Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?  Do you plan on checking it out?

The Casino Event ended this past week, and the fire station update came blazing in!  What are your thoughts on the update?  How are you doing earning prizes?

NCAA Men’s Championship is set, and the Women play tonight.  Did your team make it?  Enjoying the March Madness (even though it’s April)?

Baseball is back baby!  Opening Day(s)…how do you think your team will fare this year?  #worldseriesorbust

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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  1. Eight two banana
    Mmmm, wall licorice


  2. I’m hoping that this week’s Open Thread brings a new edition of ‘Tapebelt’s Query of the Week’…

  3. Hello! I have a bunch of totally unrelated things I’d love to get your opinions on, fellow tappers. What do you say?
    1) How do you all feel about the tasks tor Springfield Heights, The World’s Largest Redwood, and Burns’ Money Mountain? I’m not particularly interested in completing them (either the money or – worse for me – the repeat tapping and use of characters on tasks I don’t want), but I HATE having icons in my task bar that just sit there. How about you all? Have you done them/are you working on them? Leaving them there? Is anyone else super irritated by them?
    2) Any guesses on when the teased desert event might start? I’m hoarding donuts and I soooo want to spend them, but I’m tempted to wait to see if there is another special rebate deal… Worth waiting? What are you all doing, if anything?
    3) Should I be using my IGA/Origin ID to comment? I’ve just been using my initial, but it seems like people know eachother and know who their Neighboreenos are, so maybe I’m missing out?
    4) I have an iTunes gift card just waiting for some good ol’ Donut purchasing. It’s been over a year since Gil’s done a Donut Deal, right? Not worth waiting for at this point?
    5) I’ve always wanted to grow corn, but now that Daily Challenges are in play… Seems like I’ll just end up canceling it eventually for donuts, because… Donuts. How many of you have made it to the 90 days? I managed it with Brandine, but… Donuts.
    6) I wanted to “like” some helpful comments, but it said I needed a WordPress ID to do so? I have a blog, but I prefer to keep it separate from stuff like this. Have you all made WordPress accounts just to like things? Am I missing some obvious other way? It would be neat to sign in with Origin somehow so my name and avatar would show up. 🙂
    AND finally,
    7) How long do you typically wait before cancelling friend requests? After finding out that they count as part of your total friend limit, I’m thinking maybe I should clear some out. But I want to give people a chance – what if they just haven’t seen them? There was one person in particular whose username amused me – Chewbacon123, I think? – that I’ve been holding out for just in case, as seeing it would be a daily giggle for me, heh.

    Sorry about the barrage of questions! I’ve been playing a while but only relatively recently got more serious about it, and then only found this lovely site in last few months, so now I want to know eeeeeeeeverything.

    • Hi! Here are my thoughts on your questions…

      1) I like doing Springfield Heights stuff when I have nothing else more pressing to do in the game (usually in the few days between when I finish my rail yard tasks for the week and when they start up again). I made it to billionaire status a few weeks ago, when I wanted to get Paris to help with the casino event. I’m also working on the redwood at a leisurely pace. However, I have no intention of doing Money Mountain, because it’s ugly. I’d do it to get the skin for Bruns (it’s a cool one), if I could store Money Mountain once I reached it, but, when I found out that storing the mountain took away the skin, I decided to forget it altogether. Plus, the BoBo icon is kinda sweet, so I don’t mind having it permenantly in my task book.

      2) I try to make sure I have some donuts available for limited-time, event-related items. However, due to some “free” iTunes money I earned through QuickThoughts and EA’s recent generosity with free donuts, I had enough to buy a couple of non-limited-time things and still have some leftover if the next event or a Gil’s Deal offers something I really want.

      3) I use my Origin ID here and, yes, it’s lots of fun having neighbors that you actually “know” from here. My WordPress account is pretty much just for use here, so it’s not a proble for me.

      4) I was waiting for that Gil’s donut deal for a long time, but, when I got the free iTunes credit, I went ahead and used it. But I have some Amazon credit that I’m holding on to in case there is a Gil’s donut deal at some point. (BTW, if you have a Kindle, ALWAYS buy your donuts through that…HUGE discounts for doing it that way, even if you mostly play on a different device.)

