Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread. All new episode of the Simpsons tonight…and it’s time for Homer Live!!!

Here are the details if you’d like to call in and talk to Homie…888) 726-6660.  Note: the number will only work between 8-8:30pm tonight on the East Coast and West Coast.
More info on it can be found here.

NOTE: During Homer Live East Coast (well the whole episode) I’ll be right here moderating the open thread as it happens, so let’s make sure we get the conversation going.   I’ll try to the West Coast viewing as well.

How do you think the whole live event will play out?  What would you ask Homie?

Act 2 of the Wild West Event wraps up on Tuesday.   Are you ready for Act 3?

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?  Did warm weather finally hit your area?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

499 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Think EA just did an Emergency download patch to fix the exp glitch issue. I wasn’t effected (other than levelling up quite a few times lol) but yeah, something just kicked me out of the game, auto downloaded, so there may be a fix.

  2. Maggie/Playdough Factory STILL broken, no free donuts since March. Any update on this? I’ve contacted EA 11 times. Contacting EA has become my new mini-game. Lame.

  3. Finally, Level 60 has arrived. Now, what is this about it being the last level????

    • So, the key word is “last”. Not actually the last level according to the TSTO Addicts. Just a different definition of what a level is going to be starting now.
      As long as the donuts keep flowing, I’ll be OK.

  4. I realized after I climbed down of my soap box about CA that I haven’t taken the time to thank my many wonderful neighbors. As act 3 starts thank you all for helping me as usual to accomplish act 1 & 2 with all prizes. My neighbors, I prefer term friends rock (pun intended and I love rocks, fav part of this event). Not my fav event, but you all came through for me again.
    Lee if you are reading, I still am missing you, sent you prospectors and they weren’t turned in, so beginning to worry about you my friend.
    Alissa special,shout out to you for all your hard work. I still wonder if you are human, think there must be some Disney fairy dust that keeps you going.

    • I’m just very good at multitasking….

    • Must be a time zone thing or somewhich, but every time I check to try an’ leave you ( and Craig, IBL, you two are next to each other on my neighbourinos list 😉 Prospectors you’re on max 🙁

      • I normally play from noon to midnight Chicago time.

      • ☹️must be time zone, I clear them at least every four hours when awake. Thanks for trying. Now that I think about it I’m having same problem with you, hope just coincidence and not a glitch.

        • I’ll keep trying for both of ya!
          Frustratementnousmous! Thanks for the heads up, I’m usually tappin’ around (EST +10) 10:30 am, 3:00pm, 7:30pm and then from 11:00pm onwards…

  5. Happy Tuesday, tappers! Wasn’t sure if I was going to get the final act 2 prize last night or if I’d have to part with some sprinklies, but I made it with just under four hours to go. Woohoo! (or should I say yeehaw?) Thanks to my neighboureenos for sending me some prospectors and picking mine up quickly so I hit the target. I also picked up luke and the barn. Cute character, nice building, good price, win-win-win.

    In non-TSTO related happenings, I saw the vampires today. 8 vials of blood is a new record for me; it’s a wonderful I’ve got any left! I’ve got tiny veins so it took two nurses and 3 tries (ow) before we got it. Doctors appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed the results come back okay. Now I’m home, getting ready to watch the agents of shield season finale and relaxing. The rest of my class is on their grad trip to build houses in Mexico this week, which means I have the week off and can catch up/get a head start on some school work. Art projects, hamlet, and an ISP essay to pick a topic for. Busy, busy, busy and yet I procrastinate like the devil 😉

    Hope everyone is well. Happy tapping y’all!

    • Hope all goes well at docs tomorrow, good luck. Hang in there pardner. Try to take some time for fun this week.
      Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hard to type with fingers crossed. Let us know how it goes.

      • Thanks HH ♡ it went fairly well, I think. Have to have another ultrasound, plus a referral to rheumatology for my joint/bone pain. Also found out I’m vitamin d deficient, which isn’t surprising since I’ve spent the better part of 2 years inside since taking ill. My iron levels are super low as well, but I’m not anemic yet. Doc is arranging for an iv of iron because I can’t take the oral supplements (don’t want to do anything that’ll make the nausea any worse). I hope you’re doing well or at the very least better than I am 😜

        • Hi Mini, I’m hanging in here. Wish you were feeling better. If you start taking vitamin D try it with combination of calcium so you get full effects. A over the counter probiotic might help with nausea, of course 4/20 helps the best, but not sure how you feel about that or if available to you. A natural that works pretty good is papaya tablets.
          I sure hope you start feeling better soon. You know you are in my thoughts. Take care!

          • My calcium is currently at the upper limit but I do have some liquid gel vitamin d I’m going to start in the meantime. And thanks for the reminder about the probiotic, I’ve been meaning to go pick some up. The topic of 4/20 has come up quite a bit over the past week but I’m not sure how keen I am to try it…..tried a synthetic pill and zonked out for an entire day (can you say lightweight? Lol). I’ll also look into the papaya. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll take any I can get at this point haha 🙂

            • My boyfriend gets the synthetic, not the same at all. Sometimes my pills mess with my stomach and the real deal settles my stomach real quick. Often just one hit will do the deal then you don’t get as loopy or tired.
              Now that marijuana has been proven to kill cancer cells I think it will lose its stigma and we’ll see a lot of research and development.

  6. 101.2° F 🙁

    And I have to work today anyway. 🙁 🙁

    • Celsius?

