Should I Spend Donuts On the Wild West Film Set & Buck McCoy?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

YeeHaw!  The Wild West has arrived in our pocket-sized Springfields!  With bandits to tie up, guns to sling, gold to pan & gold ole’ Homer getting everyone all riled up! So bust open the vaults and grab those donuts because there are loads of new Wild West themed premium items in our stores!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Buck McCoy and the Filmset to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this Real McCoy to your town.

Wild_West_Film_Set charactersets_buckmccoy

Building/Decoration: Wild West Film Set
Character: Buck McCoy
Donut Cost:
150 Donuts
Size: 7×10
Earns: ico_wildwest_bandit_md every 4hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +500

Leaves stores on May 30th…but the earlier you buy the better

-Comes with a questline
-Fun animated tasks
-Buck will use the Filmset (visual animation there and non)
-Film set produces extra bandits for your town…which means extra event currency
-Buck can earn currency at the town plaza (at a premium rate)

-Buck is a 1 off character, so it may be hard to justify spending 150 donuts on him
-4 bandits every 4hrs really isn’t that great of a return on your investment

Final Thought:
Buck isn’t a bad buy.  150 donuts is a bit steep, but at least he can help with the event and it’s a character combo.  (after the event the Film Set should earn cash/xp)  If you’re going to get him, I’d get him sooner rather then later so he can be the most useful to you during the entire event.

This is one of those Freemium toss ups.  It is pricey, but it does help with the event overall.  However, unless you’re a really big fan of the episode Buck McCoy was in, I’d pass.  150 donuts, in my opinion, is too much to pay for a 1 off character for freemium players.  Those donuts are much to valuable!

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you I’m on the fence with this one.  Still debating it myself, but I’ll probably make my final decision before the weekend.  (so he can be the most helpful for the entire event)  Just make sure that you pick him up sooner rather then later if you’re thinking about getting him.  The sooner he’s in the game the more beneficial he’ll be to you!

Note: Buck does come with a questline.  Personally I think you should hold off on completing the questline until the event is over (it’ll still be around), so that you can use Buck at the Town Plaza to help you earn Event Currency…

Here’s a look at Buck’s Permanent Tasks:

buckmccoy_demonstrate_stunt_riding buckmccoy_victory_pose buckmccoy_display_extreme_marksmanship

Task Length Earns Location
Display Exreme Marksmanship 1hr $105, 26xp Outdoor/Visual
Demonstrate Stunt Riding 4hrs $260, 70xp Outdoor/Visual
Give Cowboy Speech Lessons 8hrs $420, 105xp Wild West Film Set
Teach Cowboy Slang 8hrs $420, 105xp Wild West Film Set
Tell Stories to Strangers 12hrs $600, 150xp Furniture Shop
Watch his Old Films 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Brown House

What are your thoughts on Buck McCoy?  Will you be picking him up?  Or did you already?    Where have you placed the Film Set in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

129 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Wild West Film Set & Buck McCoy?

  1. herroyaldykeness

    Can anyone tell me how belle from maison derriere helps with the wild west town plaza Jobs… I am having a toss up between getting the film set or maison derriere. I’ve read the should i buy on both, but if I’m just getting them for game currency which of the two should i spend my 150 donuts on…

    • Belle can earn Pickaxes, and only Pickaxes. While the Rich Texan can earn Hats and only hats.

      • herroyaldykeness

        I’m not sure which is better then. As I’ve only enough for one character. And I’m a freemium player

        • It’s hard to say. It depends on what you like…Rich Texan is a cheaper expense. But you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision on your own. Don’t base it on the fact that they earn event currency.

        • Never buy a character just to help with an event, buy a character because it’s going to bring you more lasting happiness. That said, if a character is already on your wish list and it happens to help with an event, that’s not a bad reason to buy it sooner, rather than later. So, buy Belle or the Rich Texan only if you really would enjoy having them in your town, say, three months from now and save your donuts for something else, if you wouldn’t. (If you’d especially enjoy having both down the road, then you’ll either have to decide which one will bring you more pleasure or buy some donuts!)

  2. Can you go over the saloon upgrades please?

  3. I will spend as I want one Buckingham McCoy…strangly I could do without the filmset.

  4. I don’t think I’ll get this one because is too expensive and I don buy donuts… However I am more interested in getting more Wild West building so, Are you guys also doing should I buy, the wilted rose and quick sand? Thanks!

