Wild West 2016 Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 1 Gummy Joe

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Wild West is alive and well in our Springfields!  As the Wild West Event has hit our games and it’s full of old west inspired decorations, buildings & characters!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the First Act you’re tasked with collecting Clues (ico_wildwest_clue_md) to unlock each prize!

The very first Act 1 prize (and first prize of the entire event) is awarded at 740ico_wildwest_clue_md is Gummy Joe, because every Old West Town needs a crazy old guy!

2016-04-19 16.51.45

So let’s take a closer look at this first prize and just what happens when you unlock him in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 740ico_wildwest_clue_mdyou’ll automatically be awarded Gummy Joe and you’ll see this message popup:

2016-04-19 16.51.51

Gummy Joe will automatically enter into your Springfield.  You won’t have an option to store him

Once he arrives in Springfield you’ll see his character unlock message:

2016-04-19 16.51.57

And he’s part of the Old West Partners Character Collection:

2016-04-19 16.52.01

The biggest benefit to Gummy Joe is once you’ve Leveled up the Town Plaza to Level 4, you’ll unlock tasks for Gummy Joe to earn Axes and Hats!


Gummy Joe comes with his own questline, and it’ll start right up for you.  Here’s a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of his questline…


Chew It Over Pt. 1
Gummy Joe starts

Make Gummy Joe Chat Up Smokers- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Chew It Over Pt. 2
Gummy Joe starts

Make Gummy Joe Ask for Counter Space at the Checkout- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Chew It Over Pt. 3
Gummy Joe starts

Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Make Gummy Joe Market Gum to Krusty Burger- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Chew It Over Pt. 4
Gummy Joe starts

Reach Level 13 and Build Android’s Dungeon
Make Gummy Joe Market Gum to Android’s Dungeon- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Chew It Over Pt. 5
Gummy Joe starts

Make Gummy Joe Chew Toothless Joe Gum- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp


And here’s a look at the tasks he comes with…

gummyjoe_chew_gum_active gummyjoe_open_cans gummyjoe_victorypose


Length Earns Location

Watch a Prospecting Show on TV

1hr $70, 17xp

Brown House

Use Choper to Open Cans 4hrs $175, 45xp


Chew Toothless Joe Gum

8hrs $275, 70xp Outside
Work a Plant Shift 12hrs $420, 100xp

Power Plant

Market Toothless Joe Gum

24hrs $600, 150xp Town Plaza

And there you have it the details behind Gummy Joe – the very first Wild West Prize!

What’s Next?
Well there is 1 prize after Gummy Joe, 800 Pickaxes.  I’m not going to do separate posts about them as it’s pretty basic.  Once you unlock it, more pickaxes will be added to your pickaxe total.

Here’s a quick breakdown…

ico_wildwest_pickaxepack_lg Awarded at 1280ico_wildwest_clue_md.  This will add 800 Pickaxes to your total Pickaxe count (found in the Event Hub).  This is not a tangible item for Springfield, it’s just 800 Pickaxes added to your total on hand.

2016-04-19 16.52.24

Next Tangible Prize for Springfield…

stagecoach_menu Stagecoach- Awarded at 2,360ico_wildwest_clue_md.  This will be the next prize we cover in a rundown post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the first (and second) Act 1 prize!

What do you think of Gummy Joe? Were you quick to unlock him?  Have you leveled up the Town Plaza to have him earn you pickaxes and hats yet?  Which of Gummy Joe’s tasks is your favorite?  Enjoying the Wild West Event so far? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

46 responses to “Wild West 2016 Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 1 Gummy Joe

  1. now that the event is done, did anyone else lose his 24hr job?

  2. With the Wild West event. Do we keep handing in clues whenever we can like the monorail event to unlock prizes or only hand them in when the prize unlocks for the day?

    • Depends how fast you earn. If slow going, you can focus on small trades to knock out the 4/4. Then hand in “extras” later to boost your clues and unlock the trophy prizes.

      If you’re getting materials fast, then you can adjust.

      It’s more of a balance of what YOU are going for at the time. Customize it to your play.

      You can Hoard them a couple of days, then clear all 4/4’s at once for daily prizes in a row til caught up using small amounts. Then trade leftovers til you run out or max out. Or… go day by day.

    • If you only turn in enough for the daily trades, you’ll be behind on the calendar. Best to do more than just the daily trades, but I usually stop at night with enough currency left that I know I’ll have no problem making the next day’s trades first thing in the morning.

  3. Is anyone else having trouble trying to trade things in the store? It keeps throwing me out of it.

  4. I unlocked gummy Joe and I can’t find him in my town and the games says I need to unlock him but he has been unlocked what should I do

  5. Giving help to all my neighbors! 10-50 prospectors daily as i did with the night terrors. Had 500,000 points with terrors, but doubt i’ll get that this time. Plus daily taps.