      5) I grew corn once – that was enough. It’s actually a really bad return on investment, so I’m not really tempted to do it again. (Plus, I wouldn’t want to tie up the farm that long now that we have these daily tasks…I earned some donuts for growing Silvertongue just the other day.)

      6) See 3.

      7) I don’t think that incoming friend requests count (or at least they didn’t used to…I’ve had a lot of pending requests for a really long time and I’ve been able to successfully accept them when I’ve had an open space (until just now…seems like something’s going on there, so either they’ve changed the rules or there’s a glitch). However, I can’t *send* friend requests while I have these pending requests, so they do count in that way.

      As to your actual question, there was a whole comment thread about that recently, so you might want to scroll down and check that out (not 100% sure which post it was in, but I’m guessing it was this one).

      Does that help? 🙂

      • Iwasayingboourns

        Thanks so much! It definitely helps a lot. I know detailed reaponses like this take a while to write out, so I appreciate your taking the time! Very good info all around. And thank you SO MUCH for reminding me about QuickThoughts. I’ve had the app for a while but was ignoring it, but since you mentioned it, I went back, and now I’m up to about $6.50. Exciting! I hope I keep qualifying for surveys. 🙂

        I do wish I had access to a Kindle Fire… I have a Paperwhite, which I’m pretty sure is just an e-reader and can’t get apps. 🙁 Everyone says it’s the way to go. And my best friend JUST had his stolen (horrible robbery incident including his passport, so sad), or I would co-opt his. Oh well.

        I thought I remembered a thread about the friends thing, but I read pages and pages and never found it. For whatevee reason, the search bar on TSTO addicts never works well for me (even just in finding posts), so I gave up. 🙁 Thanks for being indulgent and answering anyway. 😀

        I’m going to make a new wordpress account, and if using it to comment doesn’t automatically log my device out of my blog one, I’ll go for it. Fingers crossed!

        Thanks again for all the info!

    • Hi Z! Great Questions! Soooooo……

      1. I can’t stand Springfield Heights I wish they’d just do away with it, I’d much rather the extra space instead of the items I’m not allowed to store from it. They should have just never done that IMHO or at least kept the same currency. I love money mountain and love LOVE worlds largest redwood. Easy way to get skins for free and I love the Redwood full-grown. I would have paid donuts for it and the skin.
      2. Not sure when next event is & I also have a lot of donuts to be spent. Normally I buy them by the boatload every few months, if your premium & can swing it, it saves money and you get way more donuts. If you have kindle you can get a boatload for $80 (using Amazon coins) with tax and an extra $15 back to buy more donuts, so back in coins, not cash. Make sure if you do this to get GENUINE Amazon coins. I’ve only done this once I normally go through TSTO and pay full price.
      3. I have the SAME question I’ve been wanting to post! Mine is really close ladybug0204. I think I’ll change mine now that you mention this. So everyone, that’s my new screen name soon.
      4. Yeah … I gave up on that a long time ago, it’s been WAY TOO LONG! I’ll jump on that deal as soon as it comes up! Hopefully sometime soon!
      5. Never made it, maybe I should try I do have witch marge in use constantly speeding up crops. Probably won’t though, never appealed to me.
      6. Create a WordPress just for this account to be used solely for this blog, if you use it a lot that is. I will say this is the only blog I comment on frequently. But I have 2 WordPress accounts bc I forgot the password to one so I know it can be done & problem solved.
      7. I don’t even know it’s been a while since I’ve had that happen… Not too long, I need to add like 50 more friends right now probably more. I had to delete so many and still need to do more but I feel bad.

      • Thanks for the inspiration 😉

      • iwasayingboourns

        Hi! Thanks so much for all your answers! I was originally bummed that I posted this basically right before the new Addicts Open Thread, because I was thinking at least some of them would be more like polls only no one would see them, but between your and sandrashills super thoughtful responses, I feel I definitely got my money’s worth. 🙂

        So yeah, TOTALLY with you on heights. My issue with the other two is jist how expensive they get towards the end. I’m relatively new to being a serious TSTO player, so I don’t even have all the land unlocked, and only have one aspirational building (wish they had kept them in a separate category, by the way; I hate scrolling a bunch to fund things). I have a little over three million saved up, and have been using it gradually mostly to open space up for event stuff. I keep worrying that if I spend it something will come up and I’ll be out! Doesn’t help that I am obsessed with visual tasks and frequently squander opportunities to make more by just picking the tasks I want to see. 🙂

        You guys make me want a Kindle Fire SO BADLY just for this game, heh. I don’t even know what Amazon Coins are, but it sounds great. *sighs*

        I’m going to start using my Origin ID, too! Starting with the replies to this post. 🙂

        Thank you so much again for your responses!