      • 38.4

      • I put the “F” there to indicate Fahrenheit. Was up to 101.4 last night and this morning, but it’s gone down some again during the day, although I feel like total crap. The worst part is that I seem to also have some kind of sciatica on the one leg and butt cheek that was actually fine (as opposed to the other leg that had me bedridden for almost 6 months and never did actually resolve itself…I had gotten somewhat used to living with chronic pain (manageable with the help of nerve pain medication and two opiates), but now there isn’t any position that I’m comfortable in and the pain is so much worse than it’s been in a while. Plus, my upper GI track hurts every time I try to walk (weird, huh?) and I’m totally exhausted (even though I got a fairly long night’s sleep).

        Sorry…just having a pity party for myself… 🙁

        • Awww… get better SS! You seem to be in a similar position to me, I understand. Chronic, debilitating, irreversible, inflammatory, ANNOYING back pain and associated afflictions are excruciating… I have chronic scoliosis, and as I get older my spine is more and more resembling a concertina. I have two semi-fused discs, and occasionally need to wear my back brace. I feel for you, I know there are days where that crawl rather than spring out of bed are more appropriate, and also when you get to those meetings that start to go over an hour or so, and the slow inevitable compression and pain that’s coming 🙁

          • Starting to think we need to start a back pain group! Only a person with chronic back pain understands how life changing this can be.
            Was so upset yesterday, my pool where I soak and walk in water to help pain is is totally screwed up, I sold and gave away lots of stuff to neighbors cheap or free, asked all three (which asking a favor is very hard for me) if I could go over and use pool to help back all 3 had a reason why I couldn’t, I wasn’t asking to be entertained, or anything other than can you let me use your pool, was so upset at lack of compassion. People wonder why I prefer dogs to humans, both my boys laid by my side, one licking tears away..
            My neighbors know how I’ve been laid up with back since July I’ve lived here for 11 years longer then all of them, have been considerate kind neighbor, not one single person has helped!
            I don’t understand what has happened to people, no kindness, no compassion, same neighbors see me struggle with walking dogs have even literally fallen couple of times, they just drive by don’t even slow down. Guess tonight is my pity party, I’ve been staying quiet about how bad it is because no body wants to be around when you are down and out. Bonus points for anyone who knows who wrote and sings that song lol.

          • The problem I’ve been having is that it’s not my back, it’s my butt and legs and the one place that my other back-related problem (which was felt in my left leg, not my back) generally felt best was in bed, but, with this new problem, sitting or lying down hurt both my buttocks and legs, so, at times, it’s been very hard to find a position to be in (or there simply was no good position).

            Thankfully, the fever seems to be trending downwards…I was actually at a normal temperature for part of the day, and, although it’s gone back up a bit now, it just shy of 100, which is better than the 101 I’ve been at around this time for the past few nights…

            I probably shouldn’t even be reading all of the comments about the stupid Level 60 thing…I’m SO bored with the endless repition and whining and, my personal favorite, indignance that somehow EA has done something terrible and robbed people of their bonus donuts, when, in fact, I think they’ve actually made it easier, even after the patch! Of course, my tolerance is always lower when I don’t feel well, so I’m afraid I’ve been a bit snippy in some of my replies (although, mostly, I’ve just held myself off from commenting much).

          • Oh, and thanks for your sympathy….probably should have started with that, lol!

        • Hi Sandra, my experiences with back after lots of tests that if you have sciatica can cause pain all over your body.i was having major stomach pain also had ct scan results = back, chest pain test results – back. When you have back problems, pain can move all over your body. I know what you are going through and it totally sucks. When your body is in chronic pain a normal nights sleep just doesn’t feel like normal, your body is trying to heal and does best when you sleep so you don’t get normal benefit of sleep.
          All you can do is try to limit stress, and get more rest then normal, take it easy on back, good luck with that, I never seem to manage any of above. This move is totally messing with back, stress and trying to pack not to mention averaging 3 hours of sleep a night….. Want to have a pity party together?l lol

      • Sorry – I misunderstood your question… Thanks for translating, Wysliss!

    • Ohhh I feel your pain. It’s been uncommonly cool here in my neck of the woods (high 80s low 90s) but it’s already been 100+ this year and our summers are consistently 110+ 😓

      • No, no…body temperature. The weather is actually quite lovely today…in the 60s, I think.

        • Oh! I completely misunderstood. Hope you’re feeling better and I’m quite jealous of your weather!

  7. What is this aspirational atuff yall talkin about?

    • There are a couple of Aspirational items that can be bought for lots of cash – can’t remember what they cost but I think the most expensive is 10 million in-game cash. I think they can be found under the Building tab in the Buy menu but I have them so I can’t check that…

      The Aspirational buildings that are available are:
      World’s Largest Zirconia;
      Escalator to Nowhere;
      Popsicle Stick Skyscraper;
      50ft Magnifying Glass; &
      Fortress of Choclitude.
      (Think that’s all of them…)

      • Krusty Burger Oil Rig. 🍔🍟🙂

      • World’s Largest Zirconia; Still Aspiring…(unbelievable, I know)
        Escalator to Nowhere; CHECK!
        Popsicle Stick Skyscraper; CHECK!
        50ft Magnifying Glass; CHECK!
        Fortress of Choclitude; Still Aspiring…
        Krusty Oil Rig…Still Aspiring…

        What about the Sit-and-Rotate for 10m clams? Or is that one a different category? Anyway, STILL ASPIRING.

