Casino Event Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 5 Gabbo and Arthur

Special thanks to Kim (kimberlyah794) for helping out with this post.  Y’all may know Kim from the comments and from some guest posts during the Winter and Casino Event.  Thanks for the help, again, Kim!   

Hey, hey, hey, fellow Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  The Casino Event has arrived in Springfield…and it’s full of Vegas inspired decorations, buildings and games!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Third Act you’re tasked with collecting Blue Chips (ico_casino_bluechip_lg) to unlock each prize!

The fifth and final Act 3 prize awarded at 102,450ico_casino_bluechip_lg  (or +31,550ico_casino_bluechip_lg from the Chinese Acrobatic Theater) is Gabbo and Arthur, the dynamic duo of ventriloquism.

2016-03-17 14.37.38

So let’s take a closer look at this fifth prize and just what happens when you unlock them in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 102,450ico_casino_bluechip_lg  (or +31,550ico_casino_bluechip_lg from the Chinese Acrobatic Theater), you’ll automatically be awarded Gabbo and Arthur and you’ll see this message popup:

2016-03-17 14.37.45

And you’ll have the option to place them in your Springfield immediately or store them in your inventory for later.  Remember, if you store them, you’ll have to go into your inventory to place them in Springfield later…

REALLY IMPORTANT: Gabbo and Arthur award 480ico_casino_clubcardpoints_lg .  However, you MUST place them in your Springfield in order to get credit for 480ico_casino_clubcardpoints_lg.  If you store it in your inventory immediately and don’t place in Springfield you won’t get credit for the Club Cards.  You’ll get credit once you place it. So don’t think just because you stored it you’ll never get the Club Card Points.  Just place it in Springfield and the points will be awarded to you.

Once placed in Springfield, you’ll see the character unlock message:

2016-03-17 14.37.49

And Gabbo and Arthur are part of the Casino Performers Character Collection:

2016-03-17 14.37.53


Gabbo and Arthur come with their own questline, and it’ll start right up for you.  Here’s a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of their questline…

Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 1
Gabbo and Arthur start

Make Gabbo Plan an Intervention – 4 hrs, Earns $175, 45 xp
Make Arthur Touch Base with Heaven – 24 hrs, Earns $600, 150 xp

Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 2
Gabbo and Arthur start

Make Gabbo Mutter Angrily to Himself – 4 hrs, Earns $175, 45 xp

Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 3
Gabbo and Arthur start

Make Gabbo Get Tased – 60 min, Earns $70, 17 xp

Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 4
Gabbo and Arthur start

Make Gabbo Rant – 8 hrs, Earns $275, 70 xp

Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 5
Gabbo and Arthur start

Make Gabbo Help Cats Stuck in Trees – 24 hrs, Earns $600, 150 xp

And here’s a look at the tasks they come with…

gabboandarthur_victory_pose_left_image_5 gabboandarthur_dance_around_left_image_5 gabboandarthur_conversation_with_himself_active_left_stage_image_5


Length Earns


Have a Conversation
with “Himself”

1hr $70, 17xp

Outside – bench

Buff Out Splinters

4hrs $175, 45xp Brown House
Dance Around 8hrs $275, 70xp


Work on New Material

12hrs $420, 100xp Brown House
Harbor Dark Thoughts 24hrs $600, 150xp

Brown House

What’s Next?

And there you have it the details behind Gabbo and Arthur – the fifth and final Act 3 Prize!

What’s Next?

Well you’ve now finished Act 3!  Now it’s time for those Bonuts!


YES! The “BONUTS” (Bonus Donuts) are present for Act 3. Once you have collected the 102,450ico_casino_bluechip_lg Total  Blue Chips needed for the Personal Prizes, you then will get the chance to earn some more for a Bonus Gift.

Once you reach the 8500ico_casino_bluechip_lg extra  Blue Chips, the 3 Donut Box Pop Up will appear and you have a 1 in 3 chance to tap a box and get 3 Donuts. If you do not get the 3 Donuts, you can pay $150,000 to try again until you get the 3 Donuts you want.

Remember Act 3 and the Event end on Tuesday, March 29th…

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the fifth and final Act 3 prize!

What do you think of Gabbo and Arthur?  Have you unlocked them yet?  Which task is your favorite?  Thoughts on the Casino Event?  Enjoying yourself so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

84 responses to “Casino Event Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 5 Gabbo and Arthur

  1. Anyone notice that Gabbo and Athur will sit on top of other bench sitting characters? They only seek out the nearest bench, NOT the nearest vacant bench. It makes for some amusing scenes!

  2. I didn’t get enough points, is it worth spending 50 donuts on this to get?

    Semi-premium player here

  3. What do we do with all those credit etc that have been collected! I have 11,080! Can or how do we use them ?

  4. For everyone creeped out by Gabbo, take a look at this pic. Really, it’s ok…

    I sent everyone on jobs using the unemployment office and this is just where he happened to be. 😀

  5. wildthornberry88

    I had a break over Easter and didn’t even try to unlock these… actually I didn’t log in my game all weekend :O The character kinda creeps me out and there wasn’t really any other incentive to play lol, so I had a nice break. I saw a comment saying their voice is creepy too so I’m actually glad I didn’t get this prize XD

  6. Worst Questline Ever! – I feel like I’m missed something, Why are they angels? Why are they counselors? Why are they not funny in the least bit? Why is Arther so Tan?