        • Well I don’t have all the land unlocked either! A good bit is unlocked, but I’m not done yet. I’m glad bc I fear the day that happens! I would hate to have to start storing things I love in my town to make room, I keep getting lucky and they add more land before it happens. I’m level 59+ & right now I have 6.5 million but I normally have about 4-5 million. I’ve been playing since 2014. I also only have 1 aspirational unlocked, the escalator to nowhere. I don’t really care for the other ones except the fortress of chocolatude (sp?) & I will get it when I can! Eventually. I also like the worlds largest zirconia. Yet, not enough money. I always try to keep 4-5 million too for level updates limited time freemium decorations & to buy land for events. So you’re not alone with that! I don’t know how I don’t have more money actually, I guess decorating? Long tasks? I had to just set all my players, I have well over 100, on 1 hour tasks during my time upgrading the money mountain and the tree & Lisa and it seemed to keep me even, because I too like the visual tasks and miss out on a lot of money playing them over and over since they’re normally long hrs. I finished Lisa and the Tree & I’ve been continuing putting everyone on 1 hour tasks (on days I have the time) over and over & my currency has increased very quickly.

          • No joke, right after I wrote that out I went to go add you to my friends list and saw you had already added me 😂

  4. Hi tappers just a quick one my daughter has pressed my game and spent 50 sprinkles on something in krustyland I can’t see what’s been bought but I’m gutted I’ve saved these for weeks now is there anyway to get them back ? Thanks for your time and looking very sad tapper

    • Sorry, but I really don’t think anything can be done. You could call EA and ask, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Because if they needed to reverse purchased items for everyone, they wouldn’t make a profit.. They MIGHT give a couple of sympathy donuts, but again, I don’t think so coz they would have to do it for everyone. Sorry 🙁

    • She probably spent them on speeding up something, like rent on a building, if you can’t see it. Your best and only hope is to contact ea. Just be really really nice to them and they may help. I’ve never had anything but great experiences with them, but not everyone has had the same experience. Good luck! I’d love to hear back if they help or not.

    • I’ve never had to do this but from other comments in the past, I think your only chance is contacting EA and either getting them to just reverse the purchase or roll back your game by a day or 2 to before the purchase…

      From what people say here it also sounds like if you phone them, you are more likely to have success if you can speak to someone in Texas rather then the outsourced call centres?

      Good luck!

  5. FYI for everyone my internet is down so using hot spot on iPhone. I will try to tap later, gotta feed doggies!
    Good point you won’t have to read my posts till I get internet back, will save hot spot time for updating my town & tapping neighbor’s.
    No internet sucks!
    Hope everyone has a god weekend,

  6. Hi Lady bug, Crazy cat lady is my vote!

    • Thanks HH! I’m literally about to go buy CCL & Akira as soon as I post this! I appreciate your input! Everyone really is so helpful and nice on this blog. This blog has the best readers! Thanks again! And I hope your doing/feeling better!

  7. This is the first week I actually kept track of donuts earned, grand total 31. Has anyone else kept track of donuts per week? What is your personal best? How many can you anticipate this week? Love to read some responses on this subject.😃

  8. Ok so which one of these is your favorite? Crazy cat lady, Otto, beer n brawl, or Lampwick/Rocket car? I buy one “permanent” character every so often and through the years have purchased many of them but I 90% buy limited time items, I try to get all of them. Now it’s time for me to get a new permanent character for my town and those are at the top of my list. What are your favs? I already have sideshow Mel, Frink, Stacey Lovell, Laura Powers, Barney, Jasper, Manjula, Luann, plato’s casino, & camp Bart I may be forgetting a couple but that’s most of them. It takes me forever to decide on the permanent characters but I always snatch up the limited time!