  5. Having trouble with grandpa Joe it’s says I need to unlock the character but he had been in unlocked and I can’t seem to do complete the mission

  6. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    I got him. I like the episode he’s from. But, if I’m going to be completely honest, I’m a sucker for characters, especially when they come with a building. 🙂

  7. Let me start by saying (because this is really rambling and most won’t read the whole thing)… I got a weird glitch that gave me an extra shuttle from the space event. This item is a 2.5% bonus item. If this happens to you place it, DO NOT STORE THE SHUTTLE! Once in storage it can not come out.

    Now the ramble…

    EA Horror story, dim the lights and hold a flashlight under Yr chin as you read this. I had the good fortune of a really cool glitch where when I started my game it said ‘congratulations store or place this item’ it was a space shuttle, which I already had but I placed it. I couldn’t remember what the Shuttle came with so I put it in inventory to check the info. 2.5% bonus. I don’t really want a shuttle fleet but for that kind of bonuts it’ll find a home. Then boom ‘item already placed’, couldn’t get it out of inventory. At this point I was told to build the launch pad, given tasks that were from the space event, Homer in the space helmet showed up in my task bar, Gil showed up and offered to sell me the Mars colony, then to sell me the tailgate party. Both of which I already have. Anyway at this point it was beyond obvious something was wrong so after an uninstall/reinstall the tasks cleared up but the shuttle was there and no dice, still couldn’t place it.
    Anyway I decided to contact EA and give it a shot, couldn’t hurt and I was cool with it not happening.
    After a string of worthless chat sessions (which never go anywhere) I decided to call. Now I have no problem hanging up on a rep I know doesn’t know their stuff and especially if they lie to me. When they tell you they can’t transfer you, they are lying through their teeth. So after 3 incompetent phone calls (all India) I got one who seemed to know his stuff (also from India) and I had accepted it wasn’t going to happen, then he asks me to hold for a minute, he thinks he knows someone to talk to. When he comes back he tells me his supervisor says my game is modified and they couldn’t do anything for me. Now I would have been fine with ‘my supervisor says we can’t help you’, it was a glitch, I get it but the ‘modified game’ comment got my blood boiling. I said “What do you mean, modified game?” My voice getting agitated and he accused me of hacking my game and I started getting really worked up and he said he could erase my hacked game and reset it. The conversation ended in a flurry of expletives by Yrs truly.
    Anyway I kept calling until I didn’t hear an Indian accent (nothing against Indians, most of my clothes come from an Indian friend of mine who thinks I need to dress better, he doesn’t understand punk culture. Yet I’ve never gotten any help from the India call center). Anyway I finally get someone from Ireland who actually treated me like a customer. At this point I didn’t really care about the stupid shuttle. I wanted someone who wasn’t going to yes sir me and really listen to my frustration with the ease of getting quality customer service with the company. He was very patient cause I was screaming like a cabbie who just got cut off. He tried to place my shuttle but couldn’t but then said since I had such difficulty they’d give me some sprinkles. Let’s just say it was significantly more than I spent on the original shuttle. It was a rough ride but worth it.
    So to the two or the people that made it through this ramble don’t store the shuttle if this happens to you, place it.
    And if you think this was a ramble you should see the comment card I filled out.
    Moral of the story keep trying EA does have some good reps.
    And let me add when you spend $1,000 on doughnuts you should reach premium status and given a direct number to competent employees.

    • Did the Ireland rep make sure you weren’t in their records as having a modified game? That’s the part that would have really, totally freaked me out!

      Where did you get a “comment card” from?

      Bunny and Alissa have often said to keep calling and hanging up until you get someone from the Texas center. The Indian call centers are often not very knowledgable. It’s probably not their fault — I totally respect Indians as a group, and suspect the problem is with the companies themselves — but I haven’t generally been impressed by most of their call centers in terms of knowledge and empowerment.

      The other thing I don’t get is that most of the recruiters who call my husband about jobs are Indian, and most of them are very hard to understand on the phone. Why would you hire someone to do a phone job that targets Americans who can’t make himself readily understood by that target audience? Or, if you want to hire them, then get them some accent reduction training. Again, I’m not saying that Indians shouldn’t be able to sound like themselves in general, it’s just they need to effectively be able to do the job they were hired for. I mean, I’m really, really short and I wouldn’t have expected someone to hire me to play basketball, ya know?