        Just about the time I get enough cash I’ve gotta lay out a bunch on some obsession….IRS building, Redwood Tree…so…LamBo, oh, sorry Dave, we can be broke together. And I don’t have a stack of sprinklies to show for it.

        • Can relate, after 3 years or so finally managed to get the last of my insprationals (Wonka factory finished! ) but still have SH ($944M so far… dang traffic lights), and the IRS to finish upgrading, but have everything else including SAR and the Rig, and that stoopid tree (now advertised for sale inmy irregular Xmas tree yard 😉 and mountain of gold.

        • (All good, no medal required, just sharing)

        • Double D’oh!

          Forgot Sit and Rotate…

          All I can say in my defense is I’ve had them for some time so have forgotten what I got when…

  8. Also, i see someone put, they hope they trigger lvl 60, well when does this happened? Im like on my 4th or 5th way thru 59 again lol

  9. Guys, how can i buyba mystery box? Iv looked in all the things and sont see an option to buy, i jus want the damn lemon tree lol, its sad to see lower lvls with one..

    • They’re gone. And Lemon Trees come in Mystery Boxes…not Buddha.

    • They are still available

      Tap on the Buy icon (Hammer and saw – bottom right of the screen).
      Tap to expand the Buy menu (yellow >).
      Tap on golden Homer Buddha.
      Scroll to the very 1st Premium item: Mystery Box!

      • Unless you have masses (& masses) of donuts (& are happy to buy even more) I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to buy them in the hopes of getting the Lemon Tree. You could buy loads of them and still not get it – or you could get it first time… I’ve never bought a Mystery Box so I’m not even sure if the lemon tree is even a possible ‘prize’ anymore…

  10. Grrr, I thought I was gonna make it to the last prize on time but I’ve only got 32,000 and only 3 hours left! 🙁
    If anyone has some extra prospectors, feel free to send them my way please! Also just cleared out 10 or 12 slots for new friends for anyone interested in helping. Thanks!

    • Yaaay! Thanks to all my new friends I made it! I got the price down to 5 donuts and happily bought it at the very last moment! Thank you all so much and look for some prospectors coming your way very soon! You totally just made my day, er, morning. Tomorrow is gonna suck sleep-wise, but it was totally worth it! Thanks again everyone, and thanks as always to the mods for such an awesome site. You guys rock!

    • I’m sorry I didn’t a chance to see this or I would have made it rain prospectors on you! Hope you made it.

  11. WanderingCaveman

    Broke my leg this weekend… On the plus side, I was able to catch the Simpsons episode last night. Sure I’ll miss a few weeks of work, but I’ve got a chance to catch up on some reading and drawing : P

    • Um….Tapping? I mean, a big plus for me….should I happen to break my leg….would be ENDLESS TAPPING.

      Although, I must admit….at 26,592 pickaxes, 13484 hats, 7086 guns and 600 gold coins…Im running out of a reason to.

      And TWICE….I sent Maggie to Prepare for Standoff on accident without playing Find Maggie. My record of three bonuts every day is in serious peril. Ugh.

      Well, here’s to feeling better. Take care of that leg. Although, you could still tap if you lost it as much as that would suck for a lot of other things, such as walking. So, still going to hope you are on the mend and taking care of yourself. Out of work a few weeks? Exactly HOW did you break your leg?

  12. After this event im gonna be playing once a day or maybe take a week break then play once a day. But i might just play events or might not be as active. In other words, i am going to start studying for these two exams I need to pass. It requires all of me! I have received answers to my prayers. sorry neighbors, not sorry! Please dont dump me ill stay play during events when there’s new FP.

    • Higher education is way more important than some silly……Wait ,what am I saying? Keep tapping! How else will you know when new event breaks out?😉

  13. Testing… I changed my email and I can’t see my gravatar. I went to but I’m technogically challenged. Can you see me?

  14. belated shout out and kudos to the EA support team. I got caught in the Act 2 data bug and they restored me after I got someone on chat (telephone was added end — I do not think either the EA staffer could hear me and I could barely make out their words)

  15. I’ve done all that I can do. If this doesn’t trigger level 60, I don’t know what else to try. 🙂

    • You know Homer implied he thought Bernie was the Colonel…and he loved his chicken…

    • Hi Ryan

      Came across a comment by a Ryan W… on the Should I Spend Donuts on Fort Sensible from 2014:

      “Mapple is the only thing I don’t have that I don’t want”

      So it raised two questions for me:
      1. Was that you? and
      2. Did you cave and buy the Mapple Store?

      • Yes that was me and yes I caved in. However next time Yr in town it’s on the lower left part of my town and you’ll notice I have it pushed up against the Reneducation Center turned sideways so you can’t see the Mapple logo. Problem solved.

  16. Hi guys! Am I the only who doesn’t find anymore the Aspirational Items in the shop? I was saving money for them, since I have nothing more to buy freemium, if I cannot buy them anymore, I wonder why should I keep on sending characters doing jobs, apart from the event stuff….

    Thank you guys!

  17. Woohoo! (or Yeehaw?)
    Managed to save the 100 ‘nutty goodness for the Stetsons (why do I keep getting images of flying cars 😉 and achieved the final Act 2 prize (lottsa barns now…). Bit the bullet so to speak and finally bought my last aspirational, the chockie tower, to finish my ‘lil Wonka factory.
    Nearly finished SH, catching up to Justin, $935m, so close (“I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights”)…

  18. Is there a trick to getting the bonus donuts to unlock via the general store? I have all the previous days prizes already. I blew thru a bunch of currency trying to get them before realizing they were locked.