    • If,you,don’t have Akira and the Happy Sumo you might want to consider him too? I like that he actually produces something. Ever since I finished his questline, he has done nothing but produce bonsai 😄

      • Thank you for your input! I didn’t even consider Akrira! I had somehow forgotten about his bonsai producing abilities and I love the one I have. I’m actually really picky about where I place it, I move it around a lot. So I’m getting crazy cat lady and, you know… For only 100 donuts, I’m picking up Akira too for those Bonsais & the great price for a character/building combo. I have tons of donuts saved up so I can swing it even if another event is around the corner. Thanks again! 😃

    • I don’t have Lampwick or Beer ‘n Brawl, but for what it’s worth Crazy Cat Lady is my favorite premium in the whole game, and I do have about 20 of them. Never gets old, seriously. All of her outdoor tasks are hilarious, and I think they would be even if you weren’t familiar with her from the show. She isn’t technically voiced, unfortunately, but the cat sounds when you click on her make me chuckle, and I found her questline to be hilarious.

      • Thank you! I’m getting crazy cat lady & Akira. Everyone seems to love CCL & I’ve been wanting her a while. I’m just ready to see her throw those cats! I’ve never seen the task even in a friends town, only heard about it, or read on a SIB I can’t remember. Thanks for your input!

    • From your shortlist, I got Otto first as he is seen in more episodes than the others, so more essential (just my opinion)
      do have Lurleen, but not the other two

      • Thank you Lee☺️! He’s now on my “top 2 list” and I’ll be buying next, him & Lurleen… Then Lampwick🤔 (mainly wanted him for his bench task & airplane). ✈️

        • Wow that first emoticon looked a lot different on my iPad Pro before I posted it haha! It wasn’t blushing that bad and had two little hands, it was better. Anyway thanks! 😂

  9. 1,100 has to be the new target 🎯
    I think Target 🎯 is a shop for y’all because I’ve seen it on a NASCAR

    Now I need to look
    🎯 😃


      Are we there yet?
      🎯 😃

      • I was there last weekend (Target, not NASCAR).

        • I started reading that and for a slit second I thought wow Sandra was at the track…then I saw the other bit.

          But what do they sell at Target🎯 Sandra? or what did you buy?
          I’m sure sometimes, you guys in the U.S. forget that some stuff that is normal to you has just never been heard of outside the U.S. I only know that Target is a shop because they sponsor a race car, but I don’t know what they sell, same for home depot but the clue is in the name (a DIY store?) Obviously McDonald’s is a global brand but I don’t know what Lowes is?

          Happy Raceday
          Start your engines
          🎯 😃

          • Target is kind of like a more upscale Walmart (and getting more upscale all the time). I used to shop at Target more often, but, while it’s more attractive now, the prices have gone up and one of the things they used to be good for (inexpensive, assembly-required furniture, like bookcases and night stands), they don’t seem to have as good a selection of. Basically, Target sells a bit of everything – clothes and accessories, health and beauty aids, groceries, electronics, home goods, etc. They also have an on-premises pharmacy and vision center (where you can buy prescription eye glasses). When I was at Target last weekend, I bought leftover Easter candy they had on clearance.

            Lowes is a primarily a hardware and home goods store, like Home Depot (if you know what that is). You can buy some appliances and home fittings (like sinks and toilets and kitchen cabinets and such) there too, I believe. I tend to go to Home Depot most often, but we have both stores nearby, so, if it’s a bigger purchase, I’ll check both stores (or if Home Depot doesn’t have what I’m looking for, I’ll check Lowe’s).

            I live in the land of 10,000 shopping malls (that’s a parody of Minnesota’s “Land of 10,000 Lakes”), so I have most of the big chain stores available to me. 🙂

          • Just reread your post after my long response and I should have said, yes, Home Depot and Lowe’s are both DIY stores (as well as having stuff that mostly just contractors would get involved with…they do a lot of trade business, too, I think…especially Home Depot).

        • Was it a left or right?

    • That was hardly a challenge Lee…

      What’s the revised target now? 1150 or 1200?

