Crook and Ladder Prize Guide: Fireman Skinner and his Animations

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Crook and Ladder mini event hit our Springfield’s last week and with it arrived a whole bunch (ok a few) of Fire Themed prizes for our Springfields!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For part two through 9 of We Didn’t Start the Fire you’ll have to earn crookandladder_medal_ via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.  Two of the 8 prizes are Fireman Skinner and a task related to him.


So let’s take a look at these Skinner related prizes and just what happens when you unlock it them your Springfield. 

Once you’ve completed We Didn’t Star the Fire Pt. 5 you’ll automatically be awarded Fireman Skinner and you’ll see his character unlock message pop right up:

2016-03-31 16.13.15

And Skinner is the second in the Volunteer Fire Department Character Collection:
2016-03-31 16.13.18

Skinner will automatically become Fireman Skinner, and start helping you earn crookandladder_medal_ for the next prize!

Skinner does not come with his own questline, since he’s part of the main (We Didn’t Start the Fire) questline.  So you’ll need him to unlock the rest of the prizes. 🙂

Now once you unlock Fireman Skinner not every task will be unlocked.  You’ll unlock one additional outdoor/visual/animated tasks for him as you progress through the event.  Prize 7 is an animated tasks for Fireman Skinner.

Prize 7 unlocks the “Wash the Truck” Task…which is a hilarious 4hr outdoor task involving Skinner, the fire truck & a bucket of water (yes you’ll need the truck out in order to make this task work)..


While Apu and Moe both have tasks at the Fire Truck, Skinner is the only one with a visual task there.  So something to look forward to! 🙂

And here’s a look at his full set of tasks now:

skinner_fireman_victory_pose_ skinner_fireman_wash_firetruck skinner_fireman_put_out_fire

Task Length Earns Location
Pose for Fireman Calendar 1hr $70, 17xp Fire Truck
Wash the Truck* 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Put Out Grease Fires 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Sell Fireman Calendars 12hrs $420, 100xp Kwik-E-Mart
Hold All Day Fire Drills 24hrs $600, 150xp Springfield Elementary

*Task that unlock as prizes.  

Again this is basically outdoor/visual tasks for Fireman Skinner, and nothing more.  I know some of you are questioning the animation…and saying you’re not seeing anything.  It’s simply an animated outdoor task…nothing more.  So if you watch Fireman Skinner and send him on those tasks you’ll see the animation… 🙂

2016-03-31 16.19.24

And that’s it on Fireman Skinner!

What are your thoughts on Fireman Skinner?  Excited about the Crook and Ladder event?  Do you giggle like I do at his “Wash the Truck Task?”  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Crook and Ladder Prize Guide: Fireman Skinner and his Animations

  1. I just finished the crook and ladder event and the last prize isn’t in my storage…. how do I get it back? I just needed to make room in my town to place it and poof it’s gone.

  2. I like this one, wish he could wash my truck!

  3. One of my favorite animations behind the lawyers Dino ride and homer’s ghost hiemlich. If they keep giving us great animations like this then I don’t mind if they come as prizes. Also liking Ralph’s new task.

  4. Hi folks!

    Love Skinner washing the fire truck.

    As for the 8 hours task, is there a glitch or is it actually not visible?!

    When I send skinner on that “put out grease fires” task, I don’t see any animation, he simply is inside Springfield Elementary…

  5. Cool, but I love the fire dog animation the best

  6. I kinda wish they staggered the hours for characters and their skins when it comes to visual tasks. Like for Skinner washing the truck and regular Skinner’s crossing guard task are both 4 hours. Easily could’ve made his new one 1 or 12

  7. his 4 hour task of washing the truck is the MOST hilarious animation I have ever seen for all characters! especially how his butt moved when you enlarged the game size. makes my day! loved it so much that i keep sending him repeatedly.

  8. loved this event, short and sweet with great, funny outdoor tasks.

  9. Wash the truck is so fun

  10. That task makes me giggle so much. He looks so happy.

  11. I think wash the truck is Skinner’s Mom’s least Favorite task.

  12. Hi Tapped on Ralph for fire quest Thursday 4/7 and lost all the fire fighter quest options is there a way to get the quest back thanks Susan E

  13. Yes, we’ll all have very clean fire trucks before we get bored of that one. Quite a few good animations with this event
    🚒 😃

  14. Happy Friday, Tappers
    🚒 😃

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