Addicts News: Addicts App for Android Now Available!

Update: Some of you have been commenting that the app will randomly start up for you after you’ve closed it.  I’ve alerted the developer and they’re going to try and fix this with the next update.  However, you can avoid this.  Just make sure when you close the app you exit it.  ie Force Close the app or hit the
back button and you’ll get the “Are you Sure you want to quit” box to pop up:
Hitting yes will close the app and it won’t randomly popup.  And yes, you’ll still be able to get the notifications even when the app isn’t running.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Finally some exciting news for Android users…the Addicts App is now live and working on Android!!

So what are you waiting for?  Go download it now! 😉

2016-04-04 00.50.01

I know several of you commented…and left bad reviews in the app store…that it wasn’t working.  We knew it wasn’t working, which is why I never advertised it here.  There were a few issues with Android OS that needed to be worked out.  They’re now all addressed and the app works.  Which is why I’m pushing it here 🙂

We’ve been working on the Android version for a while and we’re excited it’s FINALLY out and working!

2016-04-04 00.49.15

The push notification feature will also be on the Android version of this app!  Never again will you miss out on knowing when the latest update hits the game we all love, or miss out on a new post from your favorite Addicts!  (Plus you never know when you might see a random contest popup in the Push Notifications…)

Special thanks goes out to, Addicts Reader, Romeo from Timbojill, Inc. for creating this App for us! 

A quick note about push notifications…we’re working on a couple of features that will allow you to be notified for certain types of notifications (like when an event hits).  We’re still a little while out from getting this up, but it will be coming.

2016-04-04 00.51.12 2016-04-04 00.51.35

Now something cool with the Android version (that we’re working on getting in the iOS version)…see those two icons at the top?  The trophy and the Tasks comic book?  Those will take you right to walkthroughs and the Events page respectively.  (tasks comic book will take you to walkthroughs, Trophy to the events page)

Now, because I know the question is coming.  Yes…there will be a Pro Version out for Android.  We wanted to make sure the free version worked before we submitted the Pro version.  It should be out very soon 🙂

So we hope you check out the Android version…and have a blast with us 🙂


And as a reminder we do have the iOS version out, and you can view details for that here

Thoughts on the Addicts App?  Excited to have it on Android now?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

45 responses to “Addicts News: Addicts App for Android Now Available!

  1. Is there a place besides google play to download the free android version? I cannot run google play. The web site says the tsto addicts app is compatible with my device but clicking the install button does nothing. Can I get an amen? How about an apk?

  2. Hiya! Long time reader, first time posting. I’m having a problem with the app (on Android) and I’ve done all the usual – hard closing, clearing data in phone settings, uninstalling etc. I keep getting the error “no data found from web!!!” whenever I click on any of the links. The app worked when I first downloaded it, but nowt working at the moment 🙁 I’ll still be leaving the five star rating though, because I’m such a fan girl and was mega excited for the app :p

    Someone help me please 😀 Sorry if this issue has already been written about and I’ve missed it.

  3. b33tl3g3us205


  4. Got the app, haven’t had too much time to explore yet.
    4:45 am “Good Morning” was a little early!

    • lol it was 6:30 here…and later in the UK. We don’t always do 6:30 notifications. Just depends on what the first post of the day is..

  5. Got my first push notification this morning squeeeeeek ☆☆☆☆☆

    …now if only this allows me to be first on Sunday in the open thread ha ha!

  6. I am so *appy* ☆☆☆☆☆

    …and yes I gave it five stars in the app store too! My only concern is that although I can like comments I cannot currently like the actual post itself via the app. Also the adverts are really annoying so I look forward to the non ad version ♡

    Great stuff…love having a pic of the addicts on my mobile app page and instant access to it too!

    • Yea not sure about the liking a post thing…but I know we’re trying to get the Pro Version approved by Google now. So hopefully it’ll be up soon.

      • Hi again ♡ …just noticed as well that when my comment goes through on the Internet it doesn’t update on the app where I posted my comment? Is there a refresh button on the app?

        I only knew because I got a like for a comment posted via the app but when I went to check it still states comments in moderation thanks ☆

  7. Will your app icon change with the seasons and events?

  8. I’ll grab it in a few, hitting the neighborineenos right now.

  9. Kinda ironic, one of the screenshots asks a TSTO addict if they are sure they want to quit… lol

  10. Minnie Organa (Mickey's sister)

    Can you tell me what does the app do with the permission to access browser and bookmark history? I believe that’s what it said-I’d never seen that before.

    • I’ve asked the developer. I think it has something to do with just the coding for it. Might be how it’s configured. Doesn’t actually use the history for anything.