    Now Lee, I think your taking Creepiness too far. I don’t suggest you post any more pictures but I can’t help but think of Krusty’s failed attempt freaking out the kid audience. Also I still have a photoshop of Al Pacino (as Dr.K. behind bars) holding a Dummy of himself (in his most famous Scar Face tommygun pose) with the line “Say Hello to My Little Friend, Batman” which in no-one know’s Scar Face Dummy is a Batman villian. (I still can’t post pictures in comments and from the sound of things most people wouldn’t want me to post that image anyway) :p

  7. I was really disappointed with their questline. I was hoping they’d have some kind of rivalry with Krusty.

  8. I’ve been a bad widdle boy (although that’s not anatomically possible).

    • Since I presume he’s wooden, wouldn’t that be “bad wittle boy”, y’know like wittling wood 😀

      • Apparently, it *is* “whittle”, not “widdle”. 🙁

        I must have had a blonde moment, having seen the episode he appears in not so long ago (even though I’m a redhead).

  9. I like the one hour sit down task although there seems to be something wrong with the coding. If the closest bench already has an occupant Arthur&Gabbo won’t go to a further one but will just sit on top of whoever.

    • The same thing happened with Brockman and Ray Patterson lounging on the beach. Brockman was lying in a lounge chair with a drink for his 1 hour relax task. Along comes Ray for his 24 hour relax task. Instead of going to another empty lounger, he plopped down on top of Brockman. Could see Brockman’s arms and legs peeking out from under Ray.

      • Weird. I’ve never had the problem with Brockman and Ray and I have them often relaxing side by side after the Railyard is done 🙂

  10. I think I”m going to actually store this character. Yuck. I can’t stand the voice. lol

    • I hear ya, although I don’t so much mind that character, I’m that way when it comes to the Outdoor Opera Stage from a few events back. How many times can we hear “we are out of rice krispieeeeees” without it getting annoying 😀

  11. I know I’m not alone here, but puppets and clowns give me the creeps. Take Stephen King’s “IT” and Chucky for example.

  12. This one is winking at you


  13. Love the animation. Probably best characters of the event unless you include the reclusive Burns skin


    Thanks Kim & Alissa

  15. This quest line could have been called “Gabbo does stuff you can’t see” .

  16. …trying not to look up…

  17. Really disappointed with this as there are only 3 outside tasks and they aren’t the best. For a character with a lot of potential for funny animations and loads of tasks, 5 tasks is a bit disappointing! Love the site and posts though!!!


    On a recent visit to “creepy doll world” I saw this great pencil sharpener in the gift shop


    Here is the aversion therapy room at the creepy doll club


    What did you think of Gabbo & Arthur?
    You know we love hearing from you……..

    I can see where this is going
    🙂 now then, where are those comments I prepared earlier 🙂

    • OMG Lee I LOVE these pics!!!! Dolls and puppets are my thing!!! I love horror stuff!!! I know my favorite horror movies by hard!!! Lol 😀😄😄👿😉👐❤🎠🎪🎭📺📀🎬🎥😂😅😁

    • Well, the elephant in the room, but the screencap shows that Arthur is not as dark skinned as in the game…….. . . . . . . . .

      • Lol… I’ve seen Characters change hair, skin, and clothing color along with the way they’re drawn throughout the TV episodes long run. 😉

        • But has any changed so much that they now resemble an elephant? 😛

          • Possibly… I’d have to watch 27 seasons and get back to you 😛

            Mainly I’ve seen their looks improve, but some still look odd. Like the creepy babysitter… but it’s those that make me giggle the most. 😉

        • Oh, I just realized that my elephant comment might be taken wrong. I only meant “elephant in the room” as I said before. Nothing bad. 🙁

          • YOU CALLING ME FAT??!! 😛

            • Sure, that’s the mistaken reading that I didn’t mean. 😉 😛 Of course not, thought!!!

              I just saw Zootopia and there was an elephant in the room joke. Quite literal. No one was offended. 😛

          • We went to see Zootopia on Easter, I really enjoyed it. I laughed so hard at the intro of Mr Big bit I was wiping tears from my eyes. All the adults in the theater were in hysterics and all the kids were confused wondering ‘what is sooooo funny?!?’ Which made me laugh even harder. It had some great, timely themes and I look forward to its release on cable/DVD because I bet there are fun special features and details you’ll pick up with subsequent viewings.

            • Hah, I saw it on Easter, too! My little one ran around for half the movie, but that was cool with me (I did chase him down when he got too wild). I think he liked it, but he wouldn’t understand any of the references. Actually, I didn’t understand what was so funny with Mr. Big, but I’ve never seen the movie (only the parodies, like this one). But, I thought Mr. Big, like Sex in the City (don’t censor that, Alissa!! 😛 ). haha. Talk about inappropriate references in a kids movie. That sounds funny, though, that all the adults laughed while the kids were bewildered. I didn’t notice that in my theater, but I had my wild one in tow. 🙁 heh. I thought the sloth scene was pretty funny. The “baby” fox had a funny voice. hehe.

              *ahem* So, thanks for the chat on the kids movie. 😉 🙂

        • Smithers and Milhouse come to mind 😀

  21. I got Gabbo and Arthur Wednesday night making them my 100th playable character. Can’t believe I have that many in the game. I’ve started using the Unemployment Building a little more for assigning 1hr tasks during the day. Tapping out and assigning tasks for 100 characters takes a little bit of time. Think I’ll be using it more in the mornings now as I start my new job tomorrow. ( 🙂 so happy to be working again)

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