Your Favorite Premium Character/Building Poll Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So what feels like FOREVER ago…we ran a little poll asking y’all to tell us which premium character/building combo is your favorite.  Of course the day we ran the poll EA decided to drop the Casino Event into our pocket sized Springfields and we never got a chance to run the results.  Well now that the Casino Event is over, the Fire Event is nearing the end and we’re all in a little bit of a holding pattern we’ve got the time to post the results!  So let’s show those results…. I know the 2 months of suspense was killing you guys 😉 


premiumpoll results

With over 3,000 votes, it looks like Barney and the Bowlarama is the favorite!  Of course that could have something to do with the Barney rebate deal offered just before this poll was taken… 😉

bowlarama and barney

So for those of you looking to make a combo purchase the Addicts prefer: Barney, Otto, Frink, Hank & Duffman as their top 5 picks!

What do you think of the poll results?  Agree with your thoughts? Which character do you prefer?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “Your Favorite Premium Character/Building Poll Results

  1. I would LOVE Barneys Bowlarama but…….ITS TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!! 250 donuts? I would prefer the collesiu, the community centre or krustylu studios. They are much much cheaper and well worth the price.

  2. I like the list, but I want to see you go one more step: name the ultimate premium charachter a la March Madness! Use the poll results as the ranking and only pick the top (sweet) 16 and put them into brackets. Everyone can vote for one in each bracket each day. At the end of 8 days you’ve got the top premium character.

    Since there are so many, I’d prefer the list expanded to 32 or 64, depending on how long you’d want to run this.

  3. I continue to see people claim Chester isn’t from an episode. That’s just not true. “The Winter of His Content,” originally aired on March 16, 2014, a couple months before he showed up in our game. Chester is the Bully-In-Chief. It is said that he once wedgied a kid in half.

  4. I love sexy Flanders and the ski lift. Wish EA would run a deal on Frink. I would like to pick him up sometime.

  5. simpsons rules

    Duff man and duff brewery

  6. Though I love Frink as a character, the ‘quest’ that came with him was terrible! If I remember correctly it just involved doing all his regular tasks once with no plot or dialogue – super dissapointing.

    • I think that’s because he was one of the original premiums and that’s how they were set up. I guess it was just a way of encouraging you to try out all of the tasks.

    • Moleman is like that as well*. Maybe it’s something all the original clutch of premium characters share?

      *although if you buy him now you get a slither of the Smithers-level quest, which is super odd out of context.

  7. I’m curious if your top ten has changed since you originally posted it – lots of things have been added since!

    • Of regular everyday premium items, they haven’t. Of limited-time stuff, it has. But the downside with limited-time stuff is you can no longer get it lol

  8. 17000 votes. Impressive!

  9. My favorite limited time premium item is the Space Mutant with drive-in theater. He makes me smile every time I see him wandering around my Springfield.

  10. I really thought Otto would be #1. Not My favorite but it seems like there are more comments about him.

  11. I voted for Jub- Jub and the Pet shop because the Pet Shop was my first ever premium item. (Because I love animals)
    But I also like Otto. (He would be my second vote)

  12. I don’t remember what I voted for when the survey came out. I got Barney during Deep Space Homer, and I have a few of the other top ones. I like Luann because she lets you do the investorettes, has lots of outdoor tasks, and gives Kirk a premium 8 hour job. Akira is cool because of the free Bonsai trees, but now that I have a bunch of them, I don’t have him make them anymore. Frink and Otto are both great. I love Dr. Nick’s phrases. I got Disco Stu when I was grinding Springfield Heights just for more yoga mats, but he’s cool too, and his disco is near my casino strip.
    Jasper and Duffman are top on my wishlist now, but when sales and rebates happen, I’m open to anything!

  13. Barney:
    I’m Finally A Winner!!

  14. I think my first premium purchase was Kamp Bart. I still love it. Great animations, especially Burn Krusty in effigy. It looks great in my woodsy area and is from the golden age of the Simpsons. IMHO.
    I also love the Beer and Brawl. The neon sign is great.
    Frink and his lab is another combo that is well worth it. I made a techy compound around his lab.
    Crazy cat lady is high on my wish list.

  15. If Hank Scorpio was voiced he would have been my vote. As much as I love him in the game I wish he was voiced. I love Frink and Duffman a lot but you can’t go wrong with Barney either. Plus if you have Barney and you used donuts to buy Astronaut Barney then you get some great extra sound bites from that awesome episode.

  16. Not surprised to see Barney and Otto at the top, they appeared in a lot of old episodes

    • I never thought of that before … I do indeed remember both Barney and Otto being in a lot of episodes and I can only wonder if they’re not shown as much because of their drinking 🍺 and smoking 🌿 … They definitely added something extra that made the show better

  17. I’m waiting for Barney to have another rebate and he’s mine

  18. I personally think that Barney is way too expensive but I love the character! I can’t agree more with the other winner! All great combos!