  19. To prove that we are live… The Texas Rangers beat the Toronto Blue Jays today by a technical knockout. (LOL! There was a baseball fight between the teams today if you didn’t see it.)

    “If Donald Trump becomes president, are you going to move out of Springfield and possibly move to Canada?”
    – Well, there are a lot of people who want me to move out of Springfield already so.. but I don’t think Canada would want me to uh.. would welcome me. You know what? That’s why I’m for Bernie Sanders.. I love his chicken. But out of respect, we should refer to him as “The Colonel”.

    “After all these years, how would you finally get rid of Patty and Selma?”
    – The best way is not to bathe. And I’ve been doing that for a month, but they smoke SO much, it seems to cover up the odor. But I have to say.. I’m getting a lot of time to myself.

    “I drank too much this weekend, what is your best hangover cure?”
    – The best hangover cure.. is to sleep on the lawn.. and stay there, until Marge stops being angry.

    “What’s your favorite thong?” (I think maybe he said “song”?)
    – What’s my favorite thong? My favorite thong is that Brazilian one, that doesn’t pinch too tight around the waist.

    Well I guess that’s it, we got to wrap up for the day.. I just want to say it’s been great doing this, and you know.. it’s all too short. The whole thing took 3 minutes, like eating a burger or making love.

    • Better questions

      • So you’re admitting that the west coast rocks and the east coast does that other thing? Roll, I think.

        • Oh no. I’d be perfectly ok if some of those west coast states broke off of the US

          • Earthquakes make it easier for us to rock. Good with the bad(-ass). 😛

          • Are you including California in that comment?

          • Very diplomatic reply lol. Remember to all who wish California was gone, so would the US. Facts about CA, yes they tend to be liberal for those it offends they also are the 7th economy in the world….a few of things we all would be without: EA, the Simpsons (duh), nuts, veggies, fruit, wine, Silicon Valley, (computers, cell phones, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple), movies, the original Disneyland, including Disney in general, taxes and more taxes to keep the country going, tourism, Yosemite (if you’ve never seen it words can’t describe), San Francisco including their lil bridge people love photos of plus they keep blowing it up in movies (lol) anyone out there have a redwood fence, or deck? Did I mention the wine😊.
            I would like to say sorry, I’m so touchy about my home, but I’m not! This liberal environmentalist tree hugger is proud of my state and I can’t wait to get out of the east, southern coast back to where life is normal and people are kind.
            My opinion if it offends people so be it, just remember before you wish CA away the ramifications of this country.

            • lol it’s so funny you say people are kind. I never had an experience with unkind people south of the mason dixon. Really just NY and north they’re a little touchy. Ok NJ too…

              • Really? I find people in NYC very polite for the most part. As long as they’re not running late and you get in the way.

              • lol I don’t have an issue with them…

                But go anywhere else and you’ll hear how rude/strange/odd they are. Basically anyone in the Northeast.

              • sandrashill

                I agree with you that people elsewhere think that, but I agree with Ryan that it’s not true (for the most part). It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger on the bus, or whatever. And there’s far more acceptance of people who are “different” in some way (for the most part).

              • Like I said…I have no problem with it.

                However, i can see the other side that people are more impatient up here. Because I myself get SUPER frustrated when visiting anywhere else and they drive/move with no sense of purpose in life. Like they’re out for a sunday drive in the middle of the grocery store aisle. lol

              • Oh yeah. Especially with books. If someone sees you reading something they recognize you end up in the most interesting conversations. One of my favorites was I was reading The Big Book of Hell by Matt Groening and a couple, maybe in their 70’s inquired about it. I gave them a brief history on Matt and let them read it until their stop. They were in hysterics. They started going off about how much they loved intelligent humor and were really amazed by the level of psychology incorporated into the jokes.
                Every once and a while though you can just be in a mood and someone wants to make friends. But what do you expect.
                Once I saw a woman crying on the subway and an older woman got up and sat next to her and put her arm over her shoulders and they seemed like they had known each other forever. They didn’t just complete compassion.

              • Huh every one of my friends/Family that have visited remark as to how surprised they were by how friendly people are. Maybe they set their expectations very low.
                Personally I love giving directions or recommendations. I’m glad people find my backyard so interesting and want to see it.
                I can be a real prick with drivers though. I detest cars and think they should be banned from the city. I have no idea what the rules are. I’ve never driven here so I really don’t care. People will always ask my ‘can I park here’. Every block in NYC has like 5 signs about parking regulations. I really don’t care so I always say ‘sure’ even though many probably get towed or fined. Well don’t bring Yr oversized exhaust emitting box into my town. Or if they ask for directions I’ll often send them in completely the wrong direction. In cars only. If a pedestrian asks I’ll draw them a map complete with attractions along the way and options for bus or Subway.

              • sandrashill

                My parents often use a car to get around the city, even though they live there, because my mom has some disabilities that make it very difficult to take public transit. And what about people who live outside the city? I think you’re making some snap judgements about people when you may not have the whole story….