      This Open Thread is almost done so even 1150 might be a challenge

      • I don’t think we need a new target now,
        just nice to know we had a chatty week, that shows that people want a place to chat, even when there’s nothing special going on in-game

  10. Hi neighbours and everyone else

    Just letting you know that I have changed my SF name from:

    Comments here will come from: MAB The Great

    I blame it all on ‘Tapebelt’s Query of the Week’ about video games!
    This is how I used to ‘sign’ my high scores when I used to play arcade games as a teenager so it’s a (long) trip down memory lane for me

    So neighbours, please don’t delete the new me when you see an unfamiliar name in your game! If you do I will stalk you until you add me again!

    maborder is dead!
    Long live MAB The Great!!!

    ps – that’s how it’s supposed to appear if I made all the changes correctly… If I didn’t then it will happen a little more gradually as I work out what I should have done etc!

    • I saw in my game this morning that I had been visited by that new name…I had about 2 seconds of “who?” followed rather quickly by, “oh, must just be a name change for maborder.” If you hadn’t kept the first few letters the same, I would have been a lot more confused, for sure!

    • Yeah, I thought I was hacked. 😛

      You’re welcome for the vandalism, hacker. 😉


    Happy Saturday, Tappers!

    Way past a thousand here, but I can’t “like” any comments and it’s driving me mad
    🙅 😃

  12. *Spoiler Alert*

    In Sunday’s new episode,
    Marge & Lisa go to Capital City

  13. Is there something different Alissa,
    I’m suddenly having trouble “liking” comments
    ? weird ? 😃

  14. Wow, that jumped past the 1,000

  15. I was tapping around my Springfield today when I realize my Springfield Dump yard was empty. I sent the characters out to search for trash around the town and now my Springfield dump is entirely full, I see that I can’t change the display for this building after it has been built up. Does anyone know if there’s a way to reduce the size of the pile of trash? Similar to some completed buildings that allow for the “facelift” (Islands, Condos, Christmas facades).

    Obviously the trash/recycling event has finished, but I didn’t realize we would still be able to use the facilities until they were maxed out. Any thoughts would be great thanks!

    • If you have the rail yard, you can use the dump and recycling centers to make more tracks and potentially earn 5 donuts a week.

      If you don’t have the rail yard, then there’s nothing you can do to deplete the recycling centers or the dump. The dump it’s not intended to have interchangeable facades, as the look of the dump is a reflection of how much trash is in it. The trash is used to “fund” the recycling tasks, so, if you don’t have the rail yard, you can’t deplete the recycling centers, which means you can’t deplete the dump, either.

      Make sense?

  16. Well, 1,000+ and counting. Not only did we get there in less than a week but also the most comments ever. At least on an open thread. Is it the most on any thread?

  17. OK, now that I am getting emails again, I want to seek help with another problem. Used to be when I wrote my first comment on a post and checked the ‘Notify me of new comments via email’, I would get a email in my inbox to verify my following that post. Now (I have tried three times) I do not get this email and I can not find anything on the wordpress site to allow me to check my ‘followings’. Anybody know what I can do to fix this?

  18. I’m getting close enough to 1 billion real estate that I finally got the quest for the billionaire’s haven to start! Sooooo close…

  19. 987 and counting Alissa 🙂
    Actually this should make it 988 . 🙂

  20. Hi Sandra, for some reason I couldn’t reply to your comment about orchid DRATS,
    Glad you enjoyed it. Hope life is treating not you well this week!
    My Queen Alissa, thank you so much for posting it for me, you saved my iPad from the pool!☺️

    • Hi HH .Saw the picture of your great orchids 🙂
      That’s a big flower , I like it .
      Can’t help thinking I’ve seen it before somewhere …..
      Erm …. ah yes have you seen “the day of the triffids ” and ” little shop of horrors? ” Don’t turn your back on it , lol . Mind you , one look at that and the ‘gators will give your garden a wide berth . 🙂

      • Hi Phil, happy Friday well on my side of pond still😉 I love little Shop of Horrors! FEED ME? It’s actually right where I sit by pool thanks now I’m not going to be able to turn back on it lol!

    • I didn’t expect the orchid to be that big
      😃 🐊 🌺 😃

      • Flower wise it’s the biggest I have, plant size some of the lil orange ones are about 10 feet long, they wrap around two big rubber tree plants and plants are now connected because of the climbing orchid.
        How you doing my friend? Hope you have a great weekend. 🐶🐶doggies say woof!

