Should I Spend Donuts On the Street Cleaner?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Gil’s back in Springfield!  This time he’s peddling premium items with a rebate.  Some old and some are new, but all are offered at a discount!  So bust open those piggy banks because Gil’s tempting us all with this deal.

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Street Cleaner to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding things street legal Roomba to your town.


Bundle: Street Cleaner
Donut Cost:
90 Donuts with a 35 Donut Rebate, so a Net Donut cost of 55 Donuts
Bonus %: None
Earns: None
Conform-O-Meter Impact: None
What Does It Do:  Like an NPC.  It will ride around the streets of Springfield…”cleaning” them
2016-04-15 15.51.04

Leaves stores on Sunday April 17th, Tuesday April 19th, at 0800 GMT. Sorry guys my mistake.  I didn’t check the timer before I purchased it…thankfully I have C & D games I can double check 😉

-Drives automatically on the street

-Does not earn any additional cash
-Does not offer any additional bonuses
-Small in size.  (height wise, can be hard to see)
-It’s basically as useless as a Mutant Vegetable from Terwilligers

Final Thought:
Premium or Freemium:
Look, this is one of those stupid items that many of us will blow donuts on for no reason other than it’s cool.  Seriously this sweeper offers absolutely no value to Springfield other than it’s the first “vehicle” (or anything really) that can go on the roads.  And it actually drives around.  It’s seriously one of the coolest things this game has ever offered.
So if you’re premium or freemium…I recommend getting it strictly because it’s cool.  Otherwise, both parties should pass because it offers absolutely no value to your town.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you I grabbed this one, immediately.  I seriously think it’s just really cool. Whatever you decide just make sure you do it before the house leaves our games on April 17th…or you might miss out on this one.

What are your thoughts on the Street Sweeper?  Will you be picking it up?  Or did you already?   Thoughts on Gil’s rebate deal?  Anything you’re looking forward to unlocking so you can buy?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Some of you have mentioned you purchased the sweeper and you can’t find it.  Check around your Springfield because it is fairly small and moves around the streets.  If you don’t see it, contact EA

123 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Street Cleaner?

  1. Has anybody else noticed that the street cleaner and Nessie just hang around the dirt roads? I deleted my wild west roads and placed a one square dirt road in the middle of nowhere and they’re fighting over it. Been there for days.

  2. Donating items or a yard sale spot would be aaaaamaaaaazing!!!( Tried to reply to a previous comment but couldn’t.)

  3. “You might be a king or a little street sweeper…”
    Woohoo! Been pretty good with the donut spending per events recently, managed to get the Vegas Wives, my first (Ulster) Leprechaun, and now the Street Sweeper.
    So sad though I missed the yellow submarine, seen it in neighbourinos and sooooo enviousnessmously wanting!

  4. Shadowstar Steampunk

    As a, primarily freemium player, (I bought donuts to get the Astronaut Skin Barney’s Bowlarama combo because I REALLY wanted him), I have to admit that this is a cool but kinda stupid buy. That said, I blew a huge chunk of my donut stash on the Steetcleaner, and boy is Homer cranky, most of his midnight snacks are gone! 😉 This thing does look pretty cool tooling around my town, occasionally chasing characters as if it were trying to run them over! Now all I can do is hope EA does some (hopefully inexpensive) holiday themed skins for the street cleaner, like buzzsaws instead of brushes for Halloween, seriously it could leave a blood trail!

    This is the coolest thing I shouldn’t have bought for my town! Worth the cost? Not really. Do I regret buying it? Nope, I like the look of it in my town.

    Falls under: If ya like it buy it, if ya don’t, you won’t miss it!

  5. Yesterdays pink thing Wins…..
    Daily Challenge. 1. Daily Bonus completed….awarded a Mystery box…. Had 30 pink things in it.

    lol. Never even noticed I was working towards a mystery box for completing the set Sweet.

    Bought the street sweeper today.. well, just cause. I like it but wish it was bigger. Who is driving this thing? Its too small compared to the people sharing the road with it.

    And good job EA for letting us work towards earning donuts like this. So much better then when I first started playing over a year ago. I used to hoard every donut. Hardly ever using them as they were to hard to replace. Now I buy (within reason) anything I happen to like. I’ve spent more actual cash since donuts became more plentiful then I did when I horded them. So its win win for both EA and myself.

    I now need a sale on
    Disco Stu and professor Frink. These are the two I want next the most. lol.


  6. I got the street sweeper immediately and for the longest time was convinced my game bugged out and I didn’t get it. (It didn’t help that the dialogue got messed up and I got a notice about the nature package after purchase.) I finally found it roaming around my Springfield yesterday. That was the one time I’ve seen it. For that reason, I think it’s a bit of a waste. Cool idea, but it should be programmed to appear on screen more frequently, not follow you around like Arnie, which is really annoying, but just make occasional appearances.

  7. Something confuses me about the Street Cleaner. If it’s a character, why isn’t it in any Character Collection? They put the IRS drone in the animals and pets collection so they could have put it there, or maybe it’s not in a collection because It would be too big in a collection.

  8. Much as I would love to have some cars ‘driving’ around my SF I think this is going to be a pass. Ultimately all my NPC’s end up in storage and this would eventually end up there too…

    I’m sitting at 5937 items in my SF and at some point my SF will start to get ‘jerky’ again even without the monorail running or NPC’s wandering around town so it’s got to be a pass. Instead I will enjoy it when I visit neighbours who have it…

    • How do you know how many items you have?

      • When you have more then 5500 items you get a warning every extra 150 items (I think). I just take something that I have lots of (fences etc) and place them in rows on my ‘runway’ until I get the next warning. I then select all of them and the cut and paste option tells me how many items I am about to store. Subtract that number from the number in the warning I have just got and I know how many items I have…

        Works best if you are either fairly close to or over the first warning at 5500 – otherwise you might have to place a huge amount of items to even get the first warning but it will still work

  9. I picked it up bit I’m not clear, what do YOU think of it?

    • Yes, you would think that whoever was inside it would get out and use a broom in such a tight space.
      I liked the way at least two other people were using my town for their photo-shoot, ……was it because I posted a picture early and neighbours knew where to find one in action?
      Or do I have a reputation for buying useless stuff?


      • Definitely reason #1. Definitely. I promise 😊

        Got a couple of nice pics of the street cleaner interacting with (running over?) some of your characters

  10. It’s too bad that it has no value to it whatsoever other than it driving around, but once I started to see it move I’m so happy I spent the 55 donuts!!! When you tap on it the headlights come on and that’s cool too… It’s no different than getting the zombie Jackson last Halloween (which I also did); it had no value other than I thought it looked cool for just 55 donuts. Thought I’d leave my opinion on it…

  11. I think I might just have to do it….and the nature bundle. Have you seen the Flickr photos? TOO COOL.

    Ignore my questions in this thread about the nature bundle. I actually READ the nature bundle thread AFTER posting my questions in my earlier reply….and OF COURSE, they were all answered. I love this site!

  12. Stampy also walks on the road but that is because he is very big so technically you can have 2 thinghs on the road. 😀
    BTW bought it because…reasons. It’s just cool and it is a vehicle hope they will do more vehicles in the future.

  13. I wish the design were better, the weird boxy shape doesn’t appeal to me.

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