              • I’m aware. Tourist should park and ride. People with difficulty getting around could use access a ride a free service by the city that takes you door to door in a mini Bus.a friend of mine was killed on his bike by a car about 3 years ago. That’s how I see cars. NY is a precar City. There’s no room. That’s why Robert Moses tried to destroy the city to make room for the damn things. When people are already shoulder to shoulder there is no reason to have a huge plastic box for yr own convenience. And I hate standing in the rain waiting for the light to change. I love those old scenes from the 1800’s with children playing, people hanging out on the streets.
                One of my favorite books is Jane Jacobs “Life and Death of American Cities”, she’s kind of a hero of mine.
                One of the reasons I moved here was so I never had to drive again.

              • sandrashill

                Accessaride is not a viable option for my mom…part of her problem is that she sometimes needs to use the bathroom will little notice and a) they take forever to get where you’re going (it’s not an individual service…they make many pickup and drop-off stops, and b) you can’t just ask them to pull over while you run into someplace to use the bathroom. Also, I think there’s a long lead time for arranging for a ride (although I’m not positive about that). Seriously, you just don’t understand some people’s stories.

                Another example…when I drive in to see my parents, because of my disability, I have to bring all kinds of stuff with me…way more than I can carry with me on a bus or subway, we’re I even to be willing to park my car somewhere outside of the city and take public transit the rest of the way in. And, frankly, after a 4-5 hour drive, the last thing I want to do is to then switch to public transit (which would require at least one or two transfers, since my folks don’t live near the subway). Once I’m in the city, I’m willing to take public transit, but I do need my car to get into the city.

                But, yes, for younger people who don’t have any physical issues, public transit is the way to go.

              • Ok I’ll concede. There are some people who need it. Service vehicles are obviously necessary and sometimes you just really need a cab. But if possible I think people should avoid cars at least here unless absolutely necessary. There’s one guy in my building who has a car and he’ll take it to the laundromat, pisses me off. Put it in a granny cart and walk the three blocks like the rest of us. It’s a beautiful city, enjoy it.

              • My experiences with pep in Fl would curl both and Riley’s hair lol! When I lived in TX many years ago they were all awesome, I could go grocery shopping and end up at a barb a que, they new I was from CA they didn’t care, I got my fair share of jokes, but had so many wonderful pep in my life. Here (FL) it’s so transient and pep turn on you in a dime. I’m probably jaded as I can’t get any help from our stupid insurance/medical companies for my back, which keeps getting worse as they refuse to help. Chronic pain tends to wear on even the best of people.😉
                FL is great if you are a wealthy senior or tourist. I’ve lost 3 docs this year, due to them leaving the state as they can’t handle the state dictating how they practice. We have no help for poor children, lunch programs cut, our school systems down right suck. The one thing we never run out of money for is police, they all get new cars every year.
                You see FL through a tourist eyes, I used to thing it was a great place when I visited, so much that I moved here not to mention outlaws oops in laws. Now we both regret moving here, financially and mentally its drained us.

              • No i’ve spent a LOT of time in FL. A LOT. As in I practically lived there..not as a tourist. It’s one of the few places I’ve been to so much I know it like the back of my hand. San Diego and Riverside are other places (my sister and Nan and Pop used to live there, so I’d spend entire summers in CA as a kid and when I was in College.)

                But maybe it’s just because I’m from the Northeast where we are, admittedly, a bit harsher…

              • Lol, it’s a lot different when the snowbirds are here, I will stay with your definition they are definitely harsher! You can tell when shopping who are snow birds and who are Floridans all year round.

    • Joey Bats got clocked! 👊

        • Thank god someone punched that cocky sob. (I know Canadian readers who are avid Baseball fans will hate me for this) I seriously hate him. He has zero respect for the game of baseball, he’s old and greedy. Complains about every freakin pitch thrown over the plate…it’s about time someone served him some justice.

          • Oh and yea…you don’t mess with Texas. Duh!

          • Didn’t offend me, and I doubt many other Canadians. It’s my understanding we are more Hockey fans. 😀

          • Don’t worry, Alissa, I’m Canadian and I can’t stand him either. In spring training when he was whining about salary demands, I was among many who said I wouldn’t give a rats ass if he left!

          • I can understand the antipathy, but is that really what you want Riley to learn about how one should deal with obnoxious people?

            • Well for starters I don’t want my child using sports figures as heros/role models. There are far worse things they do then stand up and fight someone.
              The world is too soft. Sometimes you have to fight back.
              I’m not saying punch every obnoxious person in the face. But when said obnoxious person tries to intentionally cause you harm…yes. fight back. That’s what I did as a kid.

              • sandrashill

                Well, I guess that’s quite a difference in world view then…I don’t think the world is too soft; I think the world is too hard – too much violence, took much intolerance, too much inequality. I prefer not to encourage any more of that, but, rather, to strive to make the world a “softer” place for the next generation and beyond.

              • And that’s why kids get participation trophies, right? Because everyone has to win.

              • sandrashill

                Nope – I don’t actually agree with the “everyone has to win” philosophy…I think there a lot of great lessons to be learned in losing. That’s not the same thing AT ALL.

              • You said the world is too harsh. I said it’s too soft. I believe it’s too soft because we’ve created a generation of entitled kids/20 somethings who don’t know how to lose. i.e. they’re too soft.

              • sandrashill

                I completely agree with you about the entitlement thing, but that wasn’t what we were talking about when you first said the world is too soft – we were taking about when it’s acceptable to use violence as a response to someone else’s misbehavior. As much as I loathe when people act “entitled,” I don’t think violence is the answer to that. There are other, far more effective consequences that can be meted out to teach people the error of their ways.