        • I drank too much Red-Bull and haven’t been to sleep yet and it will be time to get up in a couple of hours. Hope your weekend is good too.
          🐶 😃

    • Sandra my oops hope life is treating you well! My stupid fingers! Sorry I would never wish you bad thoughts🙀
      Hope you realize it was just bad typing plus my auto correct is having crazy week😉❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • That orchid is magnificent!

  21. Weird neighbor happenings happened. (The weird part is at the end.) I am very certain that I lost at least 1 neighbor. Maybe they read my post on getting rid of neighbors and got rid of themself. I also had a friend request rescinded (sad but okay). These aren’t the mysteries…

    The weird part is that the game says I’m full yet I should have only 99 neighbors, since I haven’t added anyone since I lost that neighbor (and I tried to count them). I sent out a request to Sandra (yes, I did, no rush) and got a request from myself (other account). Do these count against accepting my request (which I couldn’t do)? (I got the request before sending a request to sandra and it said I was too full, so I sent the request to sandra then “got a request” from myself again and that worked just fine.)

    I guess only the people at the edge of 100 neighbors would know the reason for this.

    • Had that happen a couple times myself, where I knew I wasn’t full but wouldn’t allow me to add someone. Maybe they are actually full perhaps, or only other thing I can think of it being personally, is yet another TSTO glitch? lol Sometimes if you try again later it fixes itself.

    • I am almost positive that when you send a friend request that has not been accepted by the other party it counts against your friends total. Clear out the ones that haven’t been accepted yet & you should be able to accept the ones you have received. It works the other way too. If you have a ton of requests in your own inbox, either decline them or accept them to free up more spaces to send and/or accept more.


      • The requests that I send out count as a friend? Interesting.

        • Have you been sending out a bunch? I tried to accept you this evening, but it said you were full. (Well it said one of us was full, but I had a space and no outstanding requests.)

          • Well, I have one pending request from myself. I can cancel that and you can try again. But if that neighbor count glitch is in effect in my game then you still won’t be able to add me. So, let’s find out, I suppose. It’ll just be you after my comment posts.

            • Okay… I’m thinking that the person who appears to have dumped me may just be “invisible” as a result of a glitch. I’ll try unfriending someone else (still trying to decide who to pick) and then try adding you again.

              (Side note: Glad I decided to re-read my post before hitting Send….SWYPE decided to change “unfriending” to “undressing” in the sentence above! 😱 Can’t wait for my replacement Bluetooth keyboard to arrive tomorrow…)

              • I got my lost requester back. I won’t add them while you’re trying to add me.

              • Grrr… I just deleted someone to make room for you, but it’s still telling me that one of us is full. I don’t know what the heck is going on! (BTW, I’m not growling at you…just frustrated with the game.)

                It just occurred to me that maybe it’s just a syncing issue or something. I’ll try again tomorrow. Sorry for the holdup on my end!

              • Lol, no rush means no stress. 😛

                Thanks for checking like that. That probably means that my missing person is still there. I’ll have to make an extra spot, then I’ll let you know to try again.

              • Okey doke – just let me know when to try again. (I haven’t been stressing…just updating you. 🙂 )

              • Yep. We’ll keep each other updated. Sorry for taking it that way….

          • FYI, I’m about a week from anyone being gone for long. The most likely scenario is that the next update comes, maybe it’s an event and I’ll institute the shorter time span of a few days before I X someone. But you got patience so we’ll see. 🙂

        • Hi simp7fan, I think I might be the “lost” requester, i sent a request, if your list is full, I am happy to wait, I will leave my request pending. If you are happy to have me as a neighbour that is 🙂

    • Does “other Springfield” count towards your 100 ?

      • I liked this comment because that’s cute, but no it doesn’t.

        • Sorry simp7fan, it would not let me reply to the other comment, but yes you were right, I guess my name gave me away.. 🙂
          No rush, if there is no one you want to cut just yet or if you feel bad deleting people, i’m happy to leave my request pending 🙂

          • Thanks. Will do. I’m going to learn patience and you’re helping. 🙂

            • Lol, yay 🙂 I’m very patient (well… Most of the time) 😛 For example, If it’s this time next year and my request is still pending, then… I will probably cancel my neighbour request 🙂

    • There’s a thread about this on the EA forum. Apparently some people are missing neighbors. I’m missing one, for sure, and possibly two neighbors (maybe one more, I’m not sure). The one is a regular on this site and I realized yesterday they are no longer in my neighbors list. The other I’m not sure about. I lost count of my neighbors since I’ve gotten a few new requests this week. I don’t know if it’s a problem with EA or if they just decided to drop me. At this point I’m more curious than anything. There’s apparently also a problem where neighbors are showing up on only one side. By that I mean I would still show as your neighbor but you wouldn’t show as mine.