      • Yeah that was my main thing, I made sure I wasn’t listed as a cheater. I don’t even have a computer let alone know how to hack my game.
        I always try for Texas, never had Ireland before so figured I’d give it a shot, worked out well.
        I have no problem with the people, I know they’re limited what they can do, I just hate it when they lie to me. I’ve had some tell me they don’t have access which is fine. But don’t tell me you can’t transfer my call I know you can. I used to work for after hours outsourcing so I know what you can do is very limited. We were basically human answering machines.
        Not only vocal skills but customer service skills. Last time I got Texas she told me they were short staffed at the moment because many of her coworkers were in India proving training on, well how not to just piss of the customers.

  8. Can anyone tell me if he is voiced?

    • I can’t actually say yes or no but, since he was voiced by Dennis Weaver, I’d bet the farm that he’s not.

    • I bought him today, no he isn’t voiced 🙁 But the film set he comes with makes a noise when you tap it, and he has an interactive task there also

  9. Hello all. I splurged on it, I had a bunch of bonuts saved however I might half to pick up crusty lu studios as well because I’m going to build a nice big old west Springfield area (I spent 30 mill on new land) so I might build a movie area as well because it clashes with the theme. Love the event thanks for the info Alissa.

  10. If he came with a decent building I might have consider it, but I have zero interest in any of the film set buildings.

  11. Micky is really nice to have his price is kinda high but when you get to prizes like wes dinner your gonna need him

    • Mickey? What’s going on? How did I miss that? And for the life of me can’t think of a Mickey, must be a newer episode.

  12. Hey, does anyone know if the background scenery scrolls on the film set when Buck is doing his “Demonstrate Stunt Riding” task?

  13. i got it the first day. it started out as 4 bandits every 4 hours but increases with saloon updates, my saloon is at level 3 and the movie set now gives out 5 bandits as well as the houses or hide outs per say

  14. Looks like the event ended early for me with the latest patch. I’ve uninstalled all other apps and all updates for the factory apps, and the game still says I don’t have enough storage space for downloading the update.

    • Try restarting device and try again.

      • Thanks for the reply. I tried that, no deal. I have an old phone, so I’m guessing the game just got too large for my device. It’s just a shame to get cut out like this after having played every single event since valentine’s day 2015. 🙁

    • You need to free space on your device, i uninstalled a few apps (more than 1 gb free is needed)

      • As I said, I unnistalled all other apps and upgrades. That didn’t do it. I have plenty of space on my SD card, but the game won’t use it, it just keeps saying I don’t have enough space on my device. The only way I could possibly free more space is by uninstalling the OS.

  15. I got him, because I loved the episode. 😀

  16. I don’t know where to look, so I will ask, with the new update, my characters has “free” for rushing task… it is a bug?
    Thanks. Greetings

  17. Longest visual task is four hours? Pass.

    • Honestly that’s a plus for me since I frequently send my characters on 4 hr tasks throughout the day.

  18. I’m still tempted, but I’m not as interested now having seen what he can do. I’ll see, I would need quite a few more donuts anyway so I have plenty of time to think about it. As always, thanks for reviewing this, and for doing so so quickly too!

    Sorry, I know this isn’t really the right place, but as a side note, I have had yet another update in my game. Not down updating so I don’t know what it is for, but this is the third day in a row that I have had to update my game. I should have plenty of room but I have had to clear the data for the game and download it again when I log in. I think that the event looks good, and I have enjoyed it already(even though it is very early), but I am fed up of having all of these large downloads. If this continues I will probably just give up on the event. If it is only for the event, I could deal with having to download again once each act ends, but this often is too much.

    • I think all the “new” stuff they added is causing backlash, so lots of patches coming through. Problem is the items have to be removed and reinstalled, so larger than normal patch files. At times, and I know it is a pain, but to complete uninstall and reinstall.

      • Yeah, thanks, hopefully they will have finished with patches soon, for now at least. I would consider a reinstall but I have cleared the data and I’m not sure that reinstalling would actually change much in my situation. I can still play, it’s just that downloading the files constantly is become!ing a problem. Hopefully the majority of it is due to the event and will go back to normal once it’s over.