              • Tried to stay out of it but I’m writer on social issues. I agree with Sandra in my heart. Violence on any level disgusts me. You prove Yr better with words and ideas. Violence doesn’t justify anything, it just shuts up the opposition.
                I also see Alissa’s point that it isn’t the way the world works and we should be able to defend ourselves. I’m weak, I’m small. I refuse to arm myself. I’m a turtle without a shell. If push came to shove I’d want Alissa there to kick some hiney.
                If we teach children to defend themselves while it’s necessary but push the idea it should only be as a last defense and never in offense them maybe our children won’t have to teach our grandchildren how to defend themselves because they won’t need to.
                Sorry to jump in there. Just my two pieces of gold.

              • sandrashill

                I agree with you completely – in one of my comments, I said the exception was self-defense (and I should have added, defence of others). But there’s a difference between self-defense and vengeance.

              • Here’s my take. You never hurt anyone unless it’s necessary to defend yourself or your family. (and yes Ryan I’d defend you 😉 )

                When I was a kid I was bullied A LOT. I was constantly harassed by other kids. I would ride my bike to school and for a period of time when I’d come out from the classroom to get my bike to go home, I’d find that my tires were flat. Someone let the air out of them and I’d be forced to walk home with my bike instead of riding it. I told the teachers, the principal, etc no one really cared or did anything about it. I just had to deal with it for months. Then one day I came out and caught the little bastards that were doing it. 2 boys in my class. I ran over to them and just decked both of them. HARD. Right in the face. (I was about 10 or 11) And told them if they ever touched my bike again I’d make sure to do it again.

                Needless to say they never touched my bike, or bothered me again. In fact they were so embarrassed that they got hit by a girl (both had black eyes..I hit them hard) that they never told anyone what really happened. One said his little sister pushed him down the stairs and the other said he got hit by a ball.

                Sometimes…you need to defend yourself to make the problem go away. If I didn’t catch them and do that they would have continued to do it. Especially since the teachers and principal wouldn’t do anything about it. My parents even went to the school and it solved nothing. It wasn’t until I fought back that it stopped.

                So I absolutely will teach my daughter to defend herself in the right situation. Not because someone’s being obnoxious, but because someone is doing something to intentionally hurt you or someone you care about.

                In this baseball situation….it’s common practice for a player to get plunked when they’re an ass. It’s just part of the game. He had the hit by pitch coming..everyone knew it. He got decked because he tried to be a jack wagon and intentionally try to cause physical harm to the 2nd basemen with his body.

          • The league agrees with you they handed him a suspension today, although I thought 1 days was just a tad light slap on the wrist.

          • From antipathy to obnoxious, what a zealous exchange.


            Sorry for the 8 games, Odor. I’d ask you to be my neighboreeno if you were on this site.

        • I watched it like 20 times yesterday. I guess a few more can’t hurt. 😄

        • Fun….

        • Great role model. Hopefully, he’ll grow up and learn to behave better soon. What was the consequence for this action? I think he should be suspended without pay for several games, at least.

          • Why because he punched the a-hole in the face? Who ABSOLUTELY deserved it for the slide he did into second base? The ILLEGAL slide he did into second base. The slide he did with the intent to do complete and total harm to Odor? People have legs broken over that. Careers ruined. He deserved a good knock in the face. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get drilled in the head next time he’s at the plate.

            • Then kick him out of the league or throw him in jail or provide some other kind of stiff penalty for his behavior, but violence is not the right answer, IMO. Violence is almost never the best answer to a problem (unless it’s in self defense) and it teaches kids the wrong lesson (actually, a few wrong lessons, including the one about not sinking to to someone else’s level, if you know that their actions are wrong to begin with).

          • 20 game suspension minimum is warranted. Players can not be their own judge, jury and executioner. A month for domestic violence is not enough and a couple of games for this is not enough.

        • I can’t stop watching it. I think it’s the slo-mo. Never seen anyone get socked like that at all ball game, but as a hockey fan I guess I’m used to it. You know the old saying: “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out” 😜 but holy smokes what a wallop

        • Oh my goodness my husband showed me the video clip yesterday and he gets hit sooooo hard!

          As for the debate, IMO the punch could be considered self defense. An illegal slide into Odor could potentially cause career ending injuries. So in essence he was trying to harm Odor. Is someone is trying to hurt you you defend yourself. Perhaps it could be considered a little excessive, but when your career is centered around your body’s ability to perform I think any person would take their safety a little more seriously.

          Yes the world is hard and full of violence, but this was nowhere on the same level of what is really going on in the world.

  20. Hello addicts !!!
    I havent been able to sit down and watch the new simpsons yet, as my poor baby has acid reflux and she has started to teeth (already?! Ugh) my past few days have been spent cuddling her and trying to get my toddler to understand why mommy cant play cops or cars. I dont know if I will be able to unlock the last prize in the prize track, anybody unlock it yet think it would be worth donuts? From everything I’ve read in the comments it doesnt seem as if people were to thrilled with Homer Live. Haven’t pulled the trigger on Luke yet but i think I will before the night is over… anybody regret buying him?

    • It’s not a great prize. Decently funny quests, but important real life things are way better than the horse & stable or corral or whatever they called it…. As long as you unlocked the skin for Snake and Bart, you got the best prizes. Better luck next round!!

    • Hope your baby does better so you can watch the Simpsons.

    • I guess it depends on how many donuts it is…. The stable and corral do like pretty nice and Lisa gets to ride Princess (although I’m not sure whether that’s a permanent task…Lisa is playing the sax right now, so I can’t check), and the corral is a cash-earning building. But how much all of that is worth to you, I can say…

    • Has your baby been seen by a GI specialist? My son had reflux, but once we got him on ranitidine, he was perfect. He outgrew the condition by 18 months and has been perfect ever since. Hugs to you. It’s very difficult dealing with a reflux baby – until it’s under control, make sure you have a good support system. Even just put her in her crin for a bit if you need a time-out. Best wishes.

  21. Hola fellow tappers! I’m back from a weekend of spring camp with my Girl Guides (Girl Scouts for the Americans on here). Despite a terrible forecast of solid rain all weekend, we actually made out pretty well. It stayed warm and mostly sunny (clouds would threaten ominously, then clear, repeat….) until about 3 pm on Saturday. At that point, we were done our major outdoor group events, and the girls just crafted and so on under the shelters while it downpoured. It cleared up in about an hour and everything dried very fast, allowing us to eat dinner outdoors. Despite the clearing, the temperature dropped significantly as the sun went down, and the wind picked up something fierce. We had an indoor “campfire” and the girls went to bed. Fortunately, most are pretty experienced campers now and had the right gear, including toques (hats) for sleeping and all made it through relatively cozy. Upon arriving home today, my girls and I each had a bubble bath, a quick shower, and a nap. We were all recovered and feeling great by about 3 pm. 🙂

    We had a family dinner out for my husband’s birthday, and then my husband and I watched The Simpsons after the kids were in bed. I’d heard of the Homer Live thing, but not really read any of the details, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was confused and underwhelmed. I guess I was thinking it would be something like the “Turtle Talk with Crush” attraction at Disney (if that means anything to you – I know a lot of Tappers have never been). Anyway, the short version is, I didn’t like it.

    I thought I was tapping a fair bit, but I’m still 2000 away from the final prize in Act 2. I did my best to keep up this weekend, but not so easy when there’s a no electronics rule at camp and the leaders have to be very discreet and set a good example. I think I’ll do it, but it will be down to the last minute. I did pick up the Whacking Day bundle and have not regretted watching Lumpy ooze along my SF. I guess that’s an alright week. Well, despite my short nap earlier, I’m quite exhausted. Shockingly, we don’t seem to get a lot of sleep at camp…. Going to finish my neighbour visits, reset tasks and head to bed. Happy Sunday all, and I’m sure I’ll be reading and commenting on most of the Open Thread posts tomorrow.

    • My grandson is a Boy Scout and his troop went camping this weekend too. And despite being a seasoned camper he neglected to check his weather channel app and didn’t pack appropriately. Shorts, only a heavy hoodie and no blanket for extra warmth at night. It was only in the 40’s and rainy so he came home cold and Tired. He also forgot his allergy medicine and got completely stuffed up.
      So Girl Scouts rule!! My mother was one all of her life – from being a brownie to attending the meetings of her adult group into her 80’s. She was the leader for all her daughters (through high school) and made a difference in a Lot of girls’ lives. Her funeral had dozens of women attend with stories about her influence. I applaud you for being a leader – it is hard work, a lot of time out of your life but the rewards are too many to count.

      • Thank you so much jubiedog! Your comment brought tears to my eyes. We always have the odd one too who may come unprepared (especially the younger ones, where it was really a parent who failed to pay proper attention when we hold a parent meeting specifically for those less familiar with properly packing and preparing for camp!). We always make do though and sometimes a lesson learned the hard way, is the one that sticks. This time though, nothing major comes to mind. My own daughter (of course) refused to bring a hat, but she’s seasoned enough to not utter any complaints if she was a bit cold, LOL). It is a ton of work, but there’s just no way to explain what it feels like when one of the little ones bounds up to you desperate with pride to show you the craft she made to give her mom, or the Brownies kind of gape in wonder that they really did get that tent pitched and ready all by themselves, and they just actually made a fantastic meal out of a cardboard box oven, or when your four girls that advanced out of your Guide unit last spring after you being their leader for 5 years (from Brownies to Guides), race over from their tent site, all babbling over each other about what they’re up to, and how they miss you, and pleeeeeeezzzz come be one of our Pathfinder leaders! When they gather en masse at campfire or a group activity and the sun is setting just right….the joy is unbelievable. I also take great pride in the many service projects our girls do. They have truly made the world a better place so many times over. I posted last week about a lemonade stand several kids ran to help victims of the fire in Fort McMurray – there were many of my Guides in there – and I like to think that’s in good part because we’ve taught them that service is rewarding and something we should always look to do.

        I’m rambling now, but we have many of those older leaders who us leaders look up to so much for all they’ve done, and their accumulated wisdom – how they help even us leaders time and time again, at things like camp or other challenges. I can well imagine the stories you would have heard at your dear mother’s funeral – sadly, I’ve been to a few myself for some incredible women. When I started, it was because I was asked, and my daughter wanted me to. I’d been a Girl member myself but didn’t really know what I was getting into. It’s exactly as you say – I always tell potential leaders, or anyone else who will listen, that the biggest surprise for me was how I joined to give, but actually, I’ve received so many more rewards and blessings from this experience than I could ever count. If anyone is ever considering volunteering for something in any capacity – do it! And if you think you don’t have time (something I hear a lot)…..I have a full time job, a husband with a chronic illness, 3 kids, and I’m a Guide leader, school council chair, and hockey mom/team manager. If I can do it – anyone can. Also, it may be cliche, but it’s 100% true: Many hands make light work.

        • Reading this I can certainly understand why the Pathfinder girls love you and still want your leadership (not saying anything about their current leader). I think it must get in ones blood when you work with kids like this. Good job!!

        • When I read Thor posts, I’m often reminded of the stories that Kerry Patterson tells about when he was growing up and the lessons he learned. If you have the money to spare, I think you’d really enjoy his book:

          (The audio book on CDs seems to be available for less money, but I don’t know how good the narration sounds…)

          • Oh, or you can read many of his stories for free through thep his blog on his company’s website (just Google “Kerrying On”…. That’s how became familiar with him – I’ve been getting the Crucial Conversations email newsletter for years, and his articles appear in that several times a year. Actually, his book is relatively new and probably came about because a lot of people like me were saying there should be one. I was fortunate enough to win a copy of the book in a contest they had when it was first released! 🙂

    • Tried to drop prospectors in your town to help you catch up, but there wasn’t any room left. I’ll try again later! 🙂

      • Thanks Sandra – Judging by the timing of your comment, I hadn’t had a chance to clear them this morning yet, but I’m up to date now! I did finish the last prize though, so if you know anyone who needs them more, feel free to send them their way. Otherwise, we know now that we are going to continue to need the resources, so I’ll take as many as you wish to send me! I plan to be sending my leftovers out en masse starting tomorrow.

        • Sent you a full boat of prospectors to help you catch up, but I’m thinking now that you might have already gotten there before I sent them (should have thought to check). Oh well, thanks for clearing them…a little more currency for both of us heading into the next act.

          Unless any of my neighbors are really close to making the final prize and need my hero to do it, I think I’ll keep the rest of the prospectors I have (around 60 at this point) until the new act starts tomorrow, so they’ll earn some of the new currency (hopefully)).

    • Sounds like a ton of fun! Reading this makes me wish I’d been a girl guide. Unfortunately, by the time I found a troop near me, I was already in middle school and all the other girls knew each other so it was awkward to say the least….oh well. Your girls are certainly lucky to have you 🙂

      • Mini – You’d be surprised how many leaders we get who “always wanted to be a Girl Guide”, but didn’t get the chance. It’s a bit of a different experience, of course, but a terrific one nonetheless. You should consider volunteering! And for anyone with kids thinking about it, I’ve had girls join in Guides, when all the others have been together 5 years already, and within a week they fit in like they’ve always been there. One thing about Guides – it’s a sisterhood and we don’t allow any cliques to form. We make a point of moving the kids around in their groups for activities and so on, so that everyone gets to know each other.

        • I’d love to volunteer, once my health gets back on track. My experience working with kids has mostly been with toddlers/preschoolers, but I do love them (and I think they like me). The rotating is a great idea! I’ve always loved the sense of community girl guides seem to foster. If I have girls of my own one day, I’d love to get them involved young. Definitely builds character with a bonus of friendship (and cookies) 🙂

  22. Sadrortuna853

    Madeleine LeBeau, last surviving credited cast member of “Casablanca” gone at 92. Beautiful legacy and a long life, to be sure, but I can’t help feeling a little melancholy tonight.

  23. West Coast you’re an hour away from #homerlive are you excited?

  24. I literally jumped out of my chair when that mischievous but lovable Foghat gray robot strolled by. Dear Fox, please (oh pretty please) “Bring back Futurama (again)”!
    Also please give us a Bender NPC. Yeah, I know, probably never happen as that show’s content is licensed to a game company other than EA ~ but it can’t hurt to remain hopeful.
    Btw, I’ve got to disagree with Homer on this one… as SNL hosts go, Drake wasn’t bad at all 🙂

    • Seriously? We must have heard two different musical performances (well, 4…no, 6 musical performances, if you count the “informal” one), because I thought he couldn’t carry a tune to save his life!

    • Even if they gave him to us as a character, but changed the coloring scheme a bit. Not sure if that would be enough of a legal loophole though. Not to mention, Bender wouldn’t completely feel like Bender unless he was voiced.

  25. When am I gonna get my nuclear warhead? I have 19 Hail Ants signs and 5 topiaries. Every other time I’ve gotten debris.

  26. Looks like Homie’s still answering questions via Twitter:

    My favorite so far…

    Homer J. Simpson

    @twitter My favorite account is @Meghan_Trainor She’s a great singer & I can truthfully tell Marge that I’m following a trainer. #HomerLive

  27. I typed this out for you guys who didn’t see the East Coast episode. West Coast episode will have new questions.

    “Who do you like more, Lenny or Carl and why?”
    – Let me see… I like Lenny because he’s the black guy… wait a minute, no… Let me get back to you when I figure out who is who.

    “Any tips or tricks for making it look like I’m hard at work when I’m really taking a nap?”
    – Always wear glasses with eyes glued onto them.

    “Chicago or New York style pizza?”
    – I prefer Chicago deep dish because I like Italian better than Chinese.

    “What kind of car do you drive?”
    – I drive a hybrid, which is a combination of old and terrible.

    “What was your favorite job?”
    – My favorite job would have been being an astronaut because everything was done for me. And also, I could get away from the boy.

  28. The Keebler elves are real

  29. Homerandthebluehairedlawyer

    Help can’t get whacking day quest why

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