      • I said no mystery but you say yes. Hmm.

        • Something’s going on, that’s all I know. Maybe the neighbor who dropped you didn’t really drop you. Just a problem with EA. That might be why the game says your full with 99.

          One other small thing I’ve noticed is that new friend requests don’t show when I first load the game. I have to go to the neighbor screen (or sometimes KL) and then I’ll see the notification of a new request, if I have one.

          The neighbor problem and the way the inventory is currently working are a couple things EA needs to patch.

          • Or maybe that’s why I couldn’t accept you, Simp – maybe that space isn’t really empty.

      • I lost someone from here, too. And, even with that spot empty, it’s not letting me accept a replacement, either.

    • Yes, pending requests “count,” regardless of whether you sent them or received them. That’s why I can’t send request anymore.

      I’m glad I saw this post though…I don’t check my pending list too often, unless I see someone from here giving me a heads up like that. The good(?) news is that I have quite a few people who never stopped by my town in the week or two I’ve been tracking that (since just before the big event and then, again, since the big event ended…how long has that been?), so I should have no problem ditching someone to make room for you. I just have to figure out who to pick first… I’ll try to take care of that tonight!

      • The definition of no rush is not to rush. 😛 😉

      • Hi Sandra hope you saw comment about typing error! When I sent request to you first time this week when I tapped that night I noticed you weren’t back, so went and checked and request was gone like I hadn’t sent it (no sent friend requests) I did it again and you were right back! Maybe we have ghosts playing games with our friends list.

      • Hi Sandra , if all else fails , try eeeny , meeeny miney mo , catch your grannie by the toe , if she hollas , let her go . 🙂

  22. Event done….check.
    Monorail for the week done….check
    Characters on 24 hour task…check.

    Don’t get me wrong, still addicted to TSTO, but OMG am I SO glad to have a few free days to get back to normal life stuff. Might actually get something done….nah I’ll find some other way to procrastinate. *Loads Magic Kingdom* lol

    • I don’t see the check for reading 1023 comments. There you go, something to get to and never finish. I can’t wait for the Hell update — I mean, the desert — oh, man is it hot. I thought it was just winter, or at least spring. Stupid Smarch weather. (Did I do that right?)

      • LOL Actually…I already read through all 1023 comments, even if I didn’t “like” or respond to all of them….so yeah, check 😀 Also…OMG I never thought it COULD be a Hell update and not so much a desert one….

  23. Whatever happened to “Sraige Arturas”?
    anybody have him as a neighbour ?

    🎥 Spot the film quote 🎥

    Who said…..
    ” Oh my, people come and go so quickly around here”

    Got it Alissa?

    • I wondered about Sraige too the other day Lee . Meant to ask like you did then went into ” head like a sieve ” mode and never did . 🙂

      • I know what you mean Phil,
        Have an idea and mention it a fortnight later
        😲 😃

        • What ? I forgot what I’d forgotten about 🙂
          But I did remember ” eight two banana ” 🙂

          • Okay, from here on out, you’re gonna have to put a quarter in the jar every time you use that phrase here, and then donate the proceeds to a Simpson’s-related charity. 😉

    • dorothy gale

    • I haven’t seen a comment from Sraige since that little dust-up during the Black Friday deals. I don’t have him as a neighbor so I don’t know if he’s still playing.

      I haven’t seen any comments from tapebelt in a while, either. He “liked” one of my comments towards the end of the casino event, so he must still be around, or was. And he set a few fires in my town, so I know he’s still playing.

      • Yeah…I wasn’t sure if that was a thing that “should not be mentioned” but I had been wondering about that, too. He probably has more will power than I when I said (privately) that I was going to take a small Sabbatical from commenting. Well, it didn’t last long. lol. I hope he comes back. I think his kind of posts would make a good addition to my “blog”. It’s not very popular (nor populated) so he might not be interested. 🙂

      • Tape belt is still playing, he is visiting my town, but I don’t think as often as he was.
        Tape belt we are talking about you what you up to dude?