        • Turn OFF auto updating so you can do it when you want.

          • Sorry, is that an option in the game or do you mean on Google Play? If Google Play, I did that when I first got my tablet. I have never seen an option in the game to do so, as it forces the in-game updates when they come out. Thanks for all the advice.

  19. Does the number of bandits go up with the upgrades as well?

    • In another comment someone said that it does 🙂

        • Hey, aabend – are you ever going to visit me? You didn’t come by my town once during the three weeks I was keeping track (before the event) and haven’t come by with any prospectors yet, either. It’s fine if you don’t want to visit neighbors, but just let me know so I can fill your spot with someone who does (no hard feelings). 🙂

          • Just a heads up as it may impact this… the ONLY way to know if someone visited this event is IF they get enough prospectors to share (getting 100 can take a while and that’s if your towns not already full when they try). Then there’s the issue of IF the name shows up.

            Since launch of Event I’ve had probably a good 25+ prospectors show up without a name showing. Many more are experiencing exact same issue and reporting it all over the site.

            In short… it’s impossible during the Event to know if someone’s been there just off Prospectors. I’d just hate to see people start dropping good neighbors due to an EA mechanic they can’t control. 😉

            • Understood. But I was tracking my neighbors for a few weeks before this event started to see who was visiting me, and that’s what I was commenting about more. I realize that folks don’t have enough prospectors to get to everyone (at least not for a while)…lord knows I have lots of neighbors I haven’t been able to share any with yet (and others that I’ve given some to, but not as many as they’ve given me). But the event is still young! 🙂

              • I know… just wanted to offer some advice as I saw you’re tracking them on what may happen with trying to track during event. More just going forward help. 😉

          • Hi Sandra, I usually don’t visit much in between events, but i’ve been by twice since the event started, dropped of two prospectors once, the second time there wasn’t room.
            Haven’t seen any prospectors from you, either, btw. But that might be due to the fact that more than half the time I don’t see any names come up. Neither when I tap prospectors, nor when I get the screen telling me which neighbours tapped my prospectors.
            Anyhow, feel free to drop me, I do have enough neighbours left 🙂

            • Not dying to drop you…only would consider it if you’ve decided not to visit neighbors unless it’s for an event. I like having neighbors that I see on this site, too, so, again, you’re not top of my list for dropping. But you’re right…i haven’t dropped any prospectors off to you yet, because I’ve been starting with paybacks and with people who were visiting me before the event. Never got your two prospectors – they probably arrived when I was asleep 🙁 . But thanks for dropping them on me anyway! 🙂

              I haven’t set it up yet, but I like Tot’s idea of a lighting system to indicate availability. I don’t think I’ll put the light right in my Old Springfield (too anachronistic…in face, the lights on Cletus’ Dice Den have been bothering me for just that reason…trying to ignore them…), but I think I’ll set it right nearby.

              Nice chatting with you, neighbor! 🙂

              • Please don’t feel bad if you’d rather swap me out for someone else. I just don’t get much use out of visiting neighbors during non-event times. I don’t need the money, it takes a lot of time (and lately it seems to take longer and longer for towns to load), and the neighbor doesn’t get much out of it, either. I’d rather visit a handful of neighbors each day and have a proper look around, instead of sweeping through all of them every day. It’s different during events, but even then I usually manage only a third to half, depending on how much time I find to play. Inexplicably, my husband demands to spend some time with me, too 🙂

                Sadly, I have more money than time, so whenever I run into a problem, I throw donuts at it. Not helping with neighbor-visits, though…

                One question, though: I have missed the comment about the lighting system to indicate availability – how exactly is that supposed to work?

                Also, I still only occasionally see names popping out of prospectors, so I am flying blind, trying to distribute my guys as evenly as possible.

              • Oh, not expecting daily visits, but maybe once a week at least? I think it had been several weeks. Also, don’t understand why you say your neighbors don’t get anything out of the visits…I get XP from collecting visits from my neighbors, which helps bring me closer to another round of bonuts. But, whatever…I’ll keep you around for now – I think I have a few other neighbors who didn’t visit me during that tracking period either and who I don’t see around here, either, so they’d be higher up the un-friending list anyway!

              • Never mind about the lighting thing – just found it… *sheepish look*

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