  6. Gummy is my 125th resident of Springfield. 🙂

  7. When I’m searching for bandits I keep tapping on Gummy Joe by mistake. I just look for anything western then tap attack it lol.

  8. Forgot to subscribe

  9. Super fun character. At first I was bewildered by what to do with this stuff that was so not like anything else. I figured it out and now I’m loving it plus it gave me an answer to my casino areas which I now have two.

    • Not that you would know cause you’ve never been…but on the drive from LA to Vegas there’s an old West ghost town called calico. My plan will mimic that…eventually

      • Not that drive but it reminds me of the badlands of South Dakota so that’s my vision influence. Lots of ghost towns out there Dyke authentic, some tourist traps.

        • I remember that drive through SD. I also remember being VERY disappointed by Mount Rushmore lol

          • Seriously? That’s sacred ground to my mother. We made pilgrimage every year, I miss it. How can you not be impressed by turning a freaking mountain into a relief sculpture?

            • Because I always thought it would be bigger….

              • From the observation area you’re actuallys good distance from it. There’s a backroad leading up to it with cool spiraling wooden bridges that creeps up the side of the mountain. At one point there’s a break in the mountains and you’re right next to George and trust me, he’s enormous.

              • I’ll have to remember that if I ever go again. One of the big things I remember is almost running out of gas on our way to Wyoming. Apparently gas stations are at a premium out that way lol

              • Oh yeah. Never go below half tank just to be safe. Happened to us while driving across the reservation. We got had and were promptly escorted out of town.

              • We left with nearly a full tank…

              • Oh boy. Those mountains really suck the gas too

              • For me too…I was shocked how “small” it was. Not so much the artistry, just size. Movies always made it seem so massive.

                I also grew up in high Rocky Mountains range… camped, hiked, sat top of mountains… so to me it was really just a shock how small it was from what I pictured and imagined. Think … hmmm… someone growing up on an Island surrounded by thousands of miles of water seeing a pond in town that someone portrayed as an ocean. “It’s so little”. Or someone growing up in Alaska going to California to see panic when 1 inch of snow hits. “That’s not snow”.

                An amazing accomplishment guaranteed! Cool history behind it. Think if someone did that out of a slab of marble and slapped it in middle of town, they are big in that comparison definitely. Just… the mountain… well… hillside compared to what I grew up with. Took me by surprise. I actually almost drove by it first time as I was looking at larger range further out then BOOM there it was.

              • Oh yeah, now crazy horse is truly massive. And it’s not relief sculpture, it’s 360°. Problem is, it’s no where near complete. I was 10 years old when I saw it the first time and 36 years later, they still have a long way to go.

  10. I was wondering, can I only use the Rich Texan on HAT tasks, or am I dong something wrong? 🙂 It will not let me send him on pick-ax tasks.

  11. Every time I try to exchange at the general store, the game freezes and stops. I cannot do any exchanges at all.

  12. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    You’ve done it, so will I! (Sorry)
    Talk about the new Disney game.
    My sister is visiting me, she is a big Disney fan, I told her about the new game App, showed her my TSTO game, told her that the concepts were similar – is that correct?
    BTW, she had fun tapping, earning, watching, listening…

  13. When exchanging resources for the Act 1 prizes I noticed today that although I had made enough exchanges to earn the horse carriage those exchanges didn’t count towards the next Daily Prize. I had exchanged resources maybe four or five times after already earning the daily prize. Today my daily prize was released and I still have to earn it even though technically I had already met the “exchange” goal to receive the daily prize. Seems maybe it’s best to just hold off on exchanging anything early past the daily prize because you end up having to do double the work the next day. Has anyone else experienced this? Sorry for my lack of wording.It’s early and I’m still sipping my coffee!

    • Hi Emily, well daily prize stands for what its name tells us, its one a day task.
      So the resources that you handed in wont count for tommorows daily but it counts for overall progres. This is the concept:
      Handing in hats and pickaxes earns you clues, and clues are main resource that helps us progress trough act 1(look at first tab from top).
      I hope i made sense.

    • Yeah but you still get clues for handing in hats and pickaxes, and those clues help you get the Act prizes. It’s not hard to earn hats and pickaxes so I see no reason to hold back and not turn them in for clues.

    • Yup – that was covered here: https://tstoaddicts.com/2016/04/20/addicts-question-corner-wild-west-act-1/

      However, you don’t need to hold off doing *any* trade-ins…I usually trade in some past the 4 daily ones so that I can keep up with the calendar, but I do make sure that I have enough materials in reserve at the end of the day that I know I’ll have no problems meeting the next day’s trade ins and I won’t have to stress about it. Make sense? 🙂

  14. I just love his chew gum visual task!

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