Wild West 101: Wanted Bandits

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to hitch up the wagons and head out west, because the Wild West has hit our Springfields! With bandits to tie up, guns to sling, gold to pan & gold ole’ Homer getting everyone all riled up!

With so many layers to this event, it’s easy to get confused with what’s going on. Especially when they add a new element with a new Act!  But, that’s where we come it!  To guide you through the ins and outs and break it all down in a manageable way, that anyone can quickly understand.

In this post we’re going to break down Wanted Bandits, those big bad Mongo looking ones, that are roaming around your Springfield.  By the time we’re done you should have all the 4-1-1 (do people still say that?), on those Mongo looking bandits.

So let’s get to it shall we?

Wanted Poster


So we know all about those regular bandits…you know these guys:

bandit02 bandit01

The ones we easily mistake for..Rex Banner, or Shotgun Pete.

And we now all know, thanks to that post above, that they spawn at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes.  With a max in town of 30, and a bank of 15.

So what about these Super Bandits.  This Big, Bad, Mongo looking Bandit…


Like a Bandit on steroids…he must workout with A-Rod.  

These Wanted Bandits are a new element added into our Event for Act 2.  And let me tell you, they’re a ROYAL Pain in the Booty.

Let me elaborate, and of course I’ll start at the beginning….

The basics…

New element added with Act 2 is the Most Wanted Bandits.  As you play the Act 2 questline you’ll trigger the ability to capture these guys, after you’ve completed A Fistful of Brothers Pt. 2.

2016-05-03 12.59.06 2016-05-03 12.59.12

The initial one, for the questline, is EASY.  Just tap Go To in the task and it’ll take you right to where the Bandit is hiding in your town.  You’ll see them roaming your town like this:

2016-05-03 12.59.20

Sanjay’s just REALLY excited that you found the Bandit…or he’s just REALLY enjoying his cocktail.  Hey Sanjay, don’t hit the sauce too hard! (and don’t forget to share…)

This ONLY applies (the Do It Option) for the initial one you have to find with the questline.  After that there’s no shortcut..and you’ll have to search your town high and low for him.

To Clear The Bandit…it’s simple.  Just Tap.

Tap them and you’ll get currency…and he’ll turn red and run really fast (like the Leprechaun does)

2016-05-03 12.59.32

Like a Red Version of Lou Ferrigno…

You cannot tap him when he’s running, but stay with him because he’ll slow down and you’ll be able to tap him again.  Tap 4 times (from my experience) to completely clear the Wanted Bandit.

Ok, so that’s the basics of it all.  You guys should be able to handle it all from there, right?  I’m going to go join Sanjay & belly up at the Saloon.

What? No?  You want me to keep explaining?  You don’t have the rest of it down already?  Ok..I’ll keep going but Ryan owes me a drink.  It’s all his fault….

So let’s get further into it…

What’s the Spawn Rate for the Wanted Bandits?

These suckers will spawn in your town, and make you completely crazy, once every 24hrs.

So you will get ONE in your town every 24hrs.  No more.  No less.  Just ONE.

How many? O-N-E.  🙂

How Long Do I Have To Capture the Wanted Bandit When It Appears?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure.  The files aren’t too clear, but it looks like you have the full 24hrs to capture the one and the it disappears.

If anyone has found a different answer via their town, please let me know.

I Have A Daily Challenge to Capture A Wanted Bandit, but I Don’t Have A Wanted Bandit.  What Do I Do?

Well, you  only get…..ONE Wanted Bandit in your town per day.  So you can either wait till it triggers for you.  Or skip that task by hitting the x in the corner.

Personally, I think finding the Wanted Bandits is kind of a pain…so I’m in favor of skipping it anyway.

How Do I Know When I Have A Wanted Bandit To Capture?

So what will happen is you’ll get the Wanted Sign to popup in your game:

2016-05-03 12.59.12

This means our Steroid loving Bandit is on the loose in our Springfield.  You will also see the Wanted Bandit Icon appear in your Task Book.  This is how you know one is available to find in your town:

2016-05-04 13.22.31

I’ve Searched and Searched and SEARCHED for that Bandit and I Can’t Find him Anywhere!  Is My Game Broken?  I Swear He’s NOT THERE!!  Any Tips?  

I’m not going to lie to you guys.  This element of Act 2, while fun in theory….SUCKS.

I appreciate the concept, I really do.  And I like that EA has added a new element of “hide and seek” for us.

In theory, this should be fun.

In execution…it really, really sucks.  Mostly for those of us that have large Springfields (you know the whole map purchased…Heights too).

Now.  I assure you.  He’s IN your town.  If you see that Poster, it means he is in your town.

The no holds barred answer…

If you see the Poster, he’s a sneaky little SOB (well Big i guess) and he runs around town and is REALLY hard to find..BUT he is in your town.
I searched for 10 minutes…nothing. Had everything hidden too (buildings, decos etc…everything but characters)..NOTHING. Then I gave up cleared some bandits and buildings…and saw him just hanging around in Springfield Heights.

2016-05-04 13.30.55

I believe he goes into buildings to hide, which is why it’s really hard to find him. You have to catch it at just the right time.

Does it suck? ABSOLUTELY…but it works as intended.

A couple of tips, for those that don’t already know…

Go into your move menu (4-way arrows) and try hiding everything but characters (icons under binoculars…just don’t tap the icon with Homer, Bart & SLH).  Then you can search your town and behind buildings etc:

2016-05-04 13.31.08

Another tip….if you’ve been scanning for 10+ minutes. Stop.  Do something else. Tap other bandits, clear buildings…do anything else.  You may just see him hanging around waiting to be tapped when you’re not looking.

And finally…last tip of the day…if you’ve been searching for a while and have had no luck.  Close your game.  Hard close, etc.  And go back to it in a few minutes.  Sometimes the restart of the game helps…as does fresh eyes.

But seriously, not going to lie to you guys…this element is really frustrating and a pain in the butt.

Feel free to vent your frustrations, but know that it’s working as intended.  AND I didn’t create the game or the issue.  So if you REALLY want to scream and yell…contact EA.

Oh and also…remember, you don’t have to do it.  You can skip finding the Wanted Bandits (outside of the questline one of course).  It will give you some extra currency…but is your sanity worth that extra currency?  I know mine isn’t.

So if you’re trying to find him and instead find yourself getting frustrated and angry…just walk away.  Let the bandit win.  It’s ok.  Remember, you’re Sky Finger.  You’ll get the ultimate revenge when you tap the crap out of him next time you find him.  🙂

To sum up…for those confused on where the Wanted Bandit is..

If you see the Poster, it means he’s in your town. If you see it in your Daily Tasks, it’s subject to having one in your town. i.e. subject to you seeing the Wanted Poster popup in your town. 

And there you have it my friends…the deets (do people say that one?) on the Most Wanted Bandits!


What are your thoughts on the Most Wanted Bandits?  Getting frustrated trying to find them?  Ready to throw your device against the wall?  Or have you adopted the Goos frabbbbaaaaaa method of being one with your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

76 responses to “Wild West 101: Wanted Bandits

  1. He drives me crazy! I spent half an hour one time looking for him. It’s worse when it’s the daily task because you have to find him before you can move on to the next task. EA are having a big mean laugh at our expense!

  2. I do not Search for Mungo. If I stumble upon him, I let have him 💥

  3. Wolney monteiro

    Thank you! For the first time (well, second since the first one is easy) I found him! Been looking for days now! I did nothing but read this and the guy popped up!

  4. Thank you so much for your tip about hiding everything except characters. I did that and found him in Heights within 10 seconds!!! Now I’ll set an alarm for 24 hours from now or check back at midnight (just in case that’s how they do it). Thanks again!!!

  5. Awesome tips, been looking for ever finally found that slippery fella

  6. Thank you so much for that tip about hiding everything. Was (almost) ready to throw my phone out the window!!

  7. I don’t see a poster in the task list but the daily challenge is to clear one. When I click go to, I see the poster pop up (not in the task list). Have been looking all day and can’t see the bandit. Got one the previous days fine but now I need one I just don’t know if he is even there or not! Irritating but not the end of the world. Trying to get 2500 badges a day is more important.

  8. Your not the only one who I heard complain about him.
    But Mingo don’t bother me & he’s hasn’t been hard for me to find.
    To each their own.
    What is frustrating me though is the daily tradein limits that’s forcing me to stay only slightly ahead of the calander.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the new snake. Want it!

  10. Thanks for this post. I really thought I ran into a glitch relating to the Wanted Bandits not showing up, but I guess I have to harder for it

    • Me… I took away all roads long ago minus isolated patched. Only pavement and now dirt for me.

      As him and the prospectors spawn from roads, I’m finding him quick n easy with this. I got to the small patch and clear him as soon as I see announcement.

      May not be ideal for others… but works great for me. Same with clearing prospectors. I go right to the patch moment I open my game as they spawn out of their the minute you enter. Get them all fast and easily this way.

      Just some food for thought.

  11. Loved this post Alissa! Thank you for speaking out what we all truly feel 🙂 waiting for a BBB myself

  12. what’s a PITA is finding those prospects that neighbors drop in our Springfield. I can never find them

  13. When my poster popped up yesterday, I figured he would be the furthest from my wild west stuff as possible. I zipped over to SH and hid everything but characters and he was right there. 🙂

  14. This was spooky: I was in the middle of typing (or should that be tapping, since I’m on my phone?) a message whinging about not having had one. What comes up? A push notification telling me that I’ve got one.

  15. Ha ha ha… LOVE the mic drop! I’m with you on this whole post. PITA at best………

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