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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E1 “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!  Most of you know Totbox from the comments and several fun posts Tot’s written here on the site.  Over the last couple of weeks Tot and I have been kicking around some post ideas that started with Tot’s reminiscing about Season 1 of the Simpsons.  After  a few ideas we settled on letting Tot’s creativity run wild…and a fun Throwback Thursday feature here on the site.
Each week Tot’s going to take us on a trip down memory lane as we throw it back to Season 1 of the best. show. ever.
So enjoy the newest feature on Addicts…and Tot’s musings about Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire… (and given the stress of the last day or so, I think we all could use a fun little trip down Simpsons memory lane…)

Merry Christmas Time Travelers!!

On November 22nd 1989 (when BTtF2 premiered) I borrowed Doc Brown’s Delorean, to the Old West? No! To the FUTURE!!! All the way to December 17th 1989… (In hindsight I could have just waited for time to pass naturally) when The Simpsons’ Season 1 Episode 1 aired.

“Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”
     Bart wants/gets a tattoo and it leaves a permanent stain on the family’s Christmas budget, so,Homer moonlights as a Mall Santa for some extra Ho-Ho-Dough 🙂

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Gil’s Duff Gardens Deal: Should You Buy & Full Details

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 60 arrived yesterday…and in the midst of the nice round level update, lockout confusion and all the crazy Wild West fun, Ol’ Gil has returned to Springfield!  With his shortest sales pitch yet, he’s pushing Duff Gardens on us this time around….since no one goes to Krustyland, why not bring Krustyland to Springfield?

Duff Gardens isn’t your typical premium buy, as there are some upgrades you can do to add new dimensions to your “amusement park”.  So in this post we’re going to not only break down the pros and cons of the Gardens, but we’re also going to give you the ins and outs and everything you need to know about this Duff centered park.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

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Turbo Tappin’ Level 60: Wise Guy Raphael

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the last Level Update of TSTO has Arrived!  But don’t worry…as Quimby points out in the questline for Level 60 the game will not end.

2016-05-18 22.40.33 2016-05-18 22.40.40

So don’t panic….it’s not the end!  Although for those of you currently locked out of your game, it may feel like the end. 

So now that we have a new level, it’s time for the very last Level Update Turbo Tappin’!

As we mentioned in the Level 60 rundown post the main questline is auto started…

So now….let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!


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Get Out The Raid…Here’s the Bug Report 5/19

Updated Info On Googolplex below

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So….yesterday saw the end of TSTO Level updates.  And then everyone’s games broke.  (well not everyone, but you know what I mean..) A bit ironic, no?

Anyway, we’ve still got a TON of bugs going on in the game since yesterday (and I know some of you still have Wild West Bugs…) so here’s one handy place where we’re going to list them all….

For those who don’t like to read the whole post…
Here’s what we’ll breakdown:
-Missing Gil Deal
-Game Lockout (Bart screen/server down)
-Constant ingame Updates
-Not Enough Space to Download TSTO
-XP requirements changing

Oh and a quick note…seeing Longshot Skinner in your game BEFORE you unlock him as a prize is just a little glitch.  He’ll go back to Skinner if you try to change his outfit.  And you’ll still be able to unlock the prize when the time comes.  This is seriously NOTHING to worry about…so don’t 🙂

Gil halloween promo

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Wild West 101: Town Plaza Jobs (Act 3)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to hitch up the wagons and head out west, because the Wild West has hit our Springfields! With bandits to tie up, guns to sling, gold to pan & gold ole’ Homer getting everyone all riled up!

With so many layers to this event, it’s easy to get confused with what’s going on.  But, that’s where we come it!  To guide you through the ins and outs and break it all down in a manageable way, that anyone can quickly understand.

In this post we’re going to break down the jobs available at Town Plaza for Act 3.  These jobs are designed to help you earn more event currency…not only the TNT  you’ll need for Act 3 prizes but also the “crafting” currency (Pickaxes, Hats, guns & Gold Coins) you’ll need to “hand in” at the General Store to earn even more TNT! By the time we’re done you’ll have the ins, the outs & and the know how to fully understand who can go on what job and how to get them there.

So let’s get to it shall we?


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