    Another 1,000 comments open thread?

    🚒 🐕 🍔 🍟 🍴 🍻 📱 📲 😃 😃 😃


    This would have been my dream slide as a kid!

    Don’t remember from whom I stole the inspiration but thanks!

    • It looks awesome! I want to go down that slide!

    • Good one Mike,
      Don’t want to get technical, but would the kids make the bend at the bottom? Or go flying over the spooky hedge into the reindeer burger van……
      🎢 🍔 😃

      • If you look really closely you’ll see that they definitely won’t make the bend… Not necessarily because the bend is too sharp (although it is), but more because the handrail of the last slide actually blocks the end of the previous slide 😄😄😄

        But judging from the amount of really crazy things people post IRL on YouTube etc, that little technicality wouldn’t stop anyone from trying it! Will just keep Dr Hibbert busy… 😃

        • I’d try it Mike, no problem but I am known to do some crazy things, actually when I first saw pic thought Lee was talking about waterfall, I’d go down that one too lol! You did awesome job on design.

  26. Sandra, I tried for two hours to figure out how to get orchid on here no luck😖I’m tired of saying what a lousy day I had, so not going to say anything about my horrible day. Then I think a comment I made about something else got mixed up or out of order and was misunderstood. It crushed me. I could never be a hurtful person, seems like I’m getting misunderstood a lot lately. I’m not only quieter than usual here, but don’t even feel like picking up my iPad or playing my game. It wasn’t anything to do with you, just wanted you to know I tried to send flowers . Hope you are well. Take care,

    • I did see your flowers – Alissa posted them in the comments and forwarded your email with them – and I left a comment about how beautiful it was. Not sure why you’re all upset….

      • Just read above comment I’m not upset with you at all. I was upset with iPad and frustrated with me, but not the least upset with you. I did write back when I saw comment I made to you with typing error. Been having some strange auto corrects. You should have seen one ( you wouldn’t have though it would have been moderated for sure) I sent to my bf I didn’t catch that one either she wrote back with, umm Honey did you mean to type that read your text again, but she has known me for 30 years so knew right away it was screw up!
        SORRY FOR MIX UP. I need to be more careful about proofing before I hit send!😉💐🌷❤️

      • Sandra, I reread that comment I did say at bottom it had nothing to do with you. Was another comment. I said earlier I’m not going to talk about problems anymore as I was sounding so whinny to myself so could imagine other people were thing I was a gloomy Gus! All I will say is I had a week to end all others. I didn’t sleep till 6:00 am this morning. Didn’t (couldn’t eat for two days) and have eaten or slept very little. Got horrible news followed by more, then more, then the last was worse, so I’ve cried myself to sleep every Night.
        I’m trying not to be negative here and keep in touch as others have said, no don’t go. Life seems like I just can’t make anyone happy!

        • Sorry things continue to be so rough for you. Post what you like here and I hope you have some better luck coming soon (for your sake, not ours)!

          No food or sleep only makes things seem even worse than they are, so I hope you can find something you can stomach to eat and maybe try taking a diphenhydramine pill (to help you sleep tonight (if you’re allowed to take that with whatever else you’re on). (Diphenhydramine is the ingredient that’s in most OTC sleep aids, but you can sometimes get it cheaper by buying it packaged as an antihistamine in the cough and cold section, instead.)

    • Don’t feel too bad HH. I constantly second guess myself when posting anything. I actually have followed this site for awhile now and hardly ever post at all for fear of coming off wrong of just seeming uninteresting. But after following this site for as long as I have, I can honestly tell that you’re a good person. I seriously doubt anyone here would ever think you would ever do anything to intentionally upset anyone. Try to cheer up:) and I hope you don’t stop posting because I genuinely enjoy reading your posts.

      • Please don’t hesitate to post here, Britt! I wouldn’t worry about your posts being “uninteresting” – as you can probably tell by now, I don’t let that stop me…I’m sure I post lots of uninteresting things (especially during my long weekly update posts), lol! Besides, you never know what might interest someone…

  27. Just thought of a new character they can add: Chas Busby and his ballet academy! They keep saying they are outta characters and I like him

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