WARNING: Stop Leveling Up So Quickly!

This Issue has been FIXED.  It’s safe to Level Up Again. 

11pm EDT..Another Update: EA has indeed patched the loophole on this.  The XP required to level up is now way more than 40k XP.  The loophole has been fixed…the good glitches always are…

Also, if you were locked out previously let us know if this has unlocked you…

Yet Another Update On This: I think I know what’s causing the issue…it’s leveling up to Level 138 without finishing the Level 60 questline.  At the end of Level 60 you’re awarded a prize for finishing all the levels.  At Level 138 that prize upgrades…and again and again later on.  I believe those upgrades without having the prize are what’s causing the hangup…
Of course this doesn’t explain those locked out at Level 63…but it’s a working theory for those locked out at higher levels… (of course this is just from me and my own playing..)

Update: It appears from reading others comments..this happens at any point after level 61 and usually only when you visit a neighbor.  So I would say…for now hold off on visiting neighbors until this is fixed…that is if you’re at level 60 and moving up.

A dire warning for EVERYONE…

I know it’s tempting to level up super fast and earn a ton of donuts…but STOP!!

There’s a MAJOR bug with the game right now.  A lot of you are commenting that you’ve leveled up to Level 300+ and you’re now locked out of your game.

So…if you care about being able to play your game…for the love of God STOP LEVELING UP!!!

EA can fix this, but it requires rolling your game ALL the way back.  Imaging losing ALL of your progress?  Is it worth it?

Just wait.  Be patient with leveling up.  You’ll get the donuts…so just relax.  Go one at a time and just play TSTO.  Don’t rush to get to the top…because your game will just get stuck and you’ll be left with nothing.


Another Note: From Level 60-61 it’s over 1 million XP required.  Once you reach Level 61 it’s only 40k XP to level up.  So if you’re on Level 60 and see the meter empty…that’s why.


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  1. My gf just started playing again after a 6 month break. Her game leveled her up to 60 when she logged in, and then she kept clicking and leveling up to 72 until I stopped her to look into this as I remembered it being a problem before. Any ideas how to stop it from continuously leveling her up? She doesn’t want to lose her town…

  2. My gf just started playing TSTO again after a 6 month break – its now leveling her up continuously – level 60 and she kept clicking to 72 before I stopped her and came on here since I remembered this being a problem before. Will her game break is she keeps clicking? Any ideas how to un-loop the constant leveling up?

  3. I was having fun (at level 101) and thought they did this to bring people back from Pokemon go which I have been spending most of my time on. Ah well….

  4. I’m at a level 138 and homer and Bart bring up an episode that happened in 177, also I get Lisa’s face on the Homerlayas or something.

  5. So it’s June 15th and I just reached level 61 today and I just looked at my xp points and they are already at 34469 and the next level up is still 40000 on mine. That being said should I contact ea about this or let it ride through, I’m kinda freaking out cause I haven’t built the googolplex yet but I should be able to purchase it by tomorrow afternoon. And I don’t want to fudge up all the money I saved for it and have to redo the whole thing

  6. I’m at level 88 – have I screwed myself over?

  7. I just got to level 100 and suddenly it is 500,000 to level up again. How did people stay at only 40,000 per level thru the higher levels? Was this a glitch? And if it is that much, how are we EVER going to get all the Homerlayas done? It will take eons.

  8. So, I was at level 73 when I found out about this (just now) I went to my game and built the googleplex (level 60 questioned). I hurried it with doughnuts, and it leveled me to 77… I still have level ups at 40,000 xp… The last thing I want is to lose stuff. Am I going about this the right way? Is there a patch I need to get? Once I finish level 60 questioned will I be alright?

  9. I just got the level up to 62 & the XP is only 40,000 to level up. How do I fix this on my game if EA fixed the bug??

  10. My “glitch” experience:

    After taking Wednesday “off,” I logged on and instantly got about 20 levels when the update hit. I didn’t push it, even though future levels were set at 40,000 XP. I read the posts here and, based on Alissa’s warning, decided NOT to fire up the XP Collider and go for hundreds of donuts, like everyone else appears to be doing. I’m busy writing this week and had out-of-town company, so I sent characters on 24-hour jobs that would end when the Googolplex was built.

    I sort of decided I would check today and see if my levels were still at 40,000 XP. If so, I’d spend 10 donuts on the XP Collider, try to finish the Raphael questline before hitting level 138 (per Alissa’s observation, which seems logical), and then really farm those donuts.

    Well, things got weird. I was at level 88, with 190 donuts, when I logged on. The XP limit was still 40,000, so I fired up the XP Collider (-10 donuts) before “finishing” the Googolplex. The XP from the Collider alone put me to level 97 with 189 donuts (not bad!), but the levels went to 500,000 XP (sadface!). So I figured it was a not-so-wise purchase that I’d try to get the most out of by sending people on short-term jobs and burning through some in-game cash, especially once I finished the Raphael questline and got the Homerlayas.

    Then, I logged off my phone and logged on my tablet. Whoosh, the levels were BACK to 40,000 XP! Even after leveling up a few times, they’re at 40,000! I’m at level 101 right now, and am going to pace myself until I unlock the Homerlayas (i.e. I won’t buy weather stations, and I’ll focus on the event progress and rail yard). I’m not sure if the game just hasn’t patched on the tablet or what. So I’m leaving it active there for now, at least until my XP Collider time runs out.

    As always, I appreciate the hard work Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee put into this sight. You guys are the best. I think some of the fearmongering here (mainly in comments) was a smidge short-sighted given that we didn’t know for sure what was causing the problems (What’s the worst that can happen? They roll you back and you lose a few days’ progress? It’s NOT cheating by any definition.). But I understand that different people have different risk tolerance, and getting locked out can be scary.

    I’ll try to update this with any developments, but it seems (at least for me) that if you can milk the 40,000 XP levels, DO IT! (At least until you approach level 138, then you need to worry about having the Homerlayas).

  11. I don’t want to keep leveling up but it keeps popping up so what do I do? I bought frankie & then the prison bus so I could get the Gil deal at level 60 and now it keeps bumping me higher

  12. I just leveled up to 61 and I got a different level-up screen from the one shown above (one with Lenny & Carl). I figure they must have made tons of these. Are they really random for every user?

  13. I finished level 60 & am still leveling up every 40,000 (not 400,000) even though I downloaded the patch. Now levels are moving by fast. Based on your analysis of the cause (Homerlaya), I am racing to finish the level 60 quest and get Homerlaya before I reach the first upgrade at level 138. Also not visiting neighbors. Hope I can make it through.

    • Update: at level 101 the 500,000 kicked in on one of my games, so I brought my other game to 101 and it also increased properly. So the failure of the patch to increase do was only thru level 100. So if I have this right, I should be safe since I will complete level 60 quests before I get to level 138 upgrade? Should I still avoid neighbors?

      • My understanding is it’s safe. But i wouldn’t rush it until after you’ve finished the Level 60 questline

      • Who said there was any failure? Why isn’t it possible that it’s now working exactly as EA wants it to?

  14. This has changed my perspective. I only bought stuff if I really liked it, or it had a decent XP bonus on it. Now that I can’t get 3 Donuts per upgrade, I’m thinking about changing to characters only – and decorations I like only.

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