  19. As a freemium player I don’t have a ton of premium characters, so the ones I do have are ones I feel very strongly about. I love Jub-Jub because of Selma’s “cuddle Jub-Jub” task, it’s so cute. I got Barney with the rebate during the Space event, Sideshow Mel and Luann with Gil’s Black Friday rebates, Miss Springfield with the rebate/special outfit during the Casino event. I also have Otto and Akira. I have about 230 donuts saved up again and I’ll probably get Duffman next, but my most-wanted list includes Frink, Disco Stu and Jasper. Luckily we can keep playing this game forever and eventually I can save up enough for everyone I want!

    • I too love Selma w/Jub-Jub! It’s probably my favorite task pairing. I usually have that one going unless I send all characters on the same length task via the employment office. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that task going in any of my neighbor’s towns though. RachelS

  20. I was saving up for Barney when you pushed out the survey, and had regrettably missed out on the Barney discount during the space event. I was actually getting pretty close… but annoyingly enough, I’m *still* saving for him, even now. I saw the Casino Miss Springfield discount and decided to just grab her, since I knew I’d eventually want her anyway.

    Those discounts are really the best way to go, for all of the myriad premium characters… especially if you’re a committed freemium player. Hopefully, EA doesn’t dangle yet another irresistible discount in front of me, right before I make it to 250, again! 🙂

    • Unless, of course, the rebate deal is Barney…?

      I know he was offered quite recently but maybe he’ll come back again because he’s so popular in which case I will try get him. 250 hard earned bonuts has always seemed a lot for him so I’ll either wait for him to be offered as a deal again or until I have enough bonuts that even after I buy him I still have enough for emergency purchases!

  21. I am mostly freemium but do buy donuts occasionally. Out of the top ten on this poll, i have seven. I do not have scorpio, akira, or belle. I have about 400 donuts right now but want to hold off for the next big deal or discount. What perplexes me is the obviously huge popularity of Hank Scorpio, as he always seems to be near the top of these lists. I know he is from an excellent episode, but still a one time character as far as I know. So is there something I’m missing about scorpio that makes him so popular? I have based most of my premium purchases on either a good bargain (miss Springfield) or characters i just love from the show. My favorites are frink and disco stu. Stu just cracks me up, and his name rhymes with so many things!

    • I love Scorpio because he has a lot of great outside animations, he comes from one of my favorite episodes, and his lair is cool. In fact, he was one of my first premium purchases.

    • I voted Scorpio because he has the best task/building combo. He has a “Test flamethrower” task which is awesome and his lair is great animated or not. Granted I voted before Barney’s astronaut skin was released, which his “Blast off” task is amazing. I still like Scorpio’s lair better than the Bowlerama. So yeah I’d still say Scorpio best combo. Best stand alone character though, Babysitter Bandit hands down! But that’s due to nostalgic reasons (not tasks).

      • I love Baby Sitter Bandit! Her outdoor tasks are great but she’s spent about a week robbing the House of Evil. My absolute favorite animation in the game.

    • He has a nice outdoor action with the flamethrower. It went well with the last mini event.

    • Thanks for the responses guys, you have given me a lot to think about. I think this was a great post and very informative for newer players like myself. I think I will hold off right now to see what hits next week, but I just may have to pick up Hank Scorpio.

  22. Is it that we all want Barney’s Bowlarama because it is so expensive and unreachable for freemium players and so expensive for premium players? lol

  23. Why do I only get hail the ants sign an debris from my rocket? I’m at about level70 now still won’t go up past 59 also is there ever going to be new friendship prizes at level20 for it but not feeling like I’m gaining anything going through neighbours apart from helping them all help excepted thanks 🙂

    • Hail ant signs and debris are the most common payout for the rocket.its what I have got 99,9% of the time. You can clear debris (using Homer or Lisa) and you might get some donuts and it is possible to get a mini warhead (or so people say… 😄).

      Level 59 is currently the maximum level until they bring out Level 60 but no-one knows when that will be – apart from EA!

      Once you have all the friendship prizes, visiting friends earns you money and xp as well as random bonuts. I probably average about 1,5 bonuts every time I visit all neighbours. Not a massive payout but anything that earns donuts helps me as a freemium player…

  24. Frink id definitely a must have but i dont get why lampwick isnt more popular. Hes hilarious, has great tasks and comes with a freakin rocket car.

    Every Springfield needs a delightful hobo!

  25. love the cat lady and her throwing cats around. Otto was one of my first premium purchases (with free donuts). Saving up for Barney unless something else comes up before i press spend. (ended up getting the vegas ladies because of the good price) Also on my list for next purchases- Disco Stu (one of my fave random characters) Duff man (because duff man) LuAnn (complete the family and the closed off deco is bugging me). After that probably Frink. DR nick is also on my list. Waiting for other deals as well to pop up.

  26. I *think* I voted for Belle. Poor Chester though, always in the bottom…

    • Maybe because he is a character not from the show, and we never actually heard his voice, so we can’t play back funny voice clips in our head like with Otto, or Frink, or The Cat Lady, or Duffman, or Barney or Etc.

  27. Barney is my favorite character, Duff Brewery is my favorite building.

  28. I have all of them 😇 😃

    • Even it’s sinecure the Christmas Event of 2012, my favorite is Barney and the Bolorama. It costed me 200 golden coins, which was the currency of that event, so it was for FREE, not a single donut spent!
      (Yes I admit it, I am addicted to TSTO for a long, LONG time)

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