  11. FIrst of all, congrats on getting the Android version up and running 🙂

    On two unrelated notes:

    OMG that pic of RIley with the 2016 glasses is SO cute 😀

    And lastly,


    The firefighter event for me is OVER…I no longer have fires in my town…STOP VANDALIZING MY TOWN!!! I have regulars that visit my town, that I really don ‘t want to give the axe to since they are generally good neighbors, but the past 3 days I’ve had them vandalize my town multiple times, and I am now down a half a star. Have more than enough walls in my town, and was 5 stars. I am now to the point of not having a choice but to remove vandalizers off my list if I want to get back up to 5 stars!

    • Just add more training walls. I haven’t had a problem with righteousness in months. Occasionally, if a new level increases the righteousness requirement, I have to hide a few more. To be honest though, if you were around for the tennis court or spooky walls thing and were able to boost your bonus multiplier into the 100s with those, I don’t think losing a star on the Conform-o-Meter is a big deal, since it only represents losing 1% of multiplier.

      I know we’re neighbors, and I generally don’t choose vandalizable buildings first, but I also never pledged not to vandalize, so, when that’s all I can find, I will (and my memory isn’t good enough to keep track of who cares about that or not). So, if you want to drop me as a neighbor, I’ll understand (but will be sorry to see you go).

      • You weren’t actually one of the offenders. Also I understand completely what you are saying about “just add more walls” or the tennis court situation. Yes I was around for that, but I, like some people on here, don’t like having multiples of one item in a town (except fences ofc) Already have enough walls, but having to keep adding more and more. Eventually if this keeps up I’ll have just as many walls as I have buildings, and that definitely won’t help with the item count. Don’t want to hit max just from training walls.

  12. Any chance you guys might provide a direct download link for the .apk for those of us who don’t have access to the play store? Also, any chance of it being offered through Amazon?

    • i can ask about the apk. And right now we’re focusing on getting these two version 100% and then we’ll discuss Amazon and/or Windows 🙂

  13. I also have the problem that the app is starting out of his own.

  14. JohnTappedOut

    Awesome! Great job! 😃

  15. Hey guys, I know this is unrelated, but do you guys think that EA will do something special for Tsto’s 5th Anniversary Next Year?


  17. Thank you!!!!

  18. Lol that’s exactly how my phone looks (minus the baby) in Your pic you posted above… I put the Kingdom right next to Tapped out just like that!!!! Hahaha you got me there for a second! LOL 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😉😉🙊👍👍

  19. So I downloaded the app a couple of hours ago and already I’ve found it’s opening itself randomly. I click my phone on and the app is open. Ironically, it’s just popped up while I was playing TSTO and closed the game down. I fear I may have to delete if it’s gonna keep doing this, as it’s gonna be a pain to go into settings and hard close every time. (I’m using a HTC One M8 on the latest version of Android if that helps.)

    • That’s odd…i haven’t had any issues with that happening. Let me report it to the developer see what they say. Thanks for the feedback!

      • I’ve encountered that, too. It seems like if I navigate away from the app either by following a link or via the app switcher, it will pop back up after a little while, but if I exit using the back button, it doesn’t.

        HTH both with helping while the glitch is there and with troubleshooting the problem.

        • Thanks! Yea I just had it happen to me, if you don’t shutdown the app it’ll pop back up. So you do need to hard close the app (or hit the back button and get the are you sure you want to exit popup) in order to stop it from popping back up. I will however bring it to the developer’s attention and let them know so hopefully it can be fixed. 🙂

  20. Man, why a pay version, for a game? I mean come on now… Yall make revenue feom ads and stuff,.jus put ads in the app and not do a pay version please!!!

    • The paid version is at the request of the readers who don’t want ads in the app. So we made a free version and and paid version for iOS and we’re doing both for Android. There will also been a free version available. But the paid is an alternative to those who don’t want to see the ads. Again, it was at the request of the readers.

  21. So happy 🙂

  22. Heck to the M F in a. Yes! !! Love it. In it now

  23. I’m glad you’re working on letting people sign up for only certain types of notifications. That’ll be handy. But y’all have been hitting a happy medium with the notifications so far: not totally overdoing it like some (many) other apps. Still, greater choice is always a good thing. Thanks for being responsive to suggestions.

    • 🙂 I’m the one who sends out the notifications, so I do try to cut down on them when/where possible. I know how annoying some of them can be, especially given how often we post. But the new notifications will be nice for those who just want notifications when there’s an event…as long as we can get it working properly. 🙂

  24. Woo hoo! I’m commenting from the app! Thank you for doing this.

    One glitch I found, though. The Premium Guide button doesn’t work. I get “No data found from web!!!” whenever I click it. Of course, that was the first button I tried ;). But all the other buttons worked. It’s a pretty slick app!

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’ll pass it along to the developers. I tried it last night but I don’t remember if i hit the premium one lol

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