It’s free to use, but every so often you get a pop up option to either pay 2 bucks to continue using it, or install random app. I believe paying for it gets rid of that pop up. I still use freebie option, all my money goes to TSTO lol

  21. Wow new record for the railyard. Got it done and refilled in less than 2 days. It does seem to be easier as long as you can have all the worker’s free and not doing event tasks.

    • Congrats, do you have a certain method? Have all but one of the characters myself that can use the railyard tasks, and still chugging away at the last bit of tasks to get the bonuts.

      • I have all the characters that can work on the railyard. My strategy is to try and get at least 35k or more of the plans on day 1then knock out what’s left on day 2. I try and keep jesse and the hippie on metal and switch them to plastic or glass if I need more of that. I mostly like doing the big task much as possible and I do the other 2 as many times as I can. They all add up.

  22. So anyone else have ‘The Post Event Blues’?

    I live in a university town and we talk about the Post Thesis Blues… You spend a year or three working on nothing but your thesis. You think it will be great to hand it in – lots of free time, no stress, chance to catch up with books/TV shows etc etc – and it is. But at the same time, once it’s done, the prime focus (obsession?) of your life for the last while is no longer there and it takes some time to find another…

    Sound familiar?

    Bring on the desert event and Level 60! Please…?

    • I’m actually loving how much more quickly my recycling tasks are going, now that I have my metal recyclers back (and even one more of them, since I bought Jesse near the beginning of the event)! I still haven’t missed a week, but last week was the closest call yet, not finishing until Monday. I’m looking forward to being done in the next day (or two, at the most) and then having some “free time” for my characters (although some of them still have tasks to complete, that I had put on hold to focus on the event tasks and the recycling tasks).

      And neighbor visits are a lot faster now, too….I was finally able to make it through my whole list and, as a result, earned 4 donuts in the process! (That’s the most I’ve ever earned visiting neighbors, although I have gotten that many a few times before, though very rarely.)

      I wouldn’t mind it if EA waited until at least Friday afternoon to release anything new…

    • Not sure about blues, my post-event is usually purple stripes with green polka-dots 🙂

  23. Just chillin after work, grinding heights, reading the